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  1. DawPi

    (DP42) CSE Google

    Show me screen with this.
  2. DawPi

    (DP34) Referrals System

    So you didnt have the updated mod? My advise is - always keep in mind to have latest versions of the mods. 😉
  3. DawPi

    (DP34) Referrals System

    Hello, I need access to your board to check what going on. Send me pm.
  4. DawPi

    (DP42) CSE Google

    What's New in Version 3.0.0 4.3 compatibility 3.0.0 version works with 4.3 only!
  5. DawPi

    (DP42) CSE Google

    Checking it now..
  6. I'll be offline until 2-3.V. Wedding!

  7. DawPi

    (DP42) CSE Google

    I'll check what I can do in the next couple of days. 😉 I must take a break for a few days (wedding, yay! 😉 )
  8. Hallo.

    About (DP41-Manage Notifications Settings 1.0.0).

    Is the software able to change the frequencies of the notification settings?

    I would like to change the user settings for "Method to use for content I follow automatically", for example, from "A notification when new content is posted" to "One email per week with all new content from that week" 





  9. DawPi

    (DP41) Stuff Overview

    Works on 4.3 too.
  10. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This mod will send PM to the topic author when moderator will run Saved Action on his topic. You could use several tags included and available to use. It's helpfull to inform member that his topic has been modified and by who.


  11. DawPi

    (DP42) Custom Links

    What's New in Version 1.0.6 changed parsing code a little, added blockquotes block parsing due to break member names in some situations, started using cache system to avoid too many resources usage. It would help to increase of the speed of the board.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    It is very nice to present the latest product - appointments system. This is a modification to make appointments - nail salons, beauticians, hairdressers, mechanical plants (car repair) and many more. Extensive capabilities and SMS notifications (you must have an account on twilio.com) will not let you miss the visit. Transparent panel for administration and plant owners (topic authors), the ability to add services with prices, employees can choose their days off. Customers can arrange according to the available criteria. Employees can mark completed orders as done and many more. There is special option to select one custom profile field - it would become a "work place" field. This whole system it's a combination of three mods and apps (appointments system, special profile field and business hours). If you have questions, I invite you to PM. More screens:


  13. DawPi

    (DP42) Custom Links

    What's New in Version 1.0.5 changed parse order. Right now the longest phrazes would be parsed first. For example two phrazes "google" and "google analytics" will be parsed from longer - "google analytics" first (if occured) and then only "google". changed anchor if no title is provided. For example, users could type the word as "Ferrari" or "ferrari" or "FERRARI", among others. For example, if they enter "FERRARI", the plugin will display it as "FERRARI". But if they enter it as "FeRRaRi", the plugin will display it as "FeRRaRi".