Monetize your community with social commerce

Generate income from your community using Invision Community's range of monetization tools, from premium subscription-based access to your best content through to off-the-shelf ad solutions like Google Analytics - or even ad space sold directly to your members.

Subscription packages in Invision Community

Sell premium community memberships Updated

With built-in subscription features, Invision Community makes it easy for sites to charge users for access to their best content and features.

Subscription tools integrate tightly with our flexible permissions model, so each subscription level you create can offer different benefits to subscribers. Grant access to private VIP forums, higher upload limits, enhanced functionality and much more.

Invision Community handles the hard work for you - billing, renewals and member group changes are all handled automatically.

  • Automatic billing
  • One-off or renewal-based packages
  • Automatically reverts benefits if subscription expires

Supported Processors

We support leading payment gateways.


Built-in advertising support

Invision Community supports major ad networks via simple script inclusion, with several predefined ad locations to choose from including header, sidebar, after the first post in a topic and more.

Plus, there's also a comprehensive self-service advertising system, allowing users to purchase ad space in the community just like any other product, based on clicks or impressions.

Donation System

Donate towards community goals

Let users show their support for your community or chosen causes by using the built-in Donation tools to contribute towards a goal. Easily show progress towards each goal with a sidebar block, or in the client area.

Users can donate by checking out as normal, or use any existing account credit.

Storefront & Transactions

Sell virtually anything

Invision Community makes it simple to add a storefront to your community. Sell physical products, digital files, subscriptions and more. And, because it's integrated with the community, content like user reviews are shown not only with the product, but in the user's profile, activity stream and site-wide search.

Storefront in Invision Community

Fraud Review

With optional MaxMind integration, sales can be automatically reviewed for fraud. Suspect transactions are held for staff review and approval, reducing exposure to chargeback fees.

Coupons, Discounts & More

Support for complex discount rules gives you the tools you need to increase sales and reward repeat customers.

EasyPost Support

Built-in integration with EasyPost makes shipping with Fedex, UPS and more a breeze, right from the AdminCP.

Storefront in Invision Community
Support Desk

Support tools to help you help users

A fully-featured support desk is included to allow you to support customers and users in private, with intuitive staff workflow and request management features.

Custom Request Lists

Set up saved views to efficiently list requests according to any number of parameters.

Assign To Staff

Assign requests to specific staff members, with optional email tracking.

Private Notes

Discuss issues with other staff in private using hidden staff notes.

Prevent Double Replies

If another staff member has replied since you loaded the request, Invision Community will let you know and confirm you still want to send your own reply.

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