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  2. Notices - Supporttopic

    Not sure if I need it, but yea, please send me a PM with everything, better to have it now before we ping-pong with replies:D
  3. Notices - Supporttopic

    Sure. Do you need admin access? If so, I will PM you.
  4. Notices - Supporttopic

    Could I please get access to your installation to take a look at this?
  5. Sticky Notes (support topic)

    I just noticed that when you have multiple Sticky Notes, the most recent one seems to be on the bottom of the pile. E.g., I left myself a couple of SNs, and another user sent me one and that was buried under the other two. Shouldn't the most recent SN be on the very top? Or, if they're from different users, what if they were shifted slightly from the other pile so they could be distinguished?
  6. Notices - Supporttopic

    I love the app, but has anyone else had an issue using Notices on a site's mobile view? I put a small Notice on my site, and while it works fine on a desktop view when I visit my site on mobile the Notice comes up, but it's like impossible to dismiss, however many times I tap the X. I think it happened maybe once or twice (and with Opera!), but most of the time I can't get rid of it.
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  8. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    Try to write to developer on his forum. If he abandoned the application PM me with details
  9. Application Forms - Supporttopic

    I have just released a new version which should resolve this issue. Sorry for this and thx to @Hoff for reporting and testing this some days ago:)
  10. Kitchen Sink

    KS 19 Released! That thing I did above. Searchlight! Search results content now have search terms flagged. Customizable too! Ability to set default search results order. Almost certainly some other things I've forgotten about. Yeah, I skipped 18. It happens. Why allowing you to set the default search results order? Needed after this:
  11. Kitchen Sink

    Alright, that thing has been done and submitted to AndyF for Marketplace approval. Gonna integrate it now with KS and then release. BTW, a quirk, but not a big deal, also not one I'll fix or anything as it isn't me but a function of the system. If you reverse the order of the forum posts so the newest appears first AND now make a search that hits on a post in that topic AND there are more than one page to that topic, it just might be the case where when you click the search result and expect to pop up right to that post that you'll just end up in the topic and your search hit post will be on another page. A small, small ,quirk but thought you should know.
  12. Spam Prevention Suite - Supporttopic

    @Fosters Awesome, I will buy it. The fact that the version number was still 1.0.0 confused me.
  13. Application Forms - Supporttopic

    Each time I create a field or edit it, I get this. UPDATE `applicationform_fields` applicationform_fields SET `allow_attachments`=NULL,`type`='TextArea',`options`='null',`multiple`=false,`required`=true,`input_format`='' WHERE id=11 IPS\Db\Exception: Column 'allow_attachments' cannot be null (1048) #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\system\Db\Db.php(990): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*IPS\\Node\\_Mod...', Array) #1 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\system\Patterns\ActiveRecord.php(492): IPS\_Db->update('`applicationfor...', '`allow_attachme...', 'WHERE id=?') #2 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\system\Node\Model.php(2270): IPS\Patterns\_ActiveRecord->save() #3 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\system\Node\Model.php(3053): IPS\Node\_Model->save() #4 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\system\Node\Controller.php(391): IPS\Node\_Model->saveForm(Array) #5 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\system\Dispatcher\Controller.php(85): IPS\Node\_Controller->form() #6 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\system\Node\Controller.php(62): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #7 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\applications\applicationform\modules\admin\forms\position.php(35): IPS\Node\_Controller->execute() #8 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\system\Dispatcher\Dispatcher.php(146): IPS\applicationform\modules\admin\forms\_position->execute() #9 C:\xampp\htdocs\gta5police\public_html\forums\admin\index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main}
  14. Profile Backgrounds (Support Topic)

    Any chance this could be made to work with @TAMAN's Magnum theme? I just purchased this and of my two active themes (Magnum and default), it will only work with the default.
  15. Kitchen Sink

    A well chosen emoji...
  16. Kitchen Sink

  17. @Fosters oh ye GODS....I just spent about $100 on Black Friday specials and now you....keep me hangin' until tomorrow why don't ya
  18. Kitchen Sink

    Imma doing another thing right now. Something that's been driving me nuts for a long time. So much so that I'm going to charge for this thing, but am including it for free in KS. So that's tonight (with bourbon in hand). So... tonight? Maybe? Soon regardless. Grasshopper, the winds are changing... A breeze has reached my ear indirectly and I (and others) have heard the words they carry. For you and all others soon the wind will blow openly, brazenly: strong and stout words cast across these digital lands. Beware the wind. Approve of your avatar btw.
  19. Kitchen Sink

    Are you talking about the marketplace here? I didnt read about any change to come
  20. Kitchen Sink

    Wow. That's awesome! Thanks! Any guestimate as to when you'll release next?
  21. Teaser poster of Fosters Black Friday. Full sale to be announced tomorrow.
  22. I can't create custom invoice for an IP.Download file
  23. Yesterday
  24. Mail Bouncer

    What's the latest on Amazon SES? P.S. None of the links on the file download page work (and indeed the first post here).
  25. sort managed purchases

    A very small, almost inconsequential suggestion, but convenient nonetheless: how about an option to sort our Managed Purchases so that most recent purchases can start at the top of the page?
  26. Change Post Date

    I *believe* it works but can’t be sure as I don’t have this version to test, so unfortunately you better not take the risk.
  27. I'm just saying - I just bought @Kevin Carwile's Rules Super Pack. If I smoked, I'd say I could use a cigarette after that.
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