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  • Mail Bouncer By stoo2000

    Mail Bouncer is a fully automated app to handle email bounces and spam complaints via 3rd Party Email services SparkPost, SendGrid or Mandrill Hard Bounce If a hard bounce is detected, all email to that user will be instantly disabled, they will be placed into 'validating' status which means that IPS4 will prevent them accessing the community until they have updated their email address. Soft Bounce Soft bounces are counted over a number of days, if they exceed 1 bounce a warning message will be shown, if they exceed 4 bounces it will be converted to a 'hard bounce' Spam reports via Mandrill, SparkPost or SendGrid are when a user clicks on 'Spam' in AOL/Gmail/YahooMail etc, this user is blocked from having emails sent to them. The user is presented with a message on every page that tells them that they should update their email preferences instead of marking an email as spam. They are offered a chance to opt-in to emails again, once they opt-in the Mandrill side block is also removed. Removing 'Spam' users from the services reject list may cost a small amount of reputation. To prevent a user exploiting this they are only allowed to opt-in once. Reject Mail Bouncer app will learn your existing reject list as emails are sent to them (this won't hurt your reputation), This allows the app to start telling users to update their email address right away. This app is a zero-configuration app providing your Mandrill/SparkPost/SendGrid API Key setting is present. - See included PDF.
    Requirements You must use Mandrill, SparkPost or SendGrid Email Services CURL Ability for your server to communicate with 3rd party APIs (external connections) Bugs
    If you find any bugs in this product, please report them to our bug tracker. (If you have an issue that you need support with, please see the client area link below).

    If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You must supply your IPS Community email address.

  • Infraskew Theme By TAMAN

      Infraskew Infraskew is a Beautiful, Creative, Super advanced theme comes with a lot of customization's and features including responsive navigation, Google fonts, custom html full-sized widgets, Extra footer, Social links, News ticker, Custom forum category styles, Six of awesome article templates and a powerful touch slider that can be integrated with (IP.Content) as a complete package for infinite slider, theme colors are entirely customizable with easy settings, You can manually change ALL colors and switch between a Dark or White scheme with color settings.
    Infraskewtheme is beautifully responsive and mobile friendly, it is best suitable for Gaming website, Included with Dozen of useful settings and features for example adding a fixed social link on sidebar or footer, also two custom widgets to show on top or bottom of your website you can place it anywhere you want for example Registration page, Login page, Staff directory page, Search page, User profiles page...etc) You can also set user group permissions for each of the widgets   Demo               Main features Swiper Slider Swiper is a modern touch slider beautifully designed to show your articles and custom slides, You can add custom slides and feeds from (Pages) app, comes with a lot of settings and customization's to work the way you desire. You can choose where to show the slider for example Forums only, or any of IPS applications You can also exclude the slider from showing on pages like register, Login, Search, Activity, topics...etc) Including all IPS applications You can add 5 custom and sortable sliders within theme settings, All sliders have its own Usergroup permissions You can also add a (Pages) feed block to show database records in the slider with a customized template made especially for slider. News ticker Responsive and easy to use news ticker, Add as many tickers as you want all within theme options, You can also show a (Pages) database records in the news ticker.  Change auto scrolling speed, Change title, Customizable colors. Custom Widgets Add Two fully customizable custom widgets to show on top or bottom of your website, You can place it anywhere you want for example Registration page, Login page, Staff directory page, Search page, User profiles page...etc) You can also set user group permissions for each of the widgets, Great for guest messages, or to use it for custom ads and/or custom html. Header & Navigation Slick, flexible and responsive header comes with a lot of options to customize, All colors are customizable with settings including many more useful options to customize the way you want. Show your website navigation in a beautiful drop down, drop up, fading, sliding effects, Optionally enable or disabling sticky navigation on scroll,  Use a custom google font for navigation, Change menus text alignment, Change font size, Two different menus hover effects...etc). Extra Footer Extra footer is a simple and responsive footer layout, you can add Links, Add (Pages) database records, Site Informations. Fully customizable colors with settings, You can also add a background image to apply on footer. Style your forum categories This theme included with an awesome feature which allows you to style your forum categories, For example adding a different background color gradients, Title background and color, or a cover to the forum section. Comes with 3 rules, with each rules You can select multiple forum categories to apply the styles. Web Font Loader Change website font to any custom font from google fonts site, all you have to do is typing your desired font name to apply. Change the body font to any custom font, Additionally you can also change the navigation font separately. Ultimate colors. Without touching a line of code, Theme colors are completely customizable with settings, You can easily change any element color on the theme to your desired colors, switch between a white or dark theme ALL within theme color settings, Personalize colors as desired of everything on the website E.g. Body, Wrapper, Headers, Navigation, User bar, Side bars, Footer, Titles, Topics, Author panels, Editor, Reactions, Messages, Pop-up, Breadcrumb, Reactions...etc)   A different article styles This theme included with a free copy of «A different article styles» A beautiful design to Show your Pages database and blocks with six different styles, you can set the styles on the main (pages) database page and/or as blocks anywhere on the website. A plugin to customize the styles. With the plugin You can change the style colors and some useful settings to resize article images - Responsive and pixel-perfect design.

