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Invision Community Developer Resources

Learn how to develop and extend Invision Community applications

Extend Invision Community

With its comprehensive application and plugin architecture, it's possible to extend Invision Community far beyond the default functionality - whether it's for in-house customization of your community or to build addons to provide to others.

The Invision Community framework provides heaps of easy-to-implement functionality such as node management, commenting, moderation and more, and it doesn't usually require extensive code - in fact you can get a basic application up and running in just a few lines of code. The hooks system uses an innovative CSS selector-based system to allow you to pinpoint where custom code should be executed, allowing you to change or add interface components to existing application views.

Check out the developer guides and documentation to get started, and be sure to check in to our developer forum to get assistance from IPS and third-party developers.


For most development work, you'll need the SDK. This provides the templates, scripts and configuration files for each application.

Follow this guide to get started with the developer tools and developer mode.

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Theme Changes

Releases often change the HTML templates and CSS rules. Our diff tool makes it easier to find what has changed between releases.

View Theme Changes

Impacting Changes

Our Release Notes area contains all important information about current and upcoming releases, including any impacting changes for developers. Be sure to follow the Release Notes area to stay up-to-date on changes!

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