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  1. It won't. Spanner was sadly killed in an accident.
  2. I'd need to see that page on your site. I've visited and have seen your blogs but haven't found that particular view. Can you paste a link?
  3. Adding .ipsBreadcrumb_top { display: none; } to your custom CSS should be enough.
  4. System > Support > Get Support > Tools & Diagnostics > Clear system caches
  5. Meddysong

    Mind Theme

    He might have a saved card which is still valid or have had credit on his account. That's enough to keep him a client without his having to do anything actively himself.
  6. Meddysong

    Mind Theme

    Could a moderator please consider changing the topic title to "Mind Theme: Out-of-date and Unsupported" and adding a message to say: "The theme creator disappeared several years ago. This theme will not work with the current version of Invision Community." Since this was a free theme, it has lots of casual users who won't be aware that it will break on update and who will come here to ask for help, unaware of the situation.
  7. Fine, but why not allow one to opt into that functionality on a test installation? If you need to do this testing, you're likely to be more familiar with development and the IC platform than generic users such as me are. We, not knowing any better, are the individuals who will think we're being responsible in creating a test environment before upgrading, etc, in total ignorance that we should've made changes to constants.php. (This doesn't solve the particular issue with Stripe, I know.) (Is a solution simply to remove the payment gateways in the test environment or will Stripe continue to bill anyway?)
  8. That'll be it, then. When I duplicated the live site, it wouldn't have occurred to me to change the Stripe API keys. One more thing to remember, then. Thanks for the tip-off.
  9. Refining my thinking/complaint, now that I've thought about it. It's not sending out the invoices because otherwise we'd have heard from some of the several people, and we wouldn't have so many people people not having paid. Come to think of it, the gentleman who informed me yesterday didn't mention anything about having received an invoice: he said that a payment had been erroneously taken from his account. So it seems to be the system is correctly obeying the instruction not to send emails. (define( 'EMAIL_DEBUG_PATH', "/dev/null"); in constants.php.) What's gone wrong seems to be that it's processing the payments for people whose cards are on record. So I should refine my wording a little bit, having just sent in a ticket about the problem. Why would a test installation need to take payments or send emails, other than for testing purposes? We're all encouraged to backup our databases prior to upgrade, and to test in advance. That's why we all have the option of a TESTINSTALL licence. Why isn't it the case that if the installation is a test one, sending invoices and taking money isn't disabled by default, with perhaps an option to opt into it for testing purposes, much as one can enter Designers' Mode?
  10. Why on earth does the software send renewal invoices from a backup installation? Isn't that just asking for trouble? Even if an admin knows to set NEXUS_TEST_GATEWAYS to TRUE in constants.php, they shouldn't really have to, should they? Even if they do, it doesn't seem to work. Here's the content of my constants.php file: <?php define('USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS', TRUE ); define( 'COOKIE_PREFIX', 'eab_' ); define( 'NEXUS_TEST_GATEWAYS', true ); define( 'EMAIL_DEBUG_PATH', "/dev/null"); Here's the date that I created it: And yet look what's happening in my ACP: 1) What is going on here? Why is my backup site sending renewal invoices when I've expressly set it not to via constants.php? 2) Why should I even have to do that anyway? It's not an obvious thing to do when you're creating a backup for testing purposes or prior to upgrade. If the TESTINSTALL licence key is used, then why isn't this functionality automatically disabled, with perhaps an option to activate it in the ACP?
  11. One work-around could be to set your Thanks reaction so that it doesn't add a positive score to reputation. You'd still have the reputation in place but at least it would stay at zero for all people. Another is to bear in mind that on 4.6, the reputation score doesn't show in the author pane when viewing a topic, and with a quick CSS edit, you could hide the reputation entry which is shown when viewing a profile. If you did that, then it wouldn't matter that the reputation score is increasing, since nobody would get to see it anyway.
  12. That's by design. It indicates that there isn't any unread content in that category. It's a visual hint to say "Look here!" if something's been added so that you don't have to check each category just in case. Are you sure you want to disable it?
  13. By "fix up a discussion", do you mean "pin a topic"? If so, yes, it's possible to pin a topic using your Moderation Actions, found alongside the Start New Topic and Reply to This Topic buttons when you view the first post. You can also choose to display pinned topics in a block.
  14. Meddysong

    Mind Theme

    It's not surprising to see an error like this if you're using this theme: the author disappeared several years ago, and the theme hasn't been updated.
  15. He isn't in good health and so hasn't been online for several months. I hope that things will be better for him soon and we'll see him again.
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