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  1. My licence had expired, just renewed it but in my acp I get this Ive tried resubmitting my licence key but get the same error ?
  2. Could anybody give me a very rough idea of how big a database should be for a site running IPB suite with no addons Just Forum /Gallery/Commerce and Chat with 80,000 members, 320,000 topics and 4.5 million posts thanks in advance
  3. glad its coming back, it should never have been omitted from 4. one rogue moderator could empty an entire forum how it currently is
  4. is there any way to disable it from every forum page or at least hide it ? I appreciate the notification but I only need to see it once and there is also a reminder on the dashboard in acp
  5. I had a topic that was auto hidden because the user was on mod approval Upon deleting the hidden topic the main forum page now shows when I click on the -1 it goes to the next page which says but there clearly are topic in that section if I click the Start the First Topic button it takes me to the post screen any advice on what's happened and how to remove the notification from the main forum page please ?
  6. I've just started using commerce too for the same purpose but it seems to i have to set the expiry date manually for each purchase otherwise it doesn't expire
  7. Why do I need to provide a link ? I'm asking why I'm getting a google tracker warning on my site when everything pertaining to google in ACP is disabled Its not skin related because its there in the default skin too so its not embedded in the skin, and there is no external content being loaded on my site
  8. IN ACP there is a setting for choosing an analytics provider, mine is set to "none" yet Ghostery give a tracker warning for Google Analytics in my brower how can this be removed please ?, I have no wish to use googles service and don't appreciate a browser warning telling me google tracker has been blocked it shouldn't have needed to be blocked because it shouldn't be there in the first place
  9. In IPB3. we used to have the ability to send a message to multiple recipients and choose whether it was group message or cc'd to each recipient Since upgrading to IPB 4 I only seem to have the option to send to multiple recipients but it isn't clear whether its a group message or multiple private message about the same subject ?
  10. Thanks I've tried it both ways several times and cleared browser cache et but it stays as a new paragraph Which means posts and signatures end up like this which then takes up load of unnecessary screen space i'll submit a ticket as advised
  11. In ACP under editor settings we have the option I'd like it to go to the next line but the setting doesn't appear to work, I get a new paragraph regardless of which option is toggled am I missing something ?
  12. its all a bit disappointing really, I've been using IPB chat since year dot, its what my members are used to the alternatives are either server resource hogs or prohibitively expensive I'm sure IPS have their reasons for discontinuing the chat service but as a loyal IPB customer from the very beginning it feels like another backward step, every time we have to implement another change of direction we lose long standing members
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