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  1. Fixed: Waiting on approval:
  2. Sorry for long time waiting. I'm checking this mod right now.
  3. Hi 🙂 Just to mention - I've done a modification to let people buy another subscription. PM me for more details if you're interested.
  4. DawPi

    (DP44) Custom Links

    Not right now. 🙂
  5. Yeah, such plugin would be cheaper for sure.
  6. It's already possible via Commerce app:
  7. New version to fix it submitted. Waiting on approval. Should be fine now. 🙂
  8. That might be a bug then. I'll check it tomorrow.
  9. Weird, I just checked it and it works. Option for that forum disabled, added attachment and then enabled and added it again. See:
  10. @PPlanet, I'll check it today and let you know. 🙂
  11. DawPi

    (DP42) CSE Google

    Hm, really weird. I've tested it last week with my CSEID and worked fine. Maybe you could recreate it and check with a fresh one?
  12. Hi, I have simple "stock" JS code: ;( function($, _, undefined) { "use strict"; ips.controller.mixin('customSubmitWrapper', 'gallery.front.submit.wrapper', true, function() { }); }(jQuery, _)); But every time when I rebuild app I'm gettings this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <javascript app="dp45ytembedgallery"> <file javascript_app="dp45ytembedgallery" javascript_location="front" javascript_path="controllers/submit" javascript_name="ips.submit.main.customYTSubmitWrapper.js" javascript_type="controller" javascript_version="10000" javascript_position="1000050">;( function($, _, undefined) {&#13; &quot;use strict&quot;;&#13; ips.controller.mixin('customYTSubmitWrapper', 'gallery.front.submit.wrapper', true, function() {&#13; &#13; });&#13; }(jQuery, _));</file> </javascript> What I'm doing wrong?
  13. I really like your expressive behavior on your movies, Jordan. 😉 Achievements are also great addon!
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