    Styles One column Two column Three column Two column first featured Three column first featured and a mini news feed block Feature  
  • Power Tools By Makoto

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    Power Tools Introduction Power Tools is a third party command line utility for Invision Power Suite developers. It aims to aid in development by packaging several useful command line script and applications together in one easy to use application. Installation If you are on Linux, there is an optional executable included in the release package which you can extract and copy to /usr/local/bin for convenience. Otherwise, just extract the included ptools.phar file to the directory of your IPS installation. Then, from your terminal window, navigate to the applications directory and run ptools.phar as you would any other PHP script from the command line, $ php ptools.phar Power Tools version 0.2 Usage: command [options] [arguments] Options: -h, --help Display this help message -q, --quiet Do not output any message -V, --version Display this application version --ansi Force ANSI output --no-ansi Disable ANSI output -n, --no-interaction Do not ask any interactive question -v|vv|vvv, --verbose Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug Available commands: classmap Generate a map of error codes for classes in an IPS application help Displays help for a command list Lists commands tinker Launches an interactive shell interpreter for an IPS installation generate generate:activerecord Generates an Active Record boilerplate class generate:content-comment Generates a Content Comment boilerplate class generate:content-item Generates a Content Item boilerplate class generate:content-node Generates a Content Node boilerplate class proxy proxy:regen (Re)generates all proxy classes for the application Features Tinker Tinker is one of Power Tools most.. well, powerful features! The name tinker was inspired by Laravel's own "tinker" command, and it essentially operates in the same manner. Both are powered by PsySH, an application that provides an extremely powerful PHP REPL for your applications. Stop making your life difficult by executing arbitrary code in random modules for testing, or worse yet, actually trying to use the native PHP CLI interpreter. Need to test if your Item class is working correctly? Just pop into the REPL and give it a whirl! Everything in the tinker shell essentially works as your application does when run through the web browser. You can even get documentation on class methods right from within the interpreter, PsySh is a truly awesome tool. To learn more about it and all the features it offers you, check it out on Proxy Classes Due to IPS 4.x's monkey-patching based framework, several useful features of your IDE will be rendered non-functional (suggestions, code completion, etc). This command generates proxy classes for your your IDE (including support for 3rd-party applications), so it will be able to properly reference IPS' classes regardless of monkey-patching. The proxy class generator can even automagically generate property mappings to all your database columns! Class Generators Power Tools comes with several powerful and fully featured class generators for IPS Nodes, Items, Comments and generic Active Record classes. These generators take care of all the necessary boilerplate for you automatically. For example, generating a new Content Item class is as simple as running a single command and following the on-screen input prompts: <?php namespace IPS\induction\Test; /* To prevent PHP errors (extending class does not exist) revealing path */ if ( !defined( '\IPS\SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY' ) ) { header( ( isset( $_SERVER[ 'SERVER_PROTOCOL' ] ) ? $_SERVER[ 'SERVER_PROTOCOL' ] : 'HTTP/1.0' ) . ' 403 Forbidden' ); exit; } class _Item extends \IPS\Content\Item { /** * @brief Application */ public static $application = 'induction'; /** * @brief Module */ public static $module = 'induction'; /** * @brief Database Table */ public static $databaseTable = 'induction_items'; /** * @brief Database Prefix */ public static $databasePrefix = ''; /** * @brief Multiton Store */ protected static $multitons; /** * @brief [ActiveRecord] ID Database Column */ public static $databaseColumnId = 'id'; /** * @brief Default Values */ protected static $defaultValues = NULL; /** * @brief Node Class */ public static $containerNodeClass = NULL; /** * @brief Comment Class */ public static $commentClass = NULL; /** * @brief Review Class */ public static $reviewClass = NULL; /** * @brief Database Column Map */ public static $databaseColumnMap = array( 'container' => 'category_id', 'author' => 'author_id', 'views' => 'views', 'title' => 'title', 'content' => 'content', 'num_comments' => 'num_comments', 'last_comment' => 'last_comment', 'last_comment_by' => 'last_comment_by', 'last_comment_name' => 'last_comment_name', 'last_review' => 'last_review', 'date' => 'date', 'updated' => 'updated', 'approved' => 'approved', 'approved_by' => 'approved_by', 'approved_date' => 'approved_date', 'pinned' => 'pinned', 'featured' => 'featured', 'locked' => 'locked', 'ip_address' => 'ipaddress' ); /** * @brief Title */ public static $title = NULL; /** * @brief Icon */ public static $icon = 'file'; /** * @brief [Content] Key for hide reasons */ public static $hideLogKey = NULL; /** * @brief Form Lang Prefix */ public static $formLangPrefix = 'induction_'; /** * @brief Reputation Type */ public static $reputationType = 'id'; } Class Mapping The classmap command maps unique ID numbers to your applications class files. These ID numbers are then stored and maintained for use in error codes. By maintaining and actively using a proper error code scheme, you can easily and transparently map the location of errors that are triggered in production. For more information on this feature, refer to the original Classmap script.
  • Uniform 4.2 // ipsfocus By ehren.

