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  2. Thank you for posting this! The subject just came up, and this saved me the time of finding it myself. Great tool. Anyone know if the follows are removed immediately, or will it take a little while for the system to reset?
  3. Ideally, we'd have the option to hide it on any page, such as a search page or a registration page. Some advertisers do not allow ads on these pages.
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  5. Please add the option to hide advertisements on individual CMS / Pages. Just a simple checkbox on the Editing Page X form will do the trick 🙂 Thanks!
  6. I hope so because even if our members like this new layout, I already have several complains about this behavior 🤔
  7. No, issue is back. Patch didn't fix it.
  8. It did to me. Send a message with ACP access please. I’ll take a look later.
  9. Working on it. I can't really reproduce issue related to sending to those who edit own topics/posts. Can't reproduce it in any way. Send me PM with your exact settings and step by step instruction how to reproduce it. Thanks and sorry! New version of this pluginapp will be released today.
  10. I just "upgraded" and am getting complaints from my community about this too. Please put it back - there was no performance problem on my server. My cache is 1 minute.
  11. That did not work for me.
  12. Yes when users submit their posts, by default process just send part of the code block. this is unnoticeable normally with default theme but in plugin we have extra blocks of codes. this means some of codes in plugin will be absent in quick reply only to submitter. just reload the page so all posts properly load. I have some idea to fix it for good and hope to implement in near updates.
  13. Yes, we prefer separate tickets for separate issues as they are easier to track if they need to move between different teams.
  14. This is the pending version. It fixes this error.
  15. Hey Adriano.. I know you are super busy updating all your excellent apps (which I believe I have many of them). Do you know when this error is expected to be fixed when clicking on Tools and Refresh Thumbnails. Running PHP 7.4, latest version of LD and IPB is at
  16. The patch did not seem to solve the problem completely for me. It did show others at first and then after a few minutes and many page refreshes, it started to show me. This seems like different behavior than how it used to work.
  17. I would buy it, but can't install it.
  18. I can confirm the error using PHP 8! Here goes a quick fix, as already has a pending version to this app in the marketplace. Edit the following templates links -> front -> browse -> categoryRow and subcategoryRow and find: {{if method_exists( $table, 'canModerate' ) AND $table->canModerate()}} Change to: {{if $table AND method_exists( $table, 'canModerate' ) AND $table->canModerate()}} Save.
  19. Yeah, I asked about this as well years ago. Two modes (add or subtract tax) would be nice to have. Probably not enough demand to make such a substantial change, because it affects every spot that prices are calculated.
  20. Hi, In USA everybody knows the VAT is to be added to what you buy, even in public stores so the shop logics are based on a "without VAT" price where the VAT is added at checkout... The Commerce module logic uses the same principle. Here in Europe we display prices "all taxes included", so the final price with the total amount of what you will have to pay, including VAT. My "problem" is that if I enable VAT management in commerce it is only a percent of the product value that is added to the "basic" (without VAT) price. It is the normal way VAT works, I agree, but it is not very useful. For europeans like me, it is a bit complex to got the exact total price you want to sell your products (displayed in the shop) by that way : the price needs to be computed regarding VAT, and to get the exact amount you want including VAT you need to set prices with a 1/10000 currency precision , or 1/100 cent precision (4 digits after the dot)... but... the commerce module does not accept prices more precise than at a cent (so 1/100 currency or two digits after the dot)... So it is nearly impossible for us to use VAT and have the right price displayed... It is very visible when we want a "round" price, like 40€, by activating the VAT (here it is 7.7%) we need to set a price of 40/(1+0.077)=37.14€ , then wen the final price is displayed in the shop, we've something like 40.01€ or 39.99€... 😑 So it will be better if the VAT could be computed from the "selling all taxes included" price rather than added to a base price... At least for us in Europe where we only need to show customers the VAT they've paid. So, in other words, we set a selling price of 40€, and the customer gots a bill where it is displayed they've paid 2,86€ VAT included in that total price. If you compare with CMS managing online shops like prestashop or Magento : this is something you can do without any problem and without a dedicated plug-in...
  21. Message sent. New version is already pending approval, btw.
  22. @Adriano FariaJust renewed and would also like the 4.6 fix please.
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