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  1. IPB Devs 3.4.x

    Will IPB 3.4.X continue? Will it stop at a certain number?
  2. IPB Devs 3.4.x

    Will IPB devs stop doing work on IPB 3.4.x? I am considering re-buying IPB but not if the IPB devs aren't going to be updating IPB 3.4.X
  3. IPB 4.0 - Questions

    I honestly want to see the IPB 4.0 demo before I repurchase my IPB license. I don't fancy buying IPB and not liking IPB 4.0 if anyone is up for lending me there IPB 4.0 demo account it would be awesome. I need my e-mail activated I know we have to wait but I've waited like 8 or more days now, it should be activated by now :P?
  4. How to become a 'client' member here ?

    You need to be a client download files etc.
  5. Will my Web Hosting run IPB fine?

    Can someone PM me there forum link who's using Hostgator, thanks!
  6. I am currently using www.hostgator.com web hosting package. I am using the "Baby" shared web hosting package - http://www.hostgator.com/shared I know IPB is a bit heavy on bandwidth etc and Jscripts would it make IPB run slow? Thanks.
  7. IPB 4.0 Forum

    Please accept my e-mail address Ash-sm******ail.com
  8. IPB 4.0 Forum

    I want to check IPB 4.0 over before I re-purchase IPB again. That's why I want access ASAP.
  9. IPB 4.0 - Questions

    Hello all, just a few questions about IPB 4.0 Will 3.4.6 themes and modifications work on IPB 4.0 or would they need transferring? When is the release date for IPB 4.0? This year or next year? How different in the ACP and posting a new thread/post on IPB 4.0? Is it the same or totally different/smoother? Also why does MyBB have a better scoring than IPB forum software? Is this because MyBB are begging for votes in anyway? - http://www.forum-software.org/forum-comparator/ipboard-vs-mybb That's it really, thank you!
  10. IPB 4.0 Forum

    have you got the login details :)?
  11. IPB 4.0 Forum

    Is there a IPB 4.0 preview/testing forum? Thanks.
  12. I agree guys, it should be fixed, $175 for a license it is a lot for a forum software, never mind paying $25 every 6 months. Surely the developers get paid enough money.
  13. Account upgrade

    Logged in and out, thanks Aiwa! :)
  14. Invision Going Downhill

    IPB is never going downhill, it's going uphill in my opinion. Keep up the good work guys. :)
  15. Account upgrade

    Wondering why my account hasn't been upgraded to a client member? I just re-purchased for the IPB license about 10 minutes ago. Thanks.