    Uniform for IPS 4.2 by ipsfocus Uniform is a responsive, light, modern theme focused around a background picker which applies a single background image throughout the entire forum, including category bars and forum icons. The theme is packed with customizable features which can be easily enabled or disabled from within the Admin Control Panel, including a background picker, guest message, social links, mega footer, "enhanced" logo, holiday/season effects, horizontal topic view, video background and more! The theme comes with 4 background images which can be edited easily in your ACP. It's a perfect, simple and easy method for customizing this theme so it matches the genre of your site!       Theme Features Theme Settings Easily enable, disable or modify theme features such as background images, logos, social media links, guest messages and colors. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required.     Background picker Your members can choose their own background image from a predefined selection and their choice is saved via cookies. This feature can be disabled within the theme settings.     Guest message A customizable message can be shown to guests, prompting them to either register or login to your forum. Two designs, "billboard" and "alert" (shown) are available.     Social links Social links can be enabled/disabled and customized to your own URL, allowing you to easily link to your social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc)     HTML logo with slogan Easily add/edit your text logo and slogan from within the theme settings. If required, the text can be replaced by an image instead.     Mega Footer A mega footer with configurable column numbers and content can be enabled and customized all within the theme settings.   Demo  //  Detailed list of features
  • Color Picker By Theme Tent UK

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    New Reduced Price Was $8.00 Now $4.00 About Color Picker for IPS Community Suite 4 is a small plugin that extends IPS4's easy theme builder concept by providing it on a per-user basis directly from the header of your site. The plugin requires no additional loading of resources as it utilizes components already built into IPS Community Suite.

    Features Per-user color scheme control of your Community Suite Set a default primary & secondary color that all users can revert to Choose the "Edit theme" icon within the header directly from the plugin settings Choose which groups have access  Integrated with IPS4 1-click localization
  • (NB40) Most Liked Posts To This Topic By newbie LAC

    This plugin will show the block (widget) with Most Liked Posts of topic. Support topic
  • Name 2 Avatars By CodingJungle

