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Individualized member experiences.

Come for the content, stay for the community.

Amplifying your members' voices...

Successful communities curate compelling content.

  • Sparks activity

    Promoting community content to a wider audience encourages your members to continue creating.

  • Increases viewing time

    Members stay in your community longer, contribute more and keep coming back throughout the day when they're being seen and heard.

  • Accelerates growth

    Content is the lifeblood of any community and organically drives traffic. The more you show your members love, the more they'll create.

  • Drives meaningful interaction

    Give your members a speical spot on the Internet to converse. Your community is an island of reprieve amidst the social media abyss.


Help members easily discover new content.

Create content for your community first. Then use our native tools to easily promote it.

Activity Streams

Offers a unique experience based on a members' preferences.

  • All Activity
  • My Activity Streams
  • Unread Content
  • Subscriptions
Screenshot of All Activity
Screenshot of My Activity Stream
Screenshot of Unread Content

Subscribe to any default or custom activity stream (minus the All Activity Stream) and receive either daily or weekly email notifications with a roundup of content they may have missed.

Screenshot of Activity Stream Subscriptions


Fosters a sense of exclusivity and belonging.

Screenshot of Clubs


Recognizes valued members for participating.

Screenshot of Achievements

Our Picks

Rewards members for creating thoughtful content.

Screenshot of Our Picks

Schedule social media posts

Seamlessly integrate and publish to your social media accounts.

Send Newsletters

Deliver the best content to your members' inboxes.


Grow organically with our search engine optimized-ready tools.

Using Blocks

Automatically discover content

Display community content based on popularity and engagement metrics.

  • Popular now

    Topics that receive a specified number of replies in a relatively short time period will automatically appear in the Popular Now block.

  • Similar content

    Automatically display content elsewhere in the community that is in-line with the page you're viewing.

  • Most Solved

    Eliminate decison making! Easily show off answers to frequently asked questions based on preset criteria.

Screenshot of Similar Content
Automate curation

Even more ways to automatically discover content

Drag and drop Blocks showcase visually rich media.

  • Gallery

    Instantly display the most-recent image gallery uploads.

  • Digital downloads

    A files feed will auto-populate the latest digital downloads available.

  • Commerce

    Showcase the best selling or most recently-added merchandise and other physical products without lifting a finger.

  • And dozens more

    Display the most recent blog entries, show upcoming events from the Calendar or a list of online members.

Screenshot of Gallery widget

Discover the possibilities

People come for the content, but stay for the community.

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