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  1. Yes. Or use a third-party solution.
  2. That’s perfectly normal. There is no problem to fix.
  3. I’m pretty sure they didn’t phrase it like that. They probably just asked for a proper imprint with data about the legal representation, which is simply the law here in Germany (see German Telemedia Act) and not something “draconian” that T-Online made up because the don’t “like” certain domains as you phrased it. But that’s all beside the point anyway, which is that services like United Internet (GMX, Web.de) in Germany or Orange in France have a market share of over 30% in those countries, similar to Gmail in the United States. So blocking these service would be like blocking Gmail.
  4. A Pages database is pretty much the same as a FAQ database if you call the entries “FAQ” instead of “articles”. You can get templates to tweak the appearance.
  5. I would buy a ‘link search and replace app’ with simple and regex functionality. While running global search-and-replace queries is somewhat dangerous, the app could just go trough the matching posts one by one, showing the old and the new link with an option to click the old and new link before clicking “skip”, “change” or “remove link and replace with …”. http to https changes would be typical, but there are more examples: Removing dead links entirely and replacing them with a note; Adding/changing affiliate links; Changing links from one domain to another after after takeovers or a rebranding (e.g. twitter.com to x.com); removing parts of of the domain (like www) or a specific folders after the external site changed their structure …
  6. None of these examples prove your point – they prove my point. Yes, a subscription has a default amount of time it lasts until in renews. Adobe has monthly subscriptions and yearly subscriptions. But both of them run INDEFINITELY unless they are cancelled. Show me the offer from Adobe where you can buy just "5 months” or “5 years” and then the subscription does not renew anymore. It does not exist, because that is not how subscriptions work. Yet, that is what you want and what you are falsely claiming is even necessary. I am sorry, but you misrepresent the facts around subscription in order to demand a feature you would like to see. That never works.
  7. Simple answer: It is not possible. That is not true. Subscriptions run until they are cancelled – by definition – and that is possible in every country of the world – just as with the given example of “paying rent for an undefined time until one side cancels”. What you are asking for to achieve a “5 month course” is NOT a subscription. It’s single purchase of a course, which grants access to something for a limited time. You also want to spread out the payments, but that is a payment option and INDEPENDENT from the product type itself. And it also not possible with the Invision Community software.
  8. What have you selected here in the database settings?
  9. Yes, I saw the same a few days ago. I reduced the front page to only show categories, which resolved it for now. Something in the other optional blocks seems to create problematic queries.
  10. The initiation method isn’t the most important part. The optimization methods apply to all of them. Looking at the screenshots, your system mails go out directly from your server. So you need to make sure your DNS settings are optimized for that as well, not just for the external services like ConvertKit you use. In fact, it could be that adding DNS settings for those external service actually deligitimized sending mails from your own server. You need to make sure that all sending options are included in your DNS settings. You can check with your host. They probably have settings and information directly relating to SPF/DKIM/DMARC … I always optimize this stuff using the Mail Tester website. By the way: You can do 3 tests for free per day. You should end up with at least of score of 9.
  11. I would suggest: go here and copy the email address https://www.mail-tester.com Open the email settings in the ACP and sent a test email to that Mail Tester email. Check the results. Which score do get and which recommendations?
  12. I used SES for some of my communities over the last couple of years (via SMTP). The ‘send-rate per second’ didn’t seem to matter for this delivery method. It was pushing out the several hundred bulk mails per task without issues. I did get warnings about getting close to the send limit per 24 hours though.
  13. This stuff would be inspected and changed in photo editors like Photoshop.
  14. The image probably contains a color profile that isn’t optimized for web use. There is usually not much you can do.
  15. 1. Member posting is now working with the latest patch 👍 2. Database records made in clubs do not appear in feeds, not the club feed or the Activity feed. I have seen reactions to records though. 3. Pages Feed Blocks don’t honor club-level access permissions. On the club level, I turned off access for “Members not in this club” and the records can’t be accessed by non-club-members. But Pages Feed blocks for the database contain these records, despite “honor permission” being activated. The goal here would be to create a “latest news (or whatever the content is) from the clubs I am a member of” block. 4. Adding a category in a club is missing the Description field 5. Not making a Pages category in a club public leads to a confusing, generic error message, which doesn’t tell the user to join the club to access the content. I think the error should be clearer, or the Pages category tab should be hidden from the club, as it is done with Forums in clubs. Right now, it’s inconsistent. Forum tabs disappear, Pages tabs lead to an error.
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