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    Great app! It would be more useful if it had a click counter.
  1. no need to wait - look through the ckeditor Add-ons page - you may find a plugin that can do exactly what you want https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addons/plugins/all
  2. That was fast! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thank you.
    Love this plugin! My goal for this is to make SOME members stand out. Similar to a business card - to use to promote themselves. I could then turn this into a "premium" perk while the default is turned into a more generic hovercard. (I just need to make this a per usergroup option which is missing.)
  3. Can you make this per usergroup? My goal for this is to make SOME members stand out. This is similar to a business card - it's a way to promote themselves. I could then turn this into a "premium" perk. While the default is turned into a more generic hovercard.
  4. you may need to look into ckeditor config.allowedContent (just do a search on the Web for it) basically, you will have to edit your ckeditor config file
  5. @Matt It would be cool to see 4.4 on here now so we can see/test the improvements. Curious, why does IPS have their javascript inserted in the <HEAD> when end of </BODY> is much faster?
  6. Good to know - thanks
  7. I use Sendgrid (for internal emails) and Salesforce (for newsletters). Sendgrid is awesome. I would love to drop Salesforce (Marketing Cloud). EXPENSIVE REQUESTS Definitely need stats... (eg. Opens, Unique Opens, Open Rate, Clicks, Click Rate) They say a lot about each message sent. Need option NOT to create topic. I would like to disable this altogether. (I'm open to pay for development.) NOTE: I know I can get stats from Sendgrid but I'm not the only IPS admin/staff. But, I am the only one with access to Sendgrid.
  8. Agree Joel, I think it's more about an increase in mobile usage / mobile devices. Splitting content into it's own "silos" is just poor experience these days. Basically, you are forcing users to go here ... go there ... now, go ever here. It's easy on desktop but mobile is just horrible. People are changing habits. Mobile is the new Desktop.
  9. @Kassandra Taggart you need to wait until 4.4 is available
  10. Agree ... Store / Downloads disjointed ... not user friendly. The normal way of selling (standard across the web) is to add all products into a Store. One UI - one central location for all sales. With IPS... If it requires a download (files, ebooks, magazine, etc) - use Downloads. If it requires shipping (tshirts, posters, etc) - use Store. Imagine explaining that to members. ๐Ÿ˜• (Make a right up ahead, then turn left, walk 10ft, turn right, when you see a tree - do a little dance, than crawl into the dark tunnel, once you get to the other side ... grab the ebook .
  11. Does this provide the following stats? Opens + Unique Opens + Open Rate Clicks + Click Rate
  12. I love the idea of grabbing their email address early. Once you have their email address you have many opportunities to get them to activate their account. The alternative is not having anything. Who wants that? Let's see ... there is... Username Password Password Confirmation 'Send me news updates' Agree to TOS ... then verify email address. Why not jump straight to verify email address? What if we auto-fill username with local-part. eg. if joeshmoe@domain.com then joeshmoe is username. (Run some checks ... if not unique ... randomly, add
    Great extension! Would love the ability to set 'Moderate content with external links' per usergroup. Someone who just registered is more inclined to post spammy links vs someone who's been around for years.
  13. Great read! I knew all because I've been working on the theme. #5 was a really cool surpirse when I learned about it.
    Great plugin! What would make this better is if we could see this information in /admin/ > Member View (not just profiles). UPDATE That was fast! Adriano just upgraded the file with the above option. 5 STARS!
  14. I think this is a great feature. I love ideas that allow members to express themselves differently from the norm. In this mobile world, GIPHY is needed.
  15. That's exactly what I thought. (You click 'Write A Review' button and members should see a customized Reviews form and not the standard one.) Is there any reason why the "Reviews form" with new fields wouldn't show to members? I just get the standard reviews form. I created 2 database - each has its' own fields. 'Database Relationship' field created in Reviews. I crosslinked Reviews with Overviews. 'Allow Reviews' off on both database 'Enable Star Ratings' off on both database Added appropriate fields to Overviews and Reviews Yet, I still get the standar
  16. Just purchased... Is it possible to add fields (form) to the actual reviews? (mode 3) eg. When reviewing, fields are made available for members to rate Features, Costs, Reliability, leave Pros and Cons, etc Basically, the staff creates product overviews and members review the product.
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