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Add photo and media sharing to your community. Create albums, upload photos, discuss the hottest shots and much more.


Let users create and manage their own albums, and determine how visible they are to the wider community.

Screenshot of album privacy

Images & Video

Gallery supports video media as well as the standard image formats. Videos exist in albums just like images.

Image Protection

Protect your community's content with copyright fields and customizable watermarks, embedded automatically in all uploaded photos.

Screenshot of copyright text on an image

Photo Notes

Users can add notes to photos they upload by dragging a box around interesting parts of the image.

EXIF information

Embed important meta data into the image description.

Screenshot of EXIF information

Want to learn more?

  • Rate

    Members can leave a star-rating review on the image or video.

  • Comments

    Leave comments and reply to members directly on the media content.

  • Curate

    Include and promote member albums onto the Our Picks page for all to see.

  • Follow Albums

    Be notified as soon as new media is posted in your favorite album.

  • Sorting and Filtering

    View albums by the most comments, most views, most recent and more using our native sorting filters.


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