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  1. The thing is the individual you speak of has a platform that was never utilized to any "good" effect: whitehouse.gov Instead he chose to utilize platforms not of his own to communicate (???) with his "base" and completely ignoring the fact he represents "all" Americans and should be looking out for all our collective best interests. What can we take away from the past five years? Every vote counts and we need to encourage "the best of us" to step up and run for offices at all levels of government.
  2. I suspect that very few legislators or their staff have even read the text of these new laws let alone old ones. This will likely end up being a case of throwing the baby out along with the bathwater. One would hope that prosecutors will only target individuals that are flagrant offenders to make examples of them. Websites will need to change how they operate. They will need to ensure all of their content is based on original thought and content, not a rehash of someone else's thoughts or content. It will be a painful transition but those that can do it successfully will thrive an
  3. Developer has moved on to other endeavors and is unlikely ever to return.
  4. Sites could readily come to rely heavily on your application working long term. How likely will your solution not require updating to continue working as IPS releases new updates in the coming year(s). If it ends up needing updates how likely will it be that you can readily figure out how to update your app to continue being compatible. If you bow out of the marketplace who will take over maintaining the app? We have had a fair share of apps being neglected or abandoned for various reasons (such as death of a developer) to place to much reliance on marketplace developers. If you can address
  5. The 4.5 version had a "lot" of changes, deletions and additional functionality added. This nescitated a great deal of changes to the code base. Some of it obvious and some not so obvious to third party developers. The vast majority of developers have full-time jobs and as such can devote only a limited time each week on their apps. If we want more timely app updates we would need to collectively pay "much" more for apps and updates to entice developers to code full-time for the marketplace. As folks complain quite loudly that the prices charged now are too high I don't expect things to change
  6. I know there is an ACP toggle to force users to acknowledge new terms of service or privacy policy before being allowed to use the board. Could a similar process be created for this new feature? Have a dialog box appear with an explanation of the new feature and a list of who will be able to ascertain user name and for what purpose. User clicks on an accept button and only then can they post anonymously.
  7. Setting expectations will be paramount to successfully utilize this forum software and this new feature in particular.
  8. The day Spanner died I was emailing him some ideas for his recently released matketplace app. My last email from him was an hour before the crash. He liked one idea because it would stretch his creativity to the max and was stoked to dive right into it later that night. He always acted professionally and didn't seem prone to rushing into anything. Once he left the office it appears a different side of him emerged. I didn't get to really know him to figure out if things were less than ideal in his personal life and it affected his judgment accordingly. I am definitely seeing my fair
  9. It's important to "really" know your audience. Many people tasked with communicating to a wide audience assume readers have sufficient "real world" experience and college-level reading ability (In the language being used) in which to be able to "really" understand the message that is trying to be conveyed. There was a time people actually had a love of words, think back to the time of Shakespeare. Now it seems people take a certain pride in trying to communicate with others with the fewest characters (not words) they can. This is causing people to have shorter and shorter attention s
  10. This sounds like something I might like as well.
  11. How do we beta test: "Blowing Lindy's Mind"? I appreciate humor like the next person but if there is a change to the code it would be helpful to know what it is so everyone can properly test it and know something was added, changed, or deleted.
  12. That's brilliant Adriano!!! You might consider creating a separate monitizable version of this product. Such a version could be marketed to an entirely different group of IPS customers increasing overall sales. Once folks really look at the capabilities of the Member Shop, the Commerce addon and your app (with "just" the new features you will be adding in a couple of days) their imaginations will spark and multiple different use cases will come to mind. Being open to further refinement could lead to entirely different ways of running communities, allowing some to remain open a few years l
  13. It would be helpful if IPS listed which browsers they actively support (and let people now if they intend on deprecating a browser or version of a browser) with their platform and all third-party developers would be required to certify that their products are compatible with them prior to being listed in the marketplace. If a marketplace app doesn't work with a particular IPS supported browser than it should be clearly stated in the product description. This will allow customers to make an informed decision of whether or not the IPS platform and any marketplace apps a person may consider fo
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