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Before you start

Before you start to go ahead with the conversion, there are a few things that you will need to ensure you have ready for this. This is an important step, so ensure that these simple things are followed before you begin.

  1. Is your old site accessable? - This sounds an obvious step, but you need to ensure that your installation is on the server that you have your IPS installation on.
  2. Is everything working? - Before you begin, if you have moved the old site to a new server ready for this, ensure that everything is working correctly. Ensure paths are correct on your installation and everything is correct as if you were going to continue to use it. This important step can save you a lot of time by ensuring you do not have to start the process again due to mistakes.
  3. Clean up your site - Before you start the conversion, clean up your site. Ensure you dont have things there to convert that you are just going to delete afterward. The less you have to convert, the quicker it will be. There is little point in converting things you do not need.
  4. Have the details you need! - Ensure you have your old sites paths and database credentials to hand. You will need these details during the conversion process.
  5. Is everything accessable? - Ensure that your files and database are accessable from your IPS installation location. Check permissions to ensure that you can read from both of these.
  6. Set up groups, profile groups etc - During the conversion, you will be asked to map your current usergroups, profile fields etc over to the relevant fields in the IPS software, so ensure you have these set up ready for you to just map them.
  7. Change your settings - Things such as images will be imported with the sizes that are specified within the invision software. You should change any settings that you wish to, within the software, prior to importing.
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