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Hello, we're IPS, Inc.

Or Invision Power Services, to use our full name. We're the team behind Invision Community.

We've been helping brands engage with their customers since 2002.

Our first product launched in 2002 during a time when the internet was first emerging from its early roots. We've come a long way since then, but we've always stayed at the forefront of community building. We have a long history of innovation and customer driven development.

Our Team

Our core team hasn't changed much over the past decade. Our time together has forged us as a true family. We've developed a shorthand that lets us communicate complex ideas with ease. The company founders remain as involved today as they did during the early years.

Our head office is located in Virginia but we have team members from all over the world. We believe in hiring the best talent regardless of location.

We're driven and supportive of one another and love our regular team meet-ups.

We're based throughout the US and Europe
  • Development meetup, Virginia, 2016 Development meetup, Virginia, 2016
  • Wine tasting, Italy, 2015 Wine tasting, Italy, 2016
  • Our office space Our office space, Virginia
  • Charles & Lindy Charles & Lindy (& mascot), 2013
  • Planning meetup, 2015 Planning meetup, Peterborough, 2015
  • Support meetup, 2013 Support meetup, Michigan, 2013

Our Culture

Form a close relationship with customers

We use our own products to engage with our customer base. Our team posts daily to answer questions, gather feedback and to offer advice on how to build a successful community. We've seen a lot change over the years and we're proud to see so many of our customers continue to succeed with us.

Be authentic, be playful

We talk to our customers every single day. Many of our regulars hang out in our community and know us well. We never hide behind marketing speak or corporate guidelines. We're professional but not afraid to show our personalities.

Take pride in our work

We hold ourselves to a very high standard. Our work carries our combined stamp of approval. Nothing is released until we all sign it off. Several members of our team use our products for their own communities. They wouldn't use anything else.

Learn and grow

We work in a very fast moving environment. Every day new technologies are launched and consumer habits change. We ensure that we're always on the cutting edge and apply our research to our products.

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