Single Sign-On For Communities

Boost user adoption rates and reduce onboarding friction with single sign-on

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  • Transparent to users
  • User roles can carry over
  • Users only need to manage a single account

SSO benefits users and your business

The IPS single sign-on integration service integrates your existing authentication systems with those of our Community Suite. The result is users only have to log into your website once, and they're automatically signed into your community too.

Tight integration with existing systems

The process is entirely transparent to users. They manage their global account through your current system, and their community preferences through the user control panel in our software as usual.

Our SSO integration can also honor user roles/groups, giving users community permissions based on their existing system permissions. Many of our customers use this feature to provide paying customers a higher level of community access than free or guest users.

Our US and UK-based developers work directly with your team to implement a custom SSO solution that is effective and efficient, and we provide ongoing support after launch to help you get the most from our suite.


We include standard SSO development services with our 750 user Cloud plan and Enterprise plans.

For other Cloud plans and self-hosted licenses, pricing for custom SSO development starts at $850.

Get in touch with us to discuss your SSO needs and obtain a quote.

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SSO integration can also be developed by your in-house development team for free by following our developer documentation.