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  1. Hi Helen. You chose a very good CMS. Good luck!
  2. Great themes 

    great job GIF

  3. Yep, it's broken. Same to me.
  4. I think most of it depends on the number of bugs reported. If there are a small number of reports, it is not worth released new update. I would expect a release earlier if it would be new serious security gap. We are currently waiting for IPS 4.4 so until then we will not see any updates.
  5. IPS 4.3.6 seems to work good on PHP 7.3 (at least the topics are working) but certainly not all files are adapted under PHP 7.3. Thanks Stuart for info.
  6. California Beverly Hills or San Francisco
  7. @Luuk Avatars in 4.4 will be in SVG :)
  8. I love, that default avatars be in SVG! Thanks IPS! ❤️
  9. Im Confused. So this option is in IPS 4.3 or has deleted? If is, in what settings?
  10. Not important anymore. I create plugin 😉
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