    Name 2 Avatars is a free, community-driven idea that started with a simple thought by a fellow IPS client: generate unique and colorful profile photos for members who don't upload a photo.  You've seen this idea popularized on many other websites, and now it's available here for IPS 4!  Download now and start customizing your membership with Name 2 Avatars. Name 2 Avatars will generate a unique profile photo for every member in your IPS community who does not upload a photo.  The colors and text will be based upon the member's name and covers all kinds of names including digits, single names, and dual names.  Those profile photos are centrally stored in your website's n2a storage folder, and will be used anytime a member who doesn't have a photo registers on your website.  The new profile photo will display everywhere, including the Profile, Forum Postbit, Sidebar Blocks, Activity Streams, and more.  The application contains multiple settings for you to customize the avatars exactly the way you want with options to change colors, gradients, font, and shadow.   Are you looking to give a unique and colorful profile to every member to personalize member identity? Are you looking to replace the default gray avatar with colorful ones that separate your community from the default? Are you looking to add a bright splash of color to your memberlist to stylize your community's theme?  Are you looking to create unique category and topic icons for forums and downloads to make them more recognizable?   Make your community more welcoming, encourage member engagement, and personalize member identity across your IPS community with the colorful Name 2 Avatars!   FEATURES
    All settings are located in ACP > Members > Names 2 Avatars settings.  Check out the comprehensive list of features to design and colorize the avatars exactly the way you want: Designer Mode - The application features a powerful Designer Mode, which pauses the front-end display of avatars while you change the settings in the ACP.  This allows you to modify and change settings to your heart's content and preview the avatars to your liking before publishing your avatars.   Download Icons - If you have download files with no screenshots, you can use Name 2 Avatars to generate a custom icon per file to display in the What's New, Highest Rated, and Most Downloaded blocks on the downloads index page.  Please note this will not generate a screenshot on the file image details page.    Forum Icons - If you have forums with no customized icons, replace the standard IPS icons with customized icons to display on the forum index page.   Font Color - Choose your own color for the text that appears on the avatar Text Shadow and Color - Enable and choose your own color for the shadow on the text  Font Size - Choose your own font size to increase or decrease the text size Color Generation - Select your own colors per letter Gradients - Enable gradients for a multi-hued background Dual Letters - Enable dual letters for names Unique Backgrounds - Let every member have their own unique avatar Font Type - Upload your own font X and Y Offset - Center or offset the text Text Angle - Rotate or set your text at an angle ADVANCED FEATURES
    Geek out with other cool features that happen behind-the-scenes: Unique Like No Other - Ever member in your community is unique and their avatars should express that distinctiveness.  When Unique Backgrounds are enabled, the code will parse the name of the user spelled backwards to generate a truly one-of-a-kind color.  That means users with similar names like Micah, Michael, Michaelangelo, and Mickey Mouse will generate wildly different colors!     Opposites Attract - When enabling gradients, the application will automatically use the color's accent (opposing color) to generate a multi-hued background that stretches across the entire color palette.   HOW TO INSTALL
    Please install like any other application.   Navigate to ACP > System > Site Features - Applications.   Click on "Install" Select the TAR file and install.   COMMUNITY DRIVEN, COMMUNITY FREE
    This application was created as a community-driven project as appreciation to the wonderful IPS community and all of its amazing members, who keep the community going with your feedback, peer to peer support, technical guidance, and love and support.  This application is released for free to the community, with no hidden disclaimers or strings attached. If your community has benefited from this application and you'd like to show your appreciation, then donate a coffee by send me a quick PayPal donation to so I can buy a cup of joe to keep me awake during my coding marathons!  Thanks from a fellow IPS client.     **description provided by @Joel R
  • Clubs Enhancements By Adriano Faria

    This resource will give more power to Club Owners. They will be able to execute functions currently only possible in the Admin CP. Features: Convert forums or apps categories into Club Features with a single click, so you don't need to manually move a bunch of items (topics, images, files, events, etc) - Admin CP feature. Manage Club Features: reorder (drag and drog features) and/or delete features Allow members to choose which features will be automatically created when creating a club. Restrict number of equal features per club (example: you can only have one "topic" feature). Add ability to create a QUESTION feature when creating a feature from FORUMS app. Add members to the club (setting to allow Club Owners to use it. Admins can use it). Add members from a specific user group to the club (secondary groups checked) (setting to allow Club Owners to use it. Admins can use it). Change owner of the club. Change type of the club (option according to the owner group setting). Display club icons on users posts Display club icons on user profile (hover card) Settings: Restrict Number of Features? Number of features per club Allow Club Owners to manually ADD MEMBERS? Display 'Added By' info when admin/owner add members manually Display Club Icon on posts panel? Number of Club Icons to display Club Icons Sort Order: name, last activity and random Display Club Icons on Hovercard Profile? Number of Club Icons to display Club Icons Sort Order: name, last activity and random
  • (DF42) Sticky Notes By TheJackal84

