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  2. Bumping for some support (if that's allowed 😁) - I really want to avoid querying /forums/posts but is that the only way?
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  4. It does not appear to be working for 4.5.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the important point you mentioned. I will definitely fix it soon and let you know. @James101 Could you send a screenshot of the product detail and the wishlist items please?!
  6. Hi, The application works as intended without bugs. I had one issue while testing it. If for example a product has multiple sub options then when adding it to the wishlist, it shows the amount as 0.00. If you could edit it to make it show the amount of the cheapest item on the sub options then it would be great - If a product has no sub-options, it shows the default product price when adding to wishlist
  7. @christopher-w Thanks for your report This plugin works properly and the problem you mentioned is due to the limitations of my host [too many requests] and has nothing to do with the functionality of the plugin.
  8. Thanks @Adriano Faria that did it 🙂
  9. We have a "time out" policy where we tell people they cannot interact for 30 days. If they do, they will be banned for 30 days. We use it every now and then. https://squarewheelscycling.com/index.php?/time-out/ This would be really helpful. Can you set a time limit in it? Thanks
  10. Yes, members will be able to remove the forced ignored members from their ignore list. Yes again, they will see the traditional ignore "view post anyway" text. "
  11. Not sure how. My dev copy here shows TRUE, which will make it enable attachments regardless group settings. NULL will make it use the group settings. Double check it. You should have downloaded Link.php rather than Links.php. Link.php will be removed in next version.
  12. These issues have been fixed in which is currently waiting for approval. For now we recommend not to update to 1.0.14. Sorry for inconvenience. Also, you may be interested in our new Brilliant app, which makes the clipboard actually work.
  13. hi @Adriano Faria thanks for your answer and checking this I have checked the file and that value is already set on Null
  14. I like this. When I renew my license I will buy this.
  15. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    PLAYORDIE DARK THEME Initial release
  16. Sorry I got it fixed by disable
  17. I had the same issue. The message should not be something went wrong, but you need to renew the app license!
  18. Will users be able to remove themselves from the list once they are forced to ignore? And will they see "view post anyway" option like the traditional ignore block? ie. Will they know they've been made to ignore each other?
  19. You can use the filter on the club - members page to show all invited members. That said, as far as I know, they won't get a duplicate invitation if they were already invited.
  20. Hi Guys, I lock down my adminPC to specific IP addresses. Is there a list of IPS support IP addresses, from which IPS would access my site, that I can add to the allowed list or do I need to disable this rule when I open a support ticket?
  21. We get the same issue here, same error, manual sync doesnt work producing same errors as per the screenshot above. As for the mass sync when we try that it starts and shows the progress bar then quickly moves to this within about 10-15 seconds. A configuration or server error has occurred 4SBR000/2 Something went wrong. Please try again.
  22. Could I get ACP access to take a look at this?
  23. @Fosters when you will fix this mod? It's completely not functional. Own up to your products! You charge money and all you do is ignore these bug reports, you don't communicate as to when these will be fixed. No accountability on your part whatsoever. @Jordan Invision is IPS fine with having developers with this kind of work ethic on its marketplace?
  24. In 4.5.x. Banned both a user name (non-registrable) and an email address. If I later import a CSV list containing either one of those, they still import. A ban should prevent us from importing a banned user, email or IP, the same way an import blocks the import of duplicate/existing entries. Thoughts? Thanks.
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