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  1. Rating only works for members. That’s why you can’t vote on the demo site.
  2. Is there a public page where they show a PayPal address? That would make it easier to make a case with PayPal.
  3. Seven months later, but here it is: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9740-supervote/
  4. Older versions for all Marketplace product are now in the Changelog section.
  5. I can replicate that in Chrome (but not in Firefox or Safari). It seems to be a rounding error of some browsers in combination with the CSS/JavaScript framework of IPS. Unfortunately I have no control over any of that. So I don’t think there is an easy fix I’m afraid. I would probably have to rebuild the entire layout from scratch in a different manner.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    SuperVote is a Pages listing template to add a thumbs-up/thumbs-down functionality to create engaging voting databases like ranker.com. While Pages databases already have a rating functionality, each record needs to be opened first and a rating value between 1 and 5 has to be chosen. With SuperVote, voting gets much easier and you will get a lot more votes. Demo Link What’s needed: Invision Community 4.5 with the Pages application You should be familiar with setting up Pages databases How it works: Under the hood, SuperVote uses the regular voting system o
  7. It’s a template for a regular Pages database. So all Pages functionalities, like the ones you mention, will work.
  8. You should still be able to download the 4.4 release and install it again.
  9. It should continue to work as it is when it is already installed. I haven’t decided if I will actively market this product for 4.5 and up.
  10. Yes, it’s my assessment that this layout is well-thought-out. (The one I commented, which was from Pages) I work as professional web designer for more than 20 years and I customize these Pages templates all the time—inspecting every little detail, checking the flow of content in many situations and at every CSS breakpoint. Of course if you can’t have an open discussion and need to laugh at people just because they say something you don’t agree with, this discussion ends right here. If all you guys can do is judge a web layout in one desktop view, you know very little of web design and hav
  11. Now do that screenshot again on a live site with … complete data like the missing category description pagination, which appears in that empty space when there are more records all user buttons active all moderator options active and a smaller screen right before the phone-view kicks in You will see that the space is there for a reason. It’s there for stuff to “grow into” when the screen isn’t as large as yours. And on much smaller screens things get either hidden or moved below the more important content. It’s actually well-th
  12. It works the same for every content type. There is nothing special about gallery blocks. But I added one more block at the end here: https://www.opentype.space/superblocks/
  13. Again, the CSS of your plugins is broken. It’s not directly a SuperGrid problem. You would have to narrow down the cause for the broken CSS code. Turned off plugins is a typical problem. A faulty custom.css is another one. You can try to remove everything from custom.css and check if that helps.
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