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    We are working hard to get Invision Community 4.2 ready to go! If you have not been following this upcoming version, check out the details: Over the last month we have released several beta versions and feedback from those that have chosen to jump in on the beta has been great. We really could not be happier. Feedback has included amazement over how stable the beta is to reactions from community members enjoying all the new features. Everyone here at IPS is very excited to get the full release out so everyone can enjoy it. Not everyone is comfortable using beta releases . Back in March when we first announced 4.2 was coming soon we said that it would be out in mid-2017 and we are still on track for that. Be sure to keep an eye on announcements for the full release expected in the next 3 - 4 weeks. We really hope everyone is as excited as we are about 4.2's full release. Based on the feedback from those already using 4.2 beta on their live sites we really think this will be a huge hit with your community.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will enable 5 features that appears disabled when a new user creates the account: Status Update Recent Profile Visitors block Pop-up when the user receives a new message View signatures? Automatically follow content/comments NOTE: I'm releasing it again as my plugin because the dev for who I transferred a similar plugin simply abandoned it.


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    Invision Community 4.2

    Invision Community 4.2 is now available as a beta in the client area. The final release will be later in summer 2017. Here is the roundup of what's new in Invision Community 4.2! Highlights There's a lot of new feature in 4.2 but here are a few of the highlights: Promoting Content - A new way to promote content in your Community internally, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Clubs - Clubs are a brand new way of supporting sub-communities within your site. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past and Clubs are our implementation of this concept. Reactions - Offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. They are now in common usage on social networks, and so users expect to be able to be more nuanced in their response to something they see. Complete Your Profile - Encourage or require members to fill out the details on their profile. Also now allows for quick registration to encourage joining. And a whole lot more.. It goes on... here is the full list! Leaderboard Enhancements Richer Embeds Group Promotion Improvement Fluid Forum View Member History Editor Uploading Improvements Authy Integration Commerce Improvements New REST API Endpoints Gallery Improvements Statistic Reporting Copy Topic to Database Downloads Index Page Blog Sidebar Promoting Content Clubs Reactions Calendar Venues Social Sign In Streamlining Calendar Add Similar Event Gallery Lightbox Navigation Letter Profile Photos SEO Improvements Device Management Delayed Deletes Calendar Event Reminders Content Messages Recommended Replies Complete Your Profile Be sure to visit each entry above for more information and screenshots. We hope you enjoy Invision Community 4.2! Release The final release will be available summer 2017. The supported, public beta is available in the client area now.
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    Pages SuperDocs

    Version 1.0.0


    Pages SuperDocs is a set of responsive Pages templates. It is loosely based on the design of the IPS Developer Documentation section, but the concept has been extended into a turnkey solution for all sorts of category-based Pages databases. What’s needed: IPS 4.2 in its most recent version with the Pages application A pages database that uses Categories. (Up to 4 levels can be shown in the Record View navigation) What’s recommended: Pages SuperDocs is compatible with the Pages Category Images plugin. Upload images for your database categories with it and Pages SuperDocs will make your database look even more appealing (See screenshots for a comparison). Without this plugin, you will only be able to change the header image of the SuperDocs templates. Which templates are included: A category listing template to be used as the homepage for your database. It features a header box with the database title and description on a user-defined color gradient and background image. A Listing template replacing the dull forum listing design that is used by default. Both your categories and records are shown in a simplistic and beautiful grid layout. If you have the Pages Category Images plugin, your category images will be shown here as well. A unique Record View template. It supports all the stock features (Ratings, reactions, comments, reviews …), but adds a useful navigation tree at the side. With it, users can easily jump between individual records. The main level is always shown. All categories and records within a main level entry will be shown automatically, once you open records within that category. For database with many records per category, the output of records in the navigation can be suppressed. Note: You can use the templates for any number of databases, but the settings will always apply to all SuperDocs templates. Detailed Feature Description and Notes: The templates are fully responsive but work best on pages without a sidebar, since the included navigation in the record view adds a column to the layout. The templates come with several options you can easily adjust through the included settings plugin. Base color—Used for the category boxes and the gradient Gradient color—When different from base color, creates a gradient for the header area Category image aspect ratio—Only used if you have the category image plugin installed. Box font color—The font color in the header area sitting over the box and gradient colors Active color—Link color of the active record in the SuperDocs navigation Use custom header image—Link a file to be shown in the header area Author in Record View—show/hide author in record view Levels of Records—How many levels of records are shown in the navigation? Category box text alignment—left/center/right alignment of text in category boxes


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    Inconsistent theme HTML

    When upgrading my themes to 4.2, I have been intentionally trying to avoid HTML modifications in an attempt to make my themes "upgrade friendly". In some cases, template modifications are necessary - however based on my own experience and customer bug reports, it has become increasingly apparent that there are design issues with the Default IPS theme. Many pages lack the .ipsBox class which should be used to wrap content. Failure to use this class means text is displayed on the body background which is rarely intended. Every theme which uses an image for the background (or even a dark hex colour) will suffer from this. A screenshot of the Rules confirmation screen from a customers website is shown below. This is easily fixed by wrapping the area with: <div class='ipsBox ipsPad'> however I don't feel as though this is something I should be doing myself - firstly because it means my templates will be modified and secondly because all theme designers can benefit from this. If there could be a conscious effort to go through the suite and apply these classes to the appropriate areas, that would be perfect.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This plugins adds a load progress bar at the top of the page. It has settings to control the color and the thickness of the bar. Compatible with Community Suite 4.2.2 (If you install a new theme and the progress bar doesn't show up, re-install the plugin)


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    Reactions +2 reputation?

