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  1. If you set up a sharer image, this will be used. If you have no sharer image, the social network may or may not try to find something else. A third-party options is the following, which will take an attachment from the topic.
  2. Yellow Pages and SuperDirectory are based on IPS’ Pages app. Think of them as a styling optimized for directories. You will not gain functionality as you would with an app that is specifically coded to be directory.
  3. You would have to hire someone to create a custom plugin.
  4. You can change the blog-specific image settings for the plugin from “show all” to “auto”, which will show less of the hi-res images. Unfortunately, there aren’t any thumbnails available as for Pages for example.
  5. Video find on Amazon. 🙈😃


  6. There is no right or wrong way. It’s a veeeeeery long transition period and providers have do decide whether they want to push forward or play it safe. This includes the example of posted links like %E3%82%A2- . The providers where you still see that will also sooner or later move over to links that don’t use URL-encoding anymore.
  7. Exactly! That’s why we would need to see a page to check what else is interfering.
  8. Yes, it should float automatically. If it doesn’t work for you, something in your theme might override it. But it’s completely impossible to tell unless you provide a link where we can see it happening. The code you showed in the first post also cannot work, since the image sits in the cCmsRecord_image container. Floating it INSIDE it won’t create a float in relation to the text.
  9. Is this a thing now? If I click the Get Started button here, I can apparently activate it for my account, but is IPS actually processing the charges in the required way now?
  10. I could imagine that as a stand-alone template product if there is enough interest.
  11. To achieve what? What is it that you try to solve by opening up this functionality to your users?
  12. Are you talking about editor attachments as in the forums or the Gallery app as in the link? For attachments, it’s a member group setting: BTW: The linked topic is talking about the process of mass-deleting, not being able to delete images.
  13. opentype

    Job Board App ?

    A constructive start would be to list the features you guys actually need. Just claiming “we are interested” won’t really convince anyone. The developers need to judge what it takes to deliver the required features and whether that can be profitable.
  14. It’s not the only option for blocks. You can also only show “featured” entries from any forum. Or entries which have a specific tag.
  15. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8597-pages-category-images/
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