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  1. We get that too : Because of these API : Because of this : I will check that later (or maybe never).
  2. However it seems to me that all it would take is an FTP connection and an image with the same name and the same extension to replace the one provided by default. You would then have a basic image according to your wishes. We might also have an option somewhere in the Admin to replace this base image.
  3. You might as well go even further and ask for it to be a plain color background by default with always the possibility of adding an image.
  4. If you go to McDonald's, you can set up your burger and remove pinkles, onions, tomato. If you go to starred restaurant, you will not discuss the menu. It's like that. Will you ask to speak to the chief and tell him your Adobe story ?
  5. @AtomiCAST If this helps you understand why IC is what it has become today, we purchased our license on 01/12/2006, here is my feedback. At the time the cloud did not exist. The only solution offered was self-hosting. Prices and services developed as technology advanced. The license was already "expensive" in my opinion but I was a high school student and had no income. Then paying a small sum every 6 months to benefit from updates, patches, support (always available, responsive and patient) was not very restrictive. And yet all of this was well within the reach of anyone with a modest income. Over time, we even acquired licenses for other products that completed the Suite. We tried to offer personalized clothing and t-shirts through the Commerce application and it worked very well. The only "problem" is that once the license for a functionality was acquired, we could no longer escape the renewal of the license concerning it. The support service, answers to questions, troubleshooting is not far from the best I have had to deal with. I've been struggling with this for 20 years and believe me the bar is high. This proximity with their customers gives rise to exchanges of points of view, interesting discussions on technology, user experience, the need to keep, captivate, involve. All of this has allowed IC to shape a tool that best meets the majority of the needs of any community. The Page tool allows you to deploy a truly robust, efficient, professional, static or dynamic site while being supported by a lung that can be an IC forum. Clubs are just groups and their use can be adapted to many different scenarios. You can't grasp the incredible potential that these guys offer through their tool that they have been developing for a number of years, until you have used it and it will probably take you a few years before you succeed. to calibrate it to your community. We have been managing a French-speaking community of football club supporters for almost 20 years, as many years based on a single tool. This one. If you are only looking for one forum and only one forum, I can understand the fact that they now offer a single price for all the features is actually a little hard to accept. But one thing is certain in any case, it is the best forum/member management tool that exists today.
  6. All these examples are done with "Files". We are agree that it's not limited to "Downloads" but really for all kind of Node ? And we are agree that is not available on Alpha 2 at this time right ?
  7. @Sly_Ripper Can you please share your link to the board who show 20K sub forums ?
  8. Using Page, when you create a new block, you can make few modification of the code and show something more suitable to you.
  9. No it's my fault, I used language that was too familiar for the spirit of this forum which aims to be professional. Since all my messages must be validated before publication, shame on me 😂
  10. You should do that : Go to the Admin CP : Pages -> Blocks Create new block Type : plugin ; Plugin : Forum > Topic Feed Next Add a name (Details), set up option in "Feed configuration". Here you can set up to get Lasts topics from forum where there was activity, or choose to show new topic created only, etc ... you can do a lot. Save Go to the front : Add a new block using drag and drop Find the one you just created Enjoy
  11. Breakfast, kids, etc ... Go to work Check what is your local time Saw 5h16 ... 😑 Waiting Saw 8h16 ...😶 Waiting Saw : 😮 Check email Check notifications Check forums categrories Nothing 🙄 Still waiting for something 😂
  12. You can set up a forum who display only topics created by the member. Each member can see only these own topics. Maybe it can suit to you.
  13. This would allow new registration to be triggered more often. I'm interested.
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