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  2. New: Richer Embeds

    All super. Disappointed only by the fact that it is impossible to make reference to the category of the gallery as well as on the albums. I really hope that this trouble will be fixed in the next update.
  3. Pages SuperGrid support

    @Iwooo: Feel free to open a new topic for community support regarding Pages customizations. These type of requests are not part of the official support though and therefore shouldn’t clutter up the support topic. And in general: no one should post the code from my templates publicly here. After all, that’s the commercial good I am selling. Thanks for understanding.
  4. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    There's a bug in our 1.2 release which is delaying the release. We'll remove this feature from the 1.2 release and release this app next week with all the new features ( iAwards importer, trophy replacement, etc..., but without the "asskicking content criteria) which will be included in a later 1.2.x release
  5. Pages SuperGrid support

    Oh, I see what you mean. Sorry, I was explaining what opentype had written to you without actually paying attention to what your request was. What you'll need to do is edit a template, found under Pages > Templates. I think you'll need to edit Supergrid Categorylisting > index and Supergrid Frontpage > index. Here's what that the first looks like: <div class='ipsPageHeader ipsClearfix ipsSpacer_bottom'> {{if $database->cat_index_type == 1}} <div class='ipsPos_right ipsResponsive_noFloat'> <a href="{$url}" class="ipsButton ipsButton_medium ipsButton_fullWidth ipsButton_link"><i class="fa fa-star"></i> {lang="cms_show_featured" sprintf="$database->recordWord()"}</a> </div> {{endif}} <h1 class='ipsType_pageTitle'>{$database->_title} – {lang="content_categories_title"}</h1> </div> <section class="ipsBox"> <ol class='ipsList_reset cCmsDatabase_index' data-controller='core.global.core.table, forums.front.forum.forumList' data-baseURL=''> <li class='cForumRow'> {{if ! count($categories)}} <div class="{{if settings.SuperGrid_use_ipsbox}}ipsBox{{endif}} ipsPad">{lang="cms_no_cats_to_show"}</div> {{else}} <div class="ipsAreaBackground_light SG_category_container"> <div class="ipsList_reset ipsGrid ipsGrid_collapsePhone" data-ipsGrid data-ipsGrid-equalHeights='row'> {{foreach $categories as $category}} <div class="SG_category_item ipsGrid_span6 {{if settings.SuperGrid_use_ipsbox}}ipsBox{{endif}} ipsAreaBackground_reset"> {template="categoryRow" app="cms" location="database" group="supergrid_categorylisting" params="$category"} </div> {{endforeach}} </div> </div> {{endif}} </li> </ol> </section> Add your HTML to that in an appropriate place, depending on where you want it to appear on the page, such as <h1 class='ipsType_pageTitle'>{$database->_title} – {lang="content_categories_title"}</h1><!-- This bit was already in the template --> <p class='something'>Whatever you wanted your text to be</p><!-- You've added this bit --> And then do something similar with Supergrid Frontpage > index.
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  7. Group Collaboration Badges

    Looks like it's just a theme issue, the database tables and configuration of badges per-role are still working. (Phew!) I have to run to an event but will be back tonight to solve this issue.
  8. Approve Followers?

    Can you add profile fields that are hidden from those who are not approved followers? Would be nice if we could hide certain profile fields, otherwise is not very useful
  9. Group Collaboration Badges

    Thanks for the report! Will look into this right away.
  10. Hallow Eve 4.2.x

    It's alright for what it is. A bit too busy for our use though, as it detracts from the content a bit too much.
  11. Group Collaboration Badges

    Hi Believe this has ceased to work with the new version of the forum. Is there any plans on to see to that?
  12. Welcome, do you have any idea why my menu do not move to "more" section? http://prntscr.com/gp4ecf
  13. Should call the file "Wink"  


    1. DawPi


      Yes I know. ;) Mod name stay the same probably but Ill change the lang. :)

  14. IPS 4.2 observations

    Fair enough. But I can argue whether this is rather niche. Point systems have been around since forever as an option to improve dedication and reward members for their contributions. But what can you do if you collect zillion points? Almost nothing, you get the warm feeling that you are on top of some leaderboard and thats it. At the same time we have Commerce, whose integration with downloads can provide excellent options to exchange those points for something valuable - it might be digital download or physical product, you name it. But no, you can't do it. We have the various point/awards systems, which are very good at providing the members with virtual points, we have commerce which is very good at providing products, but it is impossible to link them together. If I am the only one that can see the enormous potential of such integration (much bigger potential then reputation and the leaderboard), so be it. If the ability to reward your good members with something meaningful is niche, I have nothing to add. Obviously my suggestion is not applicable for paypal, stripe, 2checkout, etc. The solution here is that if I disable the address field, then commerce will disable these payment gateways. Problem solved - no chargebacks, no support work for you and integrity of the software is not compromised as this way we won't be able to use the popular gateways. You already do that, if I add a currency, which Paypal does not support, it is not available as a payment gateway. Please consider doing the same for when we ignore the address field. You argue that again this is very niche, but in-store pick up is very popular in USA as well, while cash on delivery is most popular in many countries and I am not speaking about third world. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cash_on_delivery Thanks for the offer, I will probably post another topic, I don't think you will be able to give me useful suggestions considering my store is not in English and there are various workarounds I had to implement to get around the restrictions we are discussing here. But really appreciate it.
  15. The hook has not been upgraded yet for version 4.2. It is on my to do list though.
  16. Forum - Feature request

    Not a popup but related:
  17. Why can I not access Client Area

    But when I enter my login details (as mentioned) I am locked out for 29 minutes Anyway am using FF now and all works (so far)
  18. Job Board App ?

    me too, thanks
  19. Hello, I would like to be able to optionally activate/deactivate a dialog window (via AdminCP) which pops up before a user can start a new topic in the forum. The idea behind such a feature is the fact that users usually do not read neither the FAQs nor the forum rules before a new post is started. As a result of this, the same questions are asked again and again. With such a feature (like at a ticket system) the user shall be forced to re-read the FAQs/Forum rules before a new thread can be started. The user must confirm with a button before he can proceed. The text on this dialog should be editable by the forum administrator and moderator. Thanks for considering.
  20. Job Board App ?

    I'd like to join. Please pm me. Thanks.
  21. Member Map

    Does exactly what it says on the tin and more, Im new to all this was a bit stuck setting up didn't know how to install a TAR file but a little searching and all installed and configured. really impressed and amazed there is no price tag. Thanks guys awesome work Paul
  22. Simplicity

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Simplicity Theme Support website: http://szablonet.pl Live demo (change theme to Simplicity ) Admin panel settings: Slider: Social icon: About us and links:


  23. Linkfavicon - Supporttopic

    We're working on this:) ( Nobody else has reported any issues with this app, we're also using it at fosters.tech without any issues. )
  24. Why can I not access Client Area

    yeah I just tested it again, Logged out of client area then needed to login to forum then client area again, It might be extra security, if you remember passwords and browser remembers that your logged in, its not too bad
  25. Why can I not access Client Area

    really weird ... always used to be that if logged into forum then did not have to log into Client Area as well
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