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    So I just did an absolutely fresh install of on a site I am preparing for an academic grant application review. For some reason it installed and yet was utterly unusable because no CSS or template styles were loading at all. Timeline panic made me hit the Outage button. Long story short: @Rhett responded in one minute. Problem fixed in 15 minutes. Before I crawl back into my workhole, I just wanted to say: THAT is service.
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    Jennifer M

    New IPS Staff Member?

    Thank you everyone and yes I'm better known as Morrigan. I will be primarily doing enterprise design and design development.
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    Invision Community 4.2

    Invision Community 4.2 is now available as a beta in the client area. The final release will be later in summer 2017. Here is the roundup of what's new in Invision Community 4.2! Highlights There's a lot of new feature in 4.2 but here are a few of the highlights: Promoting Content - A new way to promote content in your Community internally, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Clubs - Clubs are a brand new way of supporting sub-communities within your site. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past and Clubs are our implementation of this concept. Reactions - Offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. They are now in common usage on social networks, and so users expect to be able to be more nuanced in their response to something they see. Complete Your Profile - Encourage or require members to fill out the details on their profile. Also now allows for quick registration to encourage joining. And a whole lot more.. It goes on... here is the full list! Leaderboard Enhancements Richer Embeds Group Promotion Improvement Fluid Forum View Member History Editor Uploading Improvements Authy Integration Commerce Improvements New REST API Endpoints Gallery Improvements Statistic Reporting Copy Topic to Database Downloads Index Page Blog Sidebar Promoting Content Clubs Reactions Calendar Venues Social Sign In Streamlining Calendar Add Similar Event Gallery Lightbox Navigation Letter Profile Photos SEO Improvements Device Management Delayed Deletes Calendar Event Reminders Content Messages Recommended Replies Complete Your Profile Be sure to visit each entry above for more information and screenshots. We hope you enjoy Invision Community 4.2! Release The final release will be available summer 2017. The supported, public beta is available in the client area now.
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    Jennifer M

    New IPS Staff Member?

    I've been caught. Thanks for the welcome @nodle
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    Version 1.1.1


    ATTENTION: THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES IPS4.2 Beta or higher Bookmarks is an easy and convenient way to save and bookmark content that you want to find later: Want to save a long topic for later reading? Don't want to lose your spot in an interesting topic? Need to mark something for moderator review? Curious about other people's favorite bookmarks? Bookmarks by @fosters saves you the hassle of rummaging through multiple pages, searching, and navigating to find that one post you wanted to later review. With one click, you and your users can save any post as a bookmark. It offers a convenient way to compile, store, and organize your most favorite posts from around the community into your own set of bookmarks. FEATURES Bookmarks offers the following features: Public Bookmarks - Public bookmarks are viewable by other members and guests on a tab on the member's profile page. Private Bookmarks - Private bookmarks are viewed only by yourself. This is perfect for the posts you secretly love to return to! Unlimited Bookmarks - Let your users save as many bookmarks as they want! Notifications - The content creator can get a notification when somebody bookmarks his content Activity Stream Permissions can be set via the Module Permissions. Bookmarks works with the following content items: Topic Posts Blog Entries Blog Comments Download Files Download Comments Gallery Images Gallery Comments Gallery Albums Project Manager Items Project Manager Comments FAST & UIX FRIENDLY Bookmarks is designed to be super fast and user-friendly. The application uses a "table join" to fetch the bookmark, so no extra queries are run on the content page. It also utilizes AJAX technology to manage the bookmarks. This means when you add or remove the bookmark, the bookmark is instantly removed without reloading the page - giving an instant and seamless transition to your users. Instructions to add the Bookmark Link to Pages App Items: Open the Pages App Template Editor and open for the "record" template Search for {{if $record->canManageRevisions()}} <li><a href='{$record->url('revisions')}' class='ipsButton ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_link ipsButton_fullWidth' title="{lang="content_view_revisions"}">{lang="content_view_revisions"}</a></li> {{endif}} Add below {{if $record->canBookmark()}} <li> <span data-controller='bookmark.front.bookmark.link'> {{if !$record->isBookmarked() }} <a href="{$record->url('bookmark')->csrf()->setQueryString('isButton', true)}"class="ipsButton ipsButton_verySmall ipsButton_link ipsButton_fullWidth "data-action="bookmark" data-ipsDialog data-ipsDialog-size="medium" data-ipsDialog-title="{lang="bookmark"}" data-ipsDialog-remoteSubmit="true" >{lang="bookmark"}</a> {{else}} <a href="{$record->url('removeBookmark')->csrf()}" data-isButton class="ipsButton ipsButton_link ipsButton_verySmall" data-action="removeBookmark">{lang="remove_bookmark"}</a> {{endif}} </span> </li> {{endif}} Result: Please ignore the Design Issue once the bookmark was removed. This will be improved in the next release.


