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  1. We set as start 00:00 at 01.04.2020, and users could enter immediately after setup, and this was yesterday at 5pm. But I'll send a pm πŸ™‚
  2. We tried 7 hours before midnight to setup the new competition for April.
  3. Hi @Andy Millne yesterday we saw a problem with automated start of competition for this month. Permissions were set right, start date was set right. Nevertheless, users could have uploaded pictures before the start. In previous months we didn't have this problem. Do you have an idea what could be the problem?
  4. We have a health related community and you can think how much questions people ask us and each other. In these times a strong community software is gold. And now, where people are to stay home they want to see other people in video chats. We took Zoom. An embedded chat would be better, sure. But it's ok.
  5. Nice! Can you explain how you did it?
  6. Hi @opentype and all, here's my wish list for Pages. Of course I know that everyone has different requirements and that a change from WordPress to Pages requires compromises. But let me share my complete wishlist πŸ˜‰ I use WordPress in its current version. That means: with the Gutenberg editor. I quickly got used to the blocks of the Gutenberg-Editor, I like them. But they are not a must-have. A must-have is an editor that lets me formatting subheadings (h2-h6). Elements like quotations or a picture gallery must be able to be displayed even in the middle of an article.
  7. Hi @Joel R yes, 1) is for me a pain point too. Our community is 18 years old and we have so so so much stuff. New users are overwhelmed by the many threads and other content. We're using "New Member Follow-upβ€œ for short mails in the first days of membership. A better lead during sign-up is needed too. If I remember correctly I saw such lead during my registration at Reddit or Pinterest. But with a builtin better newsletter tool IPS would have a point. I am always jealous when I receive automated mails from other communities in my subject area. They have
  8. We have a health related community and he're the stats from December:
  9. We should have an IPS Meetup in Germany πŸ™‚ Then I will explain my concerns to you. Because you're the Pages man anyway πŸ˜‰
  10. The Squarespace community looks very nice πŸ‘ I bought my first license in 2009. But whether privacy in social networks is worse many many people are using Facebook Groups or Instagram. We can make a point with independence and in privacy. My wish for 2020 is a WordPress-like IP.Pages. We need it urgently to retire our WordPress part. Now our community users doesn't find any articles who we have in WordPress – and readers of our articles doesn't find any things from our community.
  11. And please give the club owners (and site admins) the possibility to send all club members at once an email / message to inform about news, meetings or other things.
  12. Itβ€˜s german - and IPS is in the latest version
  13. Hi @All Astronauts thanks for your plugin! But I've questions πŸ™‚ and an example: What are the red marked tags with "forums/xxx"? We don't have such tags especially for forums. And the blue marked tags.. we don't have these tags in our community. The "search result" respectively the tag page is empty.
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