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  1. You can add a WYSIWYG block below each SuperBlocks block with a “more” link to the sections. That should work and look fine.
  2. At this point, it’s only a proposal. I don’t think it will become law. At least not in the way it is proposed. However, the reasoning is understandable and far from “insane”. In fact, one could easily argue the opposite: It could be considered insane that the online world is so far behind the “offline” developments we had in civilized societies – and that, among many other things, is based on responsibilities. There is a reason you can’t drive around without a license plate for example. There is a reason police can stop you and ask you for your ID or bring you in to identify you. You can harm others in the real world and you can’t just run away from that by simply being anonymous. But you can still do that online. And that has become a global and serious problem. The internet is not just a place anymore where a few nerds and scientists write in newsgroups. It’s part of our daily life now and affects e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. You have millions of illegal activities going on every day, terror attacks planned, teenagers cyber-bullied and driven into suicide, elections in other countries changed by bots, fake news believed by millions and turned into violence and hundreds of other such things. It’s not as simple as “But muh freedom!“. The negative effects need to mitigated in some way, because the harm they cause can be greater than the benefits of our freedoms. Finding the right balance won’t be easy, but complete anonymity clearly also doesn’t work. And people who think otherwise probably just haven’t been on the receiving end of the problems it can cause.
  3. That’s what I did originally, but it caused all sorts of problems, since I have no control or knowledge of what the theme is actually doing. So I had to enforce a color in the end. You could override it in your theme’s custom.css if it doesn’t look good: .SG_record_right_with_image { background-color: #777777; } Or if that doesn’t work: .SG_record_right_with_image { background-color: #777777 !important; }
  4. I just call an IPS Community Suite color field. IPS provides the functionality of it. I won’t touch that.
  5. By the way: One test user can easily be enough. I usually just keep the ACP open as admin in one browser tab and then test with the test account in a separate tab. To perform various checks, I just change the test user’s groups in the ACP tab. That’s as fast as it can get.
  6. If that would happen on my site, I would put a paragraph in my ToS, explaining why such major changes to existing posts are not a good idea and then point people there.
  7. I get the point, but what’s the use case for it? I’ve never noticed this behavior, since there is never a case where I would want to do that. If I edit a post as a user, I usually make minor corrections, like correcting a typo. If I make changes as admin, I usually remove stuff, e.g. a questionable link. I wouldn’t want to add anything substantial to existing posts. That would be highly confusing in the flow of the discussion.
  8. I looked at your forum page and see SuperTopics, but with customizations. Unless I can’t replicate it on a clean stock installation like my demo page, I won’t invest time looking for bugs, which might have been introduced by someone else change the original code.
  9. Even more proof, that is a different issue. Nope.
  10. That’s not a SuperGrid problem.
  11. Huh? I have not said anything about the number of fields. I spoke about the field types. For example: You can’t properly show the full editor in the sidebar, as you would need for an WYSIWYG editor field. You cannot properly show the unlimited uploads one could add to an image upload field. And so on. That’s by no means an extreme scenario. It’s just what logically follows from your feature request.
  12. Again, why? You’re just claiming these things. And I would imagine a lot of field types are not “friendly” at all to edit in a narrow sidebar.
  13. https://stripe.com/docs/stripe-js/reference#including-stripejs
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