    It'd be nice if we could input our own value as for how we'd like a reaction to affect reputation, instead of being restricted to -1, 0 and +1. I'd like "Thanks" to give +2 reputation.
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    Forum Sidebar

    Version 1.0.2


    Forum Sidebar by @Fosters allows you to customize the sidebar blocks on the forum and topic pages per forum. This means that you can show one block in Forum A and another block in Forum B. You can strategize your board's different sidebars by pinpointing relevant content, optimizing your monetization schemes, and showing related information when and where it makes sense. Separate out your discussion boards and finetune your sidebar blocks per forum! ## REQUIREMENT ## This file requires Pages and Board application. SETTINGS Before adding blocks to the forum, blocks must be previously created in Pages app. Install the application in ACP > System > Applications Go to ACP > Community > Forums > Edit the forum > Click on "Blocks" tab. Add / reorder the blocks you want in Forum sidebar or Topic sidebar.


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    Adriano Faria

    Clubs Enhancements

    Version 1.0.14


    This resource will give more power to Club Owners. They will be able to execute functions currently only possible in the Admin CP. Features: Add ability to create a custom HOME page for the Club Convert forums or apps categories into Club Features with a single click, so you don't need to manually move a bunch of items (topics, images, files, events, etc) - Admin CP feature. Manage Club Features: Reorder (drag and drog) features Disable features: items from a disabled feature will not appear in the Club activity stream Delete features: just like on ACP, with option to delete content or move it to another club/category. Allow members to choose which features will be automatically created when creating a club. Restrict number of equal features per club (example: you can only have one "topic" feature). Restrict Number of Clubs per member. Restrict Number of Clubs a member can join. Add ability to create a QUESTION feature when creating a feature from FORUMS app. Add members to the club (setting to allow Club Owners to use it. Admins can use it). Add members from a specific user group to the club (secondary groups checked) (setting to allow Club Owners to use it. Admins can use it). Change owner of the club. Change type of the club (option according to the owner group setting). Display club icons on users posts Display club icons on user profile (hover card) Settings: Allow admins/club owners to create a custom HOME page for the Club Restrict Number of Features? Number of features per club Allow Club Owners to manually ADD MEMBERS? Display 'Added By' info when admin/owner add members manually Display Club Icon on posts panel? Number of Club Icons to display Club Icons Sort Order: name, last activity and random Display Club Icons on Hovercard Profile? Number of Club Icons to display Club Icons Sort Order: name, last activity and random


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    Doing quality themes on Invision Community can be a challenge. While other software literally go years without a notable update, our development cycle is rather rapid and we keep themers on their toes; they earn every penny. As mentioned, the built-in mechanism in the AdminCP makes it pretty easy to change colors -- so easy that even I can do it. If you want a quality, custom theme that really sets your community apart from the rest -- you can rightfully expect to pay appropriately.
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    There's some significant marketplace changes that need to occur overall, but I think your points are very fair and valid. On one hand, I'm a proponent of speaking with your wallet. If terms weren't clear and you feel wronged, I would personally indicate such in the review and not purchase from that author again. On the other hand, I understand the need for a basic set of ground rules. I think requiring paid resources to indicate terms is entirely reasonable and I too would find it a bit sketchy if there were renewal fees and no mention in the listing of "major updates may require an additional purchase." If you have specific examples of this occurring, please send the listings to me and we'll either work with the author to make their conditions clear, or delist the submission if necessary. Although IPS plays a minimal role in the marketplace and merely facilitates transactions, we do want clients to have confidence in third party resources. I'll add license and renewal term fields to the marketplace listings.
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    Clubs have no integration with commerce?

    How large? Asking for a friend.
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    Feedback? How about 4.2 doubling my site traffic! An unexpected side effect. I'm not complaining... hehe! Signups through the roof. Speed increased insanely. I'm happy!
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    If people reach club content by going through the main door (i.e. the club homepage), they might get how this works, but content can also be reached in other ways, e.g. from the activity feed (for open clubs). Or even worse: Someone posts in the forums and then the admin moves that into a club where it fits better. In those cases the user will see the content (even his/her own), but no comment form, because the user is not a club member yet. This leads to confusion. (Members on my site have told me so) So my suggestion is: Just like there is the guest block “Create an account or sign in to comment”, the missing option to interact with club content until joining the clubs needs to be explained at least. And maybe even joining from that place could be possible.
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    I am really disappointed to learn that there is no integration with clubs to commerce. A subscription to a VIP club seems like a GREAT way to generate some revenue and users who start their own clubs can make money too. What an awesome opportunity this would be and a great traffic driver. Users would push traffic from the internet to their club on my site!! WOW. This was going to be my whole plan from the moment clubs was announced. I guess I just assumed it would be integrated since IPS has been really good about keeping revenue a priority. Money talks! Please let me know that you're working on this .. yikes @Charles @Matt @Lindy
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    Liva 4.2 & by IPSMake