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    A Battered Client

    I have sites on all major forum platforms after switching one to 4.2 beta my life has changed. I abandoned vb and I'm buying a 2nd license keep up the good work and thanks for the coupon code!!
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    Rumour has it every time a ticket is created @Rhett wakes up from deep sleep in a panic.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This plugin will display 2 letters in the profile letter, if the user has 2 names, like Adriano Faria. Setting: Exclude word: First letter from these words will not be used in the avatar. You can see above it excluded the "di" word. Note: This change does not happen automatically for users already registered. It will occur after they change their display name. Compatibility: IPS Community 4.2


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    1 Miilion Betas
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    Classifieds System

    Hi guys, I will try to do my best to continue the excellent work already done on the app by @Adriano Faria.
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    IPS Support

    I had an issue earlier today where my board went offline and after several hours of self-service I threw in the towel and made a support ticket and within 5 minutes I had a response from @Rhett that helped me isolate the issue despite it not being software related. Now, it's obvious that this is my responsibility as I opted to host my own files but despite the circumstance, I was given guidance that led to the resolution of my issue. Thanks to you as well @Marc S for following up on my issue.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Will display who voted in answers for QA forums topics. Settings: Number of users to show in the popup Groups allowed to see the list Compatibility: IPS 4.2.X IPS 4.1.X


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    another reason why i go with Invision

    Thanks for the feedback and post it's always nice to hear!
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    Hello everybody! I work with performance. Today the IPB has a poor performance at Google Pagespeed Insights. The mobile version note is 65+ in speed section, too bad for a site! Mainly about the javascript/css files loaded at <head> section. Is too many files. Can you improve this? Like minify 1 css only, instead 8 or more files loaded today. And load the Javascript files via ASYNC mode, like <script async ...>, this is a good practice nowadays. Regards folks!
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    Martin A.

    Minimized Quote

    Version 1.0.2


    This is a simple plugin that alters the amount of text/image shown in quote boxes. The changes are purely visual, no permanent change will be done to the stored post. It is also backward compatible with older posts. And everything will be restored if the plugin is disabled/uninstalled.


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    Version 1.1.0


    This app wants to improve, especially with the user's advice, the new CLUBS feature (4.2+). It is now released at a special price because many of the features are still under development. A detailed roadmap will be viewable in the APP support area. Blocks manager for CLUBS you can create and edit unlimited block for any clubs. With this feature you can do many things, some example: 1. Add an HTML block 2. Add a donation block 3. Add advertising block 4. Add a generic Image 5. Add a custom menù 6. Add a links block and so on... Show CLUBS icons everywhere (from 1.1.0) Show icon on profile Show icon on hovercard Show icon on topic view Set icon size settings Set max icons displayed I have many ideas to add to this app, which is why the starting price is much lower than the final price ($45+) when the roadmap is completed. I you need something more in CLUBS buying this app now could be a good deal, so you can come to our support CLUB and ask for a new feature. : D THIS PLUGIN WORKS ONLY FOR 4.2+ BOARDS


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    New IPS community URL

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    Version 3 is EOL and does not receive updates (including security updates) and support. Using it is a security risk and you miss out on modern technology. I mean v3 was made before the iPhone existed so something as what is now basic - full mobile support - is not there. You are missing out on what is now required functionality on the modern web. I realize people hate change but as with all software things have to evolve. It does not work on PHP 7 and PHP 5 is also approaching EOL. So you are using a software that we (the makers) no longer support which can only run on a server-platform which is also nearly defunct. It's imperative that you consider an upgrade path for your safety and continued success. I'm not trying to be all "omg scary" it's just the reality of the situation. I'm sure Microsoft still gets angry letters about no more Windows XP support too ... it's sort of the nature of software development. The version 3 support forums were archived off to only active license holders as a courtesy for those few left who have not yet upgraded. We plan on completely archiving them in the not too distant future.
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    Version 1.2


    Hello This is my first 4x theme, has basic modifications and works with last IPB version. 4.2.0x It was made from scratch, so please let me know if there is any problem. Has no copyright. Demo: Soon Hope you like Please for future updates and support: GO TO THIS LINK


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    New IPS Staff Member?

