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  1. OK, let me check it. [+] I just installed as a fresh installation 3.1.3 version then upgraded to 4.0.2 succesfully in one second. May I get your ACP details to check what's going on?
  2. From which app version are you upgrading exactly?
  3. Will look into it tomorrow. I don't feel good today (flu or something).
  4. Not best solution but you may try this mod to recognize "zero replies" topics and delete them manually:
  5. It has been fixed and waiting on approve: Try with 4.0.2 (once approved as stated above), please.
  6. Can't confirm at all. Installed 4.0.1 - without problems. Uninstalled it. Installed 4.0.0 - without problems. Uninstalled it. Installed - withour problems. Upgraded to 4.0.0 - without problems. Upgraded to 4.0.1 - without problems. Uninstalled it. Everything works fine. Maybe there is problem with Marketplace installing?
  7. Version 1.0.2

    1 download

    Description: The modification allows you to charge for the possibility of adding topics in selected forum sections. It is a useful tool on forums with an exchange or other departments where adding new topics is checked and limited. Modification gives you the opportunity to earn money by adding new topics in selected forums. The purchase is made through the Commerce application - it is required for the correct operation of this application. You have the option of creating packages with different limits for new topics or creating one package (its name cannot contain a single
  8. https://www.devfuse.com/forums/files/file/386-auto-welcome/
  9. No need I think. 4.5 has it build in: https://invisioncommunity.com/settings/account-security/
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