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    While searching on another IPS forum I wanted to learn more about a particular thing, a theme, that was mentioned in a post. I knew that the theme title existed in multiple topics and so wanted to search about and see all the topics that mention it. When this happens, as it often does for many I imagine, the norm is to copy/paste the keywords into the search field and proceed to search. Now that I've realized that highlighted text can be quoted... copy/pasting in order to search seems a bit redundant. When we highlight text in a post we see a small helpful "Quote selection" box. Could we add to that box "Search selection"? That would be nice. 🙂
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    Staff Applications System

    Sorry for the late replay. I think this is the best solution! So we can decide if we want to tell the applicants why they've been declined or approved. Great work there, thanks a lot 🙂
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    @MMXII There is a free plugin available for this I haven't tested this myself but I think this is what you're looking for.
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    Adriano Faria

    My Attachments

    ...and checkboxes to select several attachments to delete and not one by one. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Did you know?

    For those that have iPhones you will be aware of the tips app that is pre installed, when you’ve setup your shiny new phone you receive occasional notifications on how to use the phone. Wouldn’t it be nice if IPS had a similar system for the forums now that FAQ pages are a thing of the past, we just expect users to know how to use the forum. What about forum virgins dipping their toes into online communities for the first time? When new members register, for the first week, two or month they receive tips in their notifications..... Did you know you could mention other users by typing @ followed by the users name? Did you know, if you highlight text you wish to quote? Did you know you could upload your own photo? Did you know pressing the dot next to the topic title takes you to the first unread post? You get the idea right. It would be great for existing users to also receive these tips for the same period if this feature was added. There would be a bunch of default tips setup in the admin panel, but you would have the ability to add your own or disable some of the default tips. The user could quickly turn these off in his/her settings if they don’t want to receive them. If this is possible or not I don’t know, that’s for the developers to decide, I’m just here with the bright ideas which I believe this is a great one. I see so many people on Facebook, Twitter and my own forum discover things that I think are basic features years after having an account, as owners and software developers we probably all don’t do enough to help ease new users to forums. One of my biggest pet hates of this software is the clicking of the dot to be taken to the first unread posts, the developers believe this is great as it is, but a user who only accesses the internet on mobile device and new to forums, does not have the ability to hover a finger over and see the tooltip which says go to unread posts. The tips notification would educate them on this. Other than being technically impossible, I see no reason why this would not be great for all forums and a great way to help users understand how to use our sites better. Matt, Brandon, Lindy, I won’t tag you but if one of you sees this and thinks that’s a bloody good idea, don’t leave me hanging, this is probably the longest post I’ve made the effort to post on here 😂
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    Ocean West

    Guidelines and Terms (Footer Links)

    These items should be default footer elements just like the Privacy Policy so they are static on in the footer not requiring template modifications.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will allow that members (from selected groups) can download Gallery images. Requirement: Gallery Notes: External storage: it DOESN'T work on external storages like S3. Path: it will generate a ZIP file with the exact path to the image in your server, which makes your life easy if you want to reproduce your server environment or simply wants to restore a backup. Places do download: Gallery index: a form will appear to choose category and albums Category view: will download all images from that category, including images from their albums Abum view: will download all images from that album Admin CP: new menu below Gallery settings. Only Admins can use this option


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    Close / Deactivate Account Automatically

    Account deactivation will be coming very shortly, but this is not to be confused with account deletion. There are no immediate plans for an automated deletion system for various reasons outlined in other topics. It's worth noting that the GDPR provides for lawful bases of collection and processing of information. If money has been exchanged, for example, they cannot demand you delete their account and existence provided you have a purpose for retaining it and in the US, we are obligated to maintain financial and legal records. You must, however, outline a retention policy (ours will be forthcoming.) In terms of content, unless a post or other content item contains personally identifiable information such as a physical address, you do NOT have to delete a member's content - it belongs to the community, not the member (and that should be clear in your policy.) So, the impending account deactivation will disable the profile and effectively archive the account. There will be no way to contact the member, even with an admin override (and no such modifications will be allowed in the marketplace) through the software and they will receive no further communication from the site. This will satisfy requests in which the user wants to leave but cannot be forgotten. Right to erasure requests for which there's no legal basis for processing (communities where there's no contractual premise) an do require deletion would still need to be processed manually by the admin. Again, there's too much to consider there - hacked accounts, validation, purchase records, etc. for us to comfortably automate without a fairly significant amount of development time, testing and resources and our efforts are better focused on keeping people on your community, not spending weeks developing functionality to allow them to delete themselves with the click of a button. We'll have more info on GDPR as it relates to IPS and account deactivation soon. Thanks for your patience.
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    [JIMMO] MailChimp Sync PRO

    @The Jimmo Is this plugin still working with the latest release of IPS, And will 4.2 be supported? Very much in need of a reliable Mailchimp integration to sync our forum members to the mailinglist.