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Generate revenue by selling products, subscriptions and advertising space.


Sell merchandise and other physical items to your clients or fans.

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Track all paid, pending or cancelled orders in one place.

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Die-hard fans and customers can gain additional access and privleges with a monthly subscription.

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Customer reviews are one of the most powerful selling tools. Reviews can be displayed throughout a community, as well as on the product page.

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Let members show their support or contribute.

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  • Support Tools
  • Assign To Staff
  • Private Notes

Help customers and members in private with intuitive tools and workflows.

Assign requests to specific staff members, with optional email tracking.

Discuss issues with other staff in private using hidden staff notes.

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  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • 2CheckOut

Use these tools:

  • Fraud Review

    With optional MaxMind integration, sales can be automatically reviewed for fraud. Suspect transactions are held for staff review and approval, reducing exposure to chargeback fees.

  • Coupons & Discounts

    Support for complex discount rules gives you the tools you need to increase sales and reward repeat customers.

  • EasyPost Support

    Built-in integration with EasyPost makes shipping with Fedex, UPS and more a breeze.

  • Alternative Account Contacts

    Grant specific members access to your account. Depending on the permissions you give, they may be able to create support requests or pay invoices for one or more of your purchases, on your behalf..

  • Goals

    Easily show progress towards each goal with a visible sidebar block.

  • Advertising

    Include third-party advertising in the header, sidebar, after the first post in a topic and more.

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