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  1. It’s a feature, not a bug. To make it mobile friendly in regards to page size and page load time.
  2. There are settings for that. Showing the block title is a setting. Using the box styling is a setting. The background colors depend on your theme settings. For example, SuperGrid makes use of an IPS styling called “ipsAreaBackground_light”. If you or the theme you are using make that color the same as your background, things might look weird, e.g. as if there padding that doesn’t belong there.
  3. Please read the FAQ https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/374850-opentype/?tab=field_core_pfield_23
  4. Pretty sure that’s an issue with your theme. To be sure: You can temporarily apply a stock IPS 4.x theme and it will probably start looking okay. Your theme seems to override how “sub list entries” work globally and that doesn’t work well with many entries. There is not much I can do about that. P.S. You are posting in the wrong Support Topic. 😉 No. SuperBlocks doesn’t use regular inline images. All images are loaded in containers with predefined sizes. So page rendering could always start before there wasn’t an image available. So lazy loading isn’t really suitable or necessary in this case.
  5. And both Brandon and I have pointed out that this is just false. Google will of course look at the context, i.e. the page title and anything close to the image to figure out what it might be about. I just tested it again myself. I googled images for “road sign germany”. From the millions of possible images, the 7th and 8th images are already from my own website. So I checked their file name and alt tag: they are 2168778634_3c2e33f686.jpg and 2255934862_8fab1a96e5.jpg. Case closed.
  6. I addressed the point I was quoting. So, no. If you think otherwise, feel free to elaborate. If you provide nothing new, there is nothing for me to consider. Can’t remember I have read something about that. But if Google finds a find a site, where tens of thousands of images are mass-tagged with just topic titles for example, I wouldn’t be surprised if they treat that as spammy and punish the site. Because Google’s goal is simple: show the most relevant results. If you’re mass-tagging essentially tries to push non-relevant images into the results just because the ALT tag is a match, that’s against Google’s goals. It’s just like keyword spamming for example.
  7. Well that’s a matter of ranking. Quantity of images has little to do with that.
  8. I wholly and completely disagree with this statement. 😉 Cause it’s factually wrong. Just try it yourself. Google does of course look at the context and properly indexes images even if there is nothing but “IMG1904232.jpg” there. Heck, their AI even identifies what is on that image.
  9. The poll still doesn’t make logical sense. The question asked is “Do you will pay a little more for an ips official app?”. This is a question that can be answered with yes or no. But the “no” answer now also says “I don’t need it”, which is a completely separate statement from being willing to pay more. And I also agree with the previous comment, that this poll makes little sense without quantifying the additional costs. We recently had a third-party developer who gave up on this, specifically for the reason that people interested in it weren’t actually willing to pay what was necessary to cover the development. Being interested alone isn’t enough.
  10. There are in 4.x. Might have not been available when you set that up in the past.
  11. I have an IPS “app” on my phone already. Didn’t cost anything.
  12. There is no such thing. That’s the problem. No IPS site automatically collects addresses during registration. Are you saying you added those fields yourself as custom profile fields?
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