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  1. No, it’s not a bug. The plugin has settings where you can chose to either show more or less images, or hi-res and lo-res images depending on the content type. And as said before, there needs to be a proper image in the content to begin with.
  2. Websites are sold all the time. Regarding privacy concerns: Send out one or two emails several weeks in advance and tell the registered members about the upcoming change of ownership. Give them a clear chance to delete their account before the actual change of ownership.
  3. How about an option to not do any of that? It’s not really an honest poll without it. I disagree. “Go back” is a browser feature. It doesn’t need to be on the page at all. Have you considered to place the Similar Content block on your page, e.g. the forums? That does what you want.
  4. Looks all correct from what I can see. So not sure what to suggest. I could have a look at it in your ACP if you set up an admin account.
  5. You need to set up a page with the article database, yes. Categories are optional.
  6. Okay. I can’t see the behavior in my main browser (Safari), but I do see it in Firefox. I make a note and probably resolve it in the next maintenance release. The issue is too minor to offer a new version just for this I’m afraid. In the meantime, you can either perform these actions in the ACP or you can (temporarily or permanently) turn off the plugin setting to turn the images into links. That also resolves the issue.
  7. You’re missing what that means for the users. It‘ not like they see a blank screen until the 2 MB are fully loaded. The page rendering will start exactly at the same time, with or without lazyload, if the image dimensions are known. With lazyload, there might be a tiny loading advantage above-the-fold and then a disadvantage of newly introduced wait time while scrolling. Without lazyload you don’t have that scrolling wait time, but a slightly slower above-the-fold finish time. Again, I tested this and could not see clear benefits for a typical use of my template products and even a considerably worse experience in some cases. You could, but I do not recommend it. If you modify any template, you can’t receive updates for it anymore. Also keep in mind that native browser lazyload is coming. I’m happy to support that in the future, since it is a proper and elegant solution. JavaScript-based lazyload really is not.
  8. It takes the first attachment from the topic.
  9. The changes are mostly for the desktop view.
  10. It will show images, when there are attachments uploaded to the topic.
  11. See product description: It will not work on embedded Imgur images.
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