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  1. Something for you, @Adriano Faria?
  2. I suppose that this is only a duplication on page 1 of a topic. It stops being so on subsequent pages. Perhaps removing this from page one only is a refinement which could be considered.
  3. It doesn't seem to be quite fixed, @Matt. Pagination is resulting in broken pages. For example, https://invisioncommunity.com/news/page/2/ is giving me Sorry, there is a problem That page does not exist. Error code: 2T251/4 Contact Us
  4. Yes, I'm sure Matt or Charles dropped a line at the time explaining that it would cost IPS a fortune to license FA5.
  5. It's been requested several times but I don't think it will return. Fortunately. there's a free plugin for people who want this functionality.
  6. This will go an awfully long way to making life a bit simpler for those of us with multilingual communities. Thank you for investing time into helping us.
  7. I've just popped by your site and it's definitely there: There's no reason, outside of customisation, that it shouldn't be there for you too. Perhaps you've not seen it; it's faded unless you hover over it. I confess, though, that I can't make it out in your screenshot.
  8. It doesn''t work for me either. It hadn't been working in the store of my own site recently, although it is for some reason today.
  9. IPS has been aware of this for over three years. It's not a simple fix for them, unfortunately. It's possible to do it yourself but IPS advises against taking this approach because it involves editing core files, meaning that it is unsupported.
  10. That's exactly where you're supposed to find the settings plugin. There are two files to install. The other file is for the templates.
  11. Correct. And the support team often offers courtesy changes, particularly if you don't have a history of often changing your URL, or the change is on the same domain, such as moving to a subdomain.
  12. The fees and renewal costs pay people's salaries. In return, we get top-class software with frequent updates, plus easy access to support. I don't expect anybody at the firm to work voluntarily, and don't view the renewal costs as unreasonable.
  13. It's nothing to do with robbery and everything to do with disincentivising people who run several licenses but keep all but one inactive, and then change their licensed URL frequently so that they can get support and upgrades without paying for them.
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