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  1. We do love a parlour game at Invision Community HQ and we were playing "6 degrees of separation" recently. You've probably heard of the "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon". This is where you try and connect any actor with Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less. So let's try "6 degrees of Invision Community". This is where we try and connect a person with an Invision Community. David Goggins and Invision Community Last week, I finished the excellent David Goggins book "Can't Hurt Me". David Goggins, a retired Navy SEAL, spent a month with Jesse Itzler. This which was documented in Itzler's book "Living with a SEAL", which I've also read. Jesse Itzler owns the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Team. The Atlanta Hawks has a dedicated area inside the Atlanta Falcons Football team's official community. The Atlanta Falcons official community is powered by Invision Community. Here's another one. Groot and Invision Community Groot featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie series. Chris Pratt starred alongside Groot in the same movie series. Chris Pratt voices Emmet in the LEGO® movies. LEGO® uses Invision Community. Over to you. Do you have any "6 degrees of Invision Community?". We'd love to read them!
  2. ooh, that's not very friendly! I'll take a look.
  3. It really depends on your audience. I think most understand "forums", but if your demographic is a bit younger, then perhaps "Community" is more apt.
  4. Matt

    4.4.2 Beta 1

    Version 4.4.2 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.1.
  5. I mean in terms of marketing. 🙂 Forums still means something in technical language.
  6. I've had this similar conversation dozens of times in the recent past when someone has taken an interest in what I do. Person: So what does Invision Community do? Me: We develop and sell an independent community platform. Person: Oh. Neat. I used to say the F word. But this used to cause some confusion. 'We develop and sell a forum system'. This used to elicit a response similar to this: "Forums? They're still going?" This line of thinking is quite prevalent among those who frequent Facebook, or use Facebook Groups to manage their micro communities. Even though they probably use forums regularly, or end up on forum topics when searching for things like "Why is my iPhone not charging", they don't realise this. I recently guested on a podcast, where we spoke about "Facebook or Forums?", and I received this comment. It appears, then, that the word "forums" has a lot of legacy connotations attached to it. It conjures up images of the past when Netscape Navigator was the world's favourite browser, and AOL was still mailing out CDs. That is all ancient history now, and we've moved with the times. The product we have now has roots in the product from the early 2000s but it is wildly different and much more capable. When you explain that you can segment discussions into separate areas (aka forums), and even set up independent micro-communities (clubs), you can see lightbulbs going off. "That's amazing! I had no idea! So you mean I don't have to have my community in a single stream struggling for attention among adverts?" Nope, there is another way. Why not try an independent community platform? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you avoid the F word too?
  7. I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak on the Expert Focus podcast, hosted by experienced community manager and public speaker, Claire Dowdall. Claire has significant experience in managing and developing strategies for increasing Facebook Group engagement for high profile speakers and entrepreneurs, while my background is with independent communities. This set us up nicely for a lively conversation to really pull apart what makes for a successful community, and what platforms to consider when starting out. From Expert Focus: I really enjoyed speaking with Claire, and I hope you find a little time to tune in. Listen now: iTunes link for Apple devices On Spotify On all other devices
  8. We probably approved 1 in 10 topics that were posted that were true pre-sales. We want to give potential customers a much better and more personal experience when they have pre-sales questions. The forum tended to be relatively informal and it didn't always deliver the high levels of service we give in tickets and emails. We want to bolster the information we have on the site, make the demo easier to get started with and work on our guides which should give a better amount of information so that potential customers don't feel they need to dig so hard for answers.
  9. This week if all goes well.
  10. Here's the changes for 4.4.1. I'm satisfied that this deals with any concerns. It explains how the feature works and allows you to cancel the submission and remove your email immediately. Consent is not required here as it's a transactional email sent after you have chosen to interact with the site. Also, lets keep in mind we send just one email reminder. It's not like we add them to a marketing list, or constant notification emails about events happening. In my mind it's the same as the lost password feature which does not need consent because it's a transactional email sent after you have chosen an action.
  11. I am adding a "Cancel" button so the user can remove their submission and email address if they so choose. But I still maintain that we are sending an email directly linked to an action the user took. It is not a marketing message, etc. It's just a convenience reminder. We do not do anything with the email address outside of remove it after 6 days.
  12. But we're collecting that email address to facilitate a registration which is made clear on the next page. However, we are going to add a "remove my submission" button on that page to make it clearer and allow the user to remove all their data.
  13. I do not see this as a GDPR issue. We're sending a transactional email directly related to an action the user performed. It is not a marketing email, nor is it trying to persuade them to do anything other than remind them to complete an action they started. Therefore, it should not fall under any of the GDPR restrictions as there is a direct legitimate interest for sending that email. Just like sending password reminders, etc. If the user chooses not to complete their registration, then the email address is removed from the database. It's stored for long enough to allow the user to complete the registration only.
  14. Matt


    Version 4.4.1 is a small maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.0. This release also contains a critical security update for Commerce.
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