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  1. Thank you for reporting. I'll get this fixed. Plus, I need to upgrade to 4.5. 😉 I believe this is what you are looking for... the tabbed UI are groups ... it will fetch members based on the active tab
  2. I wouldn't say it's "100% nonsense". It's actually very helpful. You just have to dig deeper. Take this site (forum index) for example... (GUESTS ONLY / Desktop) (ALL OF THIS IS DONE THROUGH GOOGLE CHROME DEV TOOLS) With js + css it's calling a total of 2.4MB; Of that, only 33% is used on the page. (That's the avg per forum index, topics, and topic here.) Now, if you disable js (no js loading) ... just css The total downloaded is just 448kb. Of that, only 10% is used on the forum index page. I think that's helpful info. Of course, you do with it
  3. For DKIM Google Suite setup... Regarding SPF... Use Google Toolbox (Check MX) Tool. If it doesn't report an SPF error/warning you should be ok. With that said, I do have include: _spf.google.com to my TXT domain record.
  4. For others who may be interested... You should be aware more than 10 spf lookups will cause an error, "FAIL". If you get a "FAIL" reduce the lookups. You should enable DKIM on your domain for additional security. IMPORTANT: Google may show "FAIL" even though it's correct. This is because they are forcing providers to move up to 2048 encryption. For now, if you have 1024 encryption you are good.
  5. Followup to this comment... 4.5 is now running on https://invisioncommunity.com/. I'm sure they are still tweaking before finalizing. But, I figured we can start testing for history... 😀
  6. We are not alone. Problems with Google May 2020 Update ?? stackexchange got hit hard... avsforum.com got hit hard... Many UGC Communities (forums) got hit... Pinterest posts displaying everywhere... You can read more about it here... https://www.seroundtable.com/google-may-2020-core-update-mess-up-29508.html Have you seen any improvements/declines on your end? We took a hit. Traffic still down.
  7. Some updates @AlexWebsites May 12: Google May 2020 Update: What We Learned May 13: Links, AI & the Google May 2020 Update
  8. Every site is not the same. Back in March, Google made some changes after the WHO made their "pandemic" announcement. Basically, a lot of traffic went to higher authority sites. We took a hit. Google made changes again mid-April, our traffic was back. Then on May 5th, traffic dropped again due to the May 4th Google Core Update. The last time they had a Core Update was back in January. Since then our traffic has been down. There will be more chatter by end of week as to what this update is about. Early chatter suggest this may be as big as the Medic update.
  9. Facebook (like Twitter) is a necessary evil. Diversifying traffic sources is important these days - especially since Google started making so many changes to their algo. They are part of our traffic channels. eg. organic search, social media, email, etc To answer your question, they'll be around for many years. They are not going anywhere. Social media (specifically facebook) drives more traffic to site vs our transactional email. But, that's because we have over 1 million followers (across 2 large fb pages).
  10. We're experiencing a downturn in traffic as well since the start of the May 2020 algo update. It'll take about 2 weeks to complete so I'm hoping for a turnaround by end of month.
  11. I'll see what I can do for the next update.
  12. I've been looking for something "usable for readers" (especially for the sidebar) and the TOPIC ACTIVITY block is it. THANK YOU! What really stands out for me is that active members are the focus (making them shine). Basically, it's all about the members. eg. Top Posters, Popular Posts If you want your community to succeed, that's the way to do it. Make your members STAND OUT.
  13. This will truly be helpful for those who love to customize their pages. Very helpful. Thank you. Can I request that TAGS get added as a widget for use on Pages (not just database but standalone pages)? More info here...
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