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  1. Mevi, firstly I'm sorry for your loss. I'm also sorry Senior here is already writing your obituary! The idea of memorialising members has floated around for a while, and it's something I'd like to put some thought into.
  2. It's something we've spoken about to extend the embed system but we do not have any firm plans at this time.
  3. It stuns me that there are some people who still, a year later, believe this is a hoax, or massively over represented. Then again, kids 30 years ago in my school class who messed around in class and told me that they'll never need maths are now struggling with how percentages work when misunderstanding the pandemic data.
  4. Appreciate the feedback, thanks! We're constantly looking for new ways to improve content discovery. There are already widgets you can use to show popular content when viewing a topic list but we're definitely open to any ideas.
  5. Matt


    I appreciate that this is a very sensitive subject. I welcome thoughtful discussion and friendly disagreements on points of view. I've enabled post approval for this topic just so we can slow it down and keep it calm. Thanks!
  6. Matt

    This is a maintenance release to fix bugs.
  7. Feel free to apply. We have an open mind. 🙂
  8. Invision Community is growing! We're currently recruiting three new roles, one full-time and two part-time. Applications are now closed, thank you to all those that applied. We'll be going through them over the next few weeks. It's been a very busy year for all of us at Invision Community and our continued success means that we're looking to expand our team even further with three new roles to fill. Invision Power Services, Inc. is behind the leading community software platform, Invision Community. Our tailored solutions serve clients of all sizes, from smaller communities to th
  9. I would also say that if your community is small enough to fit on a shared server, you probably won't derive any real tangible benefit to running Redis. Redis is great to help large sites scale up and reduce database I/O but if that isn't a problem you need to solve, adding Redis onto the same server will just take resources from other areas and you won't really get any benefit.
  10. 1) Good feedback. 2) Probably, yeah. 3) It's core functionality; right now it works with Forums and Pages.
  11. Unfortunately if a developer has abandoned the app or plug-in, then there's little we can do. We would not take ownership of the third party product and maintain it.
  12. Wouldn't it be great to know if a staff member had replied to a topic before you clicked to open it? When you're scanning a list of topics, knowing which have had a reply by a member of the community team can help decide which to read. Currently, you need to open the topic and scan the posts to see if there's a reply from the team. Happily, in our next release, we've made it clear which have had a reply by a member of a specific group. You can specify which groups to show as having replied via the Groups form in the Admin CP. The per-group setting in the Admin C
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