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Your community is a safe space.

Manage members' experiences so you can focus on what is important.

Keep the peace

The Internet can be toxic because it lacks moderation. We developed tools that empower community leaders to guide their members. In the event conflict arises, utilize our powerful features to neutralize troublemakers.

  • Automatic moderation

    Automatically hide negative comments when your community reports them.

  • Forgiveness moderation

    Set time-based restrictions that dissolve after a defined period.

  • Warning points

    Pre-defined warnings trigger actions like temporarily or permanently suspending a member's ability to participate.

  • Enable post approval

    Cool down heated debates by ejecting individual members from the conversation.

  • Acknowledgements

    Require a member to acknowledge a warning before.

  • Saved actions

    Create one-click automation rules to save moderators time.

Screenshot of Moderator Cpanel

Moderator tools

The best defense is a great offense.

  • Announcements
  • Moderator Control Panel
  • Notes

Add contextual public messages to content.

A centralized place to review all reported content and warnings.

Add private staff notes on each action to keep your team in the loop.

Screenshot of the Moderator Control Panel
Screenshot of moderator reason

Bad word filters

Censor and scrub dirty words from showing.


We all make mistakes; restore deleted content.

Screenshot of Restoring Content

White/blacklist links

Control how users link to external websites.

Moderator logs

Audit the actions of your moderators.

Screenshot of Moderator Logs
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