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  1. rockabox/rockabox_buster.html?rgdco=Postcode%3Ddd3%252525200aa&delivery_id=0b86aa5d-86e4-4429-97b4-02799cf9c813&placement_id=24609&gdpr=1&gdpr_consent=BAAAAAAAAAAAA-gABBktDC6AAAAt6B7ACwAFUAtoADQE7gFSAEuAt4AxoA9gCJgE7ARAAXUAI4BLgAGABbAB2ARwAz4AAQCTgEZAJWAAsAUYBgQAIAAkAA I am seeing a lot of these in my Apache logs, does anyone know what they are and should I block them?
  2. Bug Report: When copying a Message, the original contents are not copied over to the newly created duplicate message.
  3. Again, as I said to Chippy, I'm sorry if my post came across the wrong way as it wasn't intended the way you may think or came across. As someone who has managed communities for over 20 years in one way or another, I have learned through experience as to why we do not show members as banned or discuss moderation with my members in an open forum. I'm not telling you how to run your community, god forbid, all I am saying I do not understand the need to parade one of your members as banned for any reason. If that works for you, then by all means do what works for you and your community. 😀
  4. You mistook my post and my question. It wasn't meant to be a lecture (Sorry if it came across that way) as I was trying to understand why yourself and others want to let others know that your members have been banned and I wanted an insight into why your community needs it, but mines doesn't?
  5. My point is, why do you even need to label a member banned (regardless off how you mean it or want it representent). Just Ban them and be done with it. As I said, why does anyone apart from your moderators and staff need to know that John Doe is banned (in any shape or form)? Please tell me why you feel the need to share this information to your members and what benefit it is for your community?
  6. My members have been complaining a lot about the default font sizes on Mobile and Tablet Devices (Using the default theme settings). Google search console has been complaining about 'Text too small to read', 'Click-able elements too close together' or 'Content wider than screen'. I use basically the default theme with slight modification and colours. I have also found that changing the 'font_medium' text works on desktops but has no effect on mobile devices.
  7. Disagree, When you label someone as banned you are in a sense classing this as a bad person and parading this information to all your other members. Other members don't need to know who is banned or not, as someone else pointed out, it is none of their damn business. It is like sites who create a whole topic to let others know that 'John Doe' is banned for X and X amount of time. If I see these types of posts, I will not join that community, period! The only people that need to know who is banned, is your admin and your moderators. I have found over the years having Banned all over your site just creates more issues, like people asking why so and so was banned and how unfair it was of you to ban them. Move on from 20 years ago and make moderation invisible to your users. For example. When I moderate someone, the moderation is between the site staff and the person moderated. We never ever discuss moderation with anyone other than the person moderated and we learnt this the hard way. All you are doing is setting your self up for a world of hurt if you start explaining or posting your moderation reasons to all your members. And for those saying that your members are too old to change, tosh! They might not like it at first, but they will get used to the changes. I generally find my members are more accepting if I explain to them why I am making the changes first. FYI, most of my members are in their 50's, football fans, and arrogant assholes, and if they can get used to change then anyone can!
  8. Bug: [22-Oct-2020 18:33:05 UTC] PHP Deprecated: Unparenthesized `a ? b : c ? d : e` is deprecated. Use either `(a ? b : c) ? d : e` or `a ? b : (c ? d : e)` in /public_html/applications/calendar/widgets/upcomingEvents.php on line 153
  9. My submission has been rejected for something that has been part of the widget since day one. That's me done with development on this platform, I'm sorry, but I won't be reuploading any more version of this or my other plugins.
  10. Cheers, Fixed and an update waiting for approval. 🙂
  11. Version 1.04 is waiting for approval.
  12. I would raise a ticket with support as this is out of my range of control. 🙂
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