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    This plugin will allow you, or if you have selected members, To post global sticky notes to other members / groups on your board DEMO Sticky Notes (ACP) Display admin based global sticky notes to your members Choose what user groups can see the sticky notes Choose 4 different positions to place the sticky notes Add a signature (username and avatar) to the bottom of the sticky note allowing members to see who wrote it, as a clickable link to said profile Choose the colour of the sticky notes Personal Sticky Notes (MEMBERS) Allow chosen user groups to send personal sticky notes to other members Members can have a maximum of 3 personal sticky notes at a time (4 including the ACP based sticky note) All sticky notes are dismissable and will show again when a new one is posted All personal sticky notes will automatically add the username and avatar of the member/s who posted it in the sticky note signature as a clickable link to said profile Moderator permission members and Admins can see and edit any Personal Sticky Note via the Sticky Note links How to install Go to your ACP and plugins then install the downloaded.xml How to configure Go to your ACP and plugins then click the edit icon on the plugin How to send personal notes You can send them by clicking the Sticky Note link on the members hovercard or on their topic / posts at the bottom
  • (BIM42) Easy Popup By onlyME

    EasyPopup is a simple application to create the modal popups for your site.  Some features: Width/Height for your popup. Transition open/close: FadeIn/FadeOut, SlideIn, SlideUp, SlideDown, SlideBack. Transition speed. Background color. HTML content or upload image. Auto close and show timer on popup. Showing popups every page loads or every X minutes. Waiting for X miliseconds to show. Easy to determine URL where to show popups.  Demo: Support Topic:
  • Highlight Linked Posts By Mike John

    This plugin allows you to highlight linked posts that have the #comment-XXX tag within the url. Settings included to change the color used for highlight background and border. Like my plugins? Check out one of my premium listings below. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.
  • Favorite Content Bookmarks By Fosters

    ATTENTION:  THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES IPS4.2 Beta or higher Bookmarks is an easy and convenient way to save and bookmark content that you want to find later: Want to save a long topic for later reading? Don't want to lose your spot in an interesting topic? Need to mark something for moderator review?   Curious about other people's favorite bookmarks?   Bookmarks by @fosters saves you the hassle of rummaging through multiple pages, searching, and navigating to find that one post you wanted to later review.  With one click, you and your users can save any post as a bookmark.  It offers a convenient way to compile, store, and organize your most favorite posts from around the community into your own set of bookmarks.      FEATURES Bookmarks offers the following features: Public Bookmarks - Public bookmarks are viewable by other members and guests on a tab on the member's profile page.   Private Bookmarks - Private bookmarks are viewed only by yourself.  This is perfect for the posts you secretly love to return to!   Unlimited Bookmarks - Let your users save as many bookmarks as they want!   Notifications - The content creator can get a notification when somebody bookmarks his content Activity Stream  Permissions can be set via the Module Permissions. Bookmarks works with the following content items: Topic Posts Blog Entries Blog Comments Download Files Download Comments Gallery Images Gallery Comments Gallery Albums Project Manager Items Project Manager Comments FAST & UIX FRIENDLY Bookmarks is designed to be super fast and user-friendly.  The application uses a "table join" to fetch the bookmark, so no extra queries are run on the content page.  It also utilizes AJAX technology to manage the bookmarks.  This means when you add or remove the bookmark, the bookmark is instantly removed without reloading the page - giving an instant and seamless transition to your users.         Instructions to add the Bookmark Link to Pages App Items:
    Open the Pages App Template Editor and open for the "record" template   Search for {{if $record->canManageRevisions()}} <li><a href='{$record->url('revisions')}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_link ipsButton_fullWidth' title="{lang="content_view_revisions"}">{lang="content_view_revisions"}</a></li> {{endif}} Add below {{if $record->canBookmark()}} <li> <span data-controller=''> {{if !$record->isBookmarked() }} <a href="{$record->url('bookmark')->csrf()->setQueryString('isButton', true)}"class="ipsButton ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_link ipsButton_fullWidth "data-action="bookmark" data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-size="medium" data-ipsDialog-title="{lang="bookmark"}" data-ipsDialog-remoteSubmit="true" >{lang="bookmark"}</a> {{else}} <a href="{$record->url('removeBookmark')->csrf()}" data-isButton class="ipsButton ipsButton_link ipsButton_verySmall" data-action="removeBookmark">{lang="remove_bookmark"}</a> {{endif}} </span> </li> {{endif}}   Result: 
    Please ignore the Design Issue once the bookmark was removed. This will be improved in the next release.
  • IPSuite Swedish Lang ALL plus Bonuses 4.2.x.x - By Chris59

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    This is a COMPLETE translation of IPS Community Suite 4.2.x.x Everything is translated, Admin and Front part.

