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    Adriano Faria

    "Follow" club on Join

    Made a quick plugin. Waiting to be approved: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9137-auto-follow-club/
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    Improved Feature: Note to Reporter

    You know when you go to warn a member how you can write a note to the user, and a note to mods? Can we add a third note to the original reporter to have a few form responses "thanks for the report, we are reviewing", etc. stuff like that or a custom response field so that when people report they know the report has been seen? I feel I could increase my community's self moderation if people felt reports led to actionable tasks.
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    This is on our internal feature suggestions tracker already. 🙂 It's a bit more complex than the existing recurring options we support, but it's something we'd like to add support for in due course.
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    Feedback on Advertisements

    If there were toggles on the ad page, that would be really helpful. “Ad should show on: mobile, tablet, desktop, all (responsive ad code required for all)” more native placement locations would also would be super helpful without having to use the custom code or css selectors per the popular marketplace plugin for ads.
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    Hidden topics aren't red anymore

    In many cases, you may temporarily hide a topic while moderating individual posts within the topic. Having the entire page 'pink' -- normal posts and already hidden posts -- is very confusing. Further, the new(er) "deleted content" feature also utilizes topic view so you can view the content in context. If the topic is hidden and an admin/moderator is reviewing why content was deleted, this would again be confusing if the entire page is pink. I've moved this topic to the feedback forum and you are welcome to provide suggestions (short of making the whole page pink) if you don't feel the eye slash icon is sufficient.
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    "Follow" club on Join

    That's insane - I assumed they were auto-follow upon joining. 😞 Are there any current add-ons that works around this? Happy to commission one...
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    i want my members to be notified when a new club is formed with in 100 miles of them
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    Versa 4.2.x

    Thanks..Been wanting to get it...Now I will.
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    Adriano Faria

    Advanced Profile Edit

    I’ll update later this week.
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    +1 I had resorted to mailchimp for a bit, but a native IPS feature would be awesome to have.