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    The Heff

    No more silent patches

    The issue is that we may not know we're affected until something goes wrong, which could result in a lost registration, loss of content, loss of revenue, etc. I'd certainly advocate a more proactive approach to patching since I want to know if there is a possibility that an issue affects my community, rather than find out later when it could be too late. Even if it's just a banner or email notification, that'd be much better.
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    Paul E.


    It seems that rule needs revising and reconsideration.
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    Please Make Ads Less Easily Blocked

    No need to hold your breath - it's already fixed and merged into the next release 👍
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    My files with discount for the Black Friday: https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/114025-adriano-faria/content/?type=downloads_file&sortby=file_updated&sortdirection=desc ————— A little bit more for Black Friday: buy any file with price starting from $12 (original price $15) and get one free of $9 (original price $10). Just send a message with the chosen file and you will get it for free. 1: This is valid while Black Friday is happening. File won’t be added after Black Friday is over, even if you purchased it during the Black Friday. 2: Send a message if you purchased a file yesterday so I can add a file to you.
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    InViSiOn SeaRCh iS FinE...

    Attn: @Invision Community - Please add "Nodes" to the admin cp search index. FWIW when i search for anything using a search tool my expectations are for it to return results relating to my search terms, i don't care if its a language translation. I search because i'm looking for something ... it is because of my own ignorance of not knowing correct location.... like when i yell at my wife and ask where my socks are if they are not where i think they should be , she does not say "socks don't exist"
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    Everyone is switching to Dark Mode, IPS is switching back to Bright Mode -1 😎
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    Vampire But the sparkly cool ones, like from Twilight. Invision Power Services: Making ACP warp speed look blindingly good. Or something. @Matt promised me that he had enough vegemite to feed the team to do a couple more updates in 4.5. Also, I recommend that you be promoted to our sound mixer for releases. Your "BUM BUM BUM!!!" was on point. Most people will be blind by then due to the ACP, but at least we can listen to you.
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    True. I forget. 😞 FA 6 will be out by then though!
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    BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 25% OFF (NB41) Who To Follow (NB40) Mentions (NB41) Content Ratings (NB41) My Football (NB41) Topic Cover (NB43) Captcha On Login Form (NB41) Polls Wall (NB42) Enhanced Tags System (NB42) Topic Moderators (NB44) Polls Walls (NB44) Enhanced Private Messages (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements (NB44) Records Comments Feed (NB44) AS (Activity Stream) Manager
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    Joy Rex

    4.5: Club Pages

    This is a great enhancement to Clubs - good to see the feature getting more love.
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    Share the dark side! 🙂 PS I see referred by Matt!! - Looks like some referral stuff, kicking in? Would be nice to have dynamic signatures generator for each member so that they can use same on other sites and/or promotions and/or personalized signature based on variable things.
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    Mike John

    Post Comments

    Version 1.2.0


    Allows members to add comments to forum posts. Set which forums are supported and group permissions for who can add comments. Features Set which forums support post comments. Set group permissions for who can view, add, edit, delete and moderate post comments. Ban individual posts from receiving new comments. Ban individual members from viewing and adding post comments. Post comments widget to display the latest comments. Supports email notification for topic authors and specified email addresses. Supports standard IP.Board 4 comments with support for features like quoting, editing and reactions. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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    If you have this issue yourself, and wondering how to solve it, the change would be on this part: this._ajaxObj = ips.getAjax()( link, { data: { rating_submitted: 1 } }) .done( function (response) { var responseContent = $("<div>" + response + "</div>"); var content = responseContent.find('#elCmsPageWrap'); infoPanel.html( content ).css({ height: 'auto' }); $( document ).trigger( 'contentChange', [ infoPanel ] ); }); Change it to: this._ajaxObj = ips.getAjax()( link, { data: { rating_submitted: 1 } }) .done( function (response) { var responseContent = $("<div>" + response + "</div>"); var content = responseContent.find('#elCmsPageWrap'); infoPanel.html( content ).css({ height: 'auto' }); window.scrollTo( 0, 0 ); //$( 'body, html' ).animate({ scrollTop: 0 }); // Or this if you want to animate the effect. $( document ).trigger( 'contentChange', [ infoPanel ] ); });
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    Thought I would share a simple tweak I use on my site with your theme. I use the fixed user bar and wanted to have a sticky menu too, also thought that chatbox+ widget was to low so added padding, so I added this to custom css: /* Fixed Header */ @media screen and (min-width: 980px) { #ipsLayout_header { position: -webkit-sticky; position: sticky; top: -30px; z-index: 1000; } } /*making sure user menu shows*/ body > div.aXenUserBarTop.ipsResponsive_hidePhone.ipsClearfix { z-index: 1001; } #roomChat > div > h2.ipsType_sectionTitle.ipsType_reset.miniTitle.ipsHide { padding-bottom: 40px; }
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    15% off Afterburner S3 until Nov 30th! Just click on the images above.
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    Special Black Friday Sale (up to 50%) is here! Buy one get one for free. When you buy any mod, write me a private message with a any other file and you will receive it completely free - price must be the same or lower as the purchased mod! Buy two get two for free and so on! You may use that option multiple times. Best Wishes for Everyone
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    Pete T

