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  2. Hello Members This is a good option which unfortunately is not included in the invisionpower board, many times it happens that a member deliberately violates the rules because he knows that at most I will be banned and then he Will rejoin with a new registration. VB had some tools that worked much better. But I have been facing the same problem since I moved to InvisionPower. Unfortunately, I want to find some members who theef my forum data and sell it to different groups. And I find them and ban them, but they come back with a new registration. I would be happy if Invision successfully
  3. EDIT: I've just noticed that they are now in a link above each post - not very intuitive!
  4. Thank you. I got it. One more Question please. How cna i change the Font to Bold style like in your Forum? Thank You
  5. Hello aXen. Thank you verry much for this cool style. I would like to know, how i can change the Header Picture to a custom background like on your Demo Forum for this style. Thank You.
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  7. I've attempted to activate the mobile app section in the ACP; followed all the instructions, add a logo (sized as requested) and when submitting I get this error: Site is up-to-date as per 4.5 Beta 5 and the site is accessible - is this something that is too early to attempt, or an error on my side?
  8. Version 1.0.1 of Movies app for IPS 4.5:
  9. Trying out the new IPS 4.5 Beta 5 with a new application (not available yet in the marketplace for 4.5) bringing you the opportunity to share your favourite Movies and TV Shows with others, offering the facility to add, review, critique and generally chat about most people's favourite pastime. As mentioned this is running on 4.5 Beta 5 with a theme called Infraskew provided by @TAMAN which I've made significant changes to in order to get the look and feel I was looking for (brilliant theme BTW and so easy to modify). There are 15 major film/TV genres in use - there are far too many
  10. Fxied some problems!
  11. What was changed in 1.2?
  12. Would it be possible to add Feature Color option for Club Forums? We have a number of club forums and having a way to make them more visual in Fluid View would be handy.
  13. Does it work on 4.5 beta or should I wait until bugs are fixed and release of 4.5?
  14. Please consider using this design for the "Marketplace" or "Downloads" from frontend zone, it looks great.
  15. My forum site is for a standards organization. So we have various categories that correspond to standards and multiple forums within each category. I have different moderators for each category and sometimes different moderators for individual forums within a category. I spent some time setting this up in the system using groups. The idea was that people who were involved with a particular standard would moderate the forum(s) that pertain to that standard. The issue is that the users are getting all moderation requests, not just the moderation requests in their group that has moderator pr
  16. Also noticed in BETA 4 that the RSS Feed Image field that is shown in the blog post is not included...has this feature been dropped or is there an issue with it that is still to be fixed in an upcoming BETA release?
  17. I think it t would be useful if version 4.5 would have an easy way to rename Clubs to Groups by just moving a slider or ticking a box in the ACP instead of manually editing each instance where Club(s) is found in the language file. Would anyone like to see that? I've not used clubs with success in my community because members don't seem to get clubs because they are use to groups on FB.
  18. Hello, There does not seem to be a screen shot on the page for me. I do not know what file to edit. Please let me know what files to edit. Thank you.
  19. Thank you so much you are the BEST ....
  20. Hi Makoto, All fine now, I just need head up info on how to make the prefixes start with capital letter like from fix to Fix, or this not supported? Thanks in advanced.
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