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  1. (DP41) CSE Google

    It depends. I'll check if it's possible or not.
  2. (DP41) CSE Google

    We'll see.
  3. (DP41) CSE Google

    New version released. Thanks to @Jheroen for helping me with the debugging and testing.
  4. (DP41) CSE Google

    I was.
  5. (DP41) CSE Google

    I'm. Why you think that I'm not? I'll check it tomorrow a other reported small bug. Stay tuned.
  6. (DP41) CSE Google

  7. (DP41) CSE Google

    Yes, but explain me please - what exactly doesn't work?
  8. Classifieds System

    Works with 4.2 beta?
  9. (DP41) CSE Google

    Of course. If it will be related to by mod. Send me your ACP and details what exactly doesn't work.
  10. (DP41) CSE Google

    Upgrade and then check.
  11. (DP34) Referrals System

    I have first alpha version. Someone want helps with testing? PM me please.
  12. (DP41) CSE Google

    Which IPS version do you have installed on your board?
  13. (DP41) CSE Google

    We'll see.
  14. (DP41) CSE Google

    Hello, Ill check it in the next release. It works how it looks on the screenshots however.
  15. (DP41) CSE Google

    It has been fixed. Gabriel didn't imported newest version. 'All Content' replace.