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  1. TDB Stop Shouting (RC)

    Can you PM some examples of words or sentences where this happen please?
  2. (NB41) My Football

    Few issues and Change requests. Issues And Changes: If you change a Team name, the change isn't represented in the Fixtures list as the Team names are hard stored into the Fixtures Database Table. When adding players would it be possible to display a list of teams as default to pick from (Rather than being pushed to the first team created)?. This makes it a lot harder to navigate around when trying to add players. When adding a new player, you are instead prompted to add a player 'position' (Will come back to this shortly) and now and then I get an memory exhausted error as the positions are in a constant loop after being created. Positions you add are constantly looped with the positions which you previously added being under the new Position (I hope that makes sense? :p). When adding players, can you please change the way you are doing this. Currently, you have to add a position, then a player and you have to add positions for each time you wish to add players to each team. Wouldn't it be easier to create a selection of positions and add them to the player form as a selection instead? (Basically just do this once for all teams in the settings area?). Change the way Players are displayed in the admin area. Rather than displaying each position and have the players listed under the position, can you change this to list the players with their various attributes like Shirt Number and positions. The way this has been done makes it harder to find the player you are looking for and the constant clicking the arrows will not help with repetitive strain injuries. When displaying the fixtures in the front area, can we please move away from the 'default' IPB look of displaying everything as if the fixtures were a Forum as default? For example: this would be a better way of displaying fixtures: https://spfl.co.uk/premiership/results/. I will post a screenshot of the memory issue when it happens again. Kind Regards,
  3. I have to agree, most of my members don't realise that there are more smilies if you click on the Category Link. I did mention this and also the inability to edit Smilies (Admin area) and was told that it was that way by design.
  4. TDB Hiding Posts

    Version 1.0.0


    TDB Hiding Posts Content moderation can become a chore for most forums. This plugin aims to take more of the work out of hiding content by making some of the more mundane tasks automated. With this Plug-in, administrators can allow various actions to be taken when hiding content. A new Moderator Topic can be created in a selected Forum, this Topic will contain various information who and why the original post was hidden by a moderator. Administrators can optionally have a customable Private Message send to the member of the Hidden content, explaining the reason why their content was hidden. Private Messages can be set as no-reply to give hot-head members time to cool down The hide form now has 4 different options for a moderator to use: Hide Reason: This has been changed to a select Option. This select box uses the ‘Warning Reasons’ via the members tab. This makes selecting a hide reason easier for moderators. Other Reason: Used as a custom Reason or to override the Hide Reason Selection. Member Note: This field will use ‘Default Note’ from the ‘Warning Reason’ options. Moderators can override the ‘Default note for member’ with their own custom reason. Moderator Note: This note will only be displayed to Administrators and Moderators, either within the hidden content or the Moderator Topic Post. Plugin Settings Member Message: The admin can change the Private Message content with a Custom one. Date Format: You can change the default date format from the IP Board one. Change to suit your time zone or needs. Send Private Message: Admins can select to send a Private Message when Content is hidden. Private Message Subject: Enter a Custom Private Message title when sending PM’s. Select Default Moderator: Use this option to use a Dummy Moderator for Hiding Content. The real Moderator Name will be obfuscated from the Member. This is used in the Private Message only. Allow Private Message Reply?: You can prevent members from replaying to Private Messages to your Moderators. This gives your members some cooling down time before they can find the Forums or Contact Us Form. Create Moderator Topic. Elect to create a new Topic in a designated Forum after Hiding Content. Moderator Topic Subject: Custom Subject for the Moderator Topic. The Hidden Content URL will be appended to this. Topic Forum: Select a forum where Moderator Topics will be created. Please Note: Only Forum Posts will have will have detailed information to who and why the post was hidden. Please see screenshots.


  5. Invision Community 4.3 Coming Soon

    File & Image manager integrated into the CKEditor, to allow the reuse of images and files straight from the server without uploading the same image time and time again (Save server space for us poor people). Also, fix CMS blocks placements. So we can place a block on an Article page without it also showing up on the category page etc. This makes CMS unworkable for us an Article website. Please, thank you
  6. I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue before I posted in the client area. Thanks anyway.
  7. (NB41) My Football

    Bug: As to regards to my question about player Nationality, I noticed I could change the 'Player Data Field' field type for 'Nationality and Current national player' from Countries to a Textbox to all me to just add the Nationality by hand. However when I change Field Type I get the following error: There is no 'pfd_pf_allow_attachments' field in that Database.
  8. (NB41) My Football

    I have a small issue with the ability to pick player Nationality and National Player. You have an extensive list, however I cannot pick Scottish, Irish, Welsh or English as these are all under the United Kingdom. However, in football in the UK players would not be regarded as from the UK but from the country of their birth. Ie: Scotland, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Would it also be possible to add the ability to have extra field data for each Team (Like there is for players) and Fixtures? How do I add a 'cup or friendly' fixture to a teams fixture list? I see that you can add a fixture to a league, but not for a team?
  9. Since the upgrade to 4.2.2, I have had issues with embedding Twitter links on the forum and different browsers give different results and issues. Firefox will display the tweet, but when pasting the Twitter link into CK Editor, you have to press enter before the Tweet will display. Google Chrome and Opera on paste will not convert the link to the Tweet and stay as a link only. Firefox and Opera will display a embedded Tweet, but Google Chrome does not display it correctly (CSS issue maybe?) As you can see from this example: Also, another issue is that is you have a background image on your theme, the background image will be displayed with each Tweet. I had to edit the embedds.css style sheet to override the body tag. Fyi, all browsers are up to date.
  10. Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    How about giving the option to select more than one database and merging them into one array (I know, I make is sound so simplistic lol)? Thanks for the reply
  11. Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Hi, Will you be adding the ability to select more than one database for a Slider in the future? We use a slider on the front of our site, and only being able to select one database is limiting what we can show there. Thanks in advance.
  12. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Cheers and what took you so long?
  13. (BIM40) Easy Popup

    Tried to download this from the Marketplace and keep getting file not found, just thought I would let you know.
  14. Firstly, being searchable doesn't always help when you are looking for something that you don't really know what you are looking for, but you know that it is there. (I hope that makes some sense lol) My issues with the whole Moderation logs (Apart from having to go to the search bar to type in 'logs' every time) is that you include 'User Actions' within the Moderator Logs. These are clearly not 'Moderator Actions and there is a succinct difference here which is not being adhered too. I only wish to see actions taken by my Moderation Team, so maybe there should be a different log for User definable actions in this case? Also, another issue I have with the Moderation logs is they're pretty much useless. It's fine if you want information on who and which Topic was moderated, but apart from that, there is no real purpose to them. How about showing us a before and after of what was edited and the ability of reversing Moderation actions on a post? Personally, I would find that useful and helpful.
  15. IPS Sidebars

    Can the IPS team stop disabling the use of sidebars by default please? There are plenty of area's where I would like to place Widgets, but but I cannot unless I remove this by editing the code or by the use a hook. You are taking away my choice for no reason at all. I also hate the fact that this ipsLayout_minimal plays havoc with my container (page) width. Yes I know I can edit this with CSS, but it is just one more thing to add to a long list. Thanks,