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  1. I would need to see your forum to know what is going on?
  2. Can we have an option to hide Donation Goals from the public, and/or a date range to close said donations please? We have seasonal donations which we like to have open for a couple of months, and the only way we can remove this from the public is to delete the donation goal. Would be good is we had a closure date to prevent people donating to that goal, or hide it from public when the goal has ended. Having to delete a goal removes all the information, donations and those who donated, and we like to keep that information.
  3. Sorry for the late replay. Add class="wf_quicklinks" to the ul like: <ul class="wf_quicklinks"> <li><a href="/">Home</a></li> <li><a href="/">Forums</a></li> </ul> Go to the ACP, Site Features and Plugins. Click on the Website Footeredit icon and select the Block Settings Tab. You will find the block settings from there.
  4. With all due respect, installing and uninstalling this plugin didn't cause this issue, and also, please show me proof that it did as so I can fix the issue. You're more than welcome to PM about this. This plugin uses the core code to install and uninstall, there are no uninstall script which would affect your theme, All this plugin does is add a hook to insert html into the main template. It also adds a small css style and does nothing more! Any residual code would have been left by the core uninstaller, not the plugin. To me, this looks more like a caching issue, I would sug
  5. But this isn't like real life though, isn't it, and that's not the way this should work. If I put you on ignore, you shouldn't see any of my content and I should see any of yours, period! There shouldn't even be a way for me to take a wee peek at your posts, as that just defeats the purpose of the Ignore feature.
  6. Hi, When adding Custom Content, the content/text is either cut off of too much white space when on tablets or mobiles, would it be possible that you could male the Modal box automatically fit the content rather than having a default width and height, as it is at the moment? Cheers.
  7. I intend to use the data to prevent people click bombing my adverts. Last week and yesterday, I have had a couple of people clicking adverts on my forum over a 1000 clicks and well above my normal click rate per day.
  8. Would it be possible that you could add the following: Log IP Addresses of members who click on Adverts please?
  9. v1.05 Fix: Pick titles were broken if new comment was made to the original item/topic/article. Changed: Topic titles are now shortened to 2 lines rather than 1, Fix: The grey background colour was visible on custom themes even with 'Use Theme Colors' toggled on, Fix: Our Pick Cover images with some custom themes would not be displayed as expected. Thanks to @breatheheavy for his help over the last few days. Helped iron out a few issues with this plugin.
  10. Version 1.04 Brings new features and some bug fixes (Yes, I skipped v1.03 because it was used as a testing version). Fix: Sometimes the promoted and custom images would not show due a coding error, Fix: the Extra promoted images width and height were in correct and looked out of place. These extra images will scale correctly or a lot better than previous version, Changed: The settings area refactored to be easier to navigate. This was done because the large amount of changes to this plug-in, Added: The Our Picks Page Title can now be hidden via s
  11. Don't hold your breath on this one. This is something I personally have been asking for since launch of version 4.
  12. Had a look for you and sent you a PM as to why this wasn't working for you. 🙂 If anyone else has an issue where your Promoted images are not showing as expected, this is due to no default promoted image. You will have to edit your Manage Promoted Items and select a default image.
  13. Our Pick Enhancements v1.03.xml Can you both test this for me, and let me know if it fixes the issue that you are both having please? Cheers,
  14. I'll have a fix for that tomorrow hopefully. I think it is due to Lazy Load on the images.
  15. Can you change the behaviour of the emoji box to stay open while adding emoji's to the editor, in the same way Twitter does. It becomes a PITA when you want to add multiple emoji's and have to reopen the emoji box each time. Add a close button or close when clicking outside the emoji popup.
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