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  1. a lot, obviously at front the template layout change that support layered replies, updating quote and reply comment behind the scene, also change to how contents are pulled, threads are paginated, but in reddit style you may have 1st page comment with replies in 88th page this can be overcome by adding additional column that map to a comment id post per page will need to change, as you now might have some pages with more comments than other (altho this can be restricted by validating total comments pulled before ouput but then since replies are display in layer this will impact
  2. then what's the difference between club forum?
  3. I actually thought about reddit style replies, the app along is gonna be quite some work
  4. I was hit with "share via email" too with one million spam email $800+ fee and I was pretty pissed about it, since then my emails have been flagged as spam and some people seemly just don't receive signup emails, IPS team said they have notification in ACP telling you about it but I have no seen it back then, check to see if you have that I wish they have done better job at communicating to vulnerable customers, your option is either disable that feature or upgrade your software
  5. what you can do right now is install a fresh IPS and compare the table structure
  6. where do all your ideas come from
  7. can i set it to specific download category? also any plan to make tag go away on click?
  8. what's the difference sending to a usergroup that has email you specified as test?
  9. most likely due to cache, since you disabled guest download, can't figure out what forum you have download topic generated to PM me test user to your community I can double check
  10. I believe he meant countdown as daily / days / week download / bandwidth threshold exceeded cool down timer
  11. currently no, but i do plan to look into that
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