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  1. @Sonya* I’m sure it’s all like you say and I remember the earlier discussion about that. I’m just not sure what the conditions are that require that dynamic rewriting of the values, which makes testing difficult. How are the times wrong? Are they shifted a certain amount or what is the exact problem? I don’t want to change the code blindly. I need to replicate the problem. I don’t see it happening on my installations.
  2. Did you change your server settings as well? My guess is, your current settings don’t allow loading the external files. From the product page: your php.ini settings need to allow loading external files (allow_url_fopen)
  3. What exactly does “doesn’t function” mean? It should just continue to work as it does on my demo page: https://www.opentype.space/supershow/supershow-demo/
  4. Not sure where you went wrong, but the process should definitely work as described. You can copy the template and customize them. There is also nothing special about the front page vs. other templates.
  5. It’s just a template set for a Pages database. The core functionality will therefore be identical to what Pages databases can do. If you aren’t familiar with that yet, you can learn more about it in IPS’ Guides section. That answers all the questions about fields, who can create records and so on. The customization options that differ from a stock Pages database are explained on the product page. Anything not listed there or not available in a standard Pages database, isn’t supported. No.
  6. IPS’ function only hides the content of a post. The post container still appears and you are able to reveal the content. Miss B’s version makes it so that nothing appears at all. I wish IPS would install it here. 😉
  7. No. It displays a link to reload the page manually.
  8. Well, I could check it out with ACP access, but I wouldn’t do anything else than what I already suggested.
  9. It means the plugin CSS isn’t working at all. Make sure the plugin is turned on. Remove everything from custom.css and try again. If it starts working then, you have problematic code in your custom.css.
  10. It’s not set to use the most recent. It takes the first attachment that IPS returns as “content image” (and IPS controls that function). You can see it on my demo site: This topic has a monument as the first image and then later a street view. The SuperTopics page shows the monument, as expected. So I don’t see anything to change or fix.
  11. Just upload an attachment into the first post right when you create it. Topics do not have (stock) “featured images”. So they don’t get replaced. They don’t even exist.
  12. I haven’t researched that in detail, but I believe one problem is that images are processed on the server (e.g. to create thumbnails) and that requires server-side support, which there is no guarantee of at this time of for the majority of IPS customers.
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