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  3. Hi : I purchased this plug-in, and after installing it, it shows error messages: "1S111/1 Table 'profile_videos' already exists" Would you tell me how to fix it? Is it a bug? Thank you very much. Ariel Huang
  4. Faced such problem - there is no opportunity to enter tournament (team). When inviting a team to a tournament, it is impossible to accept it. Someone faced a similar problem? Or is this how it should work at the moment? (((
  5. Please submit a ticket so that we can take a look at this.
  6. Some images don't show correctly.
  7. Brilliant Discord Integration tries to prevent exceeding rate limits and we are still working on improving that. We would like to investigate your issue. Could you create a temporary admin account on your site and send me its details (username/email, password and your website address) in private message? Thanks in advance and sorry for inconvenience.
  8. Done with the pickems app and have tested it very thoroughly. It's loaded with nice functionality. It doesn't have ties/draws in it yet, but I can add that fairly soon.
  9. Can you please add it as a feature?
  10. Hi, Try to open a support ticket to IPS, they will generate a new invoice for you to renew the app. No, it only displays the thumbnail from the latest topic for a category.
  11. Hi I have your plug in, but I don't have access to your file to re download or renew. also is there a way for the topic thumbnail block to be different under each forum category? mine's will always be the same for each category. I want it to get different topics under different forum categories.
  12. Hi. Any luck? More importantly, any chance it might be resolved by Friday evening? Long story, but it would really be important that I can get this resolved by then (I'm presenting my community to a group and want to be tip top). Thanks!!
  13. I'm also running into rate-limiting issues, although not during configuration. This is happening while assigning roles to members. Server time is accurate. Is there a reason this resource isn't batching requests to avoid this? Regardless, please advise or address. This is a large issue for us.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Would be great, thank you :) The WP image is a little bigger btw, I resized it with css in the rows template to 40*40 in that case..
  16. No, I’m talking about display a default image if the author didn’t upload one. In your case, you used a WordPress image. I’ll take a look in next version to add this.
  17. Sad to hear. I've played a little bit with the code, 40*40px wouldn't look so bad at all. Very quick and dirty and I don't get the correct images for each tutorial fetched yet...
  18. Thanks, that's useful information, especially knowing exactly what key is involved! I agree, that would be nice to have. ..Al
  19. Just popping in here to ask if the option to report reviews will ever be added? It's the only thing preventing me from purchasing this. We need a way to properly monitor reviews left with malice by allowing members to report reviews left on their profiles.
  20. It's in the local storage. Key is "moderation.topic-<topicID>". In Chrome you'll find the local storage in DevTools > Application > Local Storage (sidebar). EDIT: But this is just a temp fix. There should have been a way to wipe the selection in the moderation menu.
  21. I’m not in front of my PC to check but my guess is that it uses cookies to “store” the IDs from different pages. Clean cookies to test.
  22. Yes, that definitely helps, but the posts were scattered across multiple pages of a thread. This is not the first time I've run into this. It does look like the selected posts are remembered on a per-thread basis, which is good. But I've sometimes had to take the time to go through many pages of a thread to select posts, and then deselecting can be a bit of a pain. ..Al
  23. one work around may be to use the select 'none' option in the top tick box (per page)?
  24. Is there a way to reset the posts you have tagged for a moderation action? Yesterday I tagged a bunch of posts to split into another thread, but didn't act on them as I wanted to verify they were they correct posts. Today I found out that they weren't, and I have a list of the correct posts to move. However, now I have to hunt down those posts and uncheck them before I can check the proper ones. It would be really nice if there was a simple way to clear whatever content you have selected so you can start over.. I don't see any obvious way of doing this. I suppose I could clear all my forum cookies, but that's obviously not ideal. Otherwise I have to hunt down those posts and deselect them all first. Thank you, ..Al
  25. I thought in add this but the problem is that I will have to display a default thumb in case the tutorial author didn't upload one. So it could have a huge list with this: It doesn't look very attractive.
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