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  1. As though it's any other (external) URL.
  2. I'm not aware that IPS offers bulk purchases. I've never encountered this in the years I've been a regular user. Sales would be the team to contact for a proper answer: https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us/
  3. I thought this was a bug back in the day but the system recognises when the link relates to the suite. If you change its location later, the link updates too, so you don't actually need to worry about using relative links.
  4. Not a support request, so you might get aggrieved at my already going off-topic, but this looks great! This is another beautiful products added to the Super range. I particularly like the clever idea to create a search box which only checks for results within that particular database. Such a good idea!
  5. You can wrap the if-clause around just {$i}. so that you don't have to repeat everything else.
  6. As mentioned above, those of us on Android don't have the option of a tap, although I personally don't find scrolling to be an insurmountable problem.
  7. A friend has just pointed out that is that it's possible to click "mext unread topic" and be transported to a thread in which the only additional post since you last read it is by an ignored user. I don't know how feasible this is to implement but it would be handy to differentiate between a topic which has unread content in general and one in which the only new posts are ones which you wouldn't see anyway because they've been posted by users you've blocked.
  8. I can agree, given that somebody has just asked me how to ignore on mobile and I don't know the answer ...
  9. I'm on 4.4.4 and manually running my tasks because my site is offline, so I don't have visitor traffic. I've just run the task updatecheck and received the following message: The task ran successfully and produced the following output: Custom Language Strings: Response is missing a required field I don't know whether this is of any use to you.
  10. Was there ever a tutorial? I don't remember it. The Pages Database tutorial in Guides was for recipes.
  11. I don't have it on my site anymore but it used the default templates for Pages Databases anyway. The only thing I created were the fields ('Open', 'Closed', 'Pending'). That's easy to do. Mine were customised so that the colour was different for each one. You can see the code to do that above your post.
  12. Because, as I've explained every time you've asked this, club names and descriptions can be created on the front of the site. Nothing created on the front can be translatable. My understanding is that there's an XSS risk when adding translations and so it's only possible when creating in the ACP because only admins have access.
  13. It looked to be a tall order, creating a site in another language, allowing people to sign in with Facebook or Twitter, and customising the appearance and functionality. Invision Community came with an extendable stepladder. Job done! Tim Owen, https://uea.facila.org/
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