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  • Our picks

    • Invision Community Apps for iOS & Android
      I'm excited to reveal that we are making Invision Community native apps for iOS and Android!

      We wanted to take full advantage of a clean slate and build a brand new experience that embraces a native app's interfaces. While the app is unmistakably Invision Community, it features new ways of interacting with your content.

      We want the app to help shape the future of Invision Community, and we're asking for you to help.
    • How to deal with negativity and toxicity in your community
      The term "flame-wars" was coined way back in the 1970s when computer scientists talking in the first electronic discussion boards noticed that here was "an escalation of critical comments and an increase in the frequency with which people would respond with short negative messages."

      For anyone that has ventured into the comment section of Youtube, read Twitter for more than a few minutes or frequented active forums will know that our behaviour hasn't improved.
      • 9 replies
    • Honor and Humiliation: Building Emotional Connection for Community
      This article is the last element in our Sense of Community series, and it’s also the most powerful. It allows new communities to win over legacy ones; niche communities to triumph over generic platforms; and impassioned communities to outlast everyone. It’s also the hardest element to cultivate.
      • 0 replies
    • What are the benefits of a support community?
      There is no doubt that unless you have a support community for your brand that you are not delivering the best experience for your customers and risk losing them to competitors that do.

      Building a support community around your product or service will positively drive your business across all departments from product development through sales and into customer support.

      Let's break it down and look at the key benefits for each department.
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    • Audience or community?
      It's not uncommon for some brands to have a link to their Twitter account and Facebook page, with a hashtag they'd like you to use when discussing their products.

      That is an audience, not a community.

      A true community encourages group conversation and empowers people to contribute ideas, promotion, content and support.
      • 4 replies
    • Ideation within Invision Community
      Interested in ideation?

      Collecting, curating and organising ideas and feedback is a critical part of managing a community for a product.

      If you wanted to add more rigour to your ideation process, then Invision Community has built-in tools that you can use.

      This video covers setting up a "Question & Answer" forum, which forms the basis for your ideation section along with using the built-in translation tools to tweak the interface language.

      The complete process takes around five minutes and is the perfect way to collect and organise community ideas.
      • 11 replies
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