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Screenshot of Invision Community
Screenshot of Invision Community
Invision Community

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We help brands of all sizes increase customer loyalty, reduce support costs and drive sales.

  • Engage customers

    Customers help themselves by asking questions and finding answers.

    Engage Customers
  • Nurture employees

    A modern approach to company-wide collaboration.

    Nurture Employees
  • Empower fans

    Connect and reward a loyal following.

    Empower fans
  • Elevate brand identity

    Mirror your company's look and feel into the community.

    Elevate brand identity
  • Subscriptions

    Exclusive, subscription-based communities for your VIPs.

  • Micro Communities

    Segment your community and let your members niche down.

    Micro Communities
  • Blogs and News

    Writing your community can engage with.

    Blogs and News
  • Resource Community

    Share information, files and articles relevant to your niche.

    Resource Community
Screenshot of Invision Community

The best platform for compelling community experiences

Designed For Flexibility

Configure our responsive-designed platform to fit your company's needs.

Easy To Manage

Thoughtful approaches to content and member moderation.

Stay notified

Flexible inline and web push notifications to stay in the loop.

Used by communities of all sizes

Meet the leaders who have taken their businesses to the next level with Invision Community.

  • Evernote
  • Jenny Craig
  • LEGO
  • Gibson
  • Mattel
  • Corsair

"Invision Community has made our jobs so much easier thanks to its simplicity and intuitiveness."

Denis Naccari and Manuel Urrai

"After a bevy of poor experiences, we found a great match with Invision Community."

Chris Creamer

"The support team at Invision Community is second to none."

Brady Barrows

"Using Invision Community has allowed me to focus on content and interacting with my community. I cannot stress enough how important that is to me."

Keith Browning

"Simple things like drag-and-drop uploads have made user experience much better than on other platforms."

David Watson

"There are certain key factors [with Invision Community] like a focus on performance and user experience combined with plenty of engaging features that helped to keep our users active and to attract new users."

Thomas Praider

Seamless integration with your workflows

  • Zendesk

    Invision Community features a fully-loaded support desk. If you want to take support a step further, easily integrate with Zendesk to communicate top-level help and feedback.

  • SalesForce

    Beef up your customer relationship management services with their suite of applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics and application development.

  • Zapier

    Create automated workflows between Invision Community and over 3,000 other apps, including Google Documents, MailChimp, Facebook and Twitter.

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