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  1. The plugin says it's not available for purchase. When will it be? Thanks
    I loved it. Super useful. I wish the developer had the time to add a variable to allow us to change the colour's icon. When it overlaps certain backgrounds in the footer like IPS's default theme, the back to top icon won't be seen. Thanks for the great job!
  2. So did I. He "knows" why the plugin has been rejected by IPS, still the plugin hasn't been updated in the Marketplace, only on his web site (probably without that change required by IPS for security reasons).
  3. I use Radical Tags plugin to edit and replace tags. ACP doesn't have this functionality. This plugin can do all that and much more.
  4. Incomplete payments should not be called invoices. That's the first thing. That's the origin of this discussion Client pays = a legal invoice will be generated. No payment = no invoice. In Spain we do that distinction and we do not call those in invoices since the word invoice requires an actual payment. We use another word for invoices that are pending. By doing so, we avoid that confusion.
  5. Handpicked topics and posts would be just perfect. Can a collection have two or more tags at the same time? Most Tab plugins I've seen only allow one tag per tab.
  6. Is it possible to create a collection based on a specific tag or even more than one tag at the same time? Can specific posts be included without pinning or featuring them? Thanks so much!
    Awesome plugin, I love it. I am missing a couple of things though. When the QUOTE is used in the editor for the new rules, the text will be white and won't be seen. I believe this is a bug The ability to change the colour for each type o warning Highly recommended.
  7. Awesome thanks a lot. I just purchased it. Let's see what I come up with 🙂 Thanks
    Works like a charm! A must! Awesome plugin! Like all those I have from Ahmed. Keep up the great job.
    Awesome plugin! It's saved me so many hours of time!
  8. Does this menu plugin allow to link a menu item to an Activity Stream created in ACP? Default menu manager will let you do it. I need to create drop-down menus that link to Activity Streams, is it possible? Are all default acp menu manager options available as well? Thanks
  9. Wrong post and topic, sorry
  10. Hello Adriano, I was wondering how long does the plugin take to update the topics? I am saying this because I eliminated some posts and it took a few minutes to see the update Also, I can see that there is a different between the latest topics in your widget and the one used by default on the sidebar. See the screenshot attached. The Most used Tags plugin only shows two of the latest posts. The default last post sidebar widget shows all the latest correctly. Is there something I am doing or understanding wrong? Thanks a lot
  11. Sorry I wrote the post in the wrong thread and I cannot delete it
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