    Version 1.0.3


    IPS 4.2 Liva Style Liva modern forum theme. You can solve all your theme problems. It can be used by an individual or a company.This template builds with world's most popular responsive CSS framework, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and so many modern technologies. Main Features of Liva Three different navigation layouts Parallax Header Background Style Customizer Tilted content slide Sticky Sidebar Advanced Footer 28 CSS Hover Effect Buttons Retina Ready 8 Default Color with Color Switcher 8 Different Background Images Full Width & Boxed Clean Design Fully Responsive Google Font Used FontAwesome Icons Modern Cross Browser Support Other Features of Liva Google Fonts FontAwesome Icons Well Documented and much more features Fonts Used: Google Fonts – Google Fonts Font Awesome - Font Awesome, the iconic font and CSS toolkit Frameworks / Libraries: jQuery Cookie Plugin – GitHub - carhartl/jquery-cookie: No longer maintained, superseded by JS Cookie: Background Images – Full HD 1080p Desktop Wallpapers HD 1920x1080, Free Desktop Backgrounds Patterns – http://getbootstrap.com/ ADMIN PANEL SETTINGS General Settings Header Navigation Slider Forum Nodes Style Switcher Breadcrumb Footer Compatibility: IPS Community Suite 4.2.0 IPS Applications: Forums Chat, Downloads, Calendar, Chat, Downloads, Commerce, Pages, Blog, Gallery.


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    (BIM42) Chatbox

    Version 2.0.0


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Support emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages.


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    I understand the annoyance, however you'll find that you get what you pay for. Most commercial theme designers such as myself spend a lot of time creating and supporting themes that have lasted years. You'll find that themes aren't abandoned or left outdated since the commercial designers have an obligation to support their products - and frequent theme updates are usually offered too with bug fixes or general improvements. Roughly $30 to redesign your entire site is a great investment and certainly not exorbitant, especially if it can grab the attention of your visitors and turn them into members
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    Version 1.0.0


    This simple plugin will remove the link "Disable my messenger" from all members and will show an error if the user tries to disable via URL. If you want to restore the Messenger for existing users that has disabled it, run the following query in your SQL Toolbox: update core_members set members_disable_pm = 0; Append the DB Prefix to the table name (core_members) just in case your use any. Ex.: ibf_core_members. Compatibility: IPS 4.2 IPS 4.1


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    Version 1.0.0


    Shows which members have won as the most reputation or likes across the last days. Block settings: Number of leaders to show The block will appear if: Reputation is enabled Leaderboard is enabled Member who's browsing has permisison in the leaderboard module


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    Joel R

    Feedback on Social Promotions / Our Picks

    Started another deep dive into "Social Promotion" since I think this is one of the more interesting additions to 4.2. Things I like: Scheduler Bitly URL shortener (didn't see this in the preview, so this must be new) Our Picks page. Major things to improve: Manage Promoted Items -- I'd like to be able to 1. rearrange the order of picks and 2. publish immediately. This can be important if I choose a bunch of picks while browsing my community, but then need to arrange them in the proper order. Promote Content -- Please verify that all content items are promotable. For example, gallery images do not have promote option, but the gallery comment does. Use Image on IP.Download, IP.Gallery -- If you're promoting an item like an IP.Download file or IP.Gallery image, it would make sense to auto-use the respective screenshot or image. Minor things to improve: Upload images -- Should change dropzone color "Are you sure you want to delete this promoted item?" -- Change to "Are you sure you want to delete this promoted item from Our Picks?" Add button on 'Our Picks' to 'Manage Promoted Items' -- I shouldn't have to go through the User Menu. When uploading more than 1 image, choose which one is cover-- Like IP.Downloads screenshots Widget still shows right-arrow when no picks to load Things that confuse me "Don't share to the community on this occasion" -- I think this means don't push to Our Picks? Based upon my testing, I think that's what it does. Not sure why it closes the text editor. Manage Promoted Items > "Successful share to internal" -- I don't understand the difference between the two icons "Successful share to Internal" and "Also shared on internal." One is gray; one is green. Both virtually say the same thing. While IPS carefully ponders and implements all of my excellent feedback, here are some juicy screenshots of Social Promotion in action: The all-new Our Picks page. Beautifully responsive. Notice how you can upload multiple photos to a promotion. Manage Promoted Items. A new menu option for users with permission. Notice the time history (eg. Sent 4 minutes ago). Widget is ... okay.
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    I've logged a feature request to get "banned" added to: I have no ETA, however.
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    Update is out. @jair101: It turns out my copy had some fixes for special chars on tag management from some months back. They're included. Notes of caution on this update: Clubs: Club forums are just like regular ones, except for the part where they aren't like them in any way. You can edit them in the admin by going to Clubs > {edit club} > Forums > {edit forum}. The normal tag/prefix settings will now appear there. These settings cannot be changed from the frontend by the club owner. I have no intention of changing that. Tag quick-edit: This should respect context settings now (forum-specific tag restrictions, etc.). BUT IPS bakes prefix handling into that same input, and gave me no way to change that. That means the prefix can be changed from the tag list with no regard for permissions or prefix restrictions. The only alternative is having tag quick-edit unset any prefix entirely, which seemed worse. There's nothing I can do about it. Mage Tags: I revamped the manage tags section out of necessity. The old DB table it was using before gets worse with every release. The new one should work more reliably (no more page count bug!), but I have no idea how well it will scale for sites with thousands or millions of tags. If the answer is 'not well', my ability to improve that is probably limited. What's New in Version 3.1.9 This release targets IPS 4.2. Backwards compatibility to 4.0 is likely, but not guaranteed. Added tentative support for Clubs forums (settings can be edited via Club forums in admin). Added tentative support for tag quick-editing on frontend. Note: Prefixes fall back to default functionality in that context; this is unavoidable. Refactored Manage Tags section to fix SQL grouping errors and paging quirks. Improved caching performance. Fixed some instances of tag case insensitivity. Fixed lingering tag edit/delete encoding issues.
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    I'm adding this to my apps: It will display only Clubs you're in and has permisison to add the item. IPS should do the same.
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    Adriano Faria

