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  1. Have you checked the Marketplace? https://invisioncommunity.com/search/?q=fake&quick=1&type=downloads_file
  2. It's not just a simple 'you earn more.' To broaden the discussion: You're overestimating the amount of revenue that IPS makes from the Marketplace. One chargeback wipes out the commissions of 10 - 15 purchases. This also does not include the costs that IPS absorbs in conducting code reviews, support tickets from clients over Marketplace problems, management of Marketpace devs (who really don't listen to IPS until they're forced to), and mediation of disputes. Is there a reason why you don't just create a PayPal account? The people who don't have PayPal accounts are usual
  3. Send in a support ticket from your ACP. This was raised before in the company forums, and I believe IPS addressed the issue. OR check the following MArketplace files:
  4. When you create a new product, use Client Area Settings > Show 'Submit Support Request' button. This will send the customer to a support request with the purchase selected. You can then use Support Tickets as private notifications, and build out multiple statuses.
  5. Disregarding the platform's leniency in promoting certain kinds of content, Gab is still very much a fringe site. It's not even close to the same level of popularity as other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. There are plugins in the Marketplace where you can probably ask the author to add in a social profile link for you.
  6. I wonder if something like Application Forms by @Fosters might be a better workflow for you.
  7. Some thoughts: When you remove or delete a profile, it doesn't adjust the reputation counts of content items. You would need to rebuild reputation. As a general best practice for all communities, once you hit a certain size, you may want to totally remove downvote. Or at the very least, to adjust the downvote reputation to be neutral (+0), so it doesn't actually reduce anyone's reputation. Leaving downvote reputation is asking for users to show the ugly side of humanity.
  8. Have you not signed up for the IPS multi-community app (included with your license)?
  9. Have you investigated similar or comparable exchanges in your industry or field? That would be a good baseline or benchmark. The only thing that I can think of would be to watch out for people who accumulate their payouts. If users don't request payouts, it can stack up and potentially cause a cash flow issue for you personally when the payout hits. This is an issue that can happen regardless of the referral percent. (Ironically, this happens in the IPS Marketplace and I'm surprised that IPS doesn't build a simple mechanism that caps the payout amount).
  10. I agree with @Paul E.. Sell or merge your forum into another car community. Let it continue with some fresh life somewhere else.
  11. There is hcaptcha available in the Marketplace
  12. Disappointed you didn't mark this as solution! 😆 On a serious note, I've always thought that IPS could develop the feature to the next stage. "Marking as solution" could mean many things ... It could mean the post was helpful, the post offered alternate options, the post offered helpful hints, the post explained why the question was irrelevant to begin with, or the post addressed the specific issue. I've also found, in my community, that multiple members submitted various solutions. All of them were partially valid.
  13. I support this feature. There would be a material and marked increase in activity. I've studied this across my members: 1. There are a LOT of non-active / lurker members who get email notifications. 2. Many of these members already try to reply by email. I know, because I get all of these orphaned emails as webmaster. 3. Nobody wants to visit Yet-Another-Website when all of the activity flows through your email platform anyways.
  14. I'd like to support this idea. If it were implemented, I would probably recommend several of my closed clubs switch to this new community-public type.
  15. This is one of those situations where I think a lot more thought should go in to behavioral psychology and content scaling. When you're a new platform and getting started, getting an email of your first reaction is useful. Getting an email of your second reaction is useful. Getting an email of your third reaction is kind of useful. Getting an email of your hundredth reaction is not useful. The real purpose of email notifications is not to actually notify users of all activity. Really. The real purpose of email notifications should be to engage users to re-visit the site. That'
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