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  1. This will remove subforums in grid view: .cForumGrid .ipsType_minorHeading, .cForumGrid .ipsType_minorHeading + .ipsList_inline{ display: none; }
  2. Technically that area is meant to be hidden if there's no description, but it's not exactly working as intended. I'll look into this for a future update. You can remove it manually using the following (change the ID to the correct one): /* Hide description area on grid view for certain forums */ [data-forumid="3"] .cForumGrid__description{ display: none; }
  3. No worries, add this to custom.css .ipsFieldRow_label[for="elInput_ms_referrer_setting"]{ display: block !important; } I'm guessing the default value for that class is block, but if that code doesn't work, just let us know.
  4. I've just tried viewing the validator URL but I'm seeing a "503 Service Unavailable" error.
  5. Nope, custom.css is untouched during updates so you should be fine 🙂
  6. Hello, No - the custom.css file which I'm referring to can be found under ACP > Customization > Themes > Edit HTML and CSS (the </> icon next to your theme) > CSS > custom.css
  7. Hello, Adding this to your custom.css file will add a scrollbar and restrict the height of your code box. .ipsCode{ max-height: 400px; overflow-y: auto; }
  8. Ehren


    Ah, I didn't realise the main page used the same selectors. I've edited my code above.
  9. Ehren


    For any of my other customers with the same issue as Alex, add this to custom.css and I'll patch it in a future theme update. The awardsHr code helps with dark themes, so feel free to leave that out if you like. [data-role="awards"] > .ipsDataItem > .ipsResponsive_block{ flex: 0 1 100%; } hr.awardsHr { border-color: rgba(var(--theme-text_light),.3); }
  10. Ehren


    If you can send me a PM with the URL, I'll take a look 🙂
  11. The desc tag works for me. I actually use it in my own theme settings: <?php $lang = array( 'themesetting_focus_light_dark_enable' => 'Enable light/dark toggle?', 'themesetting_focus_light_dark_enable_desc' => 'A toggle icon will be added to your theme allowing your members to easily switch to an alternate color scheme.', );
  12. I experimented with a feature like this with my themes. I only wanted a setting to be displayed if a previous setting was set to a certain value. What I later realised is that the conditional setting will only be displayed once the existing setting has actually been saved. There isn't any ajax functionality which would make the "Gradient direction" setting appear as soon as "Radial gradient" is selected, which actually results in a pretty poor experience for admins since they won't see the new setting until they've saved the existing page and reloaded it. In my own themes, I've simply added a description to situations like this which basically says "If Radial Gradient is selected above, this setting will control its direction." I feel like this may also be the best solution in your case.
  13. Something like this will do the job.. #elUserNav{ position: absolute; background: rgba(0,0,0,.6); border-radius: 4px; color: #fff; padding: 2px 10px; -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur(6px); backdrop-filter: blur(6px); } [dir='ltr'] #elUserNav{ right: 0; } [dir='rtl'] #elUserNav{ left: 0; } If you need help beyond that, it would be best to ask future questions in the Theme Assistance forum, since this forum is technically for Feedback and suggestions.
  14. The breaking point for the responsive theme starts at 979px and is hard-coded throughout dozens of css files. Version 4.x was written years ago with the assumption that anything less than 980px was likely a tablet/mobile device, so the mobile layout should be shown. That assumption of course isn't entirely correct these days since there are a bunch of different screen sizes and devices, so I imagine the next major version of Invision Community will address this with a simple setting. In the mean time, it's unfortunately quite difficult to change this break point, so I don't have a simple copy/paste solution for you I'm afraid.
  15. For future reference, the height of the banner can be controlled by one css variable in 4.5, so you don't need media queries or multiple css selectors. For example, this will increase the header height to 300px: :root{ --header--height: 300px; } Or if you only want to edit the height of the mobile header, simply use: :root{ --responsive-header--height: 100px; } From there, you'd then use the "Logo height" setting to control the height of the logo. So if you've set your header to 300px and want your logo to be 150px in height, you'd change the setting to 50% The old user links were positioned using absolute positioning. If you want to replicate this in 4.5, add this to custom.css #elUserNav{ position: absolute; } [dir='ltr'] #elUserNav{ right: 0; } [dir='rtl'] #elUserNav{ left: 0; } That should work, but let me know if it doesn't 🙂
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