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  1. ...and it will not actually cause any issues to have the charset metatag after the JS so this is not a big deal unless you want to validate for any reason. UTF-8 is standard and the JS does not render anything in the DOM. I think the limit of having the charset defined within the first 1024 (used to be 512) characters is a legacy issue from older browsers, but unless you have pages with other charset there should not be any issues with pre-rendering.
  2. Yes, you are right. The global template actually add this ahead of the meta information, which is a bit odd. @Mr 13 maybe add this as a bug in the bugtracker to get this fixed for 4.5?
  3. An interesting topic because there has been many, many other services that cater to the instant gratification and social interaction hungry communities over the years. Discord is nothing new in the regard and it is as all other instant communication services temporary in nature. If this is what you actually need then as has already been stated this is not the software for you. If you add an instant communication to your community then you will very likely end up splitting your community. All communities are divided into those that want instant communication and those that want more extend
  4. That is because of all the JS added there and neither GA or Yandex is standard as far as I know?. Are you using a plugin for them or have you modified the code yourself by any chance?
  5. Considering that a logo usually include the name (otherwise it is usually considered an Icon) I don't think that is something that will be useful for most users unfortunately. Perhaps someone could create a mod for it instead? I am sure you are not the only one with this need, even if most may not have it. ...also, let me know if you need a hand making a new logo that include the name if that would help.
  6. This is not a software feature but a process issue I think. The way I handled these things back in the days of flame wars and trolling (read late -90's early 2000) was this: A forum thread spirals and get reported. A staff member steps in and ask the people in the thread to please calm down and that the a discussion will be taken in PM's with the people involved. Each person is contacted individually to hear their side of the story (listening is important here). A decision is taken on how to proceed. Usually cooler heads prevail and the involved people appol
    I have been looking for a planning app for quite a while and while I checked out Stratagem a while ago I did not like the look of it. As I plan to do some upgrades now with Invision Community 4.5 around the corner I figured I would give it a go. Now I am considered and Expert on task management tools like Jira, Trello and even Microsoft Planner as I work extensivey with these types of tools as an IT Consultant. I even design work processes and educate large international companies in how to use these type of tools efficently. I did not expect much from Stratagem, but I was totally wrong.
  7. Do you know where the templates to the pages are and how to edit them? If you do, then you should be fine and if you don't then I am sure the PDF will explain. If there is confusion, then we'll help you get it done 🙂
  8. Yes and no. By default you have a different layout for the category and listing templates, but the view is similar in the articles view. You can see an example here: https://www.opentype.space/superdocs/product-list/pages-templates/supergrid-r8/ Without knowing what the situation in life is for @opentype in these trying times, please do not let your frustration overshadow your compassion and respect for others. @opentype will respond as quickly as he can and the rest of us will try to answer what questions we can until he do.
  9. So a starter guide of sorts....I can do that 🙂 Right now we can't really create the make the containers because of the way widget areas are defined. You can hard code it of course to create specific blocks, kind of like I have done with my site for the sections: https://jimiwikman.se/management/ https://jimiwikman.se/design/ It's the same content blocks for the hero and tabs, but they are duplicated and the variables are hard coded. If this was a container block then I could have a configuration that allowed me to change the values in the tabs for example or change the conten
  10. I dabble 🙂 I don't do videos, but I can write tutorials if there is anything in particular you would like me to write about. @Matt @bfarber Do you think it would be possible to allow creation of blocks that contain widget areas for the purpose of creating building blocks rather than content blocks? I know the way Widgets work right now is a bit restricted in that regards, but maybe that could change a bit in the future?
  11. I see the potential to use Clubs in more ways than just as community enhancements so I wonder if you have considered allowing multiple versions of it being installed in one license? For example I might want to use clubs for listing software or services, but I also want a community enhancement as the default clubs. This is currently not possible and I would have to create a database with tabs that bring in forums for the default forum rather than isolated forums as I can in clubs? I think this can be useful for other applications as well, but clubs is what I would love to see right no
  12. I think what is missing are containers. In theory all you need is a few full width widget areas and then a system of containers and modules (blocks). This way I can add a container that have a 70/30 split in the columns to get content and sidebar. I can add a 3 column block inside the content container and then a 2+1 column block inside one of the 3 column containers...and so on. Right now you only have blocks so you have to hardcode the content, while a container + modules system would basically give you total freedom to create and use the pages widget system any way you can im
  13. I like it! ...and yes, can't wait for the new release 🙂
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