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  1. Fixed the issue after uploading the whole package a second time. Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm trying to upgrade to the latest security version that was released today, but I can't. There was a "common" error that requested me to download the update. I did. I updated the files as I always do, but there is no way to update the site 😞 Not only that, but I just can't cancel the update. The site is displaying the warning message that it's being updated, but I can't cancel it. I've downloaded the updated zip file and uploaded it to my FTP. Then I downloaded the whole zip with all the files, but still, the auth/token/index.php is the problem. It has to do with permissions. I've tried to change the permission from my CPANEL to all possible versions 644, 755, etc. And nothing, it won't work. I don't know what to do next, really 😞 See the error message. There is a problem with permissions. I uploaded the files twice, and they are the latest versions. I changed the permissions, but nothing happened. Which permission should that index.php file have? Questions: How do I cancel the update? There is no option anywhere. No upgrade was started, only the files were copied and the update is pending until the permission problem in the attachment is solved. How do I fix this permission problem? I've copied the index file many times and tried all the permissions combinations without success 😞 Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm experiencing a very strange problem with a topic. Whenever I click on the last comment icon, I get a blank page. It only happens for a specific topic, I've not seen this issue anywhere else. I've cleared cache but it's still the same. If I click on 5, 4, or any number, I will get a blank page. Nothing else. It will take me to this URL: https://academy.set-and-forget.com/forums/topic/519/stockNews/#comments instead of https://academy.set-and-forget.com/topic/519-tesla-inc-tsla/?do=getLastComment I don't know what the problem is. Could you help? Thanks
  4. Hello, I am having problems with emails. When a new user is subscribed, he will not receive any emails at all. This started a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't realize it until now. I've tried to register, but I will never get an email. It did work before when I had SendGrid integrated, but since I turned SendGrid off, no emails have been received. I do not understand because I can send emails from the email used as the admin when I use Gmail. By the way, my doing has emails managed by Google. Is there a way to know what is going on? Users cannot confirm their subscriptions, and it's creating a lot of problems 😞 Could it related to DKIM or similar? I can send/receive emails from the same email uses in ACP as an admin, but as an admin, ACP will no longer send emails and all users are tags and unconfirmed and they will never be able to subscribe. Thanks a lot
  5. I heard nothing about this issue or the ticket created in February.
  6. Hello, I am getting a lot of spam and new registrations. Many are spam, but when I go to ACP and try to delete dozens of them, it's just impossible. I have to delete them one by one. ( It never ends, Isn't there a way to delete all of them at once? See the screenshot attached. I just can't see how 😞 Thanks
  7. Good morning, I would like to moderate all posts from a User Group, and every new post would require the administrator's approval before they are displayed. I have been unable to find this option in the User Group. I am a bit lost. Could anyone tell me how can I ENABLE the automatic moderation of ALL the new comments from a specific user group? Thanks a lot
  8. Hello, Is it possible to display the last comment in the list of topics? The way my community works, it's crucial that the last comment is displayed in the list of topics/stream. Currently, when I see the list of topics in a forum, I will see the first topic's comment and not the last one. Is there a way to change that? Or is it possible to have a developer to create a plugin that does that? Thanks
  9. Will there be any improvements added to the Commerce module in version 5?? Thanks
  10. Sorry, but I am not sure I understood what you meant exactly 😞
  11. Hello, I was thinking of using the Kartra online application to manage my marketing campaigns, landing pages, forms, abandoned cart, upsells, etc. Invision lacks most of these important functionalities, so I need to look for alternatives, and Kartar impressed me. Can I connect Kartra with Invision and use the products in my ACP in Kartra? Somebody buys Invision Membership X in a list of products in Kartra and then a new user is added to ACP with the correct primary/secondary group I wish Invision had many of the basic functionalities of any shopping cart, like upsells and abandoned carts, but it doesn't. So how am I supposed to do that if I wanted to? Can Kartra do this with Zapier and Invision? Is this the way it would be done in Zapier? See screenshot. Thanks a lot for your help.
  12. I forgot to ask something else, sorry. I see Zapier offers me the possibility to enter email and email. But how do I enter the user group? I see that I can add multiple variables in the email and name fields. Should I add the user group in the name field as well? Because it lets me add multiple variables there. Is that the way to do it? See the screenshot below. Is this the way I should do it? Under the Name field, I added Name: and Secondary Group. So, if a user buys Product X, I will add him to Secondary Group X. Will the Zapier add that user correctly? Thanks
  13. Hello, I am trying to do a very simple thing with Zapier. I want to add a new member to a newsletter list in aWeber marketing software. However, when I am logged in to my ACP, I can't see any options. See the screenshot below. The only option available is to Create your own workflow. What does that mean? When I log in Zapier, I can see there are many options, even the one to add a new member from Invision to the newsletter list. Why isn't that option displayed in my ACP? Is that how it works? I have to do it from within Zapier? I see other ACP tools with many options, but AWeber does not. My questions are: Can I create my own rules? Like I want to add new members to List X? Or unsubscribe from List X? Can new triggers be created for the Invision Community? Products and subscriptions are not available, and those are very important to many communities like me. Triggers like when a user buys a product/subscription (choosing the product would be great) THEN add user to aWeber List X Are these things possible? Can individual users like me create them, or does Invision or Aweber need to create those triggers for them to be available? One last question. I see I can create my own workflow... So I thought, ok, the products are not available as a trigger but then we have primary and secondary groups. I always use secondary groups for the purchases of courses and memberships. However, Zapier only displayed the group's ID. How do I know the ID for every primary and secondary groups in ACP Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot
  14. Hello, Is there a way to how to control which products are purchased from outside invision software? I have a WordPress website where all the products are listed but they are purchased using invision community to sell and them and provide access to the services and forum channels. However, is there a way to pass along any variable in the wordpress URL to control when a product has been purchased and from which URL? Also, is it possible to purchase a product from outside invision and assign a user group in invision? Thanks
  15. Hello, Is there a way to see how the new course application work? I want to try it before I make any decision. I can only see a couple of screenshots, nothing else. Is there a way to see it workings? Add a course, see what the frontend looks like when the course is added, etc? Thanks
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