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  1. Joel R

    Profiles Pages Need To Change

    How are your users not using Status Updates correctly?
  2. Joel R

    Forum Visibility Based on Profile Field

    1. Peer to peer technical support or product guidance would be better forums on how to use the software. Feedback is specifically ideas or suggestions to improve the software. 2. Do you mean 150 member groups? Or do you mean 150 choices on a profile custom field? If 150 member groups, then all you need to do is choose your group permissions for forums. If 150 choices on a profile custom field, then there is nothing. Profile custom fields are meant for information, not to trigger new permissions. You would need custom work. 3. Another option for you to think about: clubs. This allows the members to pick and choose clubs to apply.
  3. Joel R

    Paid Clubs - Not Needing Approval

    I don't think another club type will help. IPS simply has too many steps to join a club and pay. They just need to streamline the process (eg. If you have valid, billing details on file, one click to pay and join).
  4. Joel R

    my grief

    Can you explain this? You complained about mobile, and now you want a responsive feature designed for mobile so I'm confused.
  5. Oh. That's because your forum icons are big. Try to make them the same size as the IPS defaults, I think when I was making mine they were either 32x32 or 48x48. I see what you mean by long forum titles not wrapping.
  6. Joel R

    Custom FURLs for Clubs features please?

    @liquidfractal just to remind you that @Kevin Carwile has a custom Furl app that's extremely powerful.
  7. It shows all the text for me? What's the screenshot of grid view for your FNF file. Masonry style for a forum index is an interesting concept though.
  8. Joel R

    Perfomance ipb Vs Xenforo 2

    Would love to see a user guide by you in Client Lounge that explains all of the performance improvements you made to IPS. Not every community will be set up like yours, but it might give good ideas to other self-hosted admins.
  9. This is the traditional list view with custom forum icons ... Not sure how that's related to grid view and my request for custom grid backgrounds. Thank you @newbie LAC for the reminder to @onlyME though.
  10. I can verify. You change the record names for both singular and plural at the database level.
  11. Joel R

    Can you detail these cookies?

    Nominating this topic for the Cookie Guide to IPS.
  12. Joel R

    Paid Clubs - Not Needing Approval

    Who knows 🤷‍♂️
  13. Joel R

    Why isn't everything a Page?

    I know! IPS built a modular page building system and then hard coded their blocks on the app index pages.
  14. Yes, simply edit the albums and choose a new order. You can also choose the default order at a category level.