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  1. I can make a plugin for this, prob useful for community that host lot of files and also to promote VIP memberships
  2. so basically have a custom redirect that override default redirect after subscription action then?
  3. after thinking about it, it should have its own table, and use an unique id as foreign key that way we don't need to store same value over and over again this also helps to build a tag suggestion base on existing tags (similar to @ function ) I am about to wrap up a plugin, depending how many ppl interest i might work on it
  4. not terribly hard to have a db field for each post row store hashtags, on clicking returns search result of all post containing the tag also good idea to add searching weight value to regular search for tags
  5. like i said in previous comment, user define custom action based on the app and target html, for example you can target create post button and supply your custom text as a step, you can rearrange your steps current 3rd party marketplace ain't structured for collaborative development of multiple dev per resource, if i am going to implement it i rather do it on my own
  6. I have an idea, but since IPS and other dev are interested in it, not gonna waste my time making something duplicate
  7. welp, depends how hot it is 😎 I can make visual cues with default and custom cues text and steps you can add based on current app and target element
  8. yea i prefer db save as 'user preference' using localstorage method if they clear browser cache or switch device, it will just go back to default
  9. there is a group mention plugin in marketplace
  10. ... I have fulltime job and working on other stuff on my free time atm you might want to wait and see what they have for 4.5
  11. actually I do have plan of writing plugin for that
  12. Yea I wish their development team is more open for communication, so us 3rd party devs ain't shooting in the dark with that said, I am currently working on different plugin on my free time, will circle back to this topic
  13. two things, enough people interested in it, and the IPS dev does not have plan to implement it
  14. I have other commitments i need to do, if you look at it from dev perspective, I am not gonna spend time make something that eventually gonna get replaced by official platform if they do decide to implement
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