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  1. I reported a bug that would not allow you to keep custom settings within a theme when installing from the XML file, specifically custom fonts. If I change edit the theme and update the core, these custom settings are removed.
  2. #Updated to version 1.06 This corrects some HTML code which could result in some blocks being displayed incorrectly.
  3. Can you contact me via PM please and I will help you sort your issue out.
  4. I'm sorry, that was my attempt at some light sarcasm which didn't come across over text 🙂 My point is though, I don't really want a invoice generated until after the completion of a sale, and not at the point of entering the check-out. Whether or not a client went to the checkout page is of no concern to me, I only want to know when there was an actual transaction that had taken place. The whole thing is rather confusing, if a client doesn't actually make a purchase an invoice is still issued, but after a certain time this invoice expires but the customer cannot pay for it unless it is reissued again? Currently all it takes is for a member to visit the checkout page of a product without purchasing and finalising the payment, and we get a "Pending Waiting for Payment" invoice created in the ACP. To me, this states that the person has paid and we are now waiting for payment to be authorised by their bank etc. According to this Invoice, it states "waiting for payment", but wouldn't it be clearer is the wording were something along the lines of 'Waiting for client to finalise payment'? instead? With the current wording, it suggests there is an issue with the actual payment, not that there was no payment made in the first place. I am currently sit at 6 pages of expired transactions, it is neither clear whether or not these people completed their transaction and failed, they started the transaction yet never completed it or they are actual transactions which have expired and lapsed.
  5. Would it be possible that you could change the way that invoices are issued. Can invoices only be created when someone actually purchases something, rather than being created and issued when someone looks at an item for sale. It drives me nuts going into the ACP invoices area to see a pages of Invoices issued to guests, all of which have all expired and not knowing if the person has actually purchased something or not. Or at least give us an option to turn this behaviour off and only issue an invoice when a purchase has been made.
  6. As someone once said... 'If it ain't broke, don't try fix it'. This just seems like change for change sake, and certainly wasn't one of the things which was on my mind when it came to improvements that could have been made to the suite overall. This is not meant as a criticism, more an observation. 🙂
  7. v1.0.10 Fixes and Changes: Removed: The Surname tab has been removed as the code pretty much negates the use this any-more, Added: Global Text Formatting: CMS, Forums, Calendar and Nexus will use the same settings for text formatting, Changed: Moved Forum and CMS settings to a new application tab, Added: Enable Calendar Text Formatting toggle, Added: Enable Nexus Text Formatting toggle, Added: Enable forum Text Formatting toggle, Changed: Made the following punctuation marks Question mark, Exclamation mark, Full stop and Comma set as defaults, Fixed: Under certain circumstances Excessive Punctuation marks would not be removed, Fixed: There would be instances when CMS text would not be formatted correctly, this has been corrected, Fixed: In some cases, preg_replace did not handling UTF8 strings correctly due to missing /u modifiers, Fixed: The "Trailing Dots" option did not work. Trailing commas were left of regardless if the option was toggled on or off, Changed: Remove Characters can now remove 'whole' words rather than just characters, Changed: Stop Shouting application language strings were reworked to be clearer and removed spelling mistakes, Removed: Removed obsolete language strings and PHP code, Fixed: CMS Formatting Options was broken when Enabling CMS Text formatting. Text formatting options will only display on Text and Text as expected and not for every form field, Removed: Removed the Roman numerals from the Exception Words settings as these are handled directly via the code now, Other small fixes and changes. There is an issue with the British £ sign not being dealt with correctly, I am currently working on a fix for this.
  8. Don't these pages already have sidebars? Unless I am missing something here?
  9. Please feel free to leave any comments or additions you would like to see with this plugin.
  10. I have noticed that there is a small issue with the Our Picks Block not showing the extra thumbnail images, I will correct that in an future update.
  11. Version 1.02 released. Fixed the issue with HTML blocks not being available.
  12. Did you uninstall the previous version or updated the html template within the theme? Can you give me a link to your website?
  13. v1.02 Changes and Fixes Fixed: Cover Pick Columns would not resize to selected column sizes. This should work as expected now. Changed: Cover images have been updated to work with Lazy Load correctly. Added: Option not to show extra cover images with Our Picks main page. fixed: Couple other minor issues.
  14. But but...... there were two of us! 😭😝 I use Pages a lot on my site, and I have had to modify the date code to prevent today, yesterday and ** hours ago to display the actual Date and Time they were published. I have never used these formats for articles types and never will. However, I have no issues for this use on the forums.
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