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  1. You originally quoted 51% as false positives, what you do think it could be now? Trying to capture spam is a constantly evolving process. Trends wax and wane. We tweak things to account for this but we can only do so after a trend has established itself. Given the size of your community and the number of registrations you get, I'd love to know more about your data and look at our capturing system to increase its accuracy.
  2. We're looking to find the right balance. Too many incremental releases (say weekly) and you push that burden onto admins to constantly update (and check compatibility, etc), too few and the release gets bigger. It has to be enabled by an administrator.
  3. We are trying to break away from large monolithic releases spaced 12-18 months apart which leaves long periods of time devoid of any significant new functionality. In terms of demand for this feature, it's been requested a lot for our enterprise communities for quite some time.
  4. Thanks for the kind words, Brad! I appreciate you taking the time to share them.
  5. I'm looking for the marked as solved button. 😄
  6. It's a little unfair to think of any app as being isolated in terms of updates. Even though Gallery hasn't had a 'tear down' style revamp for 2 years, it doesn't mean that it's not received any updates. Simply by being part of the Invision Community ecosystem, it receives all the updates that the core gets, including UI updates, notification updates, performance updates, etc. Quite simply we do not feel that Gallery needs a major re-invention at this time.
  7. Matt


    This is a maintenance release to fix bugs.
  8. That's a @Charles thing. I'm not allowed near servers, right @TSP?
  9. Thanks, I've fixed those links in the descriptions.
  10. Hi, I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have been discussing this ticket internally, but we should have updated you on that so you're kept in the loop. I've just given you an update in the ticket.
  11. One thing to keep in mind with topic views is that with guest page caching, most guest views will not be counted. In addition to that, if you have a CDN in front of your web servers (as you would want to do, and we do with our cloud plans), then it's even less frequently that guest counts are recorded. So while we can add the topic view count in there, it's not really reflective of the actual traffic that one topic gets. Google Analytics is much better for getting statistical data on this level as it records every hit via a JS API. I'm not against adding topic views in that block if i
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