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  1. Yeah, looks like your site was hacked and someone is stealing the user login data.
  2. Normally, you would wrap it in an IF query: {{if $variable}}{$variable}{{endif}} This can still cause problems with some fiel types, since they can return something even if nothing was added to the field. The better solution is to define the output in the field settings itself. There you can check for content like this: {{if $formValue}}{$value}{{endif}}
  3. You can just drop that in any template that is used for the view you want to change.
  4. In that case, you don’t need to identify the page at all. Just create a custom CSS in the template section and then activate that CSS for the page. All overrides in that CSS will only apply to the one page (or multiple selected pages) this way.
  5. Yeah, I asked both IPS and Stripe support and didn’t get a clear yes or no, but leaning towards “no”. Stripe support also said, based on my ratio of normal and disputed transactions, it wouldn’t make much sense. But then again, the worst part for me might be the injustice, not the financial loss. You offer a service, people buy it and use it, and then they just take their money back, plus generating a further loss through the chargeback fee. And then you invest even more time trying to gather all the evidence to fight the dispute, with a fat chance of loosing. I wouldn’t mind paying higher fees to have this out of my life.
  6. You mean like a Pages page or what page exactly?
  7. If you set up a sharer image, this will be used. If you have no sharer image, the social network may or may not try to find something else. A third-party options is the following, which will take an attachment from the topic.
  8. Yellow Pages and SuperDirectory are based on IPS’ Pages app. Think of them as a styling optimized for directories. You will not gain functionality as you would with an app that is specifically coded to be directory.
  9. You would have to hire someone to create a custom plugin.
  10. You can change the blog-specific image settings for the plugin from “show all” to “auto”, which will show less of the hi-res images. Unfortunately, there aren’t any thumbnails available as for Pages for example.
  11. Video find on Amazon. 🙈😃


  12. There is no right or wrong way. It’s a veeeeeery long transition period and providers have do decide whether they want to push forward or play it safe. This includes the example of posted links like %E3%82%A2- . The providers where you still see that will also sooner or later move over to links that don’t use URL-encoding anymore.
  13. Exactly! That’s why we would need to see a page to check what else is interfering.
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