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    Why Choose IPS

    BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST THIS AWESOME Click Me.mp4 Again without the team I would have never got those 'permissions' passed with FB! You guys are all AWESOME!
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    Anonymous Login Issues / Tracking

    If anonymous login is allowed, then last_activity for each member in core_members is not properly updated. In IP.Board 3.x last_activity was still updated and there was another db field to indicate they were anonymously logged into the site. If you do a member search for members online in the last month and you have a user that's been logged in anonymous for 3 months your search will not be accurate. I really think IPS should move back to keeping last_activity updated with a member's last known site access time. It'd be better to have profiles and widgets say Private for last visited like they did in IP.Board 3.x than to have them list a false date. It's been a mess for our moderators, produced inaccurate results when doing statistics on members, and made people ask why the site says someone visited months ago when they can obviously see they just made a post. We've disabled it on our site because of this, but obviously people liked not appearing in the "Who's online" list and it'd be great if the functionality could be fixed.
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    IPB Bug Tracker.

    Looking back on the previous versions... Key Changes 4.2.5 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.4. So you go back and look at 4.2.4... Key Changes 4.2.4 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.3. As you can see the release notes are meaningless... So what was fixed in 4.2.0, 4.2.1, etc.??? What has been reported??? At least the bug reports would have more meaning for us. I can see having the bug reports for active license holders and deny to people allow the license to elapse or no longer using the software.
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    I think that when one browses to the Marketplace splash page, right near the top there should be a Quick Search function where someone can enter a member name (in the dynamic update field which shows options as you type), then click Go or something to be taken directly to that person's Marketplace files. I think it would save a lot of time browsing categories or trying to find said member's name when you know exactly whose products you want to browse.
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    Inconsistent theme HTML

    Nothing seems to have changed with 4.2.6. Fingers crossed for 4.3.x..
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    IPB Bug Tracker.

    That fine... But how about all the other issues that people reported? It was nice to see all the changes and things to look forward to being fixed. Sorry, but this is way to plain Jane for updates. I end up hunting all over the site looking for changes. Then get frustrated when something was changed and can't figure out how long its been changed or not set up correctly because of an update or fix. Like the comment about Ad code I dug all over the software tempting to locate this change and got frustrated because I can't find any information about the change or what new setting? It was better when the paying members could see the bug reports and see thing being fixed and when. Kind of rough now not knowing when things change during an update.
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    Fernando Pinheiro

    Mobile app?

    Around 70% of my users access my website using mobile and this number only increases. A mobile app that could notify the user about new content is now needed IMHO. Forums simply can't compete with Telegram groups or Slack channels, or Discord app for instance.
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    Dismissable annoucements

    You could use following app to replace announcements, it includes everything what you requested;)
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    Some other mods that might help: Mail Bouncer by @stoo2000. A necessity to clean up emails that are old. Inactive Members by @Fosters
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    Custom Notifications - Supporttopic

    Fosters Crew is pleased to present the newest version of Custom Notifications v1.2.0, available immediately in the IPS Marketplace for download. The newest version of Custom Notifications overhauls the listing in the ACP. ACP Listing The list of custom notifications in the ACP received a design overhaul, with an easier view of the notifications and advanced settings available at your fingertip. You can filter by Sent, Unsent, or All with easy filters: And you can Send, Search, and see latest Sent on information directly from the table: Please remember to report any bugs or suggestions to the Project Manager https://fosters.tech/projects/project/22-custom-notifications/?do=issues