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  3. Its exactly as he said in the topic. In my case is in the blog:
  4. This is a PHP error. What's the PHP version you've installed on your server ?
  5. I'm not really sure what would cause that, a first thing to check would be to re-upload all Invision Community files to your server again to make sure they're all correct.
  6. Thanks Stuart! I commented out the rewrite mode of lighttpd (url.rewrite-once) and I have access to the page! 🙂 on the other hand, if I can abuse your kindness, I have this error now: ParseError: syntax error, unexpected 'topics' (T_STRING), expecting '{' (0) #0 /usr/home/xxx/system/Application/Application.php(165): IPS\_Application::constructFromData() #1 /usr/home/xxx/applications/core/modules/setup/upgrade/login.php(81): IPS\_Application::applications() #2 /usr/home/xxx/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(101): IPS\core\modules\setup\upgrade\_login->manage() #3 /usr/
  7. Note in your stack trace that you're seeing code load for the frontend (See Dispatcher\_Front) - #6 /usr/home/xxx/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(109): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front->init() It looks like when you're going to /admin/upgrade it isn't actually loading the upgrader, but redirecting the request to the front end. It could be a mod_rewrite rule that's doing this.
  8. Hello Miss_B, The current site works with v3.1.4 The list of mysql tables is that of this version, and yes, the problem is that this table does not exist in version 3.1.4. Support asked me to follow the guide: That I followed to the letter, and I have this error. I did this migration on an independent test server and I transferred the database. Thank you
  9. It means just that, that the aforementioned table does not exist in your database. Do you have a recent backup of your database? If you do, restore/recreate that table from it and give upgrading another go. P.s. is this from the live forum or a test one? i.e. a dry run.
  10. Hello @FrançoisJ I would suggest you open ticket support with Invision on this matter. It seems you are missing a table in your database. It may be as simple as creating it to proceed, but the correct settings and structure is something Invision staff would know best. In your client area, you can also provide the login details required so they may look at this. https://www.invisioncommunity.com/clientarea/
  11. You are welcome. I have added that option btw. I will submit the new version with this feature added, once the current version that is waiting approval has been approved.
  12. Please respectfully understand there will always be a limitation when using shared web hosting, even when not correctly specified. It is the business model of most shared web hosting providers to oversell their resources under the assumption that most people will never use what was advertised. You are now experiencing the early signs of having outgrown shared hosting. It would help if you started taking measures now to secure your site's future. The last thing you will want to experience is your host surprising you with notice, informing you they believe you are overusing their allowed
  13. Yeah, I realized that when asked, and honestly I don't plan on putting that much effort into this site. TBH, I went over my hosting agreement-standard linux GoDaddy-and it doesn't have a DB size limit listed. So they can pound sand.
  14. Yes, but you should rather identify which tables are actually too large (e.g. in phpMyAdmin) instead of using purging options hoping something improves.
  15. I think my host realized my DB had gotten a little large and decided to move it, and then screwed up some settings when they moved it. Are there some purge settings I can use to shrink my DB?
  16. Since nobody but me has access to the hosting account, that shouldn't have happened. As a precaution, I changed the password of the user to the value present in conf_global.php and it's still broken.
  17. Have you changed the DB password? Check the user and password in the conf_global.php file.
  18. My site-after many years of just humming away-is now inoperable. It happened yesterday afternoon. The board URL just started throwing a generic 500 error: ~~~ An error occurred (500 Error) We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. Access denied for user [user]@'localhost' to database 'dbname' You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. Try again ~~~ The error log in cpanel has a similar error: ~~~ [Sat Mar 06 20:14:25.494342 2021] [lsapi:error] [pid 3412119:tid 1400910
  19. Yeah, I'm just referring to the text at the top of the page in the masthead. I don't want to switch to a logo, but might end up doing so. Perfect! The article you link to is very helpful. I can display one DIV with the a title in the masthead for PC, and another DIV with a shortened title in the masthead on mobile. It looks like the very examples in the article are the very code I need to implement.
  20. Has this been looked into? We're not seeing any grids on the selected forums over on: https://forgeborne.games/forums/ While we do get the forum images displayed, they display full-width rather than in a grid. This can't be working as intended.
  21. It shows, it is there, but here are the results after using that button: And of course no changes after those errors 😞
  22. Does the COPY SETTING doesn't show up to you here? I mean this. for example:
  23. There's an annoucentment on his board.
  24. Any info on this matter @CodingJungle?
  25. I have figured out how to use the groups feature to move all the inactive members into a group called 'Inactive Member' and can keep track of the number of members this way in the ACP. I only let the active members stay in the default 'member' group that a new registration is admitted to and renamed this group 'Active Member.' This works for me. I think that Joel R is correct that the public doesn't need to know how many members are inactive but my thought is if a guest or member clicks on a member profile they should know whether the member is active or inactive. Transparency is at the heart
  26. HelloI just did the upgrade from 3.x to latest version 4.x today and all was ok without any issues during the upgrade.The only issue is that after the upgrade the Greek letters on titles/posts etc looks as questionmarks ????It maybe be something related to a configuration .....Can you please check it and help me with that?
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