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  2. GDPR - new European Privacy law

    I don't see what this has to do with Invision per se. A forum can't send out emails to anyone who hasn't signed up to the site. A forum admin can already require a user to validate their own email via a return email. A forum admin can already set privacy guidelines. You can even require existing users to prompt members on their next log-in to accept new policies. These things should enable a European based user to fulfil whatever of these crazy rules they think they need to do. Is there anything specific you think Invision itself needs to do?
  3. CLUBS: Sorting of Tabs

    @Joel R is right, create it @Adriano Faria and take my money. I need a custom tab with PHP/HTML content. A proper welcome tab or Quick Start information... PLEASE! PS I bought the plugin, and love it already, A+ 5 stars!
  4. CLUBS: Sorting of Tabs

    Create an empty tab with a block that allows HTML or PHP and take his money. Adriano is right. Waiting for IPS to implement all the features you want (or think should be standard in the software) is a hopeless game. This is why Marketplace developers exist, to fill gaps.
  5. I'm curious, what do you consider an "exorbitant" amount? I recently purchased an excellent theme from @OsmanK for only $30. I would have happily paid twice that.
  6. Perhaps you should try using the built-in theme wizard to make your own, at least to start with. It's pretty customisation out of the box, and there's a lot of help available on these forums if you really want a specific "thing" or look. And then if you aren't happy, go theme shopping. In 3x I had some free themes, but I also had one by Ehren. In 4x I've got my own theme I made using the wizard. It's not beautiful but it works for me. I say this is place is still a great community, and has a wide range of both free and 'commercial' users that can do various things for various prices. It's up to you to figure out what you want from your forum and how much you want it.
  7. Keep in mind that the community and pricing model behind phpBB and IPS are very different. PhpBB is a free forum software, so most of their mods are developed for free and shared to selflessly benefit everyone. IPS, on the other hand, is a premium forum software, so most of the Marketplace will charge fees and renewals that mimic the overall pricing of IPS. I had a major sticker shock coming from SMF to IPS because I was used to free themes, free mods, and a great community. Users voluntarily supported and encouraged each other in a peer to peer community. IPS is a very different kind of client community. If you want premium themes expect to open your wallet.
  8. What specific features do you want? Why do you want them addressed at the admin level? What example do you have? Answering these questions will help IPS better understand your concerns.
  9. Promote Posts to Articles

    Not exacly replicate. It creates an article based on a post content. That's all. Please, read the description and the entire topic.
  10. Promote Posts to Articles

    Does this replicate the old "Promote to article" functions of 3x? I have a database. They create forum threads. In 3x I would then promote the forum thread to an article. The comments were the same, in effect all three were linked. The "Copy to Database" doesn't work like that, it makes a separate article to the forum topic. Very messy.
  11. Hi @Lindy this new "Copy to Database" is kinda broken. It no longer keeps the comments from a database/forum thread if you use "Copy to Database". It makes the copied thread it's own separate article with it's own separate comments. And if you've set the article category to make a new thread, it then creates what is a "duplicate" forum thread. In 3x you could make a database entry, create a forum topic, then promote the forum topic into an article, and it would all be the same set of comments no matter where it was being viewed or commented on.
  12. I think it would be a nice feature to be able to handle files at the admin level specific to Gallery.
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  14. New: Clubs

    It doesn't (or shouldn't) have admin token keys in the message. It should be a short code consisting of a few letters and numbers. If you copy the entire message, be sure to remove all formatting so that any links (which likely will contain admin tokens) will be removed, as the links are irrelevant anyway.
  15. LaMonte support

    Support topic for the LaMonte theme.
  16. [4.2] Still missing in Stripe

    It has to be approved by IPB though before it gets released in the store here, so it is safe.
  17. New: Clubs

    I didn't want to hijack the post, but we'll try this real quick. It's doing it for member promotion as well, different message. I think it has admin token keys in the message as well. I'll wait for support, thanks for the offer though.
  18. [4.2] Still missing in Stripe

    I spoke with Payssion's support team and their replies got me suspicious. Payssion is only available on IPB via a 3rd party plugin.
  19. New: Clubs

    Post the error. Maybe we can tell which resource is causing the error.
  20. New: Clubs

    Great, thanks for the info. But, it appears I cannot view the groups, I'm getting a EX0 error...guess it's support time.
  21. Clubs Enhancements

    This is something really too specific for your use case. Fields/info that are required for you may not be to others so I don't see much sense in add this to this plugin. Anyway, I can do it as a custom job, if you're interested. Send a PM with the specifics, just in case.
  22. New: Clubs

    ACP -> Members -> Groups. Edit a group and will see Clubs in the Content tab.
  23. [4.2] Still missing in Stripe

    You can use the Payssion payment method for that, they have alot of methods of which bitcoin is included. I don't know how the official Payssion method looks like (I see IPB added it) but I am using the one from the store and there it supports bitcoin and everything else.
  24. New: Clubs

    So, I enabled Clubs on my site, but I don't see any settings that let's me setup who can setup which type of club. I have sorting options, moderator settings, clubs have to be approved, etc., but nothing about what forum tag can create what type of club - private, open, etc. I don't want every member creating their own club and junking up the site. Am I missing where this setting is? Under AdminCP ->Clubs -> Clubs. No other settings link or anything, just the settings by the button in the upper right.
  25. Default Cover Photo

    Can you confirm if this works for 4.2.x please?
  26. Yup, @ehren. does the best themes. Updates, help, bug fixes, it's just so totally awesome. Absolutely worth the price.
  27. Clubs Enhancements

    Thinking of buying! What I'm looking for specifically, is a custom form that needs to be filled by the applicant at the time of requesting to join a closed club. Either that, or gaining access to a(n otherwise hidden?) forum within the closed club....
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