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  1. opentype

    http://schema.org link is bad

    No. Outgoing links don’t need to be https and that has nothing to do with the security of the page itself (and how browsers warn about that.) Unsupported assertions.
  2. opentype

    The future of forums... let's talk!

    But that is the same for every website, including all social media services. How many times do people follow links to social media sites they don’t have an account with until they finally give in and register? Every view is an advertisement for your site and the “ad conversion” might happen much later.
  3. opentype

    The future of forums... let's talk!

    I’m still not understanding how you make a case against what you quotes as “legacy thinking”. Feels all very random and arbitrary to me. China, Instagram, diet VIPs … I’m loosing interest quickly. 😉 Sorry.
  4. opentype

    The future of forums... let's talk!

    So you cite and reject the notion of “plenty of original, quality content”, but a few sentences later you say: 🧐
  5. Wait! Are we talking about attachments or Gallery now? The attachment settings clearly state that the “the original image will be discarded”.
  6. Not necessarily. You can keep the global image attachments sizes as low as you want with “Maximum image dimensions to save”, “Maximum image dimensions to display” and your image compression settings.
  7. opentype

    Change the name of a topic

    Are you talking about admins? They can just hold-and-click the title to change to change it from various areas. Very convenient I would say.
  8. opentype

    Team Talk: What's on your bookshelf?

    Do I win for “book count”?
  9. You misunderstood that. I agree to the original point. Commerce categories need their own permissions, just like they have in other apps.
  10. opentype

    Pages SuperBlocks (Support Topic)

    One entry will fill the entire width and if there is an image, it will be used as background image over the entire width. That is intentional. There are image settings in the plugin settings to show more or less images. But you probably don’t want to remove the background image as that is one of the key features why people use this block template over the default one.
  11. opentype

    Pages SuperBlocks (Support Topic)

    No. You can choose from 6 different layouts connected to the number of entries in a block. The layouts itself cannot be changed. But you can add multiple blocks to the same page for more variations.
  12. opentype

    Pages SuperBlocks (Support Topic)

    Can you provide an URL or screenshot. I am not really sure what you are asking.
  13. opentype

    Pages SuperReviews (Support Topic)

    Not at this point,no.
  14. opentype

    Delete My Account

    Keep in mind that this app is only a better interface for IPS’(!) delete function.