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  1. so to my understanding is that Zapier is a cloud hose feature and won't be released to self-host customers?
  2. yes, will work on it once 4.6 officially out I use it on my own site which i will be upgrading
  3. mind let me take over development? otherwise I have to build my own version, already invested in post format in my community feel free to take this conversation private
  4. yes i have that enabled, thought it was fixed in the latest version, i can disable it for now it targets specific element via queryselector and inject ad after it, i suppose i can target post template and inject before, since you changed parent template on an unrelated note: any plan to update your wiki plugin to latest version? preferably add a button to copy hyperlink on anchor tag
  5. great UI improvement with the latest update here are some latest bug with remove padding checked, some post still have this big gap I haven't looked into your code, i assume you replaced post content template, this breaks in post ad for those who use advanced advertisement app, it also breaks native popular post highlight before after site for reference: https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/35843-released-test-drive-unlimited-platinum/
  6. here is another bug, member with longer user stat pushes profile div out, the profile div should be fixed size and not dynamic based on content my previous suggestion should help make it smaller
  7. to be clear, by space gap i mean right below the selected div and between each post i turned off reputation bag and custom field these still show up, they are user title and rank turning off user group indicator also removes them but that removes user group as well also i prefer the states to be smaller, justify content center, remove flex column of inner icon, which looks something like this
  8. can i have them display normally without hovering ... to show up
  9. possible to use theme css variables? for those of us use light and dark theme possible to remove these fields ? possible to have these field show up on profile instead of hover ? there are huge gap below content which previously held up by profile section length (which is main reason of my purchase, to get rid of them), but it seems it still remain with this plugin
  10. it uses your theme's style, for the whole button you can do .toggle-slot { transform: scale(0.8); } in your custom.css, replace the number to whatever you desire same goes with any customization, tweak your theme setting or see my previous example
  11. A fix version is pending approval, it usually take IPS few days to look at them in the meanwhile, I will pm you the file directly
  12. It will only show up on the two themes you chose, you might have same issue reported by other member which I have an updated version pending, PM you the file you can try
  13. the app for the most part uses your own theme's style, try go to the theme you use and in custom.css add .toggle-slot { box-shadow: none; } if you want to change color then just modify your theme's --theme-page_background property, note: this might be used elsewhere in your theme, if not you can do :root { --theme-page_background: whatever color you want; } i will think about additional menu location, i made this app for my own site
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