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  1. Clicking on "click here" brings up the following dialog box: I'm not sure how long this functionality has existed but it was pure happenstance that I saw "click here" as it blends so well with the other text. IPS should consider making the "click here" a different color so that folks might notice this functionality exists.
  2. Microsoft Edge still exhibits the same behavior even after I switched to a different internet provider. Tablet version of Microsoft Edge Browser works Chrome Version 94.0.4606.81 works Firefox 93 works Opera 80.0.4170.16 requires logging in twice I've consistently cleared the Edge Browser, Ran Disk Cleanup, and clean all of the files using Wise Disk Cleaner with no change in behavior. This has also occurred immediately after installing a fresh copy of Win 10 with no tweaking of the Edge browser. VPN On and Off doesn't seem to have an effect the behavior.
  3. All jokes aside, stock replies could be used as a means of bringing structure and consistency to a group of moderators and admins. Some sites might stick to the exact wording that has been decided upon for various stock replies and other sites might randomly replace some of the sentences with alternative versions to mix things up so the replies don't seem so impersonal and formulaic. For VIP members a site might decide to forgo using stock replies entirely and truly personalize each and every communication.
  4. For months now I seem to have to login twice before I can finally get access to the site. I visit invisioncommunity.com and login via existing customer. I get the following error: After a long wait, I get the following error: Restarting the login process usually gets me access to the site. Running Microsoft Edge with "Basic" tracking enabled.
  5. Using canned responses (and having them reviewed) might help sites that have staff that are prone to spelling and grammar errors. For example, in your posting you wrote: meat isle which would be an island made of meat, whereas a meat aisle is a place one might find a nice can of spam. The good news is that the new functionality is turned off by default, so you can keep your individualism intact.
  6. @Adriano FDid you by chance upload an updated version to the marketplace?
  7. Running Version 4.6.7 Beta 2 and PHP 8 with version 2.0.2 of this app and the problem persists. Still no errors being logged.
  8. Here a topic that focuses a great deal around changes to support and pricing:
  9. Maybe you could change the Client area to better help guide customers to the right places for support and guidance. Right now, it looks like this: The "Community Support" links to a view of all of the forums not the "Help and Support" forum. Instead of "Community Support" it should have a more targeted label like "Support Forum". You could create my suggested support process document in the "Community Guides" and link it to the "Guidelines to how to use our support forum". For the "Community Guides" you could link to the "Getting Support" section as a starting point. Once email support is deprecated you can then remove that option from the mix. Instead of "Your email support expires in X amount of days, you might change it to the date you intend to stop that kind of support with a hyperlink to an explanation of the change of support after that date.
  10. If so, it isn't anyplace obvious. Please note that I checked the app again while running PHP 8 and Version 4.6.7 Beta 2 and didn't discover any issues other than what I noted above.
  11. Even though I have disabled access to the app as shown below: You can still see and play thingsit if you are not logged into the site.
  12. @Adriano Faria Is there a way to change the button as shown below to better define its purpose?
  13. @Adriano Faria After reading the feature list I spent an hour looking all through the ACP for a setting to enable profile sharing. As you can see below the profile sharing icon was always there but being black on a black background, I didn't see it for the longest time. Is there a way to modify the styling so that by default the profile sharing icon shows up like the Optimal Configuration example? Thanks...
  14. For the time being you can use this to create a request:
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