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  2. Newsletters

    That's odd. It looks like it can't find the template at all. It should be under newsletters -> global -> content... do you have anything there?
  3. Clubs Enhancements

    Which means that not everything will be this plugin. Next time, disable it first, post after if the issue is really the plugin. As I replied to you in the PM, post in the PEER TO PEER forum, not in the plugin support topic. Thank you.
  4. Clubs Enhancements

    Yes i disabled/enabled stil doesn't show.
  5. Clubs Enhancements

    Did you disabled the plugin?
  6. Clubs Enhancements

  7. Clubs Enhancements

    Disable the plugin in the ACP and try.
  8. Clubs Enhancements

    Anyone els having this issue ? Club owners are able to create forums but after opening a forum the (start new topic) doesnt show. As an admin i'm able to see the button. I already checked if restrict number of features is disabled. But stil doesnt show up anyone could help ?
  9. Topic Title links to First Unread Post

    Do you know if this works in 4.2 yet
  10. @Rikki we can't wait to see what you all will do with clubs! i know the next update will be awesome...but i hope some of the enhancements we pay for in plugins now makes it into the default settings in next release?
  11. Today
  12. Yep, it'll be considered - as per Charles' post, it's definitely and interesting and powerful idea. It didn't make it into 4.2 but may well be a future addition. This is just our first go around on club functionality
  13. Clubs have no integration with commerce?

    Will it happen? Will it at least be considered? It's such a powerful opportunity. By the way, thank you for the quick answer.
  14. Edit your article and add an image? this has nothing to do with instructions Each of your articles can have an image when you create it or edit
  15. Inactive Members & Real Last Activity

    Works as described. Author supports very quick. Thank you!
  16. Works as described! One feature addon: If I use the email variable {suite_url} in email texts and I try to link the {suite_url} text to {suite_url} (=will be inserted as link), I get the following link in the preview email: http://%7bsuite_url%7d%20/ Is this only in preview? I think it doesn't parse the variable as soon as it is used in links.
  17. You could create a member group that has permission to start clubs, to make that a perk, but right now there's no functionality that would allow 'pay to join' in clubs.
  18. Clubs have no integration with commerce?

    I am confused. Are you telling me that it can indeed happen? or it cannot happen?
  19. Clubs Enhancements

    No, I did not have any problems. It seems to work fine for me.
  20. I am really disappointed to learn that there is no integration with clubs to commerce. A subscription to a VIP club seems like a GREAT way to generate some revenue and users who start their own clubs can make money too. What an awesome opportunity this would be and a great traffic driver. Users would push traffic from the internet to their club on my site!! WOW. This was going to be my whole plan from the moment clubs was announced. I guess I just assumed it would be integrated since IPS has been really good about keeping revenue a priority. Money talks! Please let me know that you're working on this .. yikes @Charles @Matt @Lindy
  21. IPS Rules Application

    Hey Kevin, Just wanted to thank you publicly for such a great app. Last year we built a custom classifieds section on our site using Pages, & using Rules we were able to implement automatic cleanup function of ads as well as a basic system of automatically adding & removing access when someone buys an ad through Commerce. It's not absolutely perfect, but it works pretty well & everything is automated. If the only thing that we ever use this for is our classifieds, it will be worth it. I do have one question though. Would it be possible to use this to automatically remove followers from old topics, say older than a certain date?
  22. Clubs Enhancements

    What I can do is allow owners to choose a Profile Field in the club settings then the user must use the Core profile fields to enter the data. Once entered, it will appear in the club profile. But I'm just saying without trying it.
  23. I'm having some issues configuring this plugin. I have followed to the letter the instructions for the installation, so that part is fine I guess. My issues are. That I cannot add an image for the article so now there is just a white blank unclicable space instead. When I click an article I get redirected normally to read it but all the articles from the main page also appear with it. Im not sure what did I do wrong. May I send you the link so you can see it ?
  24. We're seriously interested in IPS.

    I am sorry you're having trouble ordering. What error are you receiving? You can also email for help. Our demo system is separate so there is no way to transfer data from the demo to the live site.
  25. lol, i don't even know why staff had to comment on this.... Thanks @Charles for clearing this up! We as owners and we as the person who works on our site, builds our site, pays attention to our site...i think we would know if our server/board has made changes with each update i don't think IPS really needed to state this as with many updates to make something better..there are gonna be minor details that you may not notice until you have checked every detail that has been updated/changed Saying this..i personally spend over 15hrs a day on my site..i can tell if ANYTHING has changed, moved, messed up, or i think i would be able to tell that a MAJOR release update has sped up my site in any way shape or form...i don't think there's a reason to boost up how your site is as we all really have the same software...same updates if
  26. Hi IPS! We're interested in IPS. I'm having an issue where whenever I try to buy the self hosted plan, it gives me an error code... Also if I do buy it, how can I transfer my current "demo" website to there? And right now im only interested in the forums and Support desk, is there anyway I can get the support desk without having to pay 100$ for the whole commerce package? SUPPORT and FORUMS are the ONLY things I want..
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