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  1. Looks great @Adriano Faria!
  2. Wrong topic ๐Ÿ™‚ Carry on.
  3. Keyword being almost. 10% of unsupported users of those being tracked is quite a lot of users. I would still argue that unless the format is officially supported as an industry standard and fully supported in commercial platforms, both for producing graphics and for displaying graphics, it is a risk to add it to your commercial software. Besides, it even says so on the page that webp is already being challenged by an even better standard in AVIF that is developed by AOM. Do you really think that Google will come out on top with a BSD licensed image format against an open format backed by the giants in the AOM? At the end of the day it is IPS decision, but I would rather see support for vector graphic than webp in the near future. A plugin for those that need webp should suffice over it being a native feature as it would mitigate official support taking time from other, more important issues. That's just me though ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Don't stare too much at the speed of the site or the rankings. Getting people onto the site is secondary to convert those that visit because traffic is not endless and ROI matters ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. This is the preferred way since it allow for re-targeting as well as align with legal requirements that @opentype refer to. You also tie stock to purchase order to make soft reservations (usually with some rules, so you don't run out of this to sell based on soft reservations). Purchase Orders also often have a defined lifespan, so they are removed from the system after a certain time and so soft reservations are released even earlier. The advantage with this setup is also that you can work with FOMO to show live data on how people place things in their basket (which has a good impact on CRO).
  6. I think what IPS has is a chained payment setup and what you suggest @Ocean West is a parallel payment. It would require a change in the logic since those are different ways to manage the processing. You can see a description of the ways they are handled in PayPal here: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/archive/adaptive-payments/integration-guide/APIntro/ You probably want a fallback if the parallel payment fail, or there is an issue with the seller account, so you can go with a chained payment instead. I have used Parallel payments before when setting up a drop-ship website, and it works quite well. I am not sure if it will be as easy to have multiple recipients, but I do not see why it should not be possible ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I don't think it would be very difficult to get a base LMS setup using pages to be honest. It would not be very admin friendly unless you build it as an app, but if that does not bother you Pages have most of what you need I think.
  8. An interesting concept! In theory, because I have not tested it, you can do this manually using Pages by setting up components on a page where you fetch data from multiple categories.
  9. Of course. I apologize if I made presumptions that was incorrect. I mistook the "my members" as people that you did not control, hence my comment. I have not found many graphic services that provide webp only that are legal. In fact, I have never found any at all ๐Ÿ™‚ Might be a side note, but if you know of any service that only provide webp, could you give me a link? I am always looking for new sources of graphics and I would like to discuss the business model with such a site owner. I would not bet on any law that are designed to protect communities from copyright claims. Safe Harbor also works very different in different countries, and it differs between content types. In Europe there are numerous laws that are either already in place that hold you accountable as a website owner and there are many, many laws that are on the rise. This is why you hear people screaming when content get flagged over at Twitter, Facebook and YouTube as they try to add AI support to scan every single item that is being uploaded because laws are being designed to hold them accountable. I assume this is one of the reasons IPS have added the ability to add images from known free graphic sources to reduce the problem of users stealing content and uploading it on peoples communities. You are also required by law in many countries to prove that you have done everything you can to prevent copyright theft, or you will be liable based on being negligent and reckless. As someone who have been working with web design since 1996 I can tell you that the apparent rise of a new graphic format is nothing new. Web technologies comes and goes, but unless it becomes a defacto standard it will always just be something fun to tinker with. Webp has been around since 2010 and there is a reason why it is not a standard yet, not even after more than 10 years. There is a reason why it is not supported by several industry standard tools and there is a reason why conversion based websites do not use them. There is also a reason why most, if not all free graphic resources do not offer webp as an alternative, or include as a secondary option only. Google is also notorious for making up new things and then put it to sleep. Just look at AMP that flopped as soon as people realized the SEO and CRO cost or any of the dozens of projects that has been cancelled by Google over the years. If you want to use webp on your website, then go for it. Options are almost always good (I guess some of you remember the gif injection issue back in the day as an exception for example). Personally I would wait until webp was a supported industry standard with 100% support in all web browsers before I put it into a commercial system. That is just me though, because I have other things than spending time supporting people complaining that their users can't see images on their site. Auch. I see the issue then ๐Ÿ™‚ Still, if you shaved off 4 seconds in 2-3 images, then the size of those images are huge, or you did not use thumbnails and just shrunk the images to display them? Either way, webp is much better than png, but you should use jpg for photos. It is probably a setting in your export or some adjustment you do for the images that cause the degradation. Are you using LightRoom or something like that for the export? Maybe we can find a way to reduce the file size even more, regardless of the format you choose. Probably good to take that as a separate topic though ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. As far as I know there are no mention of webp for WCAG or any W3 standard for that matter? I know of no ISO standard either that mention webp, so may I ask what web compliance you are referring to? User engagement I do not see how the format of an image would be involved based on the discussion so far? Would you want them to be able to do so, knowing that they are not the copyright owners of those images? Especially considering the dark zone that is Fair Use these days....
