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  1. SeNioR-

    Remove Emojis

    Same here:
  2. SeNioR-

    Inconsistent limits in Topic title

    I have already reported this bug but no one answered.
  3. SeNioR-

    Team Talk: Who is your celebrity look-alike?

    funny idea 😄 Marc look-alike Roman Atwood
  4. Missing "noindex" for show=birthdays in Calendar app. Example URL: https://forum.invisionize.pl/calendar/1-kalendarz/2018/4/6/?show=birthdays
  5. @Stuart Silvester I did not know that. Thanks for info.
  6. Broken profile pictures appear only on version IPS 4.2.8 and lower on my test live site. This error doesn't occur on Invision Community because it is 4.3
  7. @bfarber After the Facebook scandal, Facebook has changed a little bit in the API code so that the synchronization of photos and covers does not work. monthly_2018_04/_rofilepic.b9ea5a303031b2aad5cf3ea0f2b8f2d3 I see that sync cover on IPS also don't working. @claudiuhks -> cover -> https://dne4i5cb88590.cloudfront.net/invisionpower-com/monthly_2018_04/_overpic.b826d08e589cd25c487e7524aa760424 Now URl to covers and profile pics look like https://lookaside.facebook.com/platform/coverpic/ https://lookaside.facebook.com/platform/profilepic/ An alternative in IPS 4.2.8 is to return a direct link in ProfileSync\Facebook.php return \IPS\Http\Url::external( $response['data']['url'] );
  8. Hi. So Emoji in 4.3 is a great feature, however, the number of icons are to much. Many of these icons will not be used at all and some don't display correctly. It would be useful to choose Emoji categories to display. @bfarber
  9. It was on purpose. I think it's a good change. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/43-usability-improvements-to-make-your-day-better-r1064/
  10. SeNioR-

    Remove the white space in source code

    @silenceheaven Personally, I think that one large CSS file is better than a few smaller ones. Basically.. in IPS there are no small output files, there are only those "big". 😜😜 I know that it depends what is best in case by case basis, what kind of site we are and how we are built it. But in IPS, we edit CSS / JS in ACP so...
  11. SeNioR-

    Remove the white space in source code

    This is another thing to do. But I don't know if this is possible because IPS has a lot of JS files and each of them is needed for something else. But that such optymalize would be great👌👌👌
  12. SeNioR-

    Remove the white space in source code

    @bfarber So it is not worth using compression HTML by myself when GZIP is ON because it's even more harmful? @Jimmy Gavekort So you can turn off HTML minify in CloudFlare.
  13. SeNioR-

    Remove the white space in source code

    All you need is one string and you will delete all spaces in 1 min Here is my test: Before 108,734 bytes: After 96,058 bytes: Saved: 12,676 bytes
  14. SeNioR-

    Remove the white space in source code

    @bfarber is right. But not everyone has Gzip compression enabled, and for webmaster who manages the site, so many empty spaces are something that annoys him. Personally, I deleted empty spaces myself. Jimmy, I can create a plugin, if you want.
  15. SeNioR-

    (FMW41) Submit By Ctrl+Enter

    Probably thanks to you this option has been added to IPS 4.2 So thanks!