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Resource communities.

Share information, files and articles relevant to your niche.

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Knowledge is power

Sharing information is an essential component to all thriving communities. It facilitates in strategic decision making, informs curious minds and empowers the community.

  • Build a resource hub

    Create and build upon a database of useful and searchable findings.

  • Disseminate or privatize information

    Easily share or shield the information based on group-specific permissions

  • Promote articles and news to social media

    Intentionally surface information of your choosing to your followers.

  • Organize a library

    Forge a path for your community to easily search and discover information.

  • Distribute downloads

    Incorporate a dynamic file sharing component for members to upload and share digital info.

  • Documentation

    Provide avenues for employees or members to stay up-to-date on important policy.

Build a robust library of searchable information.

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Build your own resource center

Use our native apps and features to seamlessly construct an information hub that your members can access 24/7.


The Pages app is imperative for a fully-functioning knowledge base.

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Create a "record" in the system with relevant information pertaining to your subject. These records display on a Page.

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Allow members to participate in in-depth, private or public discussions regarding unearthed information using our Clubs tool.

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Give props to your members for contributing quality information to the community.

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Members connect in a centralized place to discuss information and share resources.

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Grant the ability to upload informational documents, PDFs, images and videos.

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Get resourceful

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