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  1. The problem is identified, but it’s more a problem on IPS’ side. I’ll have to see if they are willing to change something or if I need to create a work-around. For now: If you prepare the images to be in alphabetical order and upload them in that order, it should work. spocka.jpg spockb.jpg spockc.jpg
  2. Pretty sure this means you are still calling the old templates. Make sure to delete the existing SuperGrid templates completely before installing the new ones.
  3. It’s for everyone, as shown in the video, where it’s used for profile cover images for example.
  4. Product bundles can be defined from the product settings in the ACP.
  5. That’s the SuperGrid template. You can use that of course, but then you can’t use the SuperDocs template—at least not for the listing view. It’s one or the other.
  6. There is no direct support for images for records in the listing view. You could experiment with custom fields. They are supported on the listing view. It would require some HTML knowledge though to create a proper output.
  7. It means you haven’t installed the templates yet. Go back in the instruction and perform this step:
  8. First of all: “reverse post order in threads” is even the title of this topic. And the post itself clearly talks about “posts in a thread”, “scroll to the bottom of the thread” . And that’s what I discussed as well. So you are wrong in saying it is about topics in a forum. Try to read more carefully before posting. Since you obviously didn’t get the point, here is the detailed version: it’s a discussion forum. A forum is about sharing and discussing arguments, facts, opinions. I’m happy to do that. A simple 👎🏻 doesn’t do anything and certainly doesn’t need my attention through the notification system. What am I supposed to do with it? If the user sunset wants to make a case for reversed post order, great! I am happy to listen and consider the arguments. Just as I tried to make a case for my position and not just threw a 👎🏻 unter the feature request. That is actually a dishonest argument, since you suggest that what I said would just be based on the use of my own forums, which it is not. Same as above. Dishonest misrepresentation of my post. You suggest I wouldn’t want this user to speak, which is completely untrue. My position, again, is very simple: it’s a discussion forum. Anyone can present their point of view, arguments and facts. I have never suggested anything else.
  9. Just reversing the order in topics doesn’t solve anything. It’s like reversing the words in a sentence with the premise “you don’t have to read a sentence all the way to the end”. But it doesn’t work like that. The sentence doesn’t make sense by just looking at the end of it. Similarly, a linear forum discussion needs this linearity and the correct order, just like chats by the way, which are also not reversed. That being said, there is certainly room for im improvements in the activity feeds, which unlike topics are comparable to social media feeds.
  10. What’s the use case? If you want to add page-specific CSS to just one or a few custom page, you just create a page-specific CSS file and select it in the page settings. Since that possibility exists, there is usually no need to add CSS globally and then narrow it down to a page again.
  11. You set the block to show a higher value (e.g. 25) and then limit the entries through the SuperGrid settings like so:
  12. My favorite blueprint to solve all of this would be YouTube. They do it the “smart” way. For every video I stumble upon, they save the channels, tags and other meta data and the next time I return, the home page and the sidebar will be full of content I am probably interested in. They keep me there in a seamless and organic way—not through auto-subscriptions, not through tons of emails and onsite-notifications—just through understanding what I like and offering it in a way that doesn’t require anything on my part. In fact, they actually make sure to NOT send me notifications for all my subscriptions so it’s not overwhelming. I understand that our PHP/MySQL-based system can’t be as powerful, but we could still go in that direction. The content already has tags. Content sections like forums, Pages databases and categories could easily get them. Storing the latest or most-visited tags per user and showing random content based on that sounds doable.
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