    Who needs a Crowdfunding app?

    I've been working with @SammyS for a while in a Crowdfunding app. It's ready but we need people to test it before I submit it to the marketplace or even make suggestions to add/change features. It was initially a custom job but we decided to submit it to the marketplace. So if you interest in an app like that, reply here or drop a PM so you can pre purchase it and make some tests. If you pre purchase it, you won't need to buy it on marketplace, of course. The app will cost $25. Some screens. - Index: - Category: - Project view: - Donating: - Viewing amount donated (moderator permission and setting to allow submitter to view): - Submission: - Feed widget: Some specifics from the app: It requires COMMERCE app Fully compatible with IPS 4.2 (only) You can monetize your site by charging comission and fee from every donation 2 types of index page: portal (category blocks) or category listing Category icon and image Setting to allow projects with NO TARGET Setting to allow COMMENTS and/or REVIEWS Discussion topic 4 widgets More... Tks.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Keeps track of the number of registered members that have visited your site in a custom duration and also records which day you set the record for the most members online in the same day all options done via the front settings. Please install as a fresh plugin and don't use the upgrade function if had Who Was Online installed on 4.1.x or 4.2.x before this version. Key Features Show Online Users For How Many Hour Ago.Who Can See.Show Stat.Limit Maximum Number of The List.Groups To Exclude From the Link.Order Users Link By.Sort Type.


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    Inconsistent theme HTML

    Thanks Mark - I'm sure a tonne of my customers will appreciate that. Pretty much every edit form needs styling. The below screenshot is from the Blogs, but the same happens with the Gallery and Download addons. There are numerous areas that contain page titles or descriptions. This example is from the Store (when viewing a category of products). The ipsType_medium class is also used in the section title for some reason, which makes the text excessively small. The album description when viewing albums (below the Rules box if it's not clear in the screenshot): If the rules are displayed on the page (instead of a popup box or link): The ModCP: There are numerous pages where the large page title sits outside the content: The inbox, when no message is selected. I think customers have also reported issues with the Terms and Conditions and privacy - although I could be wrong. I'm sure there are many more areas, but those were found after a quick sweep through my forum. An easy way to find these issues is to simply change the page background colour to a dark colour and you'll notice how easily these areas stick out. If the "text on transparent background" effect is intended, then please just add a new class to the parent of those elements (such as .ipsContent_transparent or something) which will allow developers to add backgrounds to those areas if necessary.
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    Inconsistent theme HTML

    That looks like a bug (I actually had the particular case you mention in my notes as I'd noticed it myself too). If you can provide a list of pages you've seen this on, I'll make sure they get fixed.
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    A css solution is always easier to maintain, and is upgrade-friendly /* Show signatures on all devices */ .ipsApp div[data-role="memberSignature"]{ display: block !important; }
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    (SD) Game Keys Store



    Application allows you to sell game keys either through external APIs or directly uploaded to the database. Functionalities: Creating a category tree Ability to create additional fields assigned to a category Ability to create game makers Ability to create platforms where games work Ability to comment on games Ability to add game reviews only after purchasing a particular game Possibility to set a promotional price for the game Commerce (IP.Nexus) is required for right working. More screens: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/gallery/album/82-sd-game-keys-store/ You must add at least one product to the database so that there is no error on the home page


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    We do a performance sweep with every release. Sometimes big changes, sometimes small, but we always do something.
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    Classifieds System

    In the marketplace I've released the Classifieds 1.1.1 that support 4.2 features and Member Store: 4.2 Compatibility Fixes all issues reported in the Tracker Reactions support (IPS 4.2) Clubs support (IPS 4.2) Content Message and Promote features (IPS 4.2) Embedded content (IPS 4.2) Recommended Questions (IPS 4.2) Added REACTIONS to the questions (IPS 4.2) Member Store (IPS 4.2) Activity stream support (IPS 4.2) Change advert type once posted Featured and Pinned Blocks for General > Settings > Views Advert posting restriction Disable EDIT feature in completed adverts Dates on expired ads Default option for user Integration to Gallery Some screenshots of member store feature: Now I'm ready to get new suggestions and reports on my forum BBCODE.IT.
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    I can only hope to experience the same as you guys when my site finally goes live, only been working on it for 2 years
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    M Deborah Beris

    Great customer service.

