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  2. @AlexWebsites @Rikki How would I target like this [data-pagelocation="front"][data-pageapp="forums"][data-pagemodule="forums"][data-pagecontroller="index"] but for downloads app, file description text? Thanks 🙂
  3. Chrome 78 has a "force dark mode" that uses color inversion - might be an option for those (depends on how well or not the inversion works with your forum theme). To enable it: chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark
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  5. That should be in the "Back Issues" screen of the newsletter. It would tell you how many were sent, and you can view the subscribers.
  6. There's a possibility some of you may have drank too much kool-aid here. @Charles is on to something! https://www.wired.com/story/do-you-need-dark-mode/
    💕Just awesome! 💕 Very complete chat app for your community: easy to configure (although it has a large number of features and customization options) very stable (even what's announced as "in beta testing") - no bug or crash in 1 month of intense usage floating popup: all your public and private conversations follow you when you're browsing the site 1-to-1 floating chat: users love it!! club chats are a great working tool for communities which use clubs the online list makes everyone more trustful and comfortable to chat in rooms works as fine on mobile devices and desktop very reasonable price! I have been a happy user of the Chatbox Free for two years, which is a already a very good app (especially considering it is free). At the time, I discussed a couple features I wished could be added but the (nice and reactive) developer had no plan to invest worktime on it, which is totally legit. I'm glad he changed his mind! This new version has 99% of the features I dreamt of, for a very competitive price. It would be nice if club chats could be added in the "rooms" tab of the global (popup) chat, and/or if the floating popup could stay even when on a full page chatroom (but I understand there are technical difficulties for this one.) Very minor flaw compared to all it brings! Don't wait to add this great app to your community, it is 200% worth the price! And many thanks to @onlyME for his great job!
  7. @TheJackal84 you can add, e.g. teamspeak or uid address ???
  8. Please include at least the number of emails sent and recipients, its more then essentiel i think, i am unique person who request this here!? we have a community of 100.000 members and we dont want to send 100000 emails !!!
  9. Updated to 1.0.3 New Features Added a auto play button to the audio players allowing the audio to auto play when the page loads Added the ability for members to add other members tracks to their playlists This will not duplicate or copy any audio files it will just add the ability for the track to be played on other members playlists Tracks added to playlists via sharing will not count towards the users uploads count as they are not actually uploading or adding a new track Members can toggle the ability for other members to add their tracks to their playlists easily via the audio player When a member grants permission for their tracks to be shared a new add to my playlist icon will appear next to their track names If a member adds another members track to their playlist and the uploader decides to delete their track, the tracks will also be removed from all playlists it has been added to Bug Fix Fixed the bug when deleting members what might throw a error on deleting the tracks they have uploaded
  10. Not at this time. It's something I have wanted to add for a while, but haven't had time to do it properly yet.
  11. Yes, I deleted all my email notifications, and old tickets are a good help. Unfortunately I will have to open new tickets for things I already asked. Thanks @DawPi
  12. No. Probably you have email notifications in your mailbox. Then you can view the tickets with direct link from it. I have unfortunately deleted all notifications, so I have no list of support tickets any more. I have also some bugs that are referenced to the older one. But I cannot point to the older one as I do not have ticket number any more. So I have to create entirely new tickets right now 😞 I wish old tickets would be accessible at least as archive. No actions, no new tickets, but just see what has been reported.
  13. Hello, I have tried to access my old support tickets and I see that the system has been changed. Now I can't see them. Is there a way to access old tickets?
  14. Following? There is already a follow member feature for profile. This plugin will simply add another way to communicate with the member which is send an email, in addition to the existing private message.
  15. I wish I could restrict the number of blogs in sitemap. Currently I have about 19,000 blogs. I can only restrict the number of blog entries included in the sitemap: But I still have a very large sitemap.php?file=sitemap_content_blog_Blog that includes ALL blogs. Please allow to restrict the number of blogs as well not only blog entries. This way I would save time generating sitemap and get newer content faster into the sitemap. Thank you!
  16. Does this plugin have the following functionality or able to add it : I would like users to have an option to send emails only to a particular staff member or a particular group. I assume the plugin only allows selecting certain user classes to send emails to all users. I would like all users to have the ability to send emails only to the staff group.
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  18. That's because you're a morning person. Real picture of @Charles at 5:00 AM watching the world wake up
  19. https://caniuse.com/#feat=prefers-color-scheme this is a great solution then since it follows the user device setting. I will also +1 for inclusion in the IPS core as a toggle option for users.
  20. +1 for IPS giving customers/users of their Community Suite the option to enable or disable a built in dark theme. This being dependent on users personal preference and not dictated to on the preference of IPS staff and management... 😋 Ted.
  21. @MIXOH Any potential update on when you might get around to this?
  22. New version will add a moderator permission to manage questions & answers: It will also introduce 2 new type of quizzes. One them is MULTIPLE RIGHT ANSWERS quiz: - Playing:
  23. I personally do not like dark mode. I actually find it harder to read.
  24. Yes, I hope it gets faster. I’m used to the web version loading quicker. The notifications are nice though.
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