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  1. Mechanical Keyboard

    I have this keyboard. Apparently it has scissors underneath each key which sounds a bit dangerous.
  2. Mechanical Keyboard

    No sarcasm. I was blissfully unaware of blue and brown switches until now. Now, I'm mostly just confused.
  3. Mechanical Keyboard

    As a non-gamer, this topic is fascinating and a whole new world.
  4. Please test search

    We're actually testing a stemming feature here, so that is as intended to a degree.
  5. Please test search

    Thanks! That's great to hear.
  6. Hi all, We're working on some search improvements which are live on our community here, and we'd love for you to test it and let us know what you think. Feel free to have a poke around and evaluate the quality of the results. Let us know how you get on. Thanks! Matt
  7. 4.3 allows you to set up a system where you have one Redis writer, and multiple readers.
  8. Redis is definitely the recommended caching engine now, yes.
  9. Community ideas

    I think Alex hit the nail on the head. You need to ask yourself "What is going to give value to my potential membership?". Most successful communities are at their core places people go to give and receive knowledge on a very specific thing.
  10. You likely have outdated templates. If you have a reproducible test case, pop a ticket in for me, thanks. So you're saying do it automatically? Flag items as evergreen and allow the system to push one out on an empty queue day? I sort of like this.
  11. What do you use your group for? Do you run two communities or is there overlap?
  12. Yes but it really goes against carefully curated and shared content. If you turned your Facebook into a forum RSS feed it would ruin your organic reach and be against the spirit of good social marketing.
  13. I like this idea.
  14. Slow response to tickets?

    We still do generally hit those targets. This ticket was unique in that we were internally discussing it. We should have just added a note to the customer to let them know it hadn't been forgotten.
  15. We want to put out more information, help and inspiration - but we accept that some only want to be notified when there are updates, etc. We're going to be tweaking the news sections very soon.