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  1. Is there a setting for that? And can an user delete his photo(s)?
  2. Can an user remove his vote(s) to give them to another photo?
  3. Hi @TheJackal84 many thanks for your work. 1) Do you plan a counter in the menu how much members are in chatrooms as described by @AlexWebsites? 2) I think all users should be in the "Who's online"-list. Could you implement a setting if users can be anonym in chatroom or not? 3) We don't want to have chat messages in search, activity and so on. Is it possible? 4) If an user enters a chatroom all old messages should be killed. The chatroom should be empty. Is it possible?
  4. Is it possible to disable past messages if an user enters the chatroom? So the new user can only read the messages since his entry in room?
  5. Hi @Joel R I'm doing 1 and 2. And I've a block with threads with 0 answers so I can help new members quickly. 3) sounds interesting, but what do you do with your described Forum flow? How much new members do you have per month? I've 70 to 100 – it's to much to welcome everyone. Now I've a mixed monthly newsletter – for the newest articles and the most interesting threads and "things" in community. I'm thinking about splitting it into two newsletters so that the community members get more targeted content. In my auto welcome message I'm inviting new members to our weekly chat. But this also means that me or one of moderators should really be in Chat on time.
  6. Thanks for the link. In August 2019 there's a barcamp for german speaking community manager in Berlin: http://www.communitycamp.berlin/ Is anyone there (besides me)?
  7. It's my question too. I've a site with Wordpress and IPS. Wordpress part has AMP and this is important for our presence in Google News for example. We would switch to Pages if AMP would be available there. AMP certainly doesn't make sense for the other IPS apps.
  8. I'm using Wordpress and IPS like other here. What bothers me is that the IPS content never appears in the Wordpress search results and vice versa. With Gutenberg at the latest, I want and have to decide what to do - everything in Wordpress or everything in IPS? But I can't get a homepage like the one in Wordpress in IPS without developer knowledge. And: What if IPS simply kills Pages? For Wordpress there will always be developers, for IPS they are already rare. That doesn't make the decision any easier.
  9. Tag pages aren't indexed by Google and I think too that they have big potential for SEO. But then we need tag pages they're not an extended search result page but rather like Picks with an editable description.
  10. Sometimes I think so but then I remember that IPS cutted off the IP.Chat. And so I would be always worried that IPS will one day just shut down Pages.
  11. I'm looking for a way to embed the community search in my Wordpress search or in the search result page in Wordpress. Do you have a hint for me?
  12. In my view Blab! Pro looks very old-fashioned, but my users love the design and the clear interface (and that they can find the Logout-button).
  13. We used ArrowChat for some months, but it is confusing for most people. So we tried Blab! Pro – and that's now our favourite.
  14. Only an idea: Today I saw Kialo. It looks like "Our Picks", but I like the tags at the right. Perhaps it would be nice to have the tags of the "picked" threads on the site "Our picks".
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