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Boost employee efficiency.

Our modern approach to company-wide collaboration.

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Your team's homebase

  • Keep staff up-to-date

    A homebase for staff to stay in the loop about company-wide announcements and policy changes.

  • Publicly recognize employees

    Show visible love to your superstar staff for their contributions and stellar work.

  • Create team and employee profiles

    Create brand transparency with your customers by utilizing visual cues and profile photos.

  • Self-help

    Employees help themselves by asking questions and finding answers.

  • Increased security and privacy

    Password protect parts of the employee community and grant access to only those who need it.

  • Your team's community on the go

    Employees can check in anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduce email volume

    Staff can ask questions and inform one another, freeing up administrative support.

  • Share files and resources

    Upload and share images, PDFs, videos and more into the employee community.

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Employees won't skip a beat with our community-wide notifcation system.

The notifications menu


Elevate employee engagement and company culture with open and closed Clubs. Allow open access for all or grant permissions to specific groups.

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Reward staff for answering questions and taking initiative.

A badge being awarded

Q&A Forums

Employees help themselves by asking questions and finding answers

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Activity Streams

Create custom feeds tailored to the individual employee.

The Activity Stream

Group Permissions

Assign roles to your teams and departments.

Customizing group permissions

Give your employees a digital presence

They are not just another number.

  • 30-day free trial
  • No commitments
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