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  1. Meddysong

    (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

    Oh, the triggering of "can't help you" if there's any thing which makes them think of customisation is very frustrating at times. I've fallen foul of reporting unexpected behaviour (ie custom.css not loading @import fonts) and been moved on because it's viewed as a customisation issue rather than functionality not working.
  2. He's not an American. Neither is half the team.
  3. Meddysong

    Guest Terms issue

    Oh, good point. I hadn't thought of that 🙂
  4. Meddysong

    Guest Terms issue

    I don't think it really matters, Adlago. Smart users are only ever going to see this bar once 🙂
  5. Meddysong

    Theme tester

    I'd be happy to try helping you 🙂
  6. Meddysong

    Pages SuperHelp support topic

    It's referring to this other plugin: If you've got it installed, then SuperHelp will use the images you've provided for the top categories.
  7. Meddysong

    Pages SuperHelp support topic

    Yep! And as best I can tell, that cog is a fairly recent edition. I've many bad memories of messing up a template set and wanting to start again, deleting one template, navigating to the next, rinse and repeat. Way easier this way 🙂
  8. Meddysong

    Outdated IPS CSS Framework

    As an aside, I've found it very enlightening to see Rikki adopt emerging norms in newer parts of the IPS site as they appear. There's use of flexbox, Bootstrap-style grids, adoption of BEM methodology for naming his CSS, use of a preprocessor for his stylesheets... I've no doubt that whatever the new norms are when IPS5 comes along, he'll be on top of it 🙂
  9. Meddysong

    Pages SuperHelp support topic

    Hover over the name of the template set and a cog icon appears. Click it and you'll see a button to delete the set.
  10. Meddysong

    Pages SuperHelp support topic

    I don't think that's a SuperGrid problem, Steve. I've periodically had the same problem with several template sets where even reverting to the original template won't save. The only thing you can do is punch the monitor (doesn't solve the problem, unfortunately) or try it again during a later session.
  11. Meddysong

    Pages SuperGrid support

    Give the links on this page a read to get your head around the terminology: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/suite-applications/pages/core-concepts/ Then after that have a go at building a very simply database using this guide: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/suite-applications/pages/building-a-recipe-section_360/
  12. Meddysong

    Team Talk: Show us your workstation

    It lacks the orderliness of everybody else's, I feel, but it's my attempt to look modern: two monitors with a laptop docked to them, etc. But yeah ... cables everywhere, shoved off to the side where they won't get in the way. And try not to notice that the main monitor is millimetres too tall for its location when connected to its own stand, so I've had to knock up a fairly rubbish wooden frame for it and wedge it in there. At least I have lighting, though! (It's a strip light, Matt, for added points!)
  13. Meddysong

    Announcements aren't translatable

    That won't be the reason it isn't offered. Feed blocks, for example, offer translatable titles, whether cached or not.
  14. The announcements feature is a nifty add-on but it's missing something by not being translatable. I get that you don't want front-end users to be able enter into translatable fields for XSS purposes but since the only people who can access this are mods and admins, can't they be trusted? Can you please consider assisting those of us who run multilingual sites? It would be especially helpful in cases like mine where pushing English over a minority one can sometimes be a sensitive issue.
  15. Meddysong

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    It's a Pages database using Opentype's SuperDocs template set: