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  1. Hi Darren, If possible, posting a URL to that topic might be helpful so we can view the code 🙂
  2. Adding elements can't be done with css alone, sorry!
  3. Add the following to your custom.css file: .cContentMessage__header > .ipsFlex-fw\:wrap{ flex-wrap: nowrap; }
  4. Hello, I'd need to see a live URL if possible.
  5. You'd need to remove the vertical padding and use a min-height instead while also using flexbox to vertically center the text. Personally, I'd keep it as-is since it's technically working as intended.
  6. Hello, This is caused by an incorrect suffix on your group name. The prefix is: <strong><font color="#cc0000"> And the suffix is: </font><strong> The font tag is deprecated and the strong tag is not closed properly. You should change the prefix to: <strong style='color:#cc0000'> And change the suffix to: </strong>
  7. Hi Geoffro, If you're able to elaborate on what sort of support you need (theme related, developer related, general questions, etc), you may receive some more helpful replies since "tech savvy" is a fairly broad label. For example, what's a typical issue or question you've had recently which you needed help for? I'm in Australia and I'm sure many others are too, but we typically have our own set of skills. If there's any theme related issues you're having, I'll be happy to help, but otherwise posting on these forums should typically get you a response if someone else knows the answer 🙂
  8. Hello, It's a little difficult to provide a solution without seeing the live example, but something like this would work with the default HTML code: @media (min-width: 980px){ body{ min-height: 100vh; display: flex; flex-direction: column; } body > *{ flex: 0 0 auto; } #ipsLayout_body{ flex: 1 1 auto; } } It hasn't been thoroughly tested though, so make sure to play around with it for a while to ensure there are no issues 🙂
  9. Hello, It depends what solution you're after. If you only have 2 forums in a grid layout, there will likely be a few empty cells after those. To make the cells occupy the entire width, add this to custom.css .ipsForumGrid { grid-template-columns: repeat(auto-fit, minmax(var(--ipsForumGrid--width), 1fr)); } If you have multiple rows of forums (say 3 on one row and 2 on another), the above code will still leave an empty cell on the right side of the bottom row. To fix this (so the bottom cells occupy the entire row), you'd need to recode the grid using flexbox.
  10. I can't think of a solution which uses css alone. You'd need to use conditionals in the HTML to hide it.
  11. I imagine you could just do this with Forum/Group permissions.. Restrict all groups from posting new topics in that forum and then make a group which has permission, and add yourself to that group.
  12. To remove it from your topic feed widget, add this to custom.css [data-blockid^="app_forums_topicFeed_"] .ipsDataItem_title + .ipsType_light{ display: none; } If you only want to display the time, use this: [data-blockid^="app_forums_topicFeed_"] .ipsDataItem_title + .ipsType_light{ font-size: 0; } [data-blockid^="app_forums_topicFeed_"] .ipsDataItem_title + .ipsType_light time{ font-size: 13px; } Wrap those codes with media queries if you only want to target mobiles.
  13. Yeah, the code is for fluid view only. If you can post your URL, I'll take a look at your existing setup.
  14. To remove that entire row, add this to custom.css: @media (max-width: 979px){ .cForumFluidTable .ipsDataItem_meta{ display: none; } } If you want to remove everything except the time, use this instead: @media (max-width: 979px){ .cForumFluidTable .ipsDataItem_meta{ font-size: 0; } .cForumFluidTable .ipsDataItem_meta time{ font-size: 13px; } }
  15. This will remove subforums in grid view: .cForumGrid .ipsType_minorHeading, .cForumGrid .ipsType_minorHeading + .ipsList_inline{ display: none; }
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