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  1. Wait‽ So so you got the mail that tells you your card will be charged and then when exactly that happens you complain? You could have removed your card before it was charged.
  2. It’s not a secret by the way. It’s a subscription product. You get an invoice after “x” months with no appropriate payment methods on file or it is charged automatically with appropriate payment methods on file. An email is sent to you in advance, telling you that. Here is an example:
  3. So I announced a few Commerce products with a newsletter and sold them instantly this way. Problem is: I sold more than I actually have! 😰 Because people over here like to pay with wire transfer, so the payment is processed manually. But until the payment is confirmed by me, the product stays available for other people to order! So orders can pile up, even if I am already of of stock. Or is there a way to prevent this already? If not, please add an option to put products on hold/out of stock if they were ordered with “manual payments” until the order was canceled.
  4. Well, I might want to drop my Facebook login method – e.g. in the light of all the recent privacy and hacking issues.
  5. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    Nope. Or I would have done that already. 😉 The reviews in this mode link in to the item being reviewed. As long as there is nothing linking in, the item template doesn’t know the external database. But you know, so you can easily put an “add review” link in the secondary navigation bar for example.
  6. They are measuring totally different things. An ad spot view is counted when there is a view of that ad spot. Google Analytics is something very different. It’s supposed to show visitors of your site. It will usually exclude bot activity, it will not fire for anyone or any bot which blocks JavaScript in general or Google services in particular. And so on. Again: Check your server stats. They reliably measure what what actually requested and delivered.
  7. Both values could be right at the same time. I would check your server stats in comparison.
  8. opentype

    Pages SuperGrid support

    Your templates are out of date. You need to use the latest release of SuperGrid.
  9. And I asked you about the results, since I cannot see them myself since you don’t provide a test URL. You need to help me help you. Or we are stuck at “it doesn’t work”. I am unable to narrow down a potential cause this way. It works for everyone else except you. So something must be specific to your installation or the way you are doing this.
  10. It has nothing to do with the content of the post. It looks at attachments only. What did the Facebook debugger show? What is the URL you tested?
  11. opentype

    Better Club Integration into forums

    That’s already available. There is a global club setting to expose all club content in the respective apps, which as far as I can see works for fluid view as well.
  12. opentype

    Pages SuperBlocks (Support Topic)

    I use whatever IPS makes accessible through templates. If IPS doesn’t store thumbnails or doesn’t make them directly accessible in a template, I can’t offer that.
  13. Or just get over it and let it go. You had a chance to test the software thoroughly before you bought it – that’s what the demo option is for. Once you bought it, you bought it. There is usually no refund for software sales – especially not years(!) after the purchase. No software company will do that. You’re wasting your time asking for it.