    I just wanted to say I have a had few issues as I am largely ignorant on forum management and upgrading. Customer service has been first class and worked with me in professional way that not only solved the problem but I learned from it. For this, I thank them in the public and private. Have a good day!
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    I couldn't agree more! Speed has increased by a lot...and sign ups, and regular traffic has been Phenomenal to say the least.!
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    Group Mention

    Version 1.0.0


    Compatible with IPB 4.1 and 4.2 This app allows you to tag/mention groups. Want all members of specific groups to read a post? Simply tag the groups and all the members of these groups will then receive a notification (same behaviour as with user mentions). Customizable settings: Enable/Disable Choose who is allowed to mention groups Choose which groups can be mentioned


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    Tom Irons

    Clear Cache

    Version 1.0.2


    This plugin will allow you to clear the cache without having to use the support tool.


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    Do you have an app that builds computers?
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    Version 4.1.7


    IPBWI API v4 brings single sign on and further bridge functionality to allow you building your own web applications based on PHP with IP.board 4. Welcome to IPBWI API v4 starter edition! Follow IPBWI IP.board SSO on Facebook and Twitter! Current Features: Single Sign On (SSO) powered by IPS connect: fetchSalt login crossLogin logout register validate delete ban merge checkEmail checkName changeEmail changePassword changeName generateSalt encrypt_password Core Features powered by IPS REST API: members list info edit create delete posts list info edit create delete topics list info edit create delete FAQ: Will there be new features added in near future? Starter edition means that feature set will be aligned with IPS core features. Custom features will not be added, as priority have paying customers using the extended API. Is this API open source? Yes, but it's currently not released under an open source license like GPL yet. Do my website/app need to be on the same server as IP.board? no, since IPBWI API v4, there is no local access to board files required anymore. We utilize the IPS connect and IPS Rest API services which allow to connect to IP.board. Software Requirements PHP 7 IP.board 4.x


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    Adriano Faria

    Who We Are - IP.Board 4.x

    - New: - Old: - Sidebar: New version works in 4.1 too.
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    Pages SuperDocs support topic

    Support topic for the Pages Superdocs templates.
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    Firstly, being searchable doesn't always help when you are looking for something that you don't really know what you are looking for, but you know that it is there. (I hope that makes some sense lol) My issues with the whole Moderation logs (Apart from having to go to the search bar to type in 'logs' every time) is that you include 'User Actions' within the Moderator Logs. These are clearly not 'Moderator Actions and there is a succinct difference here which is not being adhered too. I only wish to see actions taken by my Moderation Team, so maybe there should be a different log for User definable actions in this case? Also, another issue I have with the Moderation logs is they're pretty much useless. It's fine if you want information on who and which Topic was moderated, but apart from that, there is no real purpose to them. How about showing us a before and after of what was edited and the ability of reversing Moderation actions on a post? Personally, I would find that useful and helpful.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This resource will display the reactions from the first post of the topic has received. Settings: Show number of reactions received Forums where to display reactions IMPORTANT NOTICE This was made and tested ONLY in IPS 4.2 default theme and it is the ONLY supported theme. I will NOT support any 3rd-party theme; that's NOT up to me. If it doesn't work in your theme that's probably because your theme is out of IPS pattern. DO NOT BUY IT IF DISAGREE WITH THIS.


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    Version 1.0.0


    This resource will allow members to create crowndfunding projects in your board. Notice: Compatibility: IPS 4.2 only! Requirement: Commerce: https://invisionpower.com/features/commerce Money donated: money donated goes to the project author via Account Credit. Each purchase entitles you to use Crowdfunding on one Community installation. Features: Ability to allow NO TARGET projects per category Unlimited categories of projects with permissions, extra fields, plus unlimited depth of parent-child relationships with a lot of settings, permissions and extra fields Category Image and Icons. Integrates to Commerce, so you can choose a specific payment gateway, tax, fee and comission and use multi-currencies Ability to force users to fill the price in currencies Ability to switch between currencies with a click to display projects goal Per member settings: Allows to access the app Allows to submit projects Per group settings: Allows to access the app How many approvwd content items must have to access the app Restrict X projects by a period of time (day, week, month and year) Robust Admin CP Restrictions Ability for users to report potentially offensive content using the built-in Report Center Supports item marking, allowing your users to see what adverts have been added or commented/reviewed on Integrates to: Activity Streams Share Links Tag/Prefixs system Notifications: Default ones (such as new project, follow category, etc) When someone donates to a project you created Follow System for projects and categories Search system ACP Live Seach (categories) Moderating system, which all commons permissions, such as pin, unpin, delete, feature, move, etc., for Projects, Comments and Reviews Ability to create RSS feeds of all projects More... Suggestions and Bugs report: Submit suggestions to the Suggestions forum: http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/forum/39-suggestions/ Submit bug reports to the official Bug Tracker for this app: http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/tracker/crowdfunding/ Account: Every user that purchases this app will have an account automatically created in the support board. Credentials: URL: http://www.sosinvision.com.br/ips4/index.php?/forum/37-crowdfunding/ User: your username here on IPS Password: your email address here on IPS


