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This integration requires access to the legacy Twitter 1.0 API. New developer accounts do not have access to this. We are working on migrating to Twitter 2.0 API, this guide will be updated when this has been completed.

You can allow your members to sign in to your community using their Twitter account.

To start the process, go to AdminCP -> System -> Login & Registration, click Create New to setup a new login method and choose Twitter. You will now be prompted to fill in some details which you'll need to acquire by creating an "app" with Twitter.

Getting API Access

Before you are able to create a twitter application, you first need to get access to the twitter API. To do this, visit https://apps.twitter.com and sign in with your twitter account. If you click on create app, it will ask you to first apply for access to the API.

Click apply first of all. Once you have done this, you will be presented with the following screen, which you need to select "Doing something else" from the options.


Choose Reason

Once you have selected the reason, you will be asked to confirm your details. Unless you have any pressing reason to do so, you should click next at the bottom of the page.


API developer Details

You will now be asked a series of questions related to the use of the API on your site. Here we will be filling in the "In your words" section at the top, and the "Do you plan to display tweets............outside of twitter?" section at the bottom. All other items should have "No" selected.

For the first item of "In your words" you need to enter something like the following screenshot.


We will use the Twitter API to allow users to authenticate on our invision community, using their twitter account.

Users can optionally choose to use their twitter profile image, as their profile image on the site, and update their status on the site with their latest tweet.


In your words

For the last section, enter something like the below


Users can optionally choose to use their twitter profile image, as their profile image on the site, and update their status on the site with their latest tweet.


Data outside twitter

Click next to complete the application. You will be asked to confirm your email address. Ensure you do this before continuing to the next section of our guide below.

Creating a Twitter App

1. Go to the Twitter Application Management site and sign in with your Twitter account.

2. Click Create App and fill out the form. For the Website field, enter the URL to your community. For the Callback URLs field enter the value shown in your AdminCP, which will be your community's URL ending with "/oauth/callback/" on the end.

3. Go to the Settings tab and make sure the Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter checkbox is checked. Then also provide a value for the Privacy Policy URL and the Terms of Service URL (you can create pages for these in your AdminCP under System -> Terms & Privacy Policy if you haven't already). Make sure you click Update Settings to save.


Twitter Settings tab

4. Go to the Permissions tab and click Edit. Ensure that Access is set to Read and Write, and then check the Request email addresses from users checkbox (it will not be checked by default). Make sure you click Update Settings to save.


Twitter Permissions tab

5. Go to the Keys and tokens tab to obtain the values you need to enter into the AdminCP.


Twitter Keys and Access Tokens tab

Back in your AdminCP, fill in the form, using the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret that is shown on the Keys and Access Tokens tab from Twitter.

Twitter ACP.png

Entering details in Invision Community

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