  11. On your first point I would say that it is a bigger concern if you share images you do not own, especially in a community setting since there are numerous laws and suggested laws that want to make community owners responsible for the content. There are very simple ways around for your community however using the snippet tool for windows or the screen grab tool for mac. I would say that encouraging copyright theft is a not valid point, but I see the case for why your community may be a bit lazy in sharing content they do not own ๐Ÿ™‚ As for your second point you have way to many images on your site if your 20-30% size reduction from PNG bought you 4 seconds. Why did you choose png in the first place over say jpg or even vector files? My start page have 15 large and NOT optimized images that makes up 60%+ of the page load at 1.6MB and my page load around 1.5seconds (with JS animations and other things slowing things down). Optimized I would probably be below 1 second using regular jpg files that would probably be around 500-700k in size. A reduction using webp would probably result in 0.1 second faster load time, which would barely be noticeable due to the structure of the dom rendering. If your target audience is low bandwidth users, then it might be a more important aspect with maybe 0.5 to 1 second faster loading time. If you reduce loading times with 4 seconds, then the question is how slow the remaining time is because over 5 seconds your conversion rate drop exponentially and even at 3 seconds you will see big impact. I do not think a 30% reduction in images being loaded will have as much impact and I base that on 15 years of CRO experience in E-commerce where optimizing product images have far less impact than optimizing the experience and adhere to psychology such as gestalt laws and directional ques. As a graphical designer I also do not see an increase in requests for webp images and as a technical project manager I don't even see many PIM systems that even have webp as a part of their roadmap.
  12. May I ask what the business case is for using webp? How much time will it shave off your loading time and what benefit will it have on conversion? I have seen many requests for webp in many systems and most are to get some adjustment to ratings in some system that measure loading times and best practices. So, why do you want it, and why are your users asking for it?
  13. Right now it is the same template for filters as for forms. This means that you will have all sorts of strange things happening, including have default form value being preselected in the filter?! A filter should behave differently from a form because the interaction is completely different. So I suggest a new template for filters that makes it possible to adjust behavior accordingly. Maybe add a setting or two in the UI if select a field to be used as filter? Use predefined value (yes/no) Make filter collapsible (yes/no) Maybe?
  14. Contact support. there is a table that you can clean up, but it is best if you let support check it. also check your data usage on s3 as it can add up a bit if this loop for a while.
  15. It is kinda possible ๐Ÿ™‚ Any field you have in your database can be used as a filter. If you activate that, then in your query when you make the filtering you can see the full query that you need to use. In my database over hosting services for example I have a filter for OS and if I select Debian as the filter option, then my query look like this: https://jimiwikman.se/operations/hosting/shared-hosting/?advanced_search_submitted=1&&content_field_238[fedora]=fedora&content_field_191[1]=none&sortby=record_rating&sortdirection=desc&record_type=all&time_frame=show_all If you are a bit creative, then you can build this up to form the submit url for a search query. In theory anyway as I have not tried it yet ๐Ÿ™‚
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