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  1. This updates can help Administrators to make its communities alive and protected from prohibited content:

    1. Allow Administrator to change the topicstarter.
    2. Options to ban members to change topic title and firts message separately.
    3. Setup permissions for members group that way, so the members of "one group" could see each other content, but other groups can't see "one group" content. Like parallel world in the same community.
    4. If Reply to this status... in All Activity feed, then updated status goes UP on the feed.
    5. Notifications about someone's replied to any Status Updates.
    6. Delete Digg and Delicious from Share on. Change for WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Instagram. Add the setup option for it in the AdminCP.
    7. Word Filters for Status Updates replies.
    8. Word Filters for About Me in Profile.
    9. Display Pinned topics and Recommended posts in All Activity feed.
    10. If Added new word to filter, all the filtered content must be updated regarding Action to take.
  2. Hope the Invision Community App will help us to grow more. All the people of the World prefers WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Viber.
  3. Trully, my idea is not to hack the Google or make site on top of the search. I just want to earn money with my community. To offer something valuable for my members. Because I am the Administrator of two communities for 5 years and all I have now is monthly money (and time) loosing PS: Both of my communities are offline now as I have no money to renew. Finally I become a bankrupt. But if my monetization strategy is really can affects us to penalty from Google, so Its better not do this. I don't want to make any troubles to my websites and for others.
  4. About I have an idea how the community Administrators can earn money. All we need is to unite the power of our communities and give our members the offer to post their message to many different websites around the World. Once the Administrator received the request from any of his members, he share the message to others in the group and we will post this message on our communities too. That means the first Administrator earned money and others supported for free. We must to reach an agreement not to abuse (spam) each others for free - only payed messages should be shared. I suggest the start price for one message from $10 (with no files to upload) and $20 (including attached files - its all about server resources). What to do for interested Administrator 1. Post the message in your community (or freelance board) about Share to other sites commercial offer to find the clients. 2. Join to the Facebook Conversation (Require Admin Approval) for instant connection with other Administrators. 3. Post the paid message in the conversation, so the others could post it to theirs communities. Let's start from one test messages to see the traffic! For example: we can introduce each other websites and post this messages on our communitites.It is allowed to post messages anywhere You want: start new topic, reply, blogs, pages or even gallery. The most important thing is that every participant posted a message. Google bless us everyone!
  5. I have two communities. And previous version had option when new member could Sign Up at one community and account appear on both communities with the same username and password. After update to the newest version, there is no option to do that way as it was.
  6. @Matt, do i need to use #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY (as my community name) or Invision Community on the Privacy Policy page? I mean, that actually #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY Powered by Invision Community Example: GDPR\ #O9C4COM | WORLD GROUPS COMMUNITY has the correct opt-in for bulk emails on registration that is not pre-checked. If the user checks this option, this is recorded with the member's history. Likewise, if they retract this permission, that action is also recorded. OR GDPR\ Invision Community has the correct opt-in for bulk emails on registration that is not pre-checked. If the user checks this option, this is recorded with the member's history. Likewise, if they retract this permission, that action is also recorded. ? PS Trully, the issue is looks like Add third party information feature. Can we consider Invision Community as third party system for our community's Privacy Policy?
  7. https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/
  8. Will my community be cut off from the European members and traffic after 25 may, if no actions from me as Administrator regarding the GDPR?
  9. Hello Invision Community members! Does anyone of you already made any changes or addings to your sites regarding the GDPR law? Or, for now, simply, at the discussion stage? Do we have any practical experience yet?
  10. You attached the image in the main post: This feature is found in the ACP > Members > Registration Settings I have another features the same place
  11. Invision Community © 2018 IPS, Inc. must have a lot of european customers, isn't it? So you must be preoccupied with GDPR for your terms & policy too, as we here all or not? I apologize in advance, but I still do not understand what to do and how to prepare for the 25th of May. To copy someone's else (IPS for example) GDPR policy to my site would be great and easy for me, and all i can as noob admin.
  12. While signed in, but not for Guests.
  13. Yes brother, and in this case the user experience ends - it's a dead end - he can not get out of there.
  14. There is no problem on PC, but we have no topics listing on the mobile and there is no chance to go back or change the forum.
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