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  2. liquidfractal


    Hi @Adriano Faria...I just installed this new version on my new 4.3 install, and in the Apps list the version reads 1.2.8. Is this just a typo?
  3. media

    Translit URL

    Hi @Sonya* Is this 4.3 compatible? Thanks
  4. media

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Hey @CodingJungle Is Names to Avatar 4.3 compatible or not?
  5. media

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    4.3 compatible or not?
  6. media

    Notices - Supporttopic

    4.3 compatible or not?
  7. Today
  8. AlexWebsites

    Default meta description character limit 300

    Does anyone know where in the source files to change this from 160 to 300 in 4.2.8 or 4.2.9? I'd like to change this before upgrading to 4.3, because I'm not ready with theme changes.
  9. Stranger 2.0

    Oblivion Semi-dark theme

    Looks buggy with the new 4.3 gallery look
  10. Yesterday
  11. Saurabh Jain

    Testimonials Manager

    Upgraded to 4.3 ? Is it possible either of option to add review from the widget or at least can take the user to testimonial home page.... when user is reading testimonials via widget he cannot go to home page ....
  12. Can you please add functionality to promote club leaders to a custom user group so we can manage the leaders permissions properly
  13. cpehydra

    (VN41) Surface Dark

    Edit: NVM
  14. Bart (R-023)

    Gradient theme

    Great theme, full options! Thank you for your beautiful work!
  15. TRIReinvent

    Copy Event

    OK, thanks.
  16. Adriano Faria

    Copy Event

    Well, timezone is "parsed" by member, not by the event itself, at least that's how I think it is. You should probably submit a support ticket to IPS and ask how it works... I mean, the timezone in events. If you ask about the plugin, they will send back to me.
  17. TRIReinvent

    Copy Event

    Not correct. It should display in the user's time zone, not show as missing completely.
  18. Adriano Faria

    Copy Event

    Nope, that's how Calendar works.
  19. TRIReinvent

    Copy Event

    OK, we tried it from a different user time zone and it worked. But it's very strange that the user timezone would impact the display.
  20. Adriano Faria

    Copy Event

    Hi, I'm not sure this is related to the plugin. Seems more like a user timezone. The plugin simply copies everything from source event and create a new one, exactly the same.
  21. All Astronauts

    Store Products Widget

    Anyone want to test?
  22. Hi just updated from v3.4 to v4.28 and most issues can be sorted but one main issue I and my users are having is using the forum on mobile phone or small devices. This just does not work and looks a mess to be quite honest, the old mobile theme was compact and basic but easy to use and navigate through the forum. The new responsive theme just does not work there is just to much scrolling trying to browse though the forum, for example when you have lots of sub forums as with my forum there's just an endless list of forums. you wear your finger out scrolling through them. its not good to say the least!!! V4 seams to use a lot more resources but a great improvement from when I tested it when it first came out, but you still have to do a lot of work to get it running right. Has topic title edit been removed from moderator options?
  23. Veilon

    (VN41) Surface Dark

    Hi. We are aware of this problem. You haven't found a solution yet, but you can switch to the default template, make changes to blocks, and return to Surface.
  24. Phillip Bokowe

    Behemoth Theme

    This is a well made theme front to back. I'd imagine that all themes made by this author are as well. He's always willing to support with any issues too.
  25. ParkerPhoto

    Lens Specifications

    1. Would like to see "Lens Specifications" added to the main EXIF data. Photographers like to see what type of lens used. 2. Additional EXIF data... "Make" is not necessary. The model is sufficient to know the type of camera. Don't need to know that the "Nikon Corporation" was the company. It's already listed in the Model; "Nikon D300".
  26. Papastache


    @Graeme S. Same... https://gyazo.com/ebf06acf05c18ba440bb52fdcce5e80c @InvisionHQ
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