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Before you start

In order to ensure that you get a good conversion, its always wise to check a few things over, and ensure that you are fully in a position to convert your site to the Invision Community software. Below are a few things that you should check prior to getting started with your conversion

Applies to cloud customers only

Feel free to read through this guide, as some items will still be useful in preparing your current installation, such as ensuring you clean up your data. However in the case of our cloud system, please contact support to request the converters are installed for you, and we will provide instructions on what data we will need from yourself to proceed.

Get things ready

Firstly, we need to get the new Invision Community site ready for converting. If you have not done so already, you need to do the following.

  1. Install Invision Community - If you haven't done so already, you need to get the community software installed, ready for you to convert into. You can install this in the same location, or into another location on the same server and move the site later if you wish. It must, however, be on the same server.

    You can find instructions on how to install in the following location. If you are installing for the first time, ensure you select to include converters, then skip the next step.
  2. Install the converters - If you have already installed the suite, then you need to ensure you have added the converters (if you havent already). You can see how to do this here.
  3. Set up groups, profile groups etc - During the conversion, you will be asked to map your current usergroups, profile fields etc over to the relevant fields in the IPS software, so ensure you have these set up ready for you to just map them.
  4. Change your settings - Things such as images will be imported with the sizes that are specified within the invision software. You should change any settings that you wish to, within the software, prior to importing.

Prepare your site

Once you have an Invision Community site to convert to, you need to then start preparing your site for the conversion process. Performing these steps will save you from problems as you proceed through the conversion process.

  1. Is there a converter available? - If you have not already checked this, then you should check if there is a converter available, or if you need a custom conversion, on the following page

  2. Is everything on your old site accessible? - You need to ensure that your current installation is accessible from the location in which your Invision Community application is installed. In most (almost all) cases, this will mean they need to be on the same server.
  3. Is everything working? - Before you begin, if you have moved the old site to a new server ready for the conversion, ensure that everything is working correctly. Ensure paths are correct on your installation and everything is correct as if you were going to continue to use it. This important step can save you a lot of time by ensuring you do not have to start the process again due to mistakes.
  4. Clean up your site - Before any conversion, it is wise to clean up your site of anything you don't want to convert. This is to ensure you don't have things there to convert that you are just going to delete afterward, and therefore speed up the process. The less you have to convert, the quicker it will be.
  5. Have the details you need in hand! - Ensure you have your old sites paths and database credentials to hand. You will need these details during the conversion process.

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