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  1. Any chance the Tweets could be cached for a user defined interval?
  2. Wouldn't it be better to use Twitters API and use JSON (Which could then be cacheable) to get the latest Twitter Tweets?
  3. Group Legend

    Just to let you know that the widget is missing from the xml. When you install there are no Widgets installed with the plug-in.
  4. Adding or Editing Page Content concept is flawed, as I understand it. When I create a new Page via the CMS ACP admin area and I want to add new content to this page (without editing HTML), I have to use the WYSIWYG editor and edit the page content via there. However, to edit content via the WYSIWYG editor, you have to have access to the Blocks Tab and personally I would rather not give moderators or members access to this area period. Here lies the problem, how do I give access to these Pages for my writers to edit content without giving them access to the Blocks Tab? From what I have seen, I cannot. There really should be another way of adding pages that my writers could get access to editing without giving them access to the blocks tabs? Or, am I missing something here? Also, Is there a way to get the Page Title to show on each Page without having to resort to adding it manually each time? I guess I am missing something here too? Thanks,
  5. TDB Posts (41x)

    Thank you, Seems a few people are having issues with this plug-in and I an unsure as to where the issue could be. If you have tried to use the version in the Market Place and you are having the issues described (Ie not showing after you install and update the plug-in settings) then please feel free to contact me. I would very much like to get to the bottom of the issue and working for everyone. Thanks again!
  6. Just like to state that you are not the only one this has happened too. Another application which allows promote to groups automatically promoted to Administrator as a default, I had about 5 members promoted to Admins and I was lucky that one of my members contacted me straight away to let me know. I dread to think what could have happened otherwise. I personally don't envisage any circumstance where one of my members would automatically promoted to a moderation or administration group. Either these groups should be removed from the list or a toggle to turn off promotion to admin or mod groups should be added to the form.
  7. TDB Stop Shouting (RC)

    Glad to hear, and you are welcome! Please let me know if you come across any other issues and I will fix them.
  8. TDB Posts (41x)

    I'm pleased that you where able to find a plug-in which worked for you. I am puzzled that the version in the market place doesn't work, as that version was was to fix that issue. Also note, before any posts show, you have to edit the plugin settings and then save. If you don't do this, nothing will show up. My suggestion would be to uninstall the plug-in, clear out your cache and re-install. and try place the block. Also, could you check your system & error logs to see if there is anything there in regards to the plug-in.
  9. TDB Stop Shouting (RC)

    @uA_Y_C_A My bad, I used ctype_alnum to check if the first letter was alphanumeric or numeric, and totally forgot that this would be broken for languages such as Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic. Hopefully the change I have made will take those languages into account and work correctly for you. Can you try this version for me please? TDB Stop Shouting(20).xml
  10. CMS Block Caching

    Ty, glad to hear as it was pretty annoying
  11. CMS Block Caching

    Even in Development mode?
  12. CMS Block Caching

    And your suggestion that it isn't a bug merely on your say so, likewise. I kindly ask you put me on ignore, thank you.
  13. CMS Block Caching

    Okay, I'll just ignore my 17 years of professional and open source development experience as a PHP developer. Well that bug you say isn't a bug, well I just fixed it. So now, any changes made to my templates are reflected right away, rather than having to wait. Which is the correct way of dealing with stale content.... in my humble opinion!
  14. CMS Block Caching

    It's a bug! When updating templates/blocks the cache should be cleared to reflect the updated information/code. Caching should only be honoured if the code/content has not been updated.
  15. When updating CMS (Pages/IP Content) Blocks or templates, the 'front' end CMS blocks are not updated right away as the caching is not flushed. Can it be possible to have the caching flushed when blocks or the CMS templates are updated? I have to constantly clear the cache and this is a huge annoyance when working with CMS blocks and templates. I actually consider this a bug.