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  2. No idea. This is a css style hides an element on a page, thats all.
  3. Joel R

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Make sure to also include ways to earn points for Club: Earn X points for joining a club Earn X points for starting a club Earn X points for posting a topic in a club, etc This is very very minor, but I would encourage you to rename the add-on to Goals. I think that resonates better.
  4. Joel R

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    I think a smarter approach is to allow us to pick and choose # shop items to feature on a specific widget, so we can create variations depending upon location. For example: If you're in Gallery, you can buy a shop item to feature your album. If you're in Downloads, you can buy a shop item to feature your files. If you're in the Profile, you can buy a shop item for social media info or profile video
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  6. DSystë᷿᷿̲͓͓͕͎᷿̙͈͈̹̘̣̮͇

    New feature : Post BEFORE Register !

    I hope it's included in 4.3.5
  7. Hi, yes you can use your own Domain for our Cloud Products, and SSL is included in all our plans . You also won't need to get the SSL cert yourself, we will do this for you.
  8. Hope it to be included in 4.4
  9. CSSlife

    Customer Column into Shipping Search

    IPS is generally uncaring and has no interest in listening to paying customer feedback. Especially if suggestions are so small and simple to implement and would massively improve their applications. It's a case of like it or lump it with IPS most of the time. Good luck
  10. SerialNoob

    Dropdown Grouped Profile Fields

    Pre-sales Does it work with Enhanced User Info Panel ?
  11. CSSlife

    (BIM41) Quick Search

    Would you be able to add the ability to search for clubs? I'm building a site with clubs and blogs at its core and it's baffling to me that IPS wouldn't list related clubs when a user searches for something. ie. If a user searches ferrari, any clubs with ferrari in their name will be listed alongside their clubs logo.
  12. Sales support has been very helpful in answering some specific questions I have had, and I saw another similar post on this topic but wanted to tie it all together and expose it to search for future queries. We want our own domain name, and would like to serve the entire site through SSL. Can we do both of those using the cloud hosting option? I understand we would need to coordinate all of this ahead of time or in conjunction with the purchase, if the platform supports it. We have not acquired the domain and SSL cert yet - I've held off in case there were specific conditions or limitations.
  13. PacmanDo

    New feature : Post BEFORE Register !

    This is a great idea. Looking forward to it being in 4.3 along with the Clubs paid subscription being improved so it actually works effectively and makes a Commerce purchase worthwhile.
  14. The Heff

    Image URL links in 4.3 Gallery

    I just came up against this and I'm quite surprised that this is lacking. It's not easy. I thought it would be less hassle to share an image hosted in the gallery inside a forum post, but it isn't. It's really clunky. This really needs to be improved... 😞
  15. Christopher Anderson

    How about a "known conflicts" forum for 3rd-party apps?

    The Marketplace apps are priced to compensate a developer for their time to develop and maintain their app. Each and every app stands on its own. There is no guarantee that any two marketplace apps will be able coexist. As you start adding more and more apps to the mix the more likely there will be a conflict between them. If IPB customers were periodically polled about the 20 most popular apps in the marketplace which of the other 19 apps they would like made compatible with that app it would be a good starting point to determine pent up demand for compatibility with other apps. If a survey revealed a notable amount of customers wanted App 1 to be compatible with Apps 4, 5 and 11 then the programmers could look at their code and make a determination if they might be able to make their app compatible with each other. The Marketplace programmers then could enter into a discussion with interested parties as to what would be a fair compensation for releasing versions of their app that could be made compatible with certain other apps. Maintaining compatibility with another app does have its drawbacks though. It might prevent a developer from adding certain popular customer requests as adding them might create incompatibilities with one or more other apps. Every developer also has to deal with all of the adds, changes and deletions that IPB introduces into the mix with each new release. It's worth exploring increased compatibility and synergy among other apps but creating and maintaining an app incompatibility list has merit. Each Marketplace app could provide a link to the incompatibility list and ask everyone to review it prior to purchase or requesting support. This will allow everyone to make more informed purchasing decisions going forward and lighten the load for the programmers (and IPB support staff) who spend a fair amount of time trying to troubleshoot compatibility issues with other apps. This is a great discussion, I hope that it will inspire one or more people to step up and help implement what the group decides is best course of action.
  16. liquidfractal

    Forms Support

    I was also wondering if an option could be included that would allow us to set the default size of text fields? It doesn't always look good when you have several text fields stretching the entire length of the webpage. This is kinda related to my previous idea of being able to set blocks of checkboxes for options instead of having everything listed all the way down the left-hand side of the page in a very linear fashion.
  17. liquidfractal

    Forms Support

    I'm still exploring Forms, but I think the next significant step for the app should be the implementation of Likert scales, since they are the most popular and widely-used scales to measure user attitudes toward issues: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Likert_scale
  18. How do you conceive "discussion" working in "technical support" (not sure what that means) or reviews, which actually do not promote any discussion-based experience?
  19. Hi, This is weird. I applied that code and the footer does not show on https://www.walkingfootball.com/login/ So all should be good. However I have just recieved - AdSense Publisher Policy Violation for that very page Any ideas?
  20. Adriano Faria

    Links Directory

    hhtp/https links. Never used Discord so post a link here if it uses another protocol and I’ll test. Yes.
  21. TheJackal84

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    They can not earn points if thet are not active, you set the points to be awarded if they have either logged in / posted content in the time frame of the award tasks I can look into all the secondary groups for probably 1.1.3, 1.1.2 is nearly done with gallery features ( big thanks to @Joel R for supporting the gallery app ) done and the ability for me to create some great add-ons and extenstions I will more than likely craeate a widget ( something like the downloads featured one ) where you can feature items and they will show there, of course it will be global the application is wrote without decimals so I would need to rewrite lots to have that function which will not be something I am looking to do for a while ( don't mean it won't happen though ) I am starting making extenstions for this app as well as add-ons, So far I have made a clubs add-on where you can allow members to charge points to join their clubs, you can charge members for creating modules in the clubs, example if they want to add a forums topic section to the club it will cost xxx points, you can charge members to create a club, and it will also add a feature my club item to the shop. Another add-on I am working on is actually really good lol, you will create a event, Say 10 posts in a hour, now you will set the reward, either points or a shop item, you set the event to run every hour, and each hour it will check if any member has posted 10 posts or what ever option is selected for that application ( events can be set to run each hour, every 3 hours, every 6 hours, every 12 hours, once a day, once a week or once a month so you can make some really good events ), it will award them either the points you set or the item you set and send them a notification saying they got x from y event, it will support the forums, downloads, gallery, calendar and of course members shop ( more applications will come )
  22. Optic14

    Links Directory

    Hi @Adriano Faria this looks interesting. Presales question. Is it suitable for YouTube/Discord links? Can members upload their own thumbnail instead of using auto screenshot service?
  23. This should be discussed in the technical support or reviews, not in a new forum that cross-references plugins.
  24. Durango

    New feature : Post BEFORE Register !

    I plan to make another topic with more details and case studies so that IPS Admins realize how much this would be a game changer for all of us
  25. Adriano Faria

    New Topic Rules

    EX1054 is because it doesn’t created the columns in your DB due to first error. Send a PM with your ACP credentials. I’ll take a look.
  26. MC MC

    Notices - Supporttopic

    Amazing app, thx for the work. Any plans to create a similar design like the notices from https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8612-sticky-notes/ ?
  27. PPlanet

    4.3 Subscriptions Requests

    Has this been added back? It seems pretty handy rather than creating a free subscription.
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