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  2. Updated to 1.0.1 New Features Added the ability to add a custom return URL to send members to after they purchase the gift card Added the ability to choose a default sender of the Private Message delivery for the gift cards If blank the buyer will be the PM sender Regardless of who sends the PM the sender will never see the actual PM, it will remove them from the conversation as soon as it sends the message Added the ability to add custom colours to the gift card colour selections This setting uses the stack field setting linked to the colour selection setting allowing you to add as many different colours you wanted
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  4. You could probably do something using a background image for the gift cards and that image being a red letter etc, but the app don't have anything for you to do that in the settings
  5. No. I can provide a quick template edit then you change in your install. Let me know.
  6. is there a way to not show participants to any group but admin?
  7. Is possible add ability of design to the card and turn it as below type of gifts cards? 🤔
  8. Yesterday
  9. To close the loop in this thread. Very good app available now. Go buy it! Thank you 🙂
  10. Hello @Pete T. What table to look into to modify the data registered on the plugin please ? Thank you.
  11. Please forgive me if this has already been asked, I looked through all 10 pages here and did not see a similar question. Would it be possible to have the images in the blocks be clickable and linked to their original content in the future? Just as they are with the Super Grid.
  12. Sure no problem, yes I prefer it too. 😋
  13. Correspondence in an email to stripe, they confirmed to me that I need the new checkout to be able to get the char back protection. Some but not all of the relevant email correspondence are included below: And: It is common for some subscribers of subscription services to forget about the payments and then simply try to claim the money from their card provider saying they never agreed to the purchase etc. Money is immediately taken and then It requires evidence to be submitted to the card company in order to get the money back. The charge back protection is extremely beneficial, especially to large subscription based businesses. Please could you include this integration.
  14. it would be great to have the option to only show unused to admins only.
  15. @Joel R I love PAGES + database. I use it to create directories. eg. Site Center, etc. When we use PAGES + database it creates issues that we shouldn't have to bother with for standalone landing pages. (no organization needed) eg. URL subdirectory that is not needed (domain.com/database/record), index of PAGES database being found, customizing templates to fit all landing pages, etc. What this provides me is the following: Ease of use Control over SEO urls (no Pages database subdirectory) Freedom to build pages without the suite wrapper (header/footer) Grouping of similar landing pages (For a specific landing page, I could create it's error and thank you page.) Removal of distractions from view (I want readers to take action without any kind of distractions. ie. navigation, footer, etc) I use these landing pages to... To generate leads To provide surveys To provide offers Some are informational A lot of these are sponsored (advertisers) content. (Some of these are only available for a certain time.) Enabling tagging would be helpful for discovery. Pages come up for search why shouldn't they display when searching for Tag A, Tag B, or Tag C.
  16. @CodingJungle is the Duplicate Account Logger still compatible with 4.3? Or is it now only compatible with 4.4?
  17. This application is great but I have just faced an error. When "Post comments" is active,access to the moderatorCP is impossible. The error message is : The only solution I have is to disable it. @Mike John, thanks for your help
  18. You are so good! Thanks newbie! Works perfect and seems cleaner to me. 👍
    Absolutely perfect! A must have if you’re going to use gift cards! Some payment gateway policy prohibits selling gift cards. Now you can control which payment gateway can be used. Dont want someone buying a $0.01 gift card? Again @TheJackal84 has this solved! send gift cards via PM is a must! (Like who has anyone’s email). Let’s members gift other members account credit. Even gift card color comes through in PM!!! Boom! Much more! Great app and highly recommend
  19. This is the support topic for Advanced Gift Cards
  20. What a great site. Thank you for highlighting it. Pixabay looks quite limited for our area of interest but that site is very good for us.
  21. Hi @Fosters. I like the greyed out concept. Excellent. Question: is the greyed out list visible to admin only, or to all? I'm guessing to all? Or is it permission controllable?
  22. The problem is identified, but it’s more a problem on IPS’ side. I’ll have to see if they are willing to change something or if I need to create a work-around. For now: If you prepare the images to be in alphabetical order and upload them in that order, it should work. spocka.jpg spockb.jpg spockc.jpg
  23. @opentype Did you have any luck with this Ralf?
  24. Yes. I thought about that and will be done soon.
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