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  1. I love this ... I hope something is done sooner rather than later. I want to make sure we maximize every opportunity to increase traffic. The fact is having an alt value will help index/rank your images. At the same time, it will improve ranking signals for your page.
  2. Another great article Joel! You should have your own column by now. 😁 This is the type of content I love reading about. I love that I can find it here. I love that IPS finds it useful enough to post here. Being an admin/owner of a board is hard enough. It's time consuming. The more time you put in the more ROI right? That's not the case with most admins. What I recommend... You don't have to do this alone. It's impossible to know everything that is going on. Every board admin has a team. They could be paid or volunteer staff. It doesn't matter. Start having weekly/monthyly team meetings. Each team member has their own task. Talk about them ... What is the progress? What news do you have to share? How is the project coming along? Etc. By doing this.. You will find that you will learn from your staff. You will find that you are getting things done on time. You will start creating new opportunities. More importantly, you will start reacting opportunistically to changes that you may not have been aware of. (Yeah, that's often the case for many admins - they didn't know about ABC/XYZ until it's too late.) For small board admins, ask questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. I've been doing this for 20 years, I still ask stupid questions. I still make mistakes. I'm still learning.
  3. Steve, A good image could generate more traffic than some topics. So, it makes sense to optimize for organic traffic wherever you can. On top of that, every hit to image cost you money. Until something is done... I recommend the following... (This is a manual task but it's better than ignoring it.) Go into ACP > Files report ... sort by images Review each image and update the ones you believe are worth your time. Click the magnify icon ... click link to topic ... Click Edit post ... double click on image ... edit Image Title ... Save Do that to each of your most popular images.
  4. The good news is that brands are now more aware of the importance in having a "community". The bad news is they are still learning. 😏 ------- The sharing of knowledge is a powerful thing. These articles make a big difference to customers. Some of the topics, may not affect them directly but as a whole they do. All these services (forum software companies), all talk the same. There's a strong focus on the software/service. They seldom go outside of this box. When you start talking about other areas that affect the success of communities, you start changing brand perception. People start seeing you as something other than a "forum software" company. Please continue sharing articles outside the scope of your software. I would love to see more advance topics such as SEO, marketing, retention, analytics, etc. I would also love to see real-world examples of how your customers are using specific apps such as Pages, Commerce, Calendar/Events, Downloads, etc. IPS is just the engine. You still need a driver. The more knowledgeable they are the more successful they become. In turn, you help create loyal customers.
  5. This is a GREAT READ. You seldom find board admins talking about these issues. I'm a developer for some big board sites and I can say that I have seen a growing number of communities focusing more and more in protecting their member's anonymity. In today's landscape, we ALL need to understand that the actions of others (ie. fake news, hackers breached..., privacy breach) have a huge affect on us. It may not affect you today, but in time it will. Being aware of these issues today better prepares you for changes in user behavior. At the same time we are focused on anonymity, there is a sense that we may not have enough "credibility factors" to come across as authenticate or authoritative in certain niche sites. (Referring to posters not site) These days it's hard to trust anything online. When there's a lack of trust factors (along with content) it makes it harder to connect with the reader. So we have to work harder ... come up with ideas that create a sense of trust or comfort. When you create such an environment it's easier to grow. Any ideas on how to create this sense of trust/comfort?
  6. Big Board admin/developer ... longtime lurker ... becoming bigger fan these days. I just have to post... Email banner ads? Outstanding! (I haven't read about that one before.) Lazy loading? SEO improvements? WTF PWA? Holy COW! Letter avatar - I thought was a great idea ... But now, SVG letter avatar? Yeeeesssss!! Letter avatars are a great way to personalize each account with little effort. Bravo 👏 I've been impressed with the 4 series and it keeps getting better. I think I will finally take the plunge and purchase a license. All this is just icing on the cake. What I love about IPS these days is that they are thinking of the admins.... GEOlocation free Social Login free ( At one point, I was paying close to $6000 a year for similar ser'vice) Built in Advertisement System free (Less work to develop in-house system) Store Commerce (Woocomerce alone cost over $200 with some basic extensions) amazon S3 Integration free Security Enhancements such as Google Authenticator free (previously paid for DUO) etc EXCELLENT JOB!!!!
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