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  1. Quick question about this application? Is it possible to create more than one landing page? It seems that only one is possible. Any intentions to add an option to create multiple landing pages?Thanks
  2. Good day, Is this plugin compatible with 4.6? Thanks a lot
  3. I've just updated kitchen sink on 4.6.3 and I have started to see a template error on all topics. It started to happen after updating it. I disabled it and all seems to be ok. See screenshot. It appears on all topics if KC is enabled. What is the problem? Thanks. [[Template core/global/forms/editorAttachments is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]]
  4. I am asking this in a second post because it's a different thing. Does the app start working on new topics since the app is installed or will count the topics already posted during a period of time by a user in a certain user group? I am saying it because I have a user group called mentoring for which I limited the number of topics to 10. He has posted more than 10 topics topic, I have specified 10 as maximum topics for that user group and forum. I signed in like him, tried to open a new topic and it would let me write a new topic.
  5. Quick question on this plugin... I want to limit the number of topics that a user group can open every day to 10 per day. Do I need to lock all his previous topics or does it detect only the new topics by date? I mean, in some forums there are users with a hundred topics each, do I need to lock all those topics or will the app ignore older ones and will only count those posted every day until 10 is reached? Thanks
  6. Looking forward to the Landing Page 4.6 approval to purchase it. Thanks
  7. Hello, Currently, there is no way of using any variable in the custom error messages displayed in forums. Things like... %username% Your %membership% or %usergroup% cannot read the content of this %forum%. Please, consider upgrading your membership. My community has a subscription based model and like many other communities using this model, would require customization of error messages using variables like username, first name, membership, subscription, product name, date_subscription, forum name, user group, etc. Custom errors are vague and general right now, without any variable customization. That would be a great addition. Thanks a lot
  8. Thanks a lot. I tried toggling that on and off, adding 125 (max), same result. I couldn't find another field with number of attachment in the forums section. Maybe it's something else, sorry. Thanks
  9. Any intention of upgrading Kitchen Sink to 4.6 @All Astronauts? After installing 4.6, I can't paste images in new records using Pages, it will tell me I have no permission. If I disable Kitchen Sink then I will be able to paste images. See attachment. Thanks a lot
  10. Sorry to bother you. I just updated Tutorials on version 4.6 of the community and it's throwing this error. What is that support tool it is referring to? How could I fix this problem? Thanks a lot
  11. Awesome. Thanks so much!
  12. Good morning, I was wondering if this Tutorials is compatible with 4.6. I am using it, so I wanted to make sure that it is before upgrading from 4.5 to 4.6. Thanks a lot
  13. Good morning, I was wondering if this Member's country is compatible with 4.6. I am using it, so I wanted to make sure that it is before upgrading from 4.5 to 4.6. Thanks a lot
  14. I would like to propose a feature that would prevent users from a certain user group from writing on other users statuses. Statues updates can be used to send contact information or spam other members. Some forums like mine do not allow private messages or spamming other users with messages. Still, I can see that users can post on other user's statuses. Thanks a lot
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