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  1. I will have a look at finding out how to do that 🙂
  2. I already new this, and was just looking for confirmation in case this might have not been the case. Some members are not too happy as they only vist the site using their outdated IPad's and trying to explain to them why the forum worked one day and not the next, does gets old after a while..... But what you expect with football fans 😂
  3. Already done, just have some other plugins to update and I will release them all at the same time.
  4. Sorry Paul, but it has been well hammered on in this forum that 4.5 was a massive update, and it would break a lot of applications, plugins, themes and forums. My forum is heavily modified with custom Themes, Pages, Applications and Plugins, and I knew full well what I would be getting myself into before I started. I even told my forum members a couple of months back, that when we started the updates there would be some disruption to the forum. I update, because I have seen first hand what happens to a site and software when they are not updated. My brother co-hosted a pretty large U
  5. I have had a few people who use IPads IOS 9.3.5 or < who have told me that they cannot view the forum now because it is broken and unworkable. Hard to tell them that they need to upgrade their hardware as they cannot update to newer apps.
  6. There's a difference here though, one is a collectors item and the other is a penis extension. I am talking about a car for every day usage here. 😛
  7. How old is your car, phone, computer or TV? I bet for a fact that they're are all newer than the browser you are using. So would you use your phone from 2010 to do what you are doing on your phone now?
  8. Sorry, but this has been known for a long time, and it is up to those companies to stay up to date with more secure and stable software which follow the industry standards. I did a lot of development in the last decade and during the whole IE v6 fiasco, and that browser alone held back web development for many years, all because Microsoft refused to updated it. They had the numbers back then, and lost out to Firefox and the Google in the end and rightly so. I got to a point were I said enough was enough and point blank refused to develop for that browser, even after a lot of complain
  9. When editing plug-in hook templates via tfrom the ACP, I always feel that I am editing through a letter box. The editor height is just too small and uncomfortable to work with for long period s of time. At the moment it is currently set to 300px, would it be possible that this could be doubled or the text-area made resizeable. Also, would it be possible to show line numbers by default as well or at least toggle able like the theme editor area? If this is not possible, can you show me were I can edit the Code Mirror config so I can do this myself? Also, while I am thinking ab
  10. I cannot believe in 2040 that there is still not a proper solution for this! 😉😂
  11. I asked this same question a couple of years ago, and was told that it would be looked at. The issue is that the the placement of the ipsItemControls is 'messy' and not static depending on the post text. This makes the GUI unpredictable and quite frankly an mess. Would it be possible that the "ipsItemControls" could be place in an absolute position at the bottom for all posts instead of floating around in no man's land?
  12. I get those error messages as well, even with a full license.
  13. Well, I wont be using this any more. I am not going to pay for a product which I already bought, and then start paying an extra $6 every 6 months. Screw that!
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