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  1. opentype

    Pages SuperBlocks (Support Topic)

    What’s the website? Reducing the amount of posts on mobile is a feature, not a bug. It shouldn’t hide the most recent ones though.
  2. You remember incorrectly. The rule applies since Unicode 2.0 (1996). Emoji were first encoded with Unicode 6.0 (2010).
  3. From the IPS software? From the Unicode standard? I can provide an answer for the latter: https://www.unicode.org/policies/stability_policy.html
  4. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    Yes, you can use categories. That is still correct. But you keep asking about “linking a category”, which I keep telling you is not possible. Databases are linked. The process of connecting your two 2 databases does not change at all just because you use categories.
  5. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    I just answered that. This isn’t possible. You can only link to an entire database.
  6. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    You don’t. You can only point to the entire database as described in the instructions. This can both be an advantage or disadvantage for your specific case. If it gets too complex for you with the categories, you don’t have to use them and just create always 2 database for each review topic.
  7. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    The instructions stay the same. You can cross-link it however you like really. You can combine different review object trough categories or keep them separate through individual databases. Depends on how you want to present that on your site. And you can have the actual reviews in separate databases or in one separated through categories. All possible.
  8. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    Sorry, I was talking about the black background of the database link field. The header area can’t be changed. It’s up to you to turn on the Record Image field for the review database. If you do that, people can add a main image for each review and that will appear in that header area. If there is no image, it will look like it does now. As you can see here on my demo site: https://www.opentype.space/mode3reviews/
  9. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    It’s the database relationship field. I don’t know much about your site or the stuff you want to review. If different objects need different review options, then you either need to: – use categories in your reviews database and turn different fields per category on and off – or use different databases for the reviews.
  10. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    That’s correct this way. You can turn off the black background if you want in the field settings. I would also recommend to make that field required, so every review has to have linked entry being reviewed. Showing the field makes sense for the listing view, since the rest of the review (title, images) doesn’t necessarily show WHAT is being reviewed. Yes. Put a link somewhere. In the sub-menu, the sidebar, wherever. You can directly link to the form to create a new review record. Sure, you can use categories. You can use anything that Pages can do. That’s the beauty of building this on top of Pages. 😉
  11. opentype

    5.0 - A Discussion

    Yep. While it sounds good in theory, it was tried over and over again on so many sites, but it failed and was removed. It remains a back end feature for all sorts of services, but only there.
  12. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    The cross-link option appears when you select database relationship:
  13. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    You go to the “Fields” listing of the Review Users database. There you click Create New and follow the rest of the instructions.
  14. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    In the database settings.