    TXT & PHP Widget

    Version 1.0.1


    This mod will let you add Text, HTML and PHP widget IPS4's blocks. also you can disable PHP widget from Admin CP How To Install You just need install the plugin Admin CP > System > Site Features > Plugins > Install


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    A support topic for submitting suggestions and bugs.
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    Any possibility that existing members can be added as referrals, if both members confirm of course? I do like the possibility to add incentives for bringing new members, but some of my users deserve recognition for the manual referrals they did already 🙂
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    Landing Page ( Support Topic )

    Everything needed to be will be multilingual, That's me done for today anyway it's 00:30 here and I have been writing all different updates since 10am... plus the UFC is on so I am off to watch that and will continue this tomorrow ( All I need to do is add a video upload ) then it will be updated
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    All Astronauts

    Social Search

    So, for the nine of you that bought this, 5.0 is gonna roll out on Friday. @Claudia999's search crawler hitch got me rolling and once that started a whole lot of other stuff came out of it. This is best described as part one, I still have half a list of things left to do but this will, as per usual, never get released if I keep adding and adding - that plus the fact there are only nine of you using this plus I need to step away from this just to clear my head for a bit 🥴 We'll leave the rest for later on, but tomorrow? You'll enjoy the changelog 🍺🍕
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    Change lightbox

    Very often when I open a image of marketplace or a topic image, the lightbox opens but when I click on it to see a better detail, another page opens with the image. Given that IP.Suite uses open source resources, why not integrate the light gallery? sachinchoolur/lightgallery.js This plugin allows you to open a series of images in a lightbox, create an autoplay or zoom in images without leaving the page. This plugin is also used by Xenforo and I think it's really useful.
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    Forum closing according to law

    It would seem that your obligations would depend on whether you've been charging the users and what they have already paid for. In my opinion, no one has to keep giving you something for free. One of my favorite expressions I've seen used on a forum whenever someone made a big deal about leaving is, "Your admission fee will be refunded at the door." Of course, the admission fee was zero.
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    4.5: Club Pages

    Great. But please make sth with Map on clubs. Now on editing or adding club there is localisation which is default Poland for us. But when you save it it will put marker in wrong place. The same situation for other country. To make it proper we must put some City. To easy fix it you need to del Poland (or other country) and left all fields empty for the club. 2nd thing is map. Now we cant zoom it, set default position etc. So it don't look nice on start. We have 2 kinds of clubs - local clubs and companies clubs. It will be perfect to display map only for local one page: https://www.audiostereo.pl/clubs/category/2-kluby-lokalne-terytorialne/
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    Integrate Google custom search?

    Thanks @Adriano Faria, I know about that, it should be standard in the software, I guess I should of stated that. We already have Google maps, reCaptcha etc... Search should be integrated.
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    Christmas Update | OnixGx Dark

    We just purchased this theme for our gaming community and we are really satisfied. Great & and fast support! Thank you, DOC! All the best, CsBlackDevil Team
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    Daniel F

    Font awesome 5.0

    While it's AFAIK not possible out of the box, I'm using https://iconify.design to use FA4, FA5, PrestaShop Icons and Dashicons with IPS (and Wordpress) with the same codebase. It's quite easy to implement for own projects.
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    newbie LAC

