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  1. Not to say this isn’t a valid feature request, but for now you could also try the ban settings to disallow certain characters.
  2. Space bug?

    Posting such cropped screenshots is pointless. How should anyone deal with this? Should we guess what page it is? Or what theme modifications you might have done or what widgets you might have place on the side?
  3. I wouldn’t know how this would even be feasible. Every third-party developer needs to take care of the code compatibility with newer releases. For IPS to enforce something in this regard, they would have to permanently monitor every line of code of every third-party script and then warn or block the sale if there could be problems. That’s just not possible. You might care for clubs, but that is just one of hundreds of features. So just focussing on this one aspect alone also wouldn’t make much sense.
  4. Pages SuperGrid support

    There is a setting in the plugin settings to use either thumbnails or full size images for the listing pages. That’s the only thing controlled by SuperGrid. The resolution of the the two image sizes is controlled through the database settings. Everything else is just browser rendering.
  5. Email Address Confirmation

    Login with a previously created member account – not an admin, not a new test account (since that is set as confirmed instantly).
  6. 4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    All product types have one thing in common: selling something. (And as a result: payment providers, tax settings and so on.) To rip that apart again and offer it in parts makes as much sense to me as offer linear forums and Q&A forums separately. And as a user of Commerce, the parts that don’t interest me don’t make it odd or bloated at all. The hosting packages for example are nothing but a single ACP link I can ignore.
  7. Mobile friendly header suggestion

    My site doesn’t look like that. Tom_K has created that as mock-up.
  8. Pages SuperTopics (Support Topic)

    I consider it for the next major release.
  9. Generate profile photos

    If one is concerned about the loading speed, once can just turn the letter avatars off. No one is forcing you to use them. Doing it without images is possible, but it leads to all sort of new problems.
  10. 4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    Pretty sure you don’t have to do that and it’s all automatic.
  11. Pages SuperTopics (Support Topic)

    I added it for SuperQuotes, where it makes most sense. Would you want to show random articles or what would be the purpose?
  12. Ask these developers: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8515-sd-outdate-emails/ https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/6877-mail-bouncer/
  13. Email Address Confirmation

    There are at least two plugins for handling bounces already on the marketplaces.
  14. Email Address Confirmation

    From the feature request to the Marketplace product in just 24 hours. Nice!
  15. Have you deleted the plugin and installed it from scratch? Are you on 4.2.7? If both are true and the plugin was set up correctly, that problem shouldn’t appear anymore. I can confirm this for all my plugins. I don’t know Brian’s code though.