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    Version 1


    Ground Control Set custom background images across almost your entire IPS Community! Default Background (used all areas not customized) Forum Categories Forum Forums (carries over into the topics within!) Calendars Pages Database Index Pages Pages Database Categories (carries over to the content items within!) Gallery Categories (carries over into albums and images within) Commerce Product Groups (carries over to products within) Downloads Categories (carries over to download items within) Blogs (each individual blog can have their own) Clubs Supported! Club home page and members roster can have their own (shared) custom background. Each node type added to a club (forum, gallery, files, calendar) can have their own backgrounds too! 1) How are these backgrounds set in the theme/HTML? You have three options currently (available in Ground Control settings): On Body Element: Will over-ride the background set on the body element in your theme or custom css. If a Ground Control background (default or otherwise) is not present it will fall back to the body background already specified by your theme/custom css (if any). On HTML element: Will over-ride the background set on the HTML element in your theme or custom css. If a Ground Control background (default or otherwise) is not present it will fall back to the HTML background already specified by your theme/custom css (if any). If you have a body element background you will probably need to remove it otherwise it will display over top the html background. On a Special Background Element: This is a separate, new, HTML element placed underneath HTML > Body but before the header and remainder of the IPS HTML template code. This element is set to span the entire page with absolute positioning, given a z-index of -10, and a CSS 3D transition call that does nothing itself but will tell your browser to use your video card when rendering this element. Provided as an advanced option for users with more advanced thematic needs and also as a bullet-proof solution that will usually work no matter what your theme is doing. 2) Do I have to change anything with my theme? That depends on your theme. If your theme has a background picker available to members there might be some conflict depending upon how it does its thing. If the picker is setting a cookie that is then read GC should work fine, and the special background element option will 99.9% of the time do the job no matter what if there is somehow a conflict. If the picker is using Javascript to rewrite the element after page load is complete then the special background element is probably your only option unless you can disable the picker. 3) I'd rather have this image used somewhere else... Ask. Trivial to add in other CSS locations. Just understand that like the HTML, Body, and Special Background locations this would be a global setting - you won't be able to set forums to have the backgrounds on the Body element and the Gallery to have the background on the Header or something like that. 4) Where am I adding these backgrounds? Forum categories/forums: ACP Forum categories/forums add/edit form. Calendar: ACP Calendar add/edit form. Pages Database: ACP database add/edit form. Pages Database Categories: ACP database category add/edit form. Gallery Categories: ACP Gallery category add/edit form. Commerce Product Group: ACP Commerce product group add/edit form. Downloads Categories: ACP Downloads category add/edit form. Blogs: Front End - Manage Blog -> Manage Background. Clubs Index/Members: Front End - Manage Club -> Manage Background. Clubs Topic/Gallery/Blog/Download/Calendar nodes: Front End, after these nodes are created, Manage Club -> Edit this (Topic/Gallery?etc...). 5) What about profile pages and the streams pages and... Nope. Not right now. They will use whatever you have set as the GC default image (if any). 6) So what conditions do they display on? Application Index Pages and Misc Core Features (Profiles, Leaderboard, etc.): The GC default background will display if you have one set, falls back to whatever you have set in your theme/css settings otherwise. Application Nodes: These are things like Forum Categories, Forum Forums, Gallery Categories, Calendars, Downloads Categories, Commerce Product Groups, etc. Whatever you set on each of these individual nodes - every Forum category - every Forum Forum - every Commerce Product Group, and so on, can have a GC background of it's own. Content Items: Things like topics in a forum, images and albums (and album images) in a Gallery category, a product for purchase in a Commerce Product Group, etc. These will inherit the container background. That means if a Forum has a GC custom background, the topics within get that background too. An item for sale will have the page background from the Commerce Product Group it is in. And so on... If the container has no GC background applied, the content item will use the GC default background, and if that isn't there it falls back to whatever you have set in your theme/css. 7) So what happens when I have a category and then categories inside that category? If the parent category has a GC background, and the categories inside it do not have a GC background, those children categories will fall back to the GC default (if set) or the theme/css background (if set). I might look into parent/child fallback for application nodes later on but the solution to this is stunningly simple: just add backgrounds to those children categories - that is what this mod is for after all! 8) Anything quirky? Two exceptions, kind of. Pages and Clubs. Pages: Right now, a plain custom page of some sort is not supported. This is a page that just has whatever on it, no database attached to it. If you have a page that has a database attached to it then that database index page can have its own background. If that database has categories, those categories get their own backgrounds (and will not inherit the database background - they get their own or fallback) and items within a pages database category will inherit the category background. Non-database page support is something I'll have to look into later on. Keep in mind that all Pages pages can have custom css applied to them so this isn't really a problem for these custom non-database pages - just add what you need there. Clubs: Although it seems a little different, it really isn't all that much. Individual clubs themselves can have custom GC backgrounds set for the club index page and the member roster (same background). Then, since the club features such as topics, images, files, calendar, etc. are all just specially segregated versions of those IPS applications, the same Ground Control options apply to them as well. For each of those you can specify a custom GC background. Have 3 topics tabs and two files tabs? No problem! Every one can have their own GC background. Clubs is brand new and a little rough around the edges (also uses PHP Traits which isn't exactly hookable in IPS...) so I'm supporting Clubs with this but also treading really carefully. The only real quirk is I'm only allowing the add/edit of GC backgrounds AFTER a club node (topic, gallery, etc.) is created, not during. NOTES: 1) For the initial release of Ground Control, backgrounds are set to display in cover mode, fixed, centered. 2) A good practice for all background images is trying to keep the file size down. 500kb or less is a good idea. Giant 1-3 MB files will only further slow down your user's browsing speed. Even when user browsers cache these images they are still large and need time to draw in. 3) Adding GC background images to the Club or Club nodes (topics, images, etc.) is available after the club and/or club node is created. Once created, just edit/manage the club/club node and the GC background image option will display. 4) For this initial release of GC the fall back for Club nodes if you do not set a background on them is your the GC default (if set), then theme/css default (if set), not the club default. Solve this by setting custom backgrounds on those nodes! NOTES FOR ADVANCED USERS: 1) Images are stored with each individual node, not in a separate db, and so are available with the requisite $node->gcbgimage nomenclature (inspect database table structure for exact variable to call) 2) Every node background image has its own File Extension. FUTURE: Possible efficiency improvements. Manage the Ground Control background-image css. Possibly allow you to specify application top-level backgrounds. So the forum index page would have a background, the gallery index page would have its own, and so on. This is the initial release, it's just getting started, expect Ground Control to get more options as we go along. Compatible: 4.2 - Not sure if this will work on 4.19 or lower given the Clubs stuff. Untested but I'll take a look in a day or two. License: One buy, one live site (dev/test sites are fine). Support available for the time being in the IPS Marketplace topic. You are allowed to use this, after purchasing a license and downloading this from the IPS Marketplace, on one live site and any test/dev sites you have. Additional live sites require additional license purchases. Renewals (per purchase) entitle you to updated versions and ongoing support. All rights reserved.