    ((( Nu finns det en testsite med alla översättningar om ni vill se dom och ge förslag på förbättringar Klicka på mig ))) IPS Community Suite From Version 4.2.x.x -->

    CORE: Admin och Front part 100% Översatt
    CMS: Admin och front part 100% (Sidor) Översatt
    FORUM: Admin och Front part 100% (Forum) Översatt
    GALLERY: Admin och Front part 100% (Galleri) Översatt
    DOWNLOADS: Admin och Front part (Filer) 100% Översatt
    BLOG: Admin och Front part 100% (Blogg) Översatt
    CALENDAR: Admin och Front part 100% (Kalender) Översatt
    NEXUS: Admin och Front part 100% (Butiken) Översatt
    CONVERT: Admin och Front part 100% (Konverteringar) Översatt

    Extra BONUS i include in the package for the license i have is following -->

    Makoto - Advanced Favicon 1.0.1 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Kevin - Automation rules Full 1.3.15: Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Devfuse - Auto Welcome 2.4.9 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    InvisionHQ - Badges 3.3.4 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Adriano - Classifieds Admin och Front !00% Översatt (NY)
    Kevin - Collaboration 1.3.16 Admin och Front 100% Översatt 
    Devfuse - Collection 2.0.10 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    onlyME - Featured Content 4.1.27 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    InvisionHQ - Feeds - 2.0.6 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    -RAW- - Help File Management Admin och Front 100% Översatt 
    -RAW- - iAwards Admin och Front !00% Översatt
    Adriano - Linked Accounts 3.0.5 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Adriano - Links Directory 5.0.6 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Devfuse - Messages 2.2.6 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    -RAW- - Monthly Activity Admin och Front 100% Översatt 
    InvisionHQ - Moods 1.0.3 Admin och Front 100% Translated
    InvisionHQ - Member of the month 2.3.7 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    -RAW- - Pokes Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Devfuse - Portal 1.6.0 Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Fitterkill - Spacious ACP 5 Admin och Front 100% Översatt  
    Adriano - Tutorials 2.1.0 Admin och Front 100% Översatt 
    Devfuse - Videos 3.1.13: Admin och Front 100% Översatt
    Foster - Trophies & Medals 1.0.15 Admin och Front 100% Överssatt (NY)
    onlyME - Chattbox 1.3.3 Admin and Front 100% Översatt (NY)
    Foster - Project Manager-Bug & Suggestion 2.1.1 Admin and Front 100% Översatt (NY)
    Adriano - Invite Systems 2.0.14 Admin and Front 100% Översatt (NY) I will continuously update these files when I encounter grammar errors in the different apps, working continuously in translation mode and make changes where I see the need ... Has been an insanely appointment with nearly 50,000 lines to go through. .... PS* Jobbar med översättningar nån timme varje dag så uppdateringar kommer kontinuerligt nu,
    så gör inte för många egna justeringar då dom kan bli överskrivna av mina kommande uppdateringar
    Har du några frågor kan du skicka mig ett PM ... TIPS: Har delat upp alla apps för er som bara har core och forum
    som ni behöver .
    Wish you all a wonderful day !! 
  • iAwards By -RAW-

    The long awaited awards application for IPS has arrived! iAwards provides administrators the ability to award their members with badges that show in their profile and, if chosen, on their posts. Standalone this application has the ability to manually award members and to award members based on the amount of awards the member has. You can award both from the ACP as well as from the create menu at the top of your site. In order to give everyone a fully customizable way to award we have integrated it with the Rules application. This gives you the power to award your members based on rules that you create instead of the ones that we think up. Features include: Choose location of awards – Under the post or under the author pane. Hide awards – To allow members to show the ones they want. Award based on number of awards. Manual awarding. Upgrade Tools for both HQ Awards and Awards (Free). Category and awards management. Support topic at IPS: Click Here For the best support please register at Recommended addons: Automation Rules Lite or Automation Rules Full iAwards Guide By @Chris59: Award-Guide-v1.0.pdf

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