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  1. I'm on 4.4.4 and manually running my tasks because my site is offline, so I don't have visitor traffic. I've just run the task updatecheck and received the following message: The task ran successfully and produced the following output: Custom Language Strings: Response is missing a required field I don't know whether this is of any use to you.
  2. Was there ever a tutorial? I don't remember it. The Pages Database tutorial in Guides was for recipes.
  3. I don't have it on my site anymore but it used the default templates for Pages Databases anyway. The only thing I created were the fields ('Open', 'Closed', 'Pending'). That's easy to do. Mine were customised so that the colour was different for each one. You can see the code to do that above your post.
  4. Because, as I've explained every time you've asked this, club names and descriptions can be created on the front of the site. Nothing created on the front can be translatable. My understanding is that there's an XSS risk when adding translations and so it's only possible when creating in the ACP because only admins have access.
  5. It looked to be a tall order, creating a site in another language, allowing people to sign in with Facebook or Twitter, and customising the appearance and functionality. Invision Community came with an extendable stepladder. Job done! Tim Owen, https://uea.facila.org/
  6. That particular plugin doesn't show as compatible with 4.4 anyway. I don't think I'd purchase something for my 4.4 site which wasn't listed as compatible with it and then complain that I'd been tricked out of my money if it didn't work, but I suppose that could just be me...
  7. Ah, I see. There could be times when the fourth Saturday of the month comes five Saturdays later rather than four, so "repeat every four weeks" wouldn't work. Yes, I see the problem for that case. You're correct, I don't think that Calendar currently handles that.
  8. I agree. So it's a good thing that it can already handle that Click 'This event repeats' when adding a new one and go from there.
  9. On Calendar, titles are truncated if they are longer than the row can contain. Good for one-day events but not for those which span several days: The month view on this calendar isn't as pretty as IPS's but it does hold one clear advantage when it comes to multi-day events: It would be nice to see the same spanning rather than truncation in IPS's Calendar app too.
  10. (You might've noticed that IPS's own blog, which has categories, is built using Pages rather than Blog. That tells a story, doesn't it?)
  11. No chance. We've been asking for categories for years.
  12. I don't think it's possible to do this but if I'm wrong, please show me how to pull it off :) Sometimes I might want to batch products together, making it possible for people to buy Good A and Good B as a single unit, say a two-volume set of books or an attempt to shift stock at a cheaper price than the individual units would cost sold separaretely. In this instance, I'd like to create a product which is Good A and Good B together. I expect that every respect of creating this new product would be as with any other, only I'd be able to indicate that it consists of one of Good A and one of Good B. Upon selling one of these Batch Goods, the stock numbers for Batch Good, Good A and Good B would all reduce by 1. It shouldn't be the case that there are more of Batch Good on offer than there are the items of which it comprises. If I were to set things up as they stand now, there's a risk that I could have in the market something for sale which I can't actually fulfill because even though I might have indicated having x of Good A (or Batch Good) for sale, I might actually have sold some of Batch Good (or Good A) such that my stock levels aren't accurate. Then the order comes in because the site is showing the product as available and I find that I actually don't have any left because the stock price won't have adjusted. It would be nice to be able to work around this concern (assuming it isn't possible to do so already).
  13. Nah, not off topic. I'm glad you reminded me of your add-on. It might be of benefit in many other ways :)
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