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    Redesign IPS 4.2

    Version 1.3.3


    IPS Redesigned Theme 4.2 Features Slider Advanced Footer Slider with a lot of options: Align header, content and buttons Vertical and horizontal slides! Permissions slider and slides Fullscreen and container slider size. Specific pages where show slider Pagination buttons Navigation buttons Background color and image for per slide Height slider Effect transitions Autoplay mode Loop mode Footer 4 blocks with customization width Permissions for per block Background footer Social links Comming soon more features! Did you found bug? Please tell me on PM. Demo site Fullscreen slider Container slider ACP


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    Cookie Notice

    Version 3.0.5


    This plugin displays a cookie notice message popup. In the ACP you can set the message and specify an URL to read more about your cookies policy. You can also choose different positions and styles for the popup, as well as customize the colors. Clicking the "Got it!" button sets a cookie to no longer show the message. There are language strings for the "More Info" link, for the "Got it!" button, and for the message itself if you choose to use the translations. (cookieNotice_more, cookieNotice_dismiss and cookieNotice_message) Powered by: https://cookieconsent.insites.com/ - It's possible to use a local version of the JavaScript though. Compatible with Community Suite 4.2.2


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    All Astronauts

    Spacious ACP

    Version 8


    August 4th, 2017: Spacious ACP 8 released. NEW! Send PM to member from ACP Member page. NEW! Plugins now have version numbers displayed alongside titles. NEW! Option for tighter row spacing to display more list items per-given screen space. NEW! ACP secondary menu now wraps the link around the <li> element, not the text. That means easier navigation for you! NEW! Option for much better formatted (read: less space used) new version announcements and bulletins. Recommend on. NEW! Warnings and license key alerts altered for consistency with new version announcements and bulletin. Still more work to come but I need to work some other apps and plugins before I swing back to this one. Widgets on tap, still with the language keys, the background image for the login page needs a proper file extension, I think the system overview widget needs a touch up for CIC users, and probably some buggy things that will pop up since I can't test everything all the time... And yeah, I need to go through these screen shots again and get them all up to speed with the 4.2 version. I think I'm missing the Member widget for one... Those of you using the separate Marketplace plugin to PM members from the ACP will have noticed it doesn't work on 4.2. Feel free to uninstall it; Spacious has got your back for that. Did need to move the link though (see screenshot). I'll eventually update the freebie but not for awhile. The free plugin for adding version numbers to plugins does work with 4.2. The Spacious version sticks them in-line with the plugin name though saving you a ton of horizontal space. If you were thinking about purchasing this, sooner rather than later would be a good idea - if you want to save $5. Bump to $15 is due once I get around to this again and release Spacious ACP 9. Renews will stay at $5 though. Fair warning and all that... July 22nd, 2017: Spacious ACP 7 released. First 4.2 compatible version, if you need 4.19.4 or lower use an older version. Originally I wanted an ACP theme that would display more options/information on a smaller sized laptop screen (i.e. 1600x900) and provide some customization. With 4.2 IPS has adopted many of the ideas of Spacious into the default ACP (better tab spacing, removed extraneous, useless spaces, etc.) so now the focus of Spacious is on customization and adding features to enhance and improve what you do on the admin side of things. Animation and hover effects for a smoother, more app-like feel. Header, primary, and secondary menu background colors fully changeable. Header, primary, and secondary menu font colors fully changeable. Change the name of the ACP to whatever you want. Un-sticky the ACP header to gain more screen-estate when scrolling. Latest IPS news and Admins Online widgets have been altered for better display. Optional modern-style dashboard widget format. New widgets! Other under-the-hood changes... New Widgets! Spacious ACP comes with new dashboard widgets to fill in the gaps left by the rather lackluster IPS dashboard widgets. Includes: System Overview: Real-time server load, IPS installation size, IPS database size, memory available (or free), storage space available, options for Community in the Cloud customers, and more! Gallery Overview: Mostly a rework of the default Gallery widget but with better formatting and it now displays the four most popular images in the Gallery. Forum