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  1. I would like to propose a feature that would prevent users from a certain user group from writing on other users statuses. Statues updates can be used to send contact information or spam other members. Some forums like mine do not allow private messages or spamming other users with messages. Still, I can see that users can post on other user's statuses. Thanks a lot
  2. Good morning, Sorry if I ask a question that is already answered in the plugin's description or the support topic. I want to hide the replies of certain forums to certain user groups, not just guests...Is that possible? Is it possible to display maybe the first post of a topic and then hide the other replies to specific user groups? Thanks a lot
  3. I second this future. I need the schedule option for posts and topics.
  4. So will the achievements have the group promotion built-int when it's launched? I mean, if a certain user has accomplished X, his user group can be upgraded/promoted to user group B? Thanks
    Great tool! I love it. It's saving me so many hours, I wouldn't be able to change the date of many articles if it were not for you. It works like a charm!
  5. Good morning, I was wondering if it could be possible to add the possibility of editing the date of "articles" as well. Thanks a lot
  6. I am interested in this application. Is there a demo somewhere? I would love to see how it looks like on a live site. Is it installed somewhere? Thanks
  7. Quick question. A member from China sees his profile is displaying an American flag. Are flags calculated only his the IP? If the member edits his profile and changes his country, will the country's flag be displayed regardless of the IP? Users might use a VPN different from his original country and the flag would not match his country and nationality Thanks
  8. That would be awesome. Thanks
  9. I've just purchased the plugin. I can't make it work as expected. I see the flags on a very reduced number of users. I logged in ACP and made sure that the IPs corresponded to their countries. See below. Aren't the IPs detected and the flag will be added based on the IPs? Most users won't show the flag, the majority of them. I've edited the user whose IP is below, added address, etc. Saved. Still, no flag. Same with most of the users. It's not about the country, because I can I am the only user from Spain that displays the flag, no other user has it. What could be wrong? Is it the IP that is detected and the flag added based on it?
  10. IPS is hosted in my own server and I have an active IPS license. I guess it should work then
  11. Sorry for this dummy question. I wanted to buy the plugin but I am confused after reading the GeoLocation statement in the plugin's description. IPS Geolocation is an active license perk so you need to have an active license to countries get picked by IP Address. What does it mean exactly? I need to have an active license of what? I have searched IPS for geolocation, location, and I can't see anything. Thanks
  12. Interesting addition. What would the forum tab navigation look like if there are too many categories? How would that be displayed if there is not enough room to fit all the category named in the tab view? Thanks
  13. Thanks a lot. I will send a PM with my credentials. Thanks so much. Have a good day
  14. I've done exactly as you show in the video. I had two sticky notes work the day that I purchased the application, but no more. I see you are also experiencing the same problem on the frontend. I cleared cache again now, tried to create a note in ACP and it didn't work either. Did exactly as you explain, it's what I've done the day that I purchased it and it worked. But it stopped working on ACP, and that's when I decided to do it in the frontend and detected that problem that you could replicate. I uninstalled Sticky Notes, installed it again and it won't work either. The only change I've done recently is setting the forum to fluid 85%. I disabled it and revert it to default. I thought that maybe the notes were being printed but not visible on the screen because of the fluid setting, but I tried it and the result is the same.
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