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  2. But isn't forum shows forum on top? How do I show Files in instead of 'Downloads' ?
  3. /Goes and Google zapier. Looks interesting and could use this. Update: Looks like free version of zapier is much limited. May be big boards will benefit.
  4. So even more money to spend? Why isn't such a feature inbuilt with having automated tasks, if someone can make an app like rules automated why can't you? I don't understand why this needs to be outsourced, I get for things like mailchimp and the like but other inbuilt actions. Absolutely no benefit to the average user/community. I wish you'd take on more ideas to what people are asking for and expanding on it. We had a previous discussion on this on a topic about not seeing features that people have been asking for years with the usual outcome of 'we can't see it being popular', yet we see new features/addons like this? Sorry for being negative, but feedback is feedback. (Sorry if I've completely missed the point in this app)
  5. Reverting the includeMeta template fixed it. I also made sure the theme version was current. That did the trick. Thanks as always TAMAN!
  6. Totally off topic (sorry). But can you guys make it so when you click the link to read these product updates that it doesn't go to the last comment? Everytime I have to scroll up to read the article.
  7. This was Level 1. Level 2: he and two small children 24 hours in 50qm flat for indefinite period of time by 100% waiver salary. Then I would like to speak to him (if he will be able to speak at the end of the level). Germany does not care about families and children in the situation. The priority is health sector and economy. The families are the looser.
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  9. I'd be interested in that as well, internal automation. Pricing can get up there depending on how many tasks and zaps. You can do 100 tasks a month for free.
  10. I am mainly interested in doing the internal automation for now. I.e. replacing the Rules app.
  11. why can i not move blog entires to blogs i don't own? This creates issues when a user asks for his blog to be moved. I take it this was an oversight?
  12. Depends on what walpaper you want to upload m8, you have an option in acp to upload.
  13. Nice feature! Really opens the door to new integrations. πŸ‘ I'm curious to see how people use it now and what they will use it for in the future. Will need a new topic on this in the forum...
  14. Super excited to see this! Thank you! 😍 Can't wait for it to be available for self-hosted licenses.
  15. We are currently asked to remain home and not socialize so I keep having to push out our weekly coffee night ... trouble is there are five different entries (rotating locations) so I have to go and find the next recurring time and then edit the event so that it starts on the next fifth thursday ... deleting a single instance would be much easier and in line with how other calendar apps / solutions work.
  16. How are things over there? A neighbour has a son who is living over there currently for work and he indicates that the government has a good handle on it; certainly better than here in the UK!
  17. We already use Zapier. Awesome to see an integration for it on the next release!
  18. Can you please add a feature where you can award players X amount of points for purchasing a product via Commerce? For example, say they order a shirt, they will be awarded X amount for doing so.
  19. Indeed. Only the available Zapier integrations and your imagination are the limit. Itβ€˜s also going to open another level of integrations via the available webhook Zapier integration πŸ₯°
  20. Can you show header image, how it looks?
  21. I will, thank you very much.
  22. That way of thinking was here as well, Germany, but it changed soon after peope who had it the hard way told their stories.
  23. I cannot not yet imagine all the great benefits it will have, but it looks really promising. Thanks, for the great job your doing every day. Looking forward to the 4.5 release.
  24. Programming our ERP system we also use a reverse sort order for our logfiles. You get the latest replies / entries first - then you follow the history. Most of the time for the current posts the long log is not necessary, it doesnt matter what a customer has written 3 months ago. Therefore the latest 2-3 posts are sufficient. You read the answer first, if you need more details you scroll down and read the post before and the one before. As said, most of the times you do not need to go more back in history than 2-3 posts - the rest is irrelevant and can be accessed by scrolling in case you need it. Reversal allows you to scan the posts before for the relevant things as you have already open questions or details read in the current new post and know what to look for. Having a chronical order you might need to jump backwards as you got to know later what the current post refers to and might have skipped that already or forgotten. So you need to go back again. Reversal order way is faster in dealing with the posts as you have the current questions/details in mind (short memory) - same as in the forum. But I guess this is maybe more a "believer" thing.
  25. Hi Miss B! Thanks so much for you lovely message. We absolutely do have a passion and love for what we do, and I'm happy that shines through! Let me know if you need anything πŸ™‚
  26. I have a friend who a month ago was telling people it was no worse than the flu and people shouldn't pay it much attention and you're very unlikely to catch it. He has just finished 14 days in isolation away from his family after testing positive for coronavirus. He said it was hell. As I mentioned early, the virus doesn't care if you believe in it or not.
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