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Brand communities.

Mirror your company's branding into the community.

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Having a community allows your brand to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers' needs

    Save money on market research. Tap into your audience's needs free of charge.

  • Be transparent and visible

    At the heart of any business are the customers. Show them your true colors and build trust.

  • Reward loyal enthusiasts

    Publicly recognize and treat your valued members with special offers.

  • Spark meaningful conversations

    Tired of your customers shouting into the wind on social media? Give them a special spot on the Internet to connect with your company.

  • Encourage an open dialogue

    Customers want to feel heard! Create an environment that's a two-way street so their thoughts and feelings don't fall into the Internet abyss.

  • Create focus groups and test new ideas

    If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Push the boundaries of innvoation with intentional enviornment testing.


Incentivize, innovate, invigorate

Dream up unique user journeys for your customers to embark on. Along the way, they'll meet like-minded people who share their interests.


Give props to your members for contributing quality content to the community.


Activity stream

Customize your browsing experience that's unique to you! Sort by unread, author, time period, tags, follows and more.

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Sell physical or digital products to your fans.

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Empower your members to create social groups within your community.

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Members connect in a centralized place, but enjoy an individualized experience.

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Allow users to create their own individual or group blogs within your community, to share their ideas, thoughts and insights.

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Unite and reward impassioned fanbases

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