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Social Commerce

Sell premium membership subscriptions

Sell premium subscriptions to users with the built-in Membership Subscription tools available with the Commerce app. Because it ties in with our comprehensive permissions system, different subscription levels can offer a wide rangs of benefits to subscribers. Grant access to private forums, higher upload limits, new features and much more. And Commerce handles the hard work for for you - billing, renewals and group changes are all handled automatically.

Available with the Commerce application.

An example of a premium subscription

  • Easy automatic billing
  • Choose one-off or renewal-based purchases
  • Automatically reverts benefits if subscription ends

Supported Gateways

We support leading payment gateways.

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.net
  • 2checkout

Plus manual payment such as check & bank wire.

Build digital marketplaces

Creating a marketplace where users can sell their digital files is easy. Configure files as a one-time purchase, or with ongoing renewal fees to retain access. Optionally take a commission and transaction fee on each purchase, and when a user has reached a predefined value of sales, pay them with one click in the Admin Control Panel.

Requires the Commerce & Downloads applications.

Marketplace built with Commerce and Downloads
Reviews in Downloads

Sell virtually anything

Commerce makes it simple to add a Storefront to your community. Sell physical products, digital files, subscriptions and more. And, because it's part of the IPS Community Suite, content like user reviews are shown not only with the product, but in the user's profile, activity stream and site-wide search.

Available with the Commerce application.

EasyPost Support

Built-in integration with EasyPost makes shipping with Fedex, UPS and more a breeze, right from the AdminCP.

Coupons, discounts & more

Support for complex discount rules gives you the tools you need to increase sales and reward repeat customers.

Storefront in Commerce
Checking out in the Commerce app

Advertising support

Advertising features in the Commerce application expand on the simple advertising capabilities in the IPS Community Suite, with a wider choice of advertising slots to choose from. Also included is a comprehensive self-service advertising system, allowing users to purchase ad space in the community just like any other product, based on clicks or impressions.

Enhanced advertising support requires the Commerce application.

Donation tracking

Let users show their support for your community or chosen causes by using the built-in Donation tools to contribute towards a goal. Easily show progress towards each goal with a sidebar block, or in the client area.

Users can donate by checking out as normal, or use any existing account credit.

Available with the Commerce application.

Built-in support desk helps you help users

Commerce includes a fully-featured support desk to enable you to support customers.

Available with the Commerce application.

See the customer's history at a glance

Set up Stock Actions to take multiple actions on a request with one click

Easily view the purchase associated with the support request

Leave staff notes to keep your team on the page

Support desk in Commerce