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  1. Love this - GREAT JOB! It is truly appreciated. 👍 👍
  2. no need to wait - look through the ckeditor Add-ons page - you may find a plugin that can do exactly what you want https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addons/plugins/all
    Love this plugin! My goal for this is to make SOME members stand out. Similar to a business card - to use to promote themselves. I could then turn this into a "premium" perk while the default is turned into a more generic hovercard. (I just need to make this a per usergroup option which is missing.)
  3. Can you make this per usergroup? My goal for this is to make SOME members stand out. This is similar to a business card - it's a way to promote themselves. I could then turn this into a "premium" perk. While the default is turned into a more generic hovercard.
  4. I appreciate your insights. This is something I have never thought about. This is a very critical step. I suggest creating a referral link for Clubs. (custom request perhaps) The idea is to save the info and then target the user with email, notifications, etc. (onboarding to get member to join Club immediately after registering)
  5. Great read @Joel R! I love the forward thinking and your approach of doing things. I have always been cautious with anything Clubs or Groups. Basically, I've stayed away from them. Ok, ok ... truthfully, I tell everyone to RUN. But... I have been giving this a lot of thought the last few months. I struggle with... Private or Public Clubs or both? Restrict Club to domain focus/niche or free-for-all? eg. if your site is about baseball should a Club on Knitting be allowed? Iif too many non-niche Clubs can it dilute the value of the brand?) Display Club topics in stream? (because of #2) Free to any member to open? Charge to open? Or open manually for just those you think will work? Regarding #4 - there's a lot of time and effort that goes into creating a successful Club. I figure if they pay for services they may put more time into the success of the Club. (I often see deserted Clubs more than I like to see.) There are pros and cons. What I do know is that we will be targeting associations who have successful facebook groups. I never thought about yahoo groups but it's and interesting idea. So, I will be looking into that as well when ready. With these groups, it will be a joint venture to ensure success.
  6. @Matt It would be cool to see 4.4 on here now so we can see/test the improvements. Curious, why does IPS have their javascript inserted in the <HEAD> when end of </BODY> is much faster?
  7. I use Sendgrid (for internal emails) and Salesforce (for newsletters). Sendgrid is awesome. I would love to drop Salesforce (Marketing Cloud). EXPENSIVE REQUESTS Definitely need stats... (eg. Opens, Unique Opens, Open Rate, Clicks, Click Rate) They say a lot about each message sent. Need option NOT to create topic. I would like to disable this altogether. (I'm open to pay for development.) NOTE: I know I can get stats from Sendgrid but I'm not the only IPS admin/staff. But, I am the only one with access to Sendgrid.
  8. Agree Joel, I think it's more about an increase in mobile usage / mobile devices. Splitting content into it's own "silos" is just poor experience these days. Basically, you are forcing users to go here ... go there ... now, go ever here. It's easy on desktop but mobile is just horrible. People are changing habits. Mobile is the new Desktop.
  9. @Kassandra Taggart you need to wait until 4.4 is available
  10. Agree ... Store / Downloads disjointed ... not user friendly. The normal way of selling (standard across the web) is to add all products into a Store. One UI - one central location for all sales. With IPS... If it requires a download (files, ebooks, magazine, etc) - use Downloads. If it requires shipping (tshirts, posters, etc) - use Store. Imagine explaining that to members. 😕 (Make a right up ahead, then turn left, walk 10ft, turn right, when you see a tree - do a little dance, than crawl into the dark tunnel, once you get to the other side ... grab the ebook ... to get out jump over the hog that is eating the bacon, jump into the water - ignore the mermaids - swim about 3ft, make a left into the tunnel ... say hello to the unicorn, you are now home) Of course, they don't care. The onus is on us to provide a streamlined experience to purchase and manage orders. If confusing sales are stagnant. If easy sales increase. UGH 😞
  11. Does this provide the following stats? Opens + Unique Opens + Open Rate Clicks + Click Rate
  12. I love the idea of grabbing their email address early. Once you have their email address you have many opportunities to get them to activate their account. The alternative is not having anything. Who wants that? Let's see ... there is... Username Password Password Confirmation 'Send me news updates' Agree to TOS ... then verify email address. Why not jump straight to verify email address? What if we auto-fill username with local-part. eg. if joeshmoe@domain.com then joeshmoe is username. (Run some checks ... if not unique ... randomly, add characters to it.) All in the background of course... (Username is used to publicly post message after confirming email address.) Then the 2nd page could be a message telling end-user to confirm email address (activate account). They activate their account and become a SUBSCRIBER. (Activation redirects to page where they can update username and password. Once password has been updated, they can now be considered a MEMBER.) We now have many opportunities (not just 1) to convert.
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