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  1. There is a plug-in in the Marketplace for Who Viewed the Topic. It's a more simplistic version of what you're asking for, but you may be able to work with the developer.
  2. 1. What's the harm in actually having locked topics with lots of followers? Just curious, are you concerned about the performance impact (or are you slightly OCD like me and you just want to spring clean your community every single day 🙂.) 2. What about locked topics that become unlocked and the conversation then continues?
  3. There's no in-built feature. As a workaround, you can include a Club Calendar (or simply post on your Community Calendar). The Club Leader or Moderators can set beginning and ending dates, and then use those to trigger warnings for themselves.
  4. As a preface, I don't speak for the IPS development team - I'm a volunteer community advocate so my words are my own. I personally appreciate a well-crafted paragraph that ebbs and flows, with a topic sentence, supporting evidence, and a concluding remark. There's an art to written communication, and punctuation and form can elevate the delivery of the communication. However, I don't think anyone can argue that the delivery of common communication is the responsibility of the software. The software contains abundantly reasonable formatting with support for universal typesetting i
  5. There is a Duplicate Member application in the Marketplace from @CodingJungle that you can investigate.
  6. This really goes beyond the purpose and use of Invision to manage online communities. However, here are several suggestions that can help you: - There is a private LMS available by @Adriano FariaFaria - You can talk to @kmk who has talked about using Invision for e-learning - You can do SSO integration with WordPress, and then use WordPress plugins like LearnDash.
  7. There are several chat applications in the iPS Marketplace, including Babble by @CodingJungle
  8. I 100% agree, which is why I privately commissioned a plug-in "Compact Streams" from @Spanner over a year ago. He can probably privately sell for a very modest price. I killed all of that junk on mobile. No stream title, no stream description, no stream option, no stream filter, no condensed or expanded. Five lines of junk, junk, junk. Communities that are 50%+ mobile should be auditing all of their top pages on mobile to evaluate the user experience.
  9. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the world's most trusted source of information on international health, and a foremost partner to public health agencies combating the coronavirus. They also understand the critical need for risk communication and community engagement to respond to the coronavirus pandemic -- a valuable strategy that any online community can adopt in these volatile times. In March of this year as the coronavirus was already rampaging across nations, WHO published a series of guidance for risk communication and community engagement. One of the major lessons they l
  10. @Stuart Silvester was wearing a black turtleneck while typing this blog post. True story. 😁
  11. I'm disappointed nobody actually used #hastagtical #hashtagsfordays #justiceforhashtags #hashtageverything Ya'll need to up your hashtagging skills! 😀
  12. Tagging @Daniel F, he's talked about a 'tour' before. The difficulty with these kinds of systems is that every community is different. You may launch with the forums, but another community may launch with a custom homepage. I think the best thing you can do within the ecosystem are things like a slider, profile completion, or info boxes that only show to new registrants.
  13. You can request additional features in hsi support topic.
  14. The oAuth 2 integration in Invision Community doesn't include syncing of any sort. You could potentially check out wordPress SSO by @stoo2000 in the IPS Marketplace to see if he can sync profile pictures.
  15. Make side you don't have adblock turned on your own browser! (Or test in incognito mode)
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