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  1. Thank you, Brandon 🙂 I did submit the same text and graphics as a bug initially but Support politely suggested it might be better as feedback where the devs would see it. I understand from their side this is beyond messing around in the ACP, so absolutely nothing wrong from my side with their suggestion. Thank you for responding so promptly.
  2. Meddysong

    (NE) Content limits for editor

    Hello! The purchase page indicates that you're working on extending this to Pages. That's potentially great news for me because I'm looking at preventing overly lengthy comments to articles built using Pages. How near do you think you might be to providing a Pages-ready version?
  3. I remember a couple of years back when @Mark kindly added some new language strings to reflect the fact that many languages don't spell their days or months with capitals. He introduced some strings (they end _c) to force capitals in situations where they would be needed, such as at the start of a sentence. I've noticed on one of my sites that the strings to force uppercase are definitely there: However, the days are still being shown in their lowercase forms: I don't know whether there's anything you could do to pull the relevant data from the locale and then display it as a capital. Or maybe you could decouple it from the locale anyway and use language strings? (I'd love to see the locale cast into oblivion one day, since mine's an uncommon language and uploading the locale causes no end of frustration.)
  4. This is all quite topical for us because we've just passed one year of a five-year plan to get our affairs in order such that we can move to the hills of Slovenia. We need to feel that we'in the middle of nowhere and the fact that Slovenia is a mini Europe (Alpine mountains, lakes, coast on the Adriatic) means that we can always drive to a "holiday destination". And it snows in winter, which is perfect! This is the house we saw which made us think "let's do it!" OK, it will have sold by the time we're ready to move but it's more than whetted the appetite! Look at all that isolation! We did a bit more searching on a holiday last summer between Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia and realised that property on the Croatian side of the border seems ridiculously cheap. Since my better half is already very good at Croatian (she watches Croatian comedies and laughs at all the right parts), we may revise the plan and go to the north of Croatia instead. We're on course with all the goals we've set ourselves to make it possible. The one important thing is that I need to have a job where I can work remotely once we go there, since she'll be giving up work after 20 years of stress, so if you're looking to expand the support team ... 😉
  5. Meddysong


    Yup. I mean YUP. You come across a lot better in your video. I dare say that all the shouting in your post means that most people won't watch it though. Good luck to you in finding a solution. I haven't had a single spammer but I'm sure it'd drive me up the wall if I did too.
  6. Meddysong

    add FAQ to ips core

    You can see the templates in the page source: https://dne4i5cb88590.cloudfront.net/invisionpower-com/page_objects/buy.css.cd2e119a754fd7c9dfba34e7e66ea0b5.css?v=96374f20bf https://dne4i5cb88590.cloudfront.net/invisionpower-com/page_objects/cloudfaq.js.7dc1fd59301a64654653762568140f58.js
  7. Confirmed on Android 🙂
  8. Like most of your clients, I'm not a dev and have no need to play around with theme templates. The only changes I should need to make are by adding things to my custom CSS file. Getting to it is a little bit of a trek, though: click on the "Edit HTML and CSS" icon for my theme, wait for it to load, dismiss globalTemplate, click on the CSS tab, wait for it to load etc. It might be helpful to people if a direct link to that custom CSS file were presented to them. Maybe it could be in the dropdown which starts with Manage Resources. I liken amending my custom CSS to adding something to resources etc, so it doesn't seem to be entirely unrelated. That presents far fewer clicks for the user who receives a tip on this community to "add X to your custom CSS".
  9. I just tested it and it deleted as it should. Hasn't come back after reloading the page. It might be worth you giving details of your browser and OS if it's not working to help the team with their troubleshooting. I'm on Chrome, Windows 10. Edit: But it's not working for me on Android.
  10. Meddysong

    4.4: Store Filters and other Commerce updates

    Mega! We sell books and Commerce prior to 4.4 is a little bit limiting, certainly compared to what seems plausible soon 🙂
  11. Meddysong

    Hrvatski jezik

    Zao mi je ali ne mislim da ... and that's where I have to stop 😞 If you can't find a translation in the Marketplace then I'm afraid you'll have to create your own, which takes a very long time (as I know from experience!)
  12. Meddysong

    Clubs and Updates.

    Join the, ehem, club. This has been requested over and over again pretty much since the first day that we got to play with Clubs.
  13. On my site I use the Downloads app to upload files which may be relatively large. These include MP3 files of conversations for language learners, scans of old magazines and so on. In order to be able to upload these, I've set a fairly generous upload_max_filesize and post_max_size. Unfortunately for me, that's resulted in users posting images into Forum and Calendar posts which are far larger than they need to be. I understand that I could start users off in member groups with maximum storage limitations imposed or attempt to be very hands-on with messaging people concerned (/removing their attachments and replacing them with appropriate ones) but none of this is ideal. What would be better would be something along the lines of one of the following: An attachment to Downloads can be X mB but in Forums is Y mB Users in group 1 can upload attachments up to X mB but group 2 can only do Y mB. Filetype .pdf can be uploaded up to X mB, .mp3 up to Y mB, and all other files Z mB. Is there scope for introducing something along these lines in a future version rather than the one-size-fits-all approach?
  14. Meddysong

    This site - unlogical navigation?

    This site is actually two installations of IC. I wonder whether the main page is installation 1 (which has the client area) and not part of the community site (installation 2) which shows notifications.
  15. You've got stroke around here, buddy. Make it so! 🙂