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  1. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Ah. Not sure what I can do to test then. It works fine with Chrome on my desktop and Android. Record it with Monosnap (which also lets you take screenshots and add arrows, text etc), then upload the saved video to ezgif.com/video-to-gif. It's a really quick process.
  2. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Thank you I suppose I don't like it because I'd prefer everything to look the same but if I do that I'll have broken the deal with my wife! Oh, that's strange. I've never seen that before. It's working fine for me: What browser/device are you using?
  3. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Here's one of my sites: http://timeofftakeoff.com/ What you see is Pages and opentype's SuperGrid. I'm not particularly happy with the front page; I know I need to work on some styling, such as changing the colour of the breadcrumbs rather than leaving them as their defaults. Unfortunately, my better half really didn't want to move on from our previous software and the only way I could get her to agree was if I made it look exactly the same, hence the difference in appearance between the front page and all the others. The SuperGrid record feed looks spectacular, so I have a feed on the front page showing our latest articles, and also appearing vertically on the categories page. We have a few private databases in there too, where we keep track of what future holiday plans are, come up with potential ideas, record our various jobs around the house which I'm late to do ... and try to keep track of my Asterix collection. It's always complicated going to a country, seeing Asterix and not being able to recall whether I have that particular one for that language. My main site is a work-in-progress. I need to pull my finger out and get it done soon, though!
  4. Move to Slovenia or Croatia. I've lived abroad before (two periods in France, one in Germany) but my much better half has never had that opportunity. Instead she's knuckled down, worked hard, and looks set to be mortgage-free by the time she's 37. She's also very good at Croatian, having started to learn it four or five years ago. She watches their news programmes, laughs at all the right points in the comedy programmes she watches, and reads novels in the language quicker than I can in English. What we've been speaking about recently is paying the mortgage off as soon as possible and then planning to have moved to either Croatia or Slovenia by the time she's 40. I'll be hoping to telecommute, she'll have earned the right to do anything she wants (even if that's nothing at all) after 20 years' doing a job she hates to provide for us, and we'll hopefully be able to make a bit of money renting out rooms, since we're planning on living in total isolation on top of a mountain or by a lake. She was mad keen on writing until she moved in with me, so I'm hoping she'll use her free time over there to give it a go once more and see about potentially getting published. And I'm sure there would be local publishers interested in a native English speaker who could translate from Croatian or Slovenian. The one catch is me finding a job where I can earn a bit of money by telecommuting. I've got six years to work on it Edit: From a purely personal point of view it probably would've been "get published" but I'm currently dealing with that one; the final manuscript is due in in December
  5. Can we get some love for Commerce?

    I had it explained to me by one of the team (I don't remember who) that they don't allow user-submitted content to be translatable because it opens up to problems, which is why I can't create blogs with translated titles any more. I don't know the specifics of the problem (I'm not a techie) but that's what I was informed was the thinking behind the decision. (They seem consistent with it too; if it can be created through the front end (blogs, clubs), it's not translatable. It seems to be only stuff that is created uniquely through the ACP which is.)
  6. QOTW: Let's talk about music

    I don't think you have to be an oldie to think that, @Mark H
  7. Can we get some love for Commerce?

    I don't think you'll get that since IPS don't allow translatable fields on the front end because of associated security risks. What I'm going to do in my case is grant our employee access to the ACP but only for Commerce.
  8. Multilang fields in Pages

    The lack of translatable options means we're restricted to single-language filters etc, @Matt. It's not good when we're using Language 2 but the fields, filters etc are displaying as 1:
  9. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Your advertisements cause display problems on mobile:
  10. Pages SuperGrid support

    Oh, I see what you mean. Sorry, I was explaining what opentype had written to you without actually paying attention to what your request was. What you'll need to do is edit a template, found under Pages > Templates. I think you'll need to edit Supergrid Categorylisting > index and Supergrid Frontpage > index. Here's what that the first looks like: <!-- edited out the code following opentype's subsequent post --> Add your HTML to that in an appropriate place, depending on where you want it to appear on the page, such as <h1 class='ipsType_pageTitle'>{$database->_title} – {lang="content_categories_title"}</h1><!-- This bit was already in the template --> <p class='something'>Whatever you wanted your text to be</p><!-- You've added this bit --> And then do something similar with Supergrid Frontpage > index.
  11. Pages SuperGrid support

    It's a standard setting for any field within a database. Pages > click on Fields where it appears under the relevant database > pencil icon for the relevant field. It's an option on the second tab, which contains listing and display settings.
  12. Pages SuperGrid support

    No, that's not it. Those are just standard images within the post. Those aren't record images. It should look like this: To get your record image you need to upload to the bit at the bottom of the form underneath the regular upload area. It's titled Image and the button reads Upload single file.
  13. Pages SuperGrid support

    I can't see your record image in the article. It's not there. So the main page is correct to use the fallback image. Can you see the image in the article?
  14. This seems very sensible to me, and I had the same thought when it was first introduced here and Charles and Matt seemed constantly to be contesting the top spot. It wasn't very inspiring, much as I think the concept itself is. And it won't be inspiring on my site either when people constantly see me in the top slot by virtue of the fact I have the most output. I need to have the option to exclude myself and leave it as something that quality regular posters can have their fifteen minutes of fun with.
  15. Pages SuperDocs support topic

    That sounds familiar. It happened to me a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to file a bug report. I don't have SuperDocs, so it's nothing to do with that.