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  1. I find very little to laugh about as an American. There are so many things wrong in America. Some of our own making and some caused by outsiders to know which one to tackle first. As soon as you embark on fixing one problem another one comes to the forefront and you are left wondering how to tackle that problem. On and on it goes, leaving the average citizen a little shell shocked and averse to embarking on any form of advocacy to affect change as it is likely the moment you start your attention is focused on something more pressing. Some people laugh not because they find things funny but as
  2. It might be nice to create and make a updateable list of all third parties utilized by IPS and the marketplace complete with links to their privacy policies that we could readily copy and past into ours.
  3. I spent numerous hours crafting my Terms and Privacy Policies and and thought I had a pretty good handle on covering all of my bases. I would like to implement the IPS Community App and various Community Enhancements and Login Handlers in the future. I happened to come across the article below this evening and it got me thinking: How much personal data or inferred data this app might be trackable for each user and how one might best let members know so they can make an informed decision whether or not if they want to use the app or other third party services. Can another installed app
  4. @breatheheavyI like this idea a "lot" as well as your other ideas and many others here in the community. Unfortunately they may never get implemented as IPS has limited bandwith and the marketplace developers are pretty much maxed out for the foreseeable future. There is also the concern of how many of the total customer base would utilize any particular idea. I think this one would prove popular and should be considered for inclusion. The big question is does it get added to the core or would a new app be built akin to clubs that members would purchase to help offset the additional developm
  5. Your idea might be implemented by IPS in a phased approach. Your suggestion might come in the first release. The site would pay out any monies from their current subscription model as the payouts would be minimal to start. About the time communities are embracing this new functionality IPS releases an update that provides a blanket subscription model akin to Medium. As the communities embrace this new model and star contributors start gathering a following IPS could release an Patreon like functionality to support them as well as club support In this fashion IPS could spread out developme
  6. Thanks for your kind offer to consider suggestions for the upcoming update. Unfortunately I don't have sufficient understanding of the apps capability now to know how it might be improved upon. Once I put the forthcoming update through its paces I "might" offer up a suggestion or two for a subsequent release.
  7. Having all of your contributors being paid out of one big pot might not bring in enough money for high value contributors. Having separate subscriptions for these contributors might bring in enough money to make it worth their time. They might start out contributing content for the general community to garner an audience and switch over to a subscription model once they have sufficient readership and proven that their content is worthy to pay for. More of a Patreon model for these folks. So we are looking at a melding of Medium, Patreon and the IPS Suite. Implementing this at the club lev
  8. Simply reading content doesn't necessarily bring value to a community. The real value is the quantity of positive member engagements elicited from it and the quality of said content. If content proves useful to readers then "that" content and only "that" content should be rewarded.
  9. I was just thinking about you @opentype as I was reading this. You periodically drop by here on the forums and give great advice, but only in small dribbles and drabbles as your time and expertise should be compensated for if you were to take on answering more substantive questions. If someone like you were to have the means of being fairly compensated for your time I suspect you would contribute more and the folks here would benefit from your knowledge. Sometimes it might be answering questions or it might be via an in-depth article. If one person stepped up and took advantage of @brea
  10. Unfortunately this marketplace developer has decided to vacate the marketplace and is in the process of selling all of his apps to "anyone" willing to buy them. It is anyone's guess who might buy any of his apps. Continued support and updates for this app or any others may or may not come to a complete halt while new owners are sought. What the future of any sold apps will be will remain a complete mystery until such time as the new owners let us know. I hope this inspires the community, IPS Staff and the remaining marketplace developers to come together in an effort to improve upon t
  11. Another marketplace app you might want to browse through the feature list to see if it might meet you needs: Chat Application - Applications and Plugins - Invision Community
  12. @TheJackal84 You've ended up creating a number of apps that are extremely well received by your customers and their community members, as such their continued availability and timely updates to be compatible with each new IPS update takes on an increased level of importance in their minds. The price of success. Try to be of good cheer during these trying times. I agree with @liquidfractalthat the occasional Hi Folks, here's where things stand every week or so would be appreciated by your customer base.
  13. @Adriano FariaGoing forward could you please let folks know the moment you decide not to continue updating one of your apps. This would give us some time to figure out an alternative solution if one can be readily had and if not give our members a head's up that your apps functionality will be disappearing on a certain date.
  14. Not all of the community members visit this site on a regular basis. As such, a very small subset of them read your posts and even fewer commented on it. IPS and community members have been known to downplay ideas initially but eventually come around to embracing them in the end. That's where being more specific with how an idea can be implemented can be important in swaying opinions. So I take exception to your statement "The interest is not there". In the grand scheme of things that might be how things might play out but it's too early to tell in my experience witnessing other atte
  15. @Charles Fischer In order for anything new to be seriously be considered one needs to take ones own individual's needs and sell it to the community. If a significant amount of customers clamor for its inclusion and it is something that can readily turned off by those that find no "need" for it or there are ways of tweaking the settings to meet their needs then it might seriously get considered by IPS for inclusion in an upcoming release. I'm afraid you haven't sold your need, at least not yet to me and based on some of the other commenters I'm not sure if you have won them sufficiently
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