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  1. opentype

    GDPR Absurdities explained by German Laywer

    Neither funny nor very informative. Not much point in adding translated subtitles.
  2. opentype

    Pages SuperDocs support topic

    Go to Plugins → SuperDocs Settings and click Edit. Turn off “Use custom header image” or add another one.
  3. Works for me in Pages using the map field.
  4. opentype

    Can you detail these cookies?

    I don’t disagree. I was just correcting your statement that template changes were necessary.
  5. opentype

    Can you detail these cookies?

    The cookie page consists of a bunch of language strings. You can easily change them and add to them in the language settings.
  6. No. And copying some text from a blog on the internet doesn’t prove the opposite. In any case: I merely add a button to access IPS’ contact form. I won’t change its functionality.
  7. Not sure I understand the question. It’s just a more visible button linking to the contact form. (And you can choose the user groups who see it.) Contact forms do not require additional consent, just as a online shop does not need consent that you use the shipping address for shipping the order. However: It doesn’t hurt if you describe your use of the contact form data in the privacy policy. Is the data stored on the website or sent via email? Will it be deleted after a while? Do you guarantee not to sent advertising or give the data to someone else. This kind of stuff …
  8. opentype

    my grief

    Says who? Seriously, why do you make stuff like that up? It doesn’t say this in the Guides. You haven’t tried it out (as I just have with a standalone Commerce shop) or you wouldn’t make such claims. You have no good reason to claim this. If anything you might ask, whether the functionality might be connected this way across the apps. So again: The option is a Commerce option in connection with the Core (which handles registrations). It works completely independent from forums or any other app. And it is off by default as I now also checked again. So if you see this in your shop, you have limited your Commerce store yourself this way – probably accidentally. That can happen. But you can just acknowledge that instead of making false claims about it.
  9. opentype

    my grief

    No, this was not ”addressed“. It was never an issue. Commerce is an optional app for the suite. Of course installing it doesn‘t stop users to register accounts, e.g. to use Forums, Pages and so on. That would be insane and was never the case. And I am also pretty sure that the Force A Purchase option is turned off by default. So if its on in your store, you have turned it on.
  10. opentype

    my grief

    Of course you can. (Unless you turn on the option to force a purchase in the Commerce settings.)
  11. opentype

    Can you detail these cookies?

    It’s a a bunch of language strings. Type in “cookies” in the language search field.
  12. opentype

    Can you detail these cookies?

  13. opentype

    Grid View for Forums: cover photos

    I agree with newbie LAC: If onlyME already has the functionality of uploading forum-specific images, then the use in the grid-view is best added to this plugin instead of building something fron scratch.
  14. opentype

    Cookie Notice

    Advise? Drop it and use the native cookie notice function that was added to Invision Communtiy.
  15. There is a solution for albums: