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  1. Good luck on the launch of the Marketplace!
  2. There are multiple third party apps from the IPS Marketplace that can accomplish what you want, but they're third party. This means that support, development, and future releases are not guaranteed. If you're building an LMS, you're probably better off using an off the shelf LMS solution that is designed specifically for LMS.
  3. @Runar Do topic authors have permission to choose the markers?
  4. Hey @HeadStand Newsletter has not been issuing for a club newsletter. I updated to version 2.1.2 on May 27th, and that was also the last day the newsletter was sent out. Please advise.
  5. Hi @Mike John I continue to have errors on the plugin. I believe the settings do not save.
  6. I'd like to also add, without giving or affirming any direction, there have been many impassioned debates from the IPS team on how to best offer a new user experience for v5. On a more practical note, I think community admins need to strongly consider using or building a custom homepage (such as in Pages app) while on Invision 4. If there is a great homepage design that you feel does an especially good job of engaging members, feel free to link or share it in the Feedback forum for review. Or share in the Client Lounge to inspire other clients and theme developers.
  7. I read a community management article last week that asked, "Who likes to browse categories?" The answer: no one. But that's the visitor experience most forums show! You really need a custom homepage built in Pages that shows off a mix of popular content, authoritative content, and recent content.
  8. @FASEOFMARS This is the most interesting topic of the month because it brings up the larger question: what is Invision Community and what does it offer relative to other community software? Invision Community is a software that is fundamentally designed for community of content. This means things like shared discussion, group blogging, group galleries, collaborative wikis. It requires design principles like permanence, organization, structure. What you want is a community designed for users. This means user posts, user blogs, user albums. It requires design principles like social connections, levels of privacy, and emotion. There are important, fundamental distinctions between the two. Invision Community overlaps with both, but it's fundamentally designed for communities of content. I see you struggling with this answer, and I struggle with it too. My personal community is social in nature, and I have users who treat it exactly like Facebook. They almost exclusively post status updates. Sometimes I worry that users don't know how to use forums anymore. In the past week, I have had: - a user report a post, so he can reply back with a comment. - a user write his first topic in my Test Topics category, literally the worst and last board you could possibly choose out of a dozen other public boards. As the Community Advocate for IPS, I encourage every client to think very hard about evolving themselves into a community of content. You must pair your forums with definitive, valuable, and unique content. You won't win if you try to stay as a social community of users.
  9. What do visitors see when they visit your online community? And when was the last time you logged out to browse like a visitor? Check out these 4x4 tips of four items in less than four minutes for the visitor experience: Check your Registration Process, especially any social sign-ins. You may want to increase or reduce security checks. You may need to fix social logins. And you may want to offer an easier onboarding like Quick Registration + Profile Completion. Read your Guest Sign-up Widget. This is the most important text in your entire community, since it's the first message visitors will read. Is your Guest Signup Widget giving visitors the first impression you'd like, with proper keywords and messaging? Audit your Visitor Permissions. In the ACP, go to Groups > Guests > Permissions. Do your guests have access to the right boards and categories? Test on other browsers and devices. Most of us don't have ten different computers and smartphones running different OS's and browsers, so it can be hard to check the UIX. Luckily, there are free cross-browser tools like BrowserShots.org or Device Mode on Chrome Devtools that can help. Hope you enjoy these tips, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2015/07/22/10-reasons-your-brand-needs-to-be-on-linkedin/amp/ Article from Forbes. LinkedIn has one of the highest visitor to lead conversion.
  11. Content Message that was introduced in 4.2: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/new-content-message-r1000/
    Cute little plugin. I think it makes the suite feel more personalized, and carries over the avatar from the