Statistics: The most glaring IPS omission. Sparkline trends for both topics created and responses made. Lots more - check it out! Member Statistics: Major upgrade over the default IPS member statistics dashboard widget. Configurable. Google chart bits. Neat! System Errors: Lists last five (max) system errors so you can actually see what problems are occurring under the hood. Direct links to error reports and system error page. SimilarWeb: A website ranking/tracking service. Two SW default widgets for tracking visitor types and relative rankings, embedded in a single IPS dashboard widget. The rankings widget can have two additional websites added for tracking alongside your own site. Alexa: Get your Alexa ranking (for whatever that's worth...) right in your dashboard. Both global and national. Updates daily (though Alexa updates rankings once a week) and flags trending up or down from previous check. Database Overview: Just a few basic stats. More on this later. Most Active Topics Last 3 Days: As stated. Based on topic responses only. Maximum five listed. Useful for large boards where you are likely to overlook where the action is at any given time. These are all under active development. Refinement and new widgets can be expected. More! Login Page Customization: Add a background or just change the color. The login box is totally customizable as well including transparency and the option to add additional text. Dash Buttons: Add some more quick link buttons to the top of the dashboard - administrator logs, moderator logs, tasks, and a super-convenient clear caches button! And of course stuff, see the screenshots! Installation: Starting with 4.2 there is only an application to install. If you already have the Spacious ACP theme and Spacious Widgets application installed first delete the Spacious ACP theme. It is not compatible with 4.2. Now, you can either upgrade the Spacious Widgets application with this Spacious ACP 7 application (yes, just go ahead and upgrade, do not install as a new app) or you can delete the Spacious Widgets application and then install this new one. If you upgrade the existing application you'll probably need to hit the support tool to clear the caches before everything starts working with theme changes and so on. This is expected (happened to me during testing) The move to just the single application is due to IPS soon to remove the ability for themes to be set for the ACP. All the configuration settings to alter the ACP appearance, add/remove features, configure widgets that require configuring, and changing your ACP login page are all available in under Customization - Spacious ACP : Settings. To add the new widgets to your dashboard just click the add button on the dashboard, choose and then drag them where you want them to be. Be aware that both Forum and Member Statistics only support the large display widget area. All the others can be used in the large or small areas. Heads Up! Widgets with Google Charts in them will render weird when you first drag them onto the dashboard. Just refresh the page. Support: In the support topic. This initial release will have some quirks with responsive css on Phone view plus left-to-right language support is pretty much nil right now. Also language bits. I need to add more variables so you can at least translate some stuff in the widgets. Notes: Some of the new widgets give you a sampling of statistical information you probably want about your site and though you can request that I add some things of this nature to Spacious Widgets they will probably NOT be added as that will require storing substantial information in the database. That's well beyond the scope of an ACP theme and some add-on widgets. Better off in a separate application where it can be done right. In some server/hosting situations some data I try to read for the System Overview widget may not be accessible. Do not buy this if the Server Overview widget is the only thing you are interested in. No refunds will be approved due to some elements of that widget not working correctly on your site. Specifically, you will need allow read access to the /proc directory on Centos/Red Hat/Ubuntu systems and in some cases you may have an Apache setting called open_basedir preventing this. A simple file edit on your server will usually solve this. VestaCP users will need to edit some configuration templates to change this variable. Cost/Allowed Use: $10/$5 every six months. Basically $10 a year once you get going for a customizable ACP and a bunch of new dashboard widgets (with more on the way!). Feel free to skip a renew if you must but if you skip more than one renewal and try to renew more than a year later and I may just have you buy it outright again. Renewals keep us devs going! Licensed for your IPS site bound to your IPS account plus any/all dev boards (localhost or otherwise). Other sites should/need to get their own licensed copy of Spacious ACP. All rights reserved, etc.