    (NB43) Filter By Tags

    Hello, Added
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    The same Brilliance. At a lower price.
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    I'm just setting up the support request system, and I encountered some limitations I suggest to improve: There should be a setting, how often emails are sent to remind the responsible (assigned) members to solve issues. A time interval setting is required with some options, when to remind and when not. F.e. # Exclude from Reminders, if a special status is set # Remind for any status (=reminder should be a per status setting) When viewing a support ticket, there is a lot of essential information missing. # I'm missing information like: + when joined + content count + reputation count + warnings count. These ones should be viewable directly. Currently I can only open the member in a new tap/window to view his informations: If I open the member by "open member in new tab", the "Customer view" is presented by default. But in my case, I'd like to see the member view as default. I think that's not an ideal workflow imo. A frontend indicator about new AND/OR assigned support requests is totally missing. There should be any notification (preferably in a new "notification area" for member reports for moderators only, but viewable only to allowed staff team members for their support request department) Especially admins with mobile devices "on the run" shouldn't be logged in to the ACP with their mobiles all the time. A proper frontend indication is at least required If I create a support request on staff behalf in the ACP, and then select "owner type -> email", an email is sent to the entered email address, but this email has NO LINK back to the support request in any way, nor one can reply (as it was sent with the standard noreply@... address). So how can one reply to such tickets? And can anybody please explain in which cases to use the "create new support request in the ACP with ownertype -> email"? When communicating in support requests with community members, my real name (first name / last name) is shown as the staff member, but I want to change this to my -> display name in the community. How? There should be an option to change this. If I solve support request issues (=completed, resolved), the counter in the ACP with open tickets changes, BUT: in some cases, if switching through the ACP menus, the new count isn't honored. This seems to me like a bug. The counter refresh doesn't operate like it should. The refresh times appear to be delayed. On top of new support requests (after opening them in the ACP), I can see the support request title, but there is no information about the member, who has sent it. Ok, you can scroll down now, to see the "XYZ has created a new support request…" area but this is 10 lines downwards. Below the title, there should be the member avatar as well as the member name and the according member primary group displayed. Like it is displayed for any contents in the community frontend. What happens, if a new support request has been sent by an unregistered email (f.e. via the contact us option OR via 1 configured email address. Will this new support request be displayed to ALL staff members (as no department is set at this point of time). Imo there should be a default setting for new support requests (with no department assigned), who exactly will be able to view them! There are always confidential informations being sent to a standard incoming email address, and if this one is associated with the support request system, staff members that shouldn't be able to view them are permitted to view them. The auto-resolve feature is nice, but I'd like to see more different auto-resolve configurations possible. Not only one for all cases. Thanks for considerations and any help is appreciated if you know any solution to my concerns ?
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    ?? There is a border around each box and a seperator inside the box seperating the text from the button ( It is actually exactly the same as when you visit the subscriptions page ), Plus I doubt anyone will be using it at like 200% zoom so the border looks like its 5px wide instead of the 1px it actually is
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    I would agree that a white label app is going to be the way to go for many as long as it is not cost prohibitive when it comes out. In the meantime though, I would prefer a community app with some customization in terms of colors/logo over nothing. I think the app needs more broad testing before going white label, but could be wrong.
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    they should be activated automatically, check your admin notification settings in the ACP sorry actually forgot about that, got carried away with the rest I'm sure that got fixed it was missing the <= I'll check it again I'll add a setting to choose to have the old front end ones again or the admin ones they should show, the categories are different now from before, if you manually edited any html files you'll need to revert them or they won't get updated with the 2.0.0 update what theme settings are you using? tables or grid, and if grid big or small 👍
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    Version 1.0.0


    With this plugin you may allow members to indefinitelly edit their own topics/posts. It's helpfull for various reasons on a boards with important and updated frequently informations from members about them, their work, hobby etc.


