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  1. Well, the suggestion would be not to put text on the edges. The images are shown using the CSS background image mode “cover”, so whatever the aspect ratio, there will be no “black bars” on either side. The image is scaled up so it goes from every edge to every opposing edge. But that also means, things can be cut off in one of the two directions. But the calendar does that as well, so that’s not something that needs to be solved just for SuperBlocks.
  2. You need to use the template syntax as explained here on several pages. https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/template-syntax/introduction-to-template-syntax-r137/
  3. So what are you trying to achieve? If you want to make a feature request to IPS, you would need to use the Feature Suggestions forum. But you posted in Help & Support, so I assumed you are looking for exactly the kind of help I provided. Telling you how you can achieve what you asked for. It’s kind of weird not to say “thank you” but “it’s too much work” for you.
  4. It kind of exist already. You just need to create a custom Pages block from the widget you need permissions for.
  5. Sure. It’s a language string of the suite with the ID “user_feedback”. ACP → Customization → Languages → Translate
  6. Then next time, when you don’t understand something in the product description—especially when it’s marked as required—, please ask in advance. That’s what the support topics are also for. “Record Image” is the official name of that field. I need to be able to simply call it that. It is impossible to explain every possible term I use in the product description or to explain the general usage of Invision Community regarding such functions. The latter is done through IPS’ Guides section. I do understand that very well. That’s why I go to great lengths to avoid such problems by:
  7. The product descriptions is very clear about that. It specifically says that the Record Image is “required”. In addition, it’s useful to have that anyway, since it also used for streams, social media sharing and so on. It certainly is on my demo page for SuperGrid so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. There shouldn’t be additional titles (or the author information shown in the screenshot) at the top of the content area and my product didn’t put them there. If you or other authors of your articles put them there, that problem was caused when these artic
  8. It’s because you are focused on the conferencing tools, which are either not meant for streaming to begin with or only offer streaming for a lot of money. Look for streaming solutions. On platforms like YouTube, live streaming with multiple people (and open invites) is a very normal thing and like I said, there are tons of free and commercial solutions available which can feed into platforms like YouTube. Online solutions for this can even push the stream out to all big platforms at once.
  9. Well, you are in the right place. If you have problems, describe them here in the support topic.
  10. Kind of. You can create a new page with Pages and then add the Activity Stream widget on it. It doesn’t allow you to chose an existing stream, but there are some settings to create a custom stream. You can also link a custom stream as “home” link from the menu, but that wouldn’t automatically picked up from other places like the logo. I am actually using that on one of my sites and I customized the logo template to link to “discover/6/”
  11. The client area or that chat window doesn’t really show that this is an option.
  12. Hard to say without access to the page. Could be a CSS issue.
  13. Not much clearer. Maybe give some specific examples. Are you saying if I am subscribed to product A for $20, I can also get product B for $20, even though it is meant to cost $50?
  14. Feed blocks are meant to show just a few entries (latest, featured, and so on). That’s by design. If you want to add a link, you would have to do that yourself, e.g. as a WYSIWYG block.
  15. I read it all 3 times, but I don’t understand what you are asking.
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