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  1. I provided one code snippet. I doubt anyone would take the time to go through all possible ones for you for free. But you can hire a theme designer to customize your site however you like: https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers/
  2. Haven’t met anyone in over 2 weeks now. I stay connected through social media and now post on YouTube every week as long as the quarantine lasts. https://www.youtube.com/user/TypographyGuru/videos I also got back to learning a few complicated juggling tricks. 🙂
  3. I can’t help you there. That’s an IPS app. You could open a support ticket with IPS if you are unsure about buying/installing/activating Pages.
  4. ACP → Pages → Templates → Upload Templates Just follow the steps in the installation PDF. 🙂
  5. That is normal. It’s a template set for the Pages application. The templates are installed inside the Pages application.
  6. It is possible with the normal permission system. You just have to apply the permissions on the category level, not the item level. But in the feeds where all items are mixed, it still leads to the result you are asking for. You can also use Pages feed blocks which have the option to ignore user permissions, so you get a proper preview without view access of the entry.
  7. You are probably missing that changing the Pages record image pixel sizes only affects new uploads. You would need to raise those values (in the Pages database settings) and then upload the images again to avoid low-res images.
  8. Yeah, yeah. You favorite trick/excuse for years, isn’t it? You make questionable claims. People correct your questionable claims or provide counter-arguments. You claim “I’m being attacked and the victim here”. You have done this in so many discussions I’ve seen you taken part in—even many of the coding discussions which aren’t even connected to political views or anything subjective. Either you are right and people agree or you are the victim. It’s the definition of ignorance since it excludes the possibility of you ever being wrong. Oh, the irony. He complains about “mischaracterization” of his own words in the last sentence, while in multiple posts and even the very SAME paragraph (first sentence) he characterizes all opposing posts repeatedly as a “the sky is falling” or “end of the world” point of view, which of course is completely wrong and as such absolutely dishonest—no one has gotten even close to make such claims. The extremeness of this exaggeration and mischaracterization is either deliberate and designed to provoke (just like it provokes me to point it out right here) or alternatively, it demonstrates that someone A) isn’t able to have a reasonable discussion and needs this kind of simplification and mischaracterization of opposing view to protect his own believes and B) doesn’t even see the blatantly obvious irony and logical fallacy in his own words—even if he does the very own thing he criticises in the very same paragraph! I’m not absolutely sure which option it is, but both pretty much disqualify from any good, fruitful and reasonable discussions and instead put at least the result of such comments (intended or not) in the same category as plain-old trolling. I still vote for closing this topic since it contains potentially harmful opinions which outweigh the benefits of having a discussion, but alternatively, Aiwa’s solution is the second-best thing … 😉 https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/456033-has-the-coronavirus-effected-your-life/page/10/?tab=comments#comment-2813933
  9. Have you heard the phrase “flattening the curve lately”? It’s been blasted all over the news and social media platforms. It’s also your answer. It’s still spreading exponentially, which in turn means the healthcare system will be overwhelmed, which leads to even more deaths, including people with other health issues. If you or a family member of yours suffers from a stroke tomorrow and no doctor has time to help, you (and the other armchair-scientist here) would maybe finally get it and stop writing all this crap. The virus can’t be stopped. The goal of the shut-downs down is to slow it down as much as necessary to keep the health-care system going and by that avoid tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths. That’s it. And all of that is completely different to expected seasonal infections, which don’t overwhelm the health-care system, because they are, well, expected. So stop making that comparison guys! The graphs clearly show that the worst is yet to come. So comparing typical flu deaths per season (i.e. finished events) to current Covid-19 deaths is incredibly stupid, when the infection curve is still on a linear or even exponential climb with no end in sight. Seriously, does this even need explaining? Can’t you do math or read graphs? And just because some people can do the math and think ahead doesn’t mean they are “panicking”. They have a reasonable expectation based on evidence. Yes, panic buying (essentially an emotional reaction rooted in fear) counts as panicking. Understanding what is about to happen is not. Those two things shouldn’t be lumped together so easily. Just because people take this seriously, doesn’t mean they are “panicking”. The shut-downs need to last as long as necessary to achieve the mentioned goal. Because the consequences of not doing it (i.e. tens of thousands of avoidable deaths) are of course more severe than other things like lost profits. Again, does this even need explaining? Do you rather want to earn less money next month or bury your family members? It’s not that hard. Once countries are over the peak and vaccines are in place for the expected coming waves, things can of course get back to normal. Just more “arm-chair expert” opinion. Stop it. You aren’t a doctor or virologist. You have no idea what you are talking about. Either you can provide scientific sources for your claims or you shouldn’t make them. The incubation period of this virus is long enough (several days, maybe even up to 14 days or more) so it can constantly spread through people who don’t even have symptoms yet. That’s why the shut-downs and the social distancing are the only way to slow it down considerably. Just reacting after the symptoms (which is essentially your claim) has demonstrably not worked. That’s what Italy tried. So your opinion on that isn’t just demonstrably wrong, it’s even dangerous. You could have it right now and have already infected others with nothing else than touching door knobs, while giving us your opinion here on how sick people supposedly should behave. Go with that data and Listen to the science guys, not uninformed opinions (as in this topic) of people, who have no background in health or science and who’s opinions don’t align with reason and the facts.
  10. There are two possible solutions: 1. Change the thumbnail size in your Pages database settings: Important: Changing this value will NOT change anything at first. This will only have an effect once you upload new images. 2. Use full resolution images in the listing You can change this by turning off thumbnails in the SuperGrid plugin settings: This will work instantly, but the pages will load a little bit slower.
  11. He says, in 4.4 it’s not as bad or “critical” since it only affects sorting by rating for “ratings” not “reviews”.
  12. It’s defined in the theme’s CSS and there are tons of of different font size declarations. So there is no simple setting or way to raise the font sizes in general. As a start, you can try to add this to your custom.css: .ipsType_normal { font-size: 19px; }
  13. To be fair to the support staff, that is exactly what the general support department is supposed to do when you contact them. They advise on the software usage and explain your options, i.e. in this case, the option to turn it off. They aren’t in a position to decide to change that feature, nor to do it themselves instantly. If anything, they can pass it along to other team members who make those decisions. So I don’t really know what you expected from them that justifies this condescending tone.
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