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    Does what I bought it for. Excited for new features, keep up the good work! Multiple server support will make this absolutely killer.
  2. Thanks for the response, will be anxiously awaiting further updates. It's nice to see developers follow up on their projects and take feedback and suggestions.
    Great plug-in. Just wish there was more selective options for the video. Such as an overlay that would blur the video a bit so it's not so distracting. Or options to play video only in certain forums and areas. Watching a video background re-load on every page does get distracting. So I think there would be a bit more control over the video stuff. Other than that great plug-in!
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  4. The notice you give members is important and if you have plans on launching another community in the future you may want to let them know where to look in effort to salvage members.
  5. That's why I tagged him, and what makes you think that it's completely unrelated? It doesn't seem that way to me, and it's a passing comment. 😕 Or am I missing something?
  6. At the moment it only shows on their profile page. Is there a setting to enable it to show on their forum posts/community content?
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  8. use mozilla js https://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/
  9. understood this app is not what we want please Make a pdf embed ill buy it and so would everyone else just make sure it uses the mozilla js so it works for everyone https://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/
  10. this is not a PDF application, It is not a application to upload files to forums posts , they are extra's, It a media uploader application allowing you to upload media share it, make it private, crop your images, only allow certain members to view your uploads, and yes it allows you to embed your uploads into the editors including PDF's, IPS uploader does not allow PDF's to be uploaded as a pdf file on the editor, they rename it and remove the pdf extension removing the ability for it to be embedded and only downloaded
  11. lets do it invision lets make it happen its almost 2020
  12. yes really all people want is to use the native file uploader, click upload... select a pdf and have it embed thats it xenforo could do it 5 years ago but ips needs $50 addon that still does not embed pdf directly from native uploader
  13. saying this addon allows embeding of pdf into post is a tad misleading sure if you upload it using this completely clunky interface that your users are going to have no idea how to use ....then when making a post at some point in the future they have to click this additional button then comb through all their uploads to find the file they want then just maybe the pdf will embed not to mention 50% of users are mobile
  14. Hi, thank you for purchasing my plugin. Currently the verification icon will be displayed next to the username in the user's profile and forum posts. I am always open for feature requests.
  15. it's moving right, but the member don't keep the new group. i'm using the system to allow 'upgrade' if the member have X topics/reactions. But i don't have this problem if i move the member to another group manually.
  16. Cosmetic stuff isn't more important than the functionality itself. Everyone has their own important things to request and wait.
  17. Example better layout for commerce shop. bigger item image, with left and right arrows to switch through the item images when open in Lightbox. commerce needs an overall to be more modern looking store.
  18. Not yet, but we will look for possible solutions of this problem soon. Brilliant Discord Integration is more popular than we expected it to be. Initially, we aimed to provide a simple way to synchronize that would fit everybody's basic needs. Brilliant DI is now responsible for synchronizing hundreds of thousands of people. Since there is more and more demand for new Brilliant features and we want to provide even greater experience, we are considering development of the next generation of Brilliant Discord Integration. The first generation is not ready for some cool features. Currently, we are working hard on another Brilliant application which may arrive soon to the Marketplace, so it won't arrive soon (if ever), but we have a basic concept for it. It could deliver even more exciting experience (which is unusual in Marketplace). The basic configuration wizard would no longer force clients to create Discord bots themselves, and members could interact with the community using the Brilliant Bot. And the performance would significantly increase. We have a concept for a technology that would allow you to use Brilliant DI seamlessly - you could even forget Rate Limits and most of the unusual errors which sometimes happen due to bad server configuration. But that's not all. Did you even thought how useful it would be to change member's roles on Discord and have them changed on your Invision Community website? This would save a lot of time. And the thing many of you wait for - multiple server support. We have many clients that have 2 or more Discord servers for a single community - for example, a separate server for staff. This is very convenient - so convenient (or more) could Brilliant Discord Integration be. These are a few basic ideas, but it would be great to hear your feedback about them. Answering your question... 😄 We will consider it. Thank you for your suggestion.
  19. yeah mate, I'll look into them yeah, I personally like 4 rows as I like smaller boxes etc so that won't be a problem
  20. I'm assuming topics are sorted by start date or by last reply/activity? Would be good to have an option to sort by last replied as well. yes, please add a 4th for 4 in a row if you can. Wasn't sure how it worked because I selected all 4 that I have and it showed 3 in one row and 1 in an additional row. Thanks
    Great application and fantastic support! I have been using it for years!
  21. they use the permissions on who can read, You can see them your the admin, If you logout of your account they should change, I'll sort it anyway so they won't show at all the subscriptions and products / download etc will have 3 different sizes depending how many you show, If you show 1 it's full width, 2 is half and 3 is a third, I can probably add 4 will be a 4th if you wanted
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