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  1. thats why I said it should be optional 😉 At present it can be set to hide sensitive data but in reality that only means geo location which is a start but it doesn't strip other sensitive embedded data
  2. I'd like the option to be able to remove all exif data, V4.5 already allows us to remove sensitive data but that doesn't go far enough, exif data is irrelevant to a lot of sites and is just extra clutter
  3. no I'm not using a proxy either, it started a couple of days ago I'll reboot my router and pc see if that makes any difference
  4. No I'm using a desktop wired to my router It seems to happen mostly when I've been in a section and click on a menu icon, or if i use back page
  5. I keep getting logged out of my ACP, it's say my IP has changed but it hasn't as I have a static IP ?
  6. I'm having this problem too when trying to change guests permissions on which forums they can view
  7. Thanks Jim these are members awaiting admin validation going back 10 years or more, most of them weren't validated for valid reasons, in hindsight I should have removed them at the time I'm on the cloud so can't take a back up so one by one it is then 😆
  8. Is there a way of mass deleting members ? I currently have 30 pages of 'awaiting validation' 76 pages of 'banned' and 17 pages of 'spammers' to work through I made a start deleting them one by one but lost the will to live after five pages🤣
  9. I've had 10 or more signups over the last few days using that IP and all using either @kmaill.xyz or *@hmaill.xyz I get an error log when I try to use GeoIP blocks
  10. I sell subscriptions as virtual products, annual membership and life membership and allow multiple purchases of annual membership which stack up, as one expires the next one kicks in and if members purchase annual membership to the value of a lifetime in a 12 month period then they are promoted to lifetime They keep renewing because we include merchandise such as sticker packs and t shirts with each subscription. Apart from merch we don't sell anything via commerce so once I work out what effect switching to the subscription function will have on existing subscribers if they want to subscribe again I'll make the switch and turn commerce off
  11. I havent used clubs yet, slightly concened that it would dilute forum content and help to facilitate cliques that never leave their hidden club
  12. Thanks, that's what I was looking for, I couldn't remember who I paid to make that mod for me 🙂 Can you confirm that it works with v4.7.15 please
  13. I know that we can set it to strip sensitive data such as geo location but is there any way to strip all of it ?
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