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  3. Is it possible to have the original date as shown in the screenshot above DISABLED by default ? We use this a lot for various post templates and when we copy the template from our editorial forum to the main one the person editing this often forgets to uncheck this value and its a lot of steps to go into the database and set a new post date .... If not possible to make it an option, is there a manual edit we can make to turn this flag off ?
  4. You can keep the original proportions, just don't show them. I mean if you have a pic in portrait, orientate it at the top and leave out everything that's not in the square. Or center the images, even easier.
  5. Would I be correct to summarize your feedback as you would like the homepage implementation I have, but you want all images to be forced to specific proportions/cropped, rather than displaying at their natural proportions?
  6. Yesterday
  7. It's also redundant when referring to a post within a topic - the title is displayed twice, with different formatting each time.
  8. OK...in the absence of confirmation of my follow-up, I am going to assume that is what you are talking about - that will also be in v3.1.2 when I release it.
  9. You're right, there is already an option to hide internal links, thank you very much!
  10. What is the process of having the map show? Is there a specific page that needs to be built?

    I'm not finding the documentation for setting it up and having the map shown once the settings are configured.ย 

  11. Let me put it like this...if we would take all the functions of current default Gallery and add your continues loading of images feature, then that Gallery would make sense. At the moment default or yours gallery makes no sense if you ask me. Default because we are stuck with limitation of how many images to show and in yours, all those images simply doesn't fit nicely to any of the themes, simply because the way images are stacked are design wise terrible. I am sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but masonry first of all means nothing, and the second thing, you have a great feature that is blocked
  12. After installing iAwards, I was able to create a couple of awards and award them to two people. They appear on the Awards tab in the users' profiles, but nowhere else. even though I enabled all the options to display them. Awards also does not appear on the users' settings so that the users can choose which to display or not. I am running on an online community using iAwards 2.0.2
  13. Now it's up. Note, Gallery is exceptioned out so if a search result is a Gallery thing, Searchlight won't fire there (the page loads and THEN a popup fires with the image and comments and that's just confusing the hell out of everything right now) and those of you on Elastic Search with stemmed search results - meaning you searched for... I dunno... "baconese" and stemmed results give you some with just 'bacon' the results with just bacon might/probably are not highlighted yet. The new and improved Searchlight is doing exact term matching for the moment with markJS. We'll get there.
  14. Log a ticket with IPS support, that's how ๐Ÿ˜„
  15. Oh yes i see what you mean thank you for your help if anyone knows how to set again this link between installed apps/ plugins to entries in marketplace, as i didnt it properly in the first place thank you
  16. Could someone be so kind and post a step-by-step so that our existing awards data and configuration is preserved as much as possible when upgrading to the new version for IPS 4.5? Yes I know I'm an idiot and totally inferior to the great minds that frequent here.
  17. After an IPS 4.5 upgrade, there is a Marketplace onboarding process where you can link your installed apps/plugins to their entries on the Marketplace. I'm out now - not my application, just trying to help out. Still advise you to log a ticket with IPS regarding your main issue.
  18. what do you mean by "as you didn't link it to the Marketplace after the IPS 4.5 upgrade" thanks How can i manually update if i dont have the files (Videos app dont give files for 4,5)
  19. Custom = needs to be manually uploaded as you didn't link it to the Marketplace after the IPS 4.5 upgrade MarketPlace = needs to be installed via Marketplace
  20. Hi ok thank you i tried on another board, but this time in the app list, it is marked "customized" what should i do in that case ? tx
  21. we temporarily get round this by setting them to moderator approval, but this is for around 40 a day, if you get hundreds then painful.
  22. a normal rectangle for example, and not with that oblique part, if i canโ€™t do it, it would be nice to implement!
  23. Im glad. I am up at 4 AM because I just spent the last 8 hours trouble shooting my site. Mysql was using all my cpu and causing server load so high that I was serving up 500 errors to all my visitors. Turns out it was because I "disabled" this app. So my site doesn't like this app to be disabled anymore apparently. ๐Ÿ™‚ hoping for the version that helps with all the struggles. Ill go look for it in the market place thank you
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