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    Do we know when 4.4.5 will be released? I've been tracking many comments by IPB staff that mention upgrades to improve mobile page speed. At least for me, my mobile performance is abismal compared to desktop. Too many uneeded JavaScript and stylesheets being loaded. Also just a DOM heavy pageload. Small things like the notification sound Js/audio loading when it doesn't need to.
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    No more silent patches

    Yes, if you do that. 🙂
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    Ryan Ashbrook

    4.5: Club Pages

    Leaders automatically have permission to edit, just as they do for adding. 🙂
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    this is the list of notifications stratagem sends out. you will get new card notifications when you follow the project, if you are the project manager you will get notifications about people requesting to join the project. when you get assigned to a card, you will get a notification regardless of your follow status of the project or the card (same with unassigned, but only team members can be assigned to cards). and you will get notifications for completed cards (if you are project manager or following the card/project), if you are following a card you will get notification of new comments.
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    Hello, currently we have this search form in the admin logs: I want to suggest to add also the "Action" field because I think it's most important part of these logs. 😉 See:
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    Mike John

    Notify Leaderboard Members (Support)

    No copyright link/notice displays on this plugin.
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    Adriano Faria

    Follow Specific User Content

    What's New in Version 1.0.1: Add ability to follow only Status Updates and/or Status Replies. New options will appear only if: Status Updates are globaly enabled (Admin CP Profile Settings) Member can access Status Update module Member who will be followed has Status Update enabled on their profile
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    You didn't hear this from me. Here's a screenshot from 4.5.
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    Similar Content on Post Screen

    No problem, I love the addon but I think our members would prefer a more compact view given the redraw size when it expands out but I will ask and see what the survey group think.
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    Version 2019-08-23 - 4.4


    Traducción al Español de España para IPS Community Suite 4.4 Aplicaciones traducidas: ACP (No es una prioridad, aunque se va traduciendo) System Forums Calendar Clubs Para que al importar la traducción la cree con el nombre personalizado, puedes cambiar el nombre al archivo por uno de estos: Español (España).xml Spanish (Spain).xml Demo: Para ver lo que está traducido y como es la traducción. Se puede visitar el siguiente enlace Extras: algunas de las versiones de la traducción puede contener la traducción para algunos complementos y/o aplicaciones que tengo instalados en mi comunidad. P.D: ninguna de las aplicaciones tiene una traducción completa, se irá actualizando con una frecuencia mensual (aproximadamente). Historial de versiones: se conservarán las versiones antiguas (la última lanzada) como legado. Las versiones antiguas no avanzaran, ni se corregiran errores. English =================================================================================================== Translation to Spanish of Spain for IPS Community Suite 4.4 Applications ACP (It is not a priority, although it is translated) System Forums Calendar Clubs Suggestions to name the file: Español (España).xml Spanish (Spain).xml Demo: link for example Extras: some of the translation versions may contain the translation for some add-ons and/or applications that I have installed in my community. P.D: none of the applications has a full translation will be updated each month (approximately). Version history: old (last released) versions will be retained as legacies. Older versions will not advance, nor will errors be corrected.


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    Remove ipsAdvertisement Class

    We've made a note of this internally, thanks.
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    Dark Theme

    Version 1.0.1


    I'm not a theme designer, just a customer that created a dark theme for my own site and was never intended to be released to the public, but due to interest within the community I have uploaded this theme on to the marketplace....for free. The theme contains zero template edits, only CSS changes which can be found in the custom.css file. Fully compatible with all IPS apps!


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    Christmas Lights

    Version 1.1.1


    The Smashable Christmas Lights plugin adds a ridiculous, festive touch to any IPS4 website with a string of breakable, twinkling Christmas Lights. Features: A string of HTML5-implemented Christmas Lights which will slowly blink on and off randomly. Mousing over a light breaks the light and plays a glass breaking sound! Reloading the page restores the bulbs to like-new condition so you can have another go at them. Settings provided include: Toggle lights on and off without uninstalling the plugin. Adjustable in size from 32 to 100 pixels. Auto padding is provided to prevent lights from overlapping key IPS navigation elements. This can be toggled off if desired. Volume adjust for glass breaking sound, can be turned off completely Experimental, unsupported support for mobile devices (no sound, may overlap navigation) Enjoy what is perhaps the most useless plugin ever developed for IPS4! Warning: Will slow down browsers considerably. No attempt has been or will be made at optimization. Only guaranteed to work with the vanilla IPS skin - problems have been reported with Google Fonts as contained in 3rd party themes/mods. What you see is what you get...take it or leave it. Original BSD-licensed code for xmas lights provided by Scott Schiller (2007).


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    Classifieds System

    Fantastic application. Looking forward to more improvements!
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