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  1. As always: Support relates to bug fixes and the general use of the software (e.g. installation/settings and so on). But I cannot walk people through customizations. You are free to do them if you have the skills or hire me or others if you need external help.
  2. Seems to be some left-over debug code. You can safely delete the “xxx{lang="enlargeImage"}” from Pages -> Templates -> SuperReviews_RecordDisplay -> review
  3. I don’t know how this front page is created. You can add SuperBlocks in any drag-and-drop content areas except the sidebars. But it works next to the sidebar if you have one on the page.
  4. I’m not seeing any official Twitch RSS video feeds that I could use.
  5. As explained on my FAQ page, I cannot help with customizations. The support only covers the features listed on the product page.
  6. black-friday-banner.thumb.png.308fb8535e2955930c6e2b4d6387c5d7.png

    Black Friday Sale—Buy one, get one free. 
    Buy any of my products (
    Link) between November 11 and November 30 and get another one of my products with an equal or lower price free of charge. 
    1st) Buy the first product. 2nd) write me a PM or email telling me which product you bought and which one you like for free. 
    The special is only valid as described above and can be used several times. Otherwise: No variations. No negotiations. 

  7. On Facebook’s URL debugger. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/sharing/
  8. “Buy one—get one free“ deal for all my products: https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/374850-opentype/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1 P.S. You can use this offer multiple times, e.g. Buy my product A and get B, buy product C and get product D …
  9. As a joke, this is really funny. We are going in circles. Describing WHAT one wants is not a description of the WHY someone wants this. It keeps coming back to “having to figure out the specific time”. Fine! Now why do you need that information, user? 😉 There must be a reason. (Not that I have a horse in this race arguing for or against how IPS or your site should handle this. I’m just making a logical point. Not wanting to drag this out. Sorry.)
  10. I would dig deeper and continue asking. Just saying they want a specific time doesn’t explain the reasons. The reason would matter though to decide if I would want to take actions. Maybe it’s just a matter of “that’s how we are used to it”, which wouldn’t mean much to me. Or they somehow don’t use the “read markers” properly and want to judge from the time whether they have read the post already yesterday or something like that. Could be anything. It’s easy to make the case for relative time, especially online where people could be scattered across the globe, even on non-English communities. So having that as a default makes perfect sense. They would need extremely good reasons to have their system be better and worth setting as a default.
  11. You can change the aspect ratio in the plugin settings depending on your needs, both for the listing and the record view. I probably won’t do more than that. If one uploads a portrait-mode image as a header and it would scale to the full width and height, that would look really bad. Forcing a certain size is a good compromise for this type of header use and it’s standard practice (e.g. for news sites).
  12. You need to use an underscore character.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Black Friday Sale—Buy one, get one free. Buy any of my products (Link) between November 11 and November 30 and get another one of my products with an equal or lower price free of charge. 1st) Buy the first product. 2nd) write me a PM or email telling me which product you bought and which one you like for free. The special is only valid as described above. No variations. No negotiations. Pages SuperDirectory is a set of Pages templates to create directory sections on your site using Pages databases. Use the full power of Pages combined with a beautiful and engaging template set. You can create any type of directory: Job boards, company directories, links from your field, developers on your site … whatever you want! Check out the live demo! >Live Demo< What’s needed: IPS 4.4 in their most recent version with the Pages application. You should be familiar with setting up Pages database. Your database should use multiple categories and the record image. What is included: A Pages template set for the views: record listing, category listing and record view A settings plugin to customize the directory databases detailed installation instructions as PDF Detailed Feature Description: All featured ordered by template view: General: User Mode. Choose to either feature the record image (default) or the creator avatar (for a directory of members on your site.) Header background color Header foreground color Header background opacity Support for category images using the Category Images app by All Astronauts Category View: Show search form (Yes/No) “Add Record” button on homepage (Yes/No) Use custom header image (linked file as URL) Set custom image as OG:image to make your directory homepage look good on Social Media (Yes/No) FontAwesome record icon (shows next to the record count) Number of category columns (1/2/3) Show sidebar on index (Yes/No) Listing View: Number of record columns (1/2/3/4/6) Show record creator (Yes/No) Show record stats (Yes/No) Show reviews/ratings (Yes/No) Show sidebar on listing view (Yes/No) Show moderation checkboxes (Yes/No) Record View: Show record stats (Yes/No) Show reviews/ratings (Yes/No) Show creation time (Yes/No) Show record creator (Yes/No) Show follow button (Yes/No) Show tags (Yes/No) Show creator contact button to create an on-site private message (Yes/No) Show sidebar on record view (Yes/No) Special features: Turn an image upload field in a mini gallery: Activate the User Mode to create a directory of community members with an option to contact them:


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