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  1. princeton

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    @Matt It would be cool to see 4.4 on here now so we can see/test the improvements. Curious, why does IPS have their javascript inserted in the <HEAD> when end of </BODY> is much faster?
  2. princeton


    Good to know - thanks
  3. princeton


    I use Sendgrid (for internal emails) and Salesforce (for newsletters). Sendgrid is awesome. I would love to drop Salesforce (Marketing Cloud). EXPENSIVE REQUESTS Definitely need stats... (eg. Opens, Unique Opens, Open Rate, Clicks, Click Rate) They say a lot about each message sent. Need option NOT to create topic. I would like to disable this altogether. (I'm open to pay for development.) NOTE: I know I can get stats from Sendgrid but I'm not the only IPS admin/staff. But, I am the only one with access to Sendgrid.
  4. princeton

    Move all content types to everywhere

    Agree Joel, I think it's more about an increase in mobile usage / mobile devices. Splitting content into it's own "silos" is just poor experience these days. Basically, you are forcing users to go here ... go there ... now, go ever here. It's easy on desktop but mobile is just horrible. People are changing habits. Mobile is the new Desktop.
  5. @Kassandra Taggart you need to wait until 4.4 is available
  6. Agree ... Store / Downloads disjointed ... not user friendly. The normal way of selling (standard across the web) is to add all products into a Store. One UI - one central location for all sales. With IPS... If it requires a download (files, ebooks, magazine, etc) - use Downloads. If it requires shipping (tshirts, posters, etc) - use Store. Imagine explaining that to members. 😕 (Make a right up ahead, then turn left, walk 10ft, turn right, when you see a tree - do a little dance, than crawl into the dark tunnel, once you get to the other side ... grab the ebook ... to get out jump over the hog that is eating the bacon, jump into the water - ignore the mermaids - swim about 3ft, make a left into the tunnel ... say hello to the unicorn, you are now home) Of course, they don't care. The onus is on us to provide a streamlined experience to purchase and manage orders. If confusing sales are stagnant. If easy sales increase. UGH 😞
  7. princeton


    Does this provide the following stats? Opens + Unique Opens + Open Rate Clicks + Click Rate
  8. I love the idea of grabbing their email address early. Once you have their email address you have many opportunities to get them to activate their account. The alternative is not having anything. Who wants that? Let's see ... there is... Username Password Password Confirmation 'Send me news updates' Agree to TOS ... then verify email address. Why not jump straight to verify email address? What if we auto-fill username with local-part. eg. if joeshmoe@domain.com then joeshmoe is username. (Run some checks ... if not unique ... randomly, add characters to it.) All in the background of course... (Username is used to publicly post message after confirming email address.) Then the 2nd page could be a message telling end-user to confirm email address (activate account). They activate their account and become a SUBSCRIBER. (Activation redirects to page where they can update username and password. Once password has been updated, they can now be considered a MEMBER.) We now have many opportunities (not just 1) to convert.
  9. princeton

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    Just like you, Google is focused on self and their members. You need to keep that mind and stop blaming them for your troubles. (It will not get anything done.) It hurts. I hear you. I know how you feel - believe me. You NEED to stay on top of what Google has to say about search, new projects, services, etc. You NEED to stay on top of how technology is changing and how that may affect your traffic. eg. Alexa, Google HOme, et You NEED to improve E-A-T. (The hardest one yet.) You NEED to be proactive. ie. Don't wait until something happens ... focus on improving quality and user experience everyday. Right now, you feel totally lost .... because you are not sure about a lot of things, you have lots of questions, did you do enough?, etc. It's definitely not easy. But, the more you are on top of the above items the more peace of mind you will have. Start learning.
  10. princeton

    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    I think a lot of BIG BOARDs got hit hard - even smaller ones. This is especially true for any sites that niche on health, education, or finance. A lot of this is due to having many old pages DROPPED from Google index. Score ranking factors are drastically changing ... something could favor your site today and tomorrow (poof) it's gone. Expect this to happen to you ... prepare for it. Technology is changing drastically year-by-year. Nowadays, we have walls that talk back to us. We can ask a question and get answers back. Yes, it's fascinating but it's also dangerous. Google is diversifying their services ... they are now offering their Home services/products. To make this a success, they need to make sure that their search index provide accurate, safe, and trustworthy answers. With that said... Google is now Mobile First. Which means that Google will index your mobile pages for use on mobile and desktop usage. They say that every site will be notified (via Google Webmaster/Search Console) when site is moved to Google mobile first index. If you haven't recieved one that could be one of the reasons why your site is not getting much traffic these days. Desktop indexing will still occur for sites not moved to mobile indexing but expect that to happen less frequently (less favored). Other factors you should be aware of... Google Manual Raters (check out their General Guidelines) ... pay close attention to Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (E-A-T) Page Speed SSL is now a factor. Moving forward security (in general) will be a big issue. Anonymity is one reason why forums are successful but it can also hurt us. These days TRUST is very important to many people. The more fake news, scams, hacks, and security breaches reported the more inhibited our users will become. More frequently, Web users are starting to learn that they need to surf the Web 'cautiously'. It's getting very hard to "trust" posted content as easily as before. .... Knowing this, you should come up with ways to build trust in your brand, members, and content. ie. About Us page, clear Privacy Policy, enable tools where members can share more about themselves, start a 'Verified Account' program, etc. TIPS from John Mueller (Google's Senior Wemaster Trends Analyst) Pruning old content is not recommended. Instead make it better, archive, or NoIndex. NoIndex thin content or make it better. More content doesn't always mean better. Focus on the end-users and how thy react to your pages. eg. Is page slow? Is brand trustworthey? Is content trustworthy? Is contributor trustworthy? Too many ads? (Sorry I don't have direct links to John's tips but if you want more subscribe to Youtube > Google Webmaster Central hangout.)
  11. princeton

    Spam Prevention Suite

    Great extension! Would love the ability to set 'Moderate content with external links' per usergroup. Someone who just registered is more inclined to post spammy links vs someone who's been around for years.
  12. Great read! I knew all because I've been working on the theme. #5 was a really cool surpirse when I learned about it.
  13. princeton

    Member's Country

    Great plugin! What would make this better is if we could see this information in /admin/ > Member View (not just profiles). UPDATE That was fast! Adriano just upgraded the file with the above option. 5 STARS!
  14. princeton

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    Any news on the above request??
  15. princeton

    Profiles: Can they be improved?

    other things that don't work (or I find an issue with)... Activity and 'See my activity' - What sets them apart? Reactions? Filtering option in 'See my activity' ... this UI (filtering option on side column) is found elsewhere such as Reputation Activity, Manage Followed Content, etc. The problem here is that in Leaderboard the filtering is not a side column but a dropdown. We should stick to one UI. (The dropdown would be my choice.) On the same note, Reputation Activity doesn't have a default 'All' setting like everything else. At the very least, shouldn't Posts be first?? Edit Profile - I really like how you can edit this in a lightbox window within Profile. I have a problem with Birthday - how it (and Member Title) just sits in it's own group (aka Basic Info). A better title for the section is 'Private Information' (vs Basic Info). We should be able to add to this group. On top of that, we should be able to move Member Title to another group if we desire to do so. eg. Private Info vs Personal Info group Currently, if I create a group called Private Information. Members will wonder why Birthday is not in this group. "Why is it sitting by itself?" (My point is this shouldn't happen.)