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  1. Any thoughts on adding a value based quiz, like a personality type of quiz (what type of designer are you...or something)? Like the ones on https://www.quizony.com/ for example?
  2. Your secret is safe with us 😉 Looks great!
  3. Thanks, I'll fix those asap 🙂
  4. Feel free to point them out and I'll get them fixed 🙂 Only did a few hours work on this one so there are surely some areas where it's in need of some adjustments 🙂
  5. It has been many, many years since I did my first skins for your products (first skin was around 1.1 I think, or maybe even before that). Today I felt the urge to go dark as Blizzard announced Diablo 4 and in just a few hours I could completely transform my site. So thank you for providing a great platform for building skins easy.
  6. Just want to say thanks for supporting us who struggle a bit with Pages. I think you alone answer 90% of all my questions 🙂

  7. @opentype I am going to make a different design for the listing for one database where I want a timeline instead. Is it better to add an "if database x" query in the template or is it better to duplicate the templates so I have two different templates?
    Excellent quality as always by @opentype and this one is even for free!
  8. In the very nice and open setup of Pages it feels a bit strange that categories are the strange and secluded darkling on the corner that we seem unable to actually do anything with. So, I would very much like to request that we are allowed to extend categories as well with custom fields. This would allow us to add images, colors, text fields for any number of customizations such as injecting html or CSS before and after the titles and so on. It would also be nice to be able to submit to multiple categories, but that is icing on the cake
  9. Don't all messages count as inbox then? If you send a message are you saying it vanishes from your messenger and no longer can be found?
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