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  1. We're on the case. We're looking to see if it does affect our social log in. If it does, we'll get an update out.
  2. Youtube links, or it's not real. Thanks! I had a lot of fun writing this one.
  3. If you are using Invision Community 4.5, go to the Mobile App > Settings page, and click Get Started. This allows you to submit your community to our directory, and once approved will show in the Communities app.
  4. Conspiracy theories have roots in the 19th century and have been popular for decades. Until recently, conspiracy theorists have lived in the margins. They are often convinced the earth is flat, Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone, and the moon landings were faked in a Hollywood sound stage. More recently, with 9/11 and the coronavirus pandemic, these conspiracy theories have become more mainstream, with celebrities and politicians sharing them over their official social media channels. From the evil machinations of Bill Gates, the rise of QAnon, to the conflation that 5G is responsible for
  5. The grid view will show a snippet of each blog, you can add an image as a header for each entry.
  6. I see it, and the core issue. I'm working on it.
  7. Thanks! It's a great team effort as always, but a special shout out to @Olivia Clarkwho keeps schedules on track, information flowing and generally makes sure we stay organised.
  8. This won't make it past approval now. It has to be more than a simple wrapper or web view app.
  9. We all view the world through our own filters and biases. Some communities are frustrated that we are not moving PWA forwards because their 90% Android user base could benefit. Some people hate downloading apps and use the PWA option where available. It's natural to see the world through your own eyes and assume we all think alike and all have the same experiences. The reality is that we have tens of thousands of customers who have billions of combined members, so we get a good overview of all needs and wants. I'm not against doing more with PWA in a future version, it's just that
  10. This statement is so inaccurate, Snopes just went bankrupt writing its response.
  11. Can you clarify what you mean by 'app feature' please?
  12. I've said it many times. Apple will never make PWA a first person citizen on its platform; this means complete with full service workers and notifications. They do not want a mass App Store exodus. They want that 30% in-app payment slice. https://www.theverge.com/2020/6/18/21296180/apple-hey-email-app-basecamp-rejection-response-controversy-antitrust-regulation We can definitely do more with our PWA implementation, but we decided the sensible approach was to create native apps.
  13. We haven't mentioned BBCode on the front end since v3 (perhaps early v4 days). It's not something you need to talk about. Older "power" users that are used to it can carry on and everyone else can be blissfully unaware it exists. Appreciate the kind words! Essentially it means that the features will be removed in a future version. It's not a suite of features that is widely used so it no longer justifies the development 'cost' to keep them updated and bug free.
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