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  1. I’ve unsubscribed again. Not sure who the target audience of this series is, but it feels like they are explaining what a search engine is to a child. I’m not learning anything from this.
  2. You could try the other option of this global setting: While I understand your criticism, I doubt they want to restyle the blogs look based on where its shown.
  3. It uses the header image if there is one, since it is picture-based like a newspaper/magazine homepage. You can check it out on the demo page: https://www.opentype.space/superblocks/
  4. The “iOS” was auto correct I assume? Still not perfectly sure what you are reporting. You don’t see the option to chose the article template or you see it, but don’t see the option of choosing a SuperReviews template? That means what it says. 😉 Every database must be placed on a page or most of the functionality won’t be available.
  5. If I would need this functionality on a certain page of mine, I would just NOT use the stock sidebar at all and instead use the IPS grid or column system to create a separate column. But since that would be delivered through the record template, there would be no limitations of what is available there.
  6. I can’t replicate that, so the only way to investigate this further would be with ACP access.
  7. I have that problem as well. I constantly forget to “unfeature”, since I rarely check my calendar page.
  8. I think they made it less aggressive in the latest release, but as the screenshot shows, you haven’t upgraded yet.
  9. I understand where you are coming from with this, but pondering default tabs isn’t the right solution. An empty club can indeed be confusing. This could be solved by having an “assistant process” started when clubs were just created. Just like the Complete Your Profile feature. It could tell the owner on the main page “You haven’t added any sections to your clubs yet. Do that now.” … “You haven’t invited any members yet. Here is a link to do that” and so on.
  10. What CSS? There are several calls and SuperBlocks doesn’t add any new calls since the CSS is merged in. So again, the page rendering start is completely unaffected. That was my point from the beginning. In either case: yes, I have considered and tested all available options of how images can potentially be displayed and there are no plans to make any changes to SuperBlocks, SuperGrid and all my other templates using background images.
  11. The point was: background images with known dimensions are not needed to start the page rendering. That’s was the only point of that sentence.
  12. Whitelisting is not needed for admins, since they usually are allowed to post any HTML, but for members things will get stripped if it is not explicitly allowed.
  13. Looks like it. You would just have to take the embed code and feed the album id in there through the button. Also, you would need to whitelist the iframe source.
  14. This suggest, I wouldn’t have built this with mobile in mind, which is flat out wrong. That’s … a) a matter of taste. One could also argue, that space is precious on mobile devices and that having a headline taking up 70% of an iPhone screen (like your examples) is a terrible thing to do. b) My template usually use theme classes, which means I do not control the font sizes. They come from the theme and are changed through the theme. That can be changed in the SuperGrid settings. (Hero image aspect ratio)
  15. It’s explained in the instructions PDF. (scroll to the end)
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