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Four more reasons to love Invision Community

  • IPS Spam Defense

    Protect your new community from spammers with the IPS Spam Defense service, included for free with all plans.

  • You always own your data

    You always own your data with Invision Community. Get an export, free, whenever you wish - we won't hold it hostage!

  • Built-in monetization

    Invision Community gives you the tools you need to monetize your community, like premium subscriptions and advertising.

  • A complete platform

    No need to work out how to integrate a bunch of different software. Invision Community has a range of tightly integrated apps.

Additional help

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my own domain name?

    Yes! Using a custom domain is a feature available with a paid plan. During the trial period, your community will use a randomly generated address.

  • Is my trial community private?

    Yes, your trial community is exclusively for you. Change settings, try out the theme system or invite your friends to your community, it's up to you!

  • What restrictions are there?

    During the trial period there are a few limitations:

    • 1. Your domain can be changed after you purchase your plan.
    • 2. The email system is disabled. Emails cannot be sent.
    • 3. No Marketplace applications or plugins can be installed.
    • 4. No custom applications from outside of our Marketplace can be installed.