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  1. What if I told you there is nothing wrong with that? Ad-financed websites run a simple deal: we provide a service for free—you pay for it with just your attention to ads. That’s it. If people aren’t willing to “pay” this way, then we don’t need to serve them. It’s not like they are doing us a favour using our site. THEY are the ones wanting to use our service. They want to get their questions answered in our forums. They want to learn from the articles we write and so on. So either they agree to our conditions, or they might be blocked from using our services. Imagine a fare dodger
  2. You’re probably running outdated templates. Delete them and install the latest versions.
  3. Tests started this week. The app is in the app stores and sites which have already upgraded to 4.5 can apply for it.
  4. Custom CSS goes in custom.css It won’t be touched during an upgrade. Changes in templates need to be dealt with manually.
  5. This option currently exists, but it was removed from the upcoming version—among others for security reasons.
  6. I think the “copy link” code can be turned into an auto embed, just like with YouTube. Probably better suited for a third-party plugin though without the oEmbed. But I let Nathan go first. 😉
  7. This sounds a bit strange. The point of the permission system is that content without access wouldn’t appear at all, so clicking on it and receiving an error shouldn’t even happen. Not that I have anything against the request to have category specific error messages. One option to consider would be to use field permissions instead of category permissions. That’s what I use in my Typography.Guru Academy section, which shows and limits content access based on three member groups (guest/normal member/paying member). Even as guest you will be able to access EVERY record, but the course
  8. What would you want to embed? The 30-seconds previews? Looks like that is all they provide. And where do they access this to potentially share it? In iTunes?
  9. Sorry. I didn’t understand that. There are no SuperHelp databases. SuperHelp is just styling through templates. The record content is handled through the Pages databases, but dealing with those is not related to the SuperHelp product so you better ask in the peer-to-peer forums.
  10. By the way: The Patreon API is no longer actively maintained. https://www.patreoncommunity.com/t/an-update-on-patreon-s-api/8628
  11. Automatic payments are already a user’s choice. Without them, renewals don’t have to be paid and will just expire. 4.5 also adds trial periods.
  12. It’s a developer feature originally made for app logins and anyone creating apps for Apple platforms needs a developer account anyway. So for most (i.e. app developers), it doesn’t even make a difference. They don’t need to pay anything extra. I doubt Apple even cares about sales in regards to that feature. They created a developer feature and naturally added it to their developer program.
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