    I noticed it looks like IPS has a new staff member? Thought I would say welcome @Jennifer M. https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/576761-jennifer-m/
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    Kevin Carwile


    Sure there is. I made it for dinner last night.
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    Kevin Carwile


    I'll build the damn thing.
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    The Support team associated with Cloud Hosting is the only reason I sleep at night...I'm a digital idiot, but apparently a decent Owner, Moderator and Administrator of a 15 year old Board. Couldn't run discussion forums without having the IPS Support on call.
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    Classifieds System

    Please have a little patience, at this stage we will ensure full compatibility with 4.2. Soon after, we'll start talking about new features.
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    Classifieds System

    I think you can be disappointed because Adriano is a fantastic dev, but you can't say "customers get shafted" indirectly accusing me and Adriano. So think positive and collaborate it's in my interests to make the app functional and keep selling it in the future, otherwise I would have thrown money for nothing. Regards.
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    Integration with vk.com

    I like the idea 😇
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    IPB 4 is really good

    I've been using IPB4 for a couple of weeks, and it really doubles down on making the basic functionality better. The interface for both the user and the admin panel is MUCH simpler than IPB3, and I don't feel like anything was lost. The attachments, replies, and notifications are really well done. Thanks!
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    I'm not currently running any forum (I used to), but I love forum softwares and I always check in on various softwares to see what's new. I have to say that I think the IPS team is doing amazing things with IPB. I see a lot of new stuff and innovation that other forum softwares would leave to addon developers. I see so much new stuff, especially with IPB 4.2 coming soon, that I'm tempted to renew my license just to test stuff out locally. Keep up the amazing work.
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    It's obviously always good to get software updates, but the impending 4.2 update is by far the most exciting. And not only for all the great features that the staff have worked so hard to implement, but also because they open up new possibilities for future expansion. My favourite feature right now is Clubs, which is great as is but also because of what it can become - especially if it's integrated with Pages functionality. Anyway... yeah, kudos to the IPS team for proving themselves a company I'm happy to support. "4.2? Ohhhh, shut UP and TAKE MY MONEY!"
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    Invision Community 4.2

    Made a few visual changes. I'm really happy with the result
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    Unread Topic Badge

    Version 2.0.1


    This plugin places an unread badge next to forum titles with unread topics, and next to topics with unread posts. Clicking the badge next to a topic, will take you to its first unread post. (It also works with questions forums) You also have settings to remove the "unread dot" on the topics, and to make the topic links go to the first unread post. Add your style to the class 'unread_badge' in custom.css to override the default IPS4 badge styles. Compatible with Community Suite 4.2.0 Beta WARNING: For 4.1.19 or lower use 1.0.6 (See changelog). Newer versions only support 4.2.0


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    Fosters Bookmarks -Supporttopic

    I'd like to thank @Joel R and @TheSonic for all their help and support.
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    Wiki based Dev Docs

    Sorry, I don't watch the forums closely so unless I'm tagged I often don't see things. I will bring this up at our next development meeting and get opinions.
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    Wiki based Dev Docs

    Hello, you've got such a great contributor community but you don't use it's full potential. I've learned so much from others and I am still willed to return the favour. At some point I noticed that I even forgot the solution I've learnt in the past and I am having a hard time finding the post/threads again. Why don't you allow users to suggest edits/new posts in the dev docs? Basically a wiki based dev docs page. Obviously it should be moderated by one of your developers to make sure the information make sense to some extent, but it would help us and other developers. At least create an own Guides/Tutorial section for developers. The fact that someone can't edit it's own guide/tutorial thread endlessly is annoying too. These are things only IPS can change to further improve the peer to peer development support. By the way I am very thankful for the official developers' support there, that's something what is great. Brandon does always take care of any questions in the gateway section and other sections too if one tags him. He's really a big help when one is really stuck.
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    Fosters Bookmarks -Supporttopic

    Fosters Crew is pleased to present the newest version of Favorite Content Bookmarks v1.1.0, available immediately in the IPS Marketplace for download. The newest version of Bookmarks takes community bookmarking to the next level with a major feature: Categories. Categories will help your community's users arrange and organize their personal list of bookmarks. Before, all bookmarks were clumped together into a single, long list. Now, users can define new categories to sort and categorize their bookmarks as needed. Categories can be named anything your user's want, and can include a mixture of both public and private bookmarks. Users will see the new bookmark categories on their "My Bookmarks" page. Categories can be added in two different ways: Add bookmark - As soon as a user bookmarks an item, options will appear to either save into an existing category or to create a new category. This allows users to create categories 'on-the-fly' during the bookmarking process. My Bookmarks - On the My Bookmarks page, users can manage their bookmark categories by adding new bookmark categories. This allows them to manage and add multiple categories from a single location to organize and view all of their bookmarks together. Categories can be edited and deleted: My Bookmarks - On the My Bookmarks page, users can manage all of their bookmark categories to add, edit, and rename. This centralized location allows users the ability to manage all of their categories together from a single location. Several other enhancements and bug fixes have been released in v1.1.0, so we encourage you to check out the latest version or pick up a copy in the IPS Marketplace! The application is still a work-in-progress, so please share your feedback and bug reports in the Support Topic here and Tracker.
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    If we're talking about legality, can some of us sue you for slander? Seriously, dude.
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    Version 1.0.3


    Let your members set their social profile links and show them on their profiles, topic posts and hover card as a choice of stacked font-awesome icons or normal font-awesome icons or upload your own icons, each icon is clickable to open a new window to their selected link Plugin Settings Choose what user groups can use Members Social Info Choose what user groups can see the Members Social Info icons Enable or disable each social link from being accessed by members Choose the font-awesome icon for each social link Select 3 different styles of the icons from normal to square to round or UPLOAD your own icons Admin/Moderator Settings (Member Profile Edit Settings) Manually add / edit the users Member Social Info in their profile edit settings (If the mod has edit permissions) Social Links Included So Far Facebook Twitter Google YouTube GitHub Steam Instagram LinkedIn Skype Website Twitch Odnoklassniki vKontakte Discord Reddit Vine Vidme Snapchat Smashcast More to come Displays Where? On the users posts and topics in the user info panel On their profile as a block On their hover card at the bottom of the info list How To Install Go to your admin panel and plugins then install the downloaded .xml file Version Compatibility 4.1.x 4.2.x Want More Icons Leave a reply on the support topic and let me know what social sites and icons you want added I am more than happy to update it with more icons


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    Hunter Holmes

    Major Props!

    I haven't gotten a chance to say this because I never could write the right words, but here goes nothing... I have been a IPS Client off and on since the 3.4.3. This means that I haven't been a client for very long, but I have seen some changes when it comes to IPS. The thing is that even though much of the software has changed, the staff team's attitude towards things has not. Because they have always been diligent and hard working ever since I came onto this board for the first time. In short, the IPS Support & Staff team is amazing at what they do and they deserve any kind of award imaginable! Great job IPS!
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    Marketplace menu

    I've tuned up the marketplace index a bit -- note though, there's currently a bug that limits the display per block to 4 items. This will be 20 when fixed. The popular blocks choose from the appropriate category from the last year.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Will allow users to quickly create a new topic in the forums. It will add a new button on forum view and a popup will appear with TITLE and DESCRIPTION fields. Compatibility: IPS 4.2.X IPS 4.1.X


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    IPS Support

    Personally I think IPS has the best support for anything I do on the internet. My tickets get resolved quickly and if a ticket of mine manages to be escalated, even then it gets resolved in a reasonable amount of time. I have always been happy with the support IPS has.
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    Daniel F

    IPS Support

    I'd like to apologies for this. I have escalated the ticket to another developer for clarification, but haven't informed you about this step.
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    IPS Support

    IPS Support is one of the best. No matter the problem, they always either solve it entirely or help me solve it in no time. Just like liquidfractal said, no "big" company compares to ips on the client support topic.
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    I had this issue in a client's board so I've done this: I can share on marketplace. Edit: I have submitted the file.
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    Midnight Modding


    I can't decide if this is a good ideas or not, but.... I thought it may be nice if usernames for mentions are ordered with users who have already posted in the current topic first, then alphabetical as secondary ordering. That way, you would have less letters to type to get to them, in many cases. I mean really I don't think it would be more resource intensive, because you already have the data of who posted in the topic and all you'd have to do is check against that data and separate out the list. Just not sure if enough people would care, but especially on large sites, it would save some time when typing out names. On this site here, if you type a few letters in, you're still seeing a list of a lot of inactive accounts, so you have tot ype most of a username out.
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    Version 1.0.3


    Transform your board with the Advanced Multi-tool plugin with 75 settings and more to come DEMO Features Header Upload a image to use as the header background Body Upload a image for the sites body background Upload a image for the admin panel body background Upload a image for the admin panel login screen background Messages Set a global header message Set a global footer message Set a registration page message Each message (expect registration page for obvious reasons) can be shown or hidden to certain groups If you want messages in more locations then leave a comment on the support topic stating where Breadcrumb Show the breadcrumb on mobile / tablet devices Change the data-links (Mark Site Read & Unread Content links) to just use font-awesome icons Change the font size of the breadcrumb on mobile / tablet viewing (Might be needed if you have long forum names to keep it clean) Font Change the bodys font with a choice of websafe fonts, google fonts or upload a font to use Edit the font size Edit the font weight Choose to text-transform your font (Make all words UPPERCASE, lowercase, Or The First Words Of Each Letter Capitalized) Font-Awesome Add font-awesome icons to the primary navigation bar Add font-awesome icons to the secondary navigation bar Add font-awesome icons to the users bar Add font-awesome icons to the users create bar Each have a section to add custom / 3rd party tabs to the plugin font-awesome features The font-awesome icons are set for the English language and are set for the IPS apps and core functions if you have 3rd party apps or plugins what add tabs then there is a setting to add them to any of the bars above, The same applies if you are using a different language then English (there is a help section in the plugin with full easy outlined details of how to add your own Forums & Categories Remove the words forums from the index page Remove the start new topic button on the index page Remove the date and time format from category rows Hide sub categories from the index page Remove the forum category names Show total stats (This will calculate the overall total of topics and posts in each category and place the total amount in the category header) Show forums description (This will show the forums description (if one is set) in the category name section below the name) Hide the toggle buttons on the categories Display stats in the categories (Choose to show either the post count, topic count or both in the categories) Topics & Posts Remove the time and date format from the topics and posts Remove the reply to button Change the colour of the reply to button Change the font colour of the reply button Remove the start new topic button Change the colour of the reply to button Change the colour of the text on the reply to button Change the colour of the moderator actions button Change the colour of the text on the moderator actions button Post Buttons & Badges Hide the multi quote button Make the quote text a badge Choose the colour of the quote badge Choose the colour of the quote badge text Make the edit text a badge Choose the colour of the edit badge Choose the colour of the edit badge text Member Profiles Change the profile cover photo height Choose to upload a default cover photo for all members Other Choose to add a font-awesome clock next to any time and date format across your board Version Compatibility 4.2 All Features 4.1 Some features may not work but most will Visit the support topic and give me some ideas to add in my updates if you have any (as I do like a update) Please note all settings are working 100% on the default theme some settings (very minimal) might not work on custom themes using divisions and elements away from IPS


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    The biggest issue is really the technology to do that. It would require additional server tools to what we already require, notably a socket server. There's a possibility that we could offer these kinds of things on our Cloud plans in future.
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    Club Widgets

    So I find the club widgets lacking! I feel to really engage someone to participate in their club these widgets should be implemented. SO here I go to start to explain widgets that I think are needed: The Club activity should be a widget that you can drag and drop anywhere so you can have that on more than the club page. Who's online in my clubs. Similar to the who's online list but has a list of members online that are in the members clubs only. Possibly with the number of clubs they have in common in parenthesis afterward so they can know how many clubs they have in common. Gallery, blog, downloads etc widgets that will only show recent club items. With this I think that the member should have options on what clubs show up in these feeds from some clubs settings in their account settings. So if I'm a part of 30 clubs (for an example) but I really need to see what's new in 1-3 of them I can control that is all I see in these widgets. Yes I'm aware we can use an activity stream (which is fabulous) but I'm looking for something more in your face and (for images and whatnot) more visually appealing than an activity stream.
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    Adriano Faria

    Additional Club Type

    A PAID club would be nice too. Users would have to pay to gain access to a club.