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  1. It could be that you have a club with a forum? By default they are named just Topics.
  2. @cwir like you I come from an old community and I have also seen how communication have changed towards platforms like Slack and Discord. Still, comparing those platforms with forums is not really fair. Discord and Slack are chats with a flat and mostly temporary information. Forums are threaded discussions with a more permanent information. You can easily simulate this by having just one topic in a forum, which what a channel is in Discord or slack. It works great in a platform where this is the norm, but on a platform where it is not it just becomes silly. So the fact that you loos
  3. Like I said, there are a few bugs 🙂 Thanks, I'll take care of it asap. Thank you @Noble~ 🙂 I rarely do design anymore, but if you can tickle my interest I make exceptions from time to time 🙂
  4. Been working on this for a few weeks now with the client and if anyone wants to jump in and check it out you are welcome 🙂 https://theleft.com It is based on my own website and it probably has a few bugs, so just let me know what you find if you drop by.
  5. Would it be possible to have more than one tab group? Right now all tabs are in the same group and I have need of two 🙂
  6. One thing I miss are infinite fields. A field where I can add new versions as I see fit for example for adding projects to a CV database or products to a business listing. Instead of having multiple custom fields that you either don't use or need more of, you can create a field set. The field set works like a sub-database so you can define the fields in the set just as you would a normal database. When creating an entry you can add a field set using a plus sign. Then another and another...as many as you need. Each time you add another field set you add a new entry in the sub-database
  7. @CodingJungle I reinstalled Stratagem again and got a database issue: Any idea why I would get this? I am running the lastest code and if I uninstall Stratagem this goes away.
  8. Amazing 🙂 Another great product @opentype! I will buy this for sure as I have just the thing for it that I have been planning for a while now 😉
  9. ...and it will not actually cause any issues to have the charset metatag after the JS so this is not a big deal unless you want to validate for any reason. UTF-8 is standard and the JS does not render anything in the DOM. I think the limit of having the charset defined within the first 1024 (used to be 512) characters is a legacy issue from older browsers, but unless you have pages with other charset there should not be any issues with pre-rendering.
  10. Yes, you are right. The global template actually add this ahead of the meta information, which is a bit odd. @Mr 13 maybe add this as a bug in the bugtracker to get this fixed for 4.5?
  11. An interesting topic because there has been many, many other services that cater to the instant gratification and social interaction hungry communities over the years. Discord is nothing new in the regard and it is as all other instant communication services temporary in nature. If this is what you actually need then as has already been stated this is not the software for you. If you add an instant communication to your community then you will very likely end up splitting your community. All communities are divided into those that want instant communication and those that want more extend
  12. That is because of all the JS added there and neither GA or Yandex is standard as far as I know?. Are you using a plugin for them or have you modified the code yourself by any chance?
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