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  2. It isn't in the ACP but on your FTP - conf_global.php file.
  3. Thanks you! @DawPi I am kind of struggling to find this value in the ACP code. Would you please help me navigate?
  4. Hello How can i change the default registering group? I am using Invision Community v4.6.7. Many thanks.
  5. Today
  6. Just send the links to the videos in via email...
  7. But then they are in the public domain if I add links here for all to see
  8. https://www.derekfountain.org/security_c99madshell.php
  9. I never got back to working on it as I've been swamped at work. I've been doing 13 out of 14 days 12 hours a day because of staff shortage. I'm really tired of GoDaddy. How much does Invision Community charge to move a forum to Invision Community hosting?
  10. I am unable to install. Stops part way through the installation and say it struck an error. v4.6.7 and SMTP.
  11. Yesterday
  12. What is IndexNow? IndexNow is an easy way for websites owners to instantly inform search engines about latest content changes on their website. In its simplest form, IndexNow is a simple ping so that search engines know that a URL and its content has been added, updated, or deleted, allowing search engines to quickly reflect this change in their search results. Without IndexNow, it can take days to weeks for search engines to discover that the content has changed, as search engines don’t crawl every URL often. With IndexNow, search engines know immediately the "URLs that have changed, helping them prioritize crawl for these URLs and thereby limiting organic crawling to discover new content." IndexNow is offered under the terms of the Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License and has support from Microsoft Bing, Yandex. Documentation FAQ
    5/5 on Support. Every application can have bugs during SDLC. What I care is dev is ace on support. Will purchase his apps!
  13. I have just fixed the link; sorry for this inconvenience. Like many other applications in the Marketplace, Brilliant Discord Integration requires the purchase to be renewed periodically for a certain price. This is a fee for updates and support. Marketplace purchases are separate from your Invision Community license payments. You can renew your Brilliant Discord Integration's license by going to Manage Purchases page, clicking "Manage" on Brilliant Discord Integration and then "Reactivate". If you have any further questions, please let me know. This message should not appear that often, only under rare circumstances. I will investigate this. Thank you for your report. Thank you for your suggestion. It is unlikely that such a feature would be added to Brilliant Discord Integration, unfortunately. I strongly believe that such feature will be abused. We don't want our app to be used to unexpectedly add people to servers they don't want to be added to. Nor do we want to enable people to circumvent Discord's Community Guidelines. In fact, they seem to only disallow extremely unethical content. Additionally, any abuse of this feature could possibly contribute to Discord's potential removal of such feature, which is crucial for other, much more ethical use cases. Many thanks for understanding. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  14. Did you contact your host @estan? If you have not contacted them yet, contact them a.s.a.p. amd ask them to check their access logs and see how those malicious files were uploaded. What other scripts do you have installed in your server space beside Ipb? Another thing I would strongly recommend is to do a thorough checkup of your server space for any backdoors and the likes that the hackers might have left.
  15. We are staffed on weekends, but at lower levels.
  16. @Dean Hamer, send a message with your ACP credentials. Let me take a look.
  17. I just wanted to offer that I am running Invision Community v4.6.7, invite system v2.6.2 and SMTP for email and everything just works great. My community is running under the default theme and the server is running PHP v7.4.24. I sent out a couple of invites yesterday, users received emails fine and registered without issue. I don't mean to interfere and will leave the diagnostics to Adriano and Dean. I just wanted to offer that my default installation is working and thought the working specs might help narrow down the issue Dean is experiencing.
  18. Hi, I should have uploaded a photo before but I mean the text highlighted in the photo. I checked out the lang.xml file within the application and it didn't seem to include the verbiage used in the widget.
  19. Hello @Adriano Faria, This "Block Manager" Type is not redirecting to the correct "Advanced Gift Cards" page. It's redirecting to: https://DOMAIN.COM/store/gift-cards/ But it should be: https://DOMAIN.COM/store/gift-cards/?do=advancedGiftCards If it is redirecting to the wrong page, it doesn't use the Advanced Gift card features, maybe just redirect users from the old page to the new one automatically? I guess that is not how it should be, right?
  20. If I do this over the weekend, would there be support around to ask for help?
    This is great! Just a suggestion - Allow us to block people from under a certain age from applying.
  21. Great! Glad to hear we could be of assistance.
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