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  1. Moving from self-hosting

    I would've ideally gone with a CitC package long ago, except that my site is multilingual and requires a locale not hosted on IPS's servers. But after lots of frustration, now in the form of an upgrade from to Beta 4 doing nothing but 500-ing with no indication in error logs as to why, I think it might be time for me to make the jump anyway and accept that some parts of the site will have to read from an English locale. Before I do, though, I have a few questions: 1) Since the package includes all the apps, what happens to my licence? Does that stay active and subject to renewal? (In other words, can I continue to use that licence but for another site at another domain?) 2) My domain name has email forwarders tied to it via my current server. Is it possible to recreate those forwarders with CitC? 3) Is there a way for me to identify which parts of templates pull information from the locale and then make a change so that they call from a language string instead? If so, could you please give me a quick example? (I understand the repercussions of changing templates and would take responsibility if my meddling caused my site to error.) Thank you in advance Tim
  2. Multilingual Article Site / Forum

    You face the same problem in all three of your scenarios, which is that IPS4 allows you to set up multilingual content for the infrastructure of your site (the headings, descriptions, buttons, menu items, etc) but not for the user-submitted content. That includes even stuff that you as an admin set up, such as a page in Pages.
  3. Clubs - renaming the term "Clubs"

    You can't just arbitrarily decide that instead of Clubs the word Guilds should be used. That might work in English but in other languages the form will sometimes change, depending on the sentence.
  4. This would be pretty useful for me. We'll be mostly giving things away free, but if people enjoy it and want to give us a buck or two, we'd be happy to take it as a tip.
  5. Contact Us

    Got it, mate. The FURL should look like this: app=cjcontact&module=contact&controller=contactus&cjcontact_departments_departments=3.
  6. Contact Us

    I'll try a support request and see whether they can help. Obrigado!
  7. Contact Us

    There are two things I have in mind: 1) I would prefer to use a FURL: 2) Even if I can't have that, I don't want index.php? to be in the URL. I tried this: but it's not working. Your link works fine but contains index.php?, which I don't want to have visible. I have the redirect in place in the ACP, so index.php? doesn't appear anywhere else. However, if I try (no index.php?), then it 404s. Any ideas?
  8. Contact Us

    Thank you, Adriano. And what about a FURL? /app=core&module= ... ?
  9. Contact Us

    How would I create a link to a specific department, Adriano? What I mean is that I have the standard menu item which leads to /contactus. Then the user has to choose the department. What I'd like to do in one particular case, though, is put a link on the page to a specific department, so that the user doesn't have to select the appropriate one. If the department id=3, what would my link look like?
  10. New: Clubs

    Charles has said that they're looking at extra club types but if they don't go this far, then I'd like a Club where the members can create new content (start a new topic, add a blog entry or event) but other people can only add to it (ie posts, comments and reviews).
  11. New: Clubs

    It dawned on me that I could create a secondary member group and then assign it to a group blog but i) I don't really want to add new member groups every time something like this comes along, and ii) that puts the emphasis on me as the admin to be adding members (by moving them to secondary groups) instead of the person who's nominally in charge.
  12. New: Clubs

    I've been playing on the fullaccess preview and trying to make sense of the descriptions of the different club types. I don't think my permutation exists. I want something that anyone can read and comment on but only club members can post new content. In my case, my club members will be authorised to write blogs which the general public can see and comment on. But because they're short texts in a language which people are learning, I can only have approved people (ie members) adding the entries. I can't seem to get that working. Whether I have an open or closed club, people who aren't members can't see the blog entries. They can see that there are x entries in the blog header, but get the message "there are no blog entries" when they scroll down. Is this working as intended?
  13. ACP Languages

    I agree.
  14. News system

    It's built using the Pages app, which comes with an articles database already set up within the system. IPS has customised the theme on its site, though.
  15. New: Clubs

    This is ... astounding. I can't imagine what you'll come up with next to trump these last two announcements!