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Success stories.

Look to Invision Community clients for inspiration.


Success is the sum of small efforts repeated daily

Screenshot of Pokemon Millemium website

"Invision made our jobs so much easier thanks to its simplicity and intuitiveness. This way we could 100% focus on our day-to-day interaction with the community without having to worry too much about moderation tools, groups and other technical aspects. Also, many of Invision-powered features, both native and third-party made our success possible."

Denis Naccari and Manuel Urrai
Pokemon Millennium
Screenshot of SportsLogos website

"After a bevy of poor experiences bouncing around from forum software to forum software (maybe seven different providers over just five years), we found a great match with Invision Community. Our community thrives with its clean and easy-to-use presentation and a bevy of features which turned the appearance of our community from amateur hour to top-of-the-line professional overnight.

Many of our members have forged real-life friendships and have used our community as both an inspiration and launching pad for their full-time careers."

Chris Creamer
Screenshot of RRDI website

"At first we downloaded the platform and hosted it with another company. Then later we discovered it was easier to let Invision Community host our site and upgrading is so much better this way. Support for any issues is great and the IC support team is great. Having not to worry about our website since it is in great hands with IC makes our website great. Our entire non profit is centered on the success of the website.

If you want total control of your online community host with Invision Community. The support team at Invision Community is second to none."

Brady Barrows
Screenshot of DTS website

"Using Invision has allowed me to actually enjoy using my website, focus on content and interacting with my community instead of constantly fussing with code and design. I cannot stress enough how important that is to me."

Keith Browning
For Doctors DTS
Screenshot of Metan Thropes website

"We are an indie game developer team and chose this platform to host our open alpha version of our new Role Playing Game. This platform combines community building and allows us to use the 3rd party plugins to provide the features for our members and developers alike."

Metanthropes Dev Team
Screenshot of CAD Tutor website

"I moved the forum from vBulletin around 3 years ago. I chose Invision Community because it was the only forum software that seemed to have a vision and a sensible development cycle. It is by far the most "modern" and functionally capable forum software available.

I have several competitors who use other forum software platforms. My users have told me that they much prefer the more user-centred approach that Invision has taken. Simple things like drag-and-drop uploads have made user experience much better than on other platforms."

David Watson
CAD Tutor
Screenshot of Video Game Sage website

"Ease of use and transferability. I'm a web developer myself, but didn't want to build some monolith black box from scratch that would make it impossible to hand off to someone else should I choose to move on in the future.

Our inception was in our minds necessary when our previous home went away. Keeping the community alive and indeed helping it to grow has been huge. Our users love the layout and usability of the site, how well it works on mobile, everything about it really."

Douglas Glover
Video Game Sage
Screenshot of MCSEboard website

"With more than 20 years worth of topics, posts and discussions we have the demand for a highly performant, stable and mature platform. With more than 2.000 concurrent users during peak times the average run-of-the-mine community software is not sufficient.

There are certain key factors like focus on performance and a quick user experience combined with in-depth options and plenty of engaging features that helped to keep our users active and to attract new users."

Thomas Praider
MCSE Board

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