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  1. It's not that I know much about your language (I'm afraid I don't know anything, although I've been there before), it's just that I'm familiar with languages in general. I haven't often found solutions for my own language, so the mistakes are still in there on my site. I did have the thought that what I could do was to write a plugin to change some of the templates into using new language strings (word_acc, word_gen, word_dat etc) for the various cases. I suppose that might work but it would take a long time to do, especially for someone like me who isn't an experienced coder.
  2. I know what you're saying but it's not going to work if you just list individual language strings every time you find one. It needs to be something much more systematic. The problem you're describing there is a result of our having to define individual words for things like a blog entry, a post, a topic, a file. Those words are then dropped into other strings such as "%s added %s", "%s replied to %s", "%s reacted to %s", and so on. In English, you can just insert those words, which is why the system works. But for our languages, the grammatical role of the thing being inserted changes depending on the construction, and so the word is modified. Several of us have raised these thing in the past but realistically, we're such a small part of the market and the changes would be so intensive, that I think we're not likely to get them in 4.x. Our best bet is probably to hope that IPS in 5.x is open to dropping the approach of inserting a string into various scenarios if English permits this, even though it makes it look inefficient to people looking at the code and thinking that the other approach is better, because they only have English as a reference point.
  3. I know that @Mark is extremely keen on internationalization and that @Matt is the Pages guru, so it probably makes sense to draw their eyes to your suggestion. I think it could solve a lot of persistent problems faced by those of us using different languages.
  4. I initially thought to myself that this couldn't work (we have different numbers of cases and don't all use the same one in the same construction) but having reread your comment, I see now that it doesn't need to be complicated. In your design, each user can add rows and columns as required. I'm fortunate in that I only have two cases, so I would have a small matrix, whereas Russian has several so your grid would be larger. And then we adjust language strings to be something like "User added [x,y]", which would pick out from the grid, in my instance, a singular accusative, and English "a record/an entry" etc. Yes, I really think that could work.
  5. That's not actually an attempt to facilitate internationalisation but something required for English! You can't just add an s to create a plural in English (sheep > sheep, child > children, fly > flies), and the entry for indefinite article is there so that we can indicate whether the word should be preceded by a or an.
  6. He acknowledged that it's possible to do this within Pages Databases, which is what you've shown. He's referring to a standalone Page built with Pages, though. (The names can make life very unclear, unfortunately, so I don't blame you for not quite understanding what he's referring to.)
  7. Thank you for following up on this long-time request, Andy 🙂
  8. The app allows moderators to include or exclude items ...
  9. As though it's any other (external) URL.
  10. I'm not aware that IPS offers bulk purchases. I've never encountered this in the years I've been a regular user. Sales would be the team to contact for a proper answer: https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us/
  11. I thought this was a bug back in the day but the system recognises when the link relates to the suite. If you change its location later, the link updates too, so you don't actually need to worry about using relative links.
  12. Not a support request, so you might get aggrieved at my already going off-topic, but this looks great! This is another beautiful products added to the Super range. I particularly like the clever idea to create a search box which only checks for results within that particular database. Such a good idea!
  13. You can wrap the if-clause around just {$i}. so that you don't have to repeat everything else.
  14. As mentioned above, those of us on Android don't have the option of a tap, although I personally don't find scrolling to be an insurmountable problem.
  15. A friend has just pointed out that is that it's possible to click "mext unread topic" and be transported to a thread in which the only additional post since you last read it is by an ignored user. I don't know how feasible this is to implement but it would be handy to differentiate between a topic which has unread content in general and one in which the only new posts are ones which you wouldn't see anyway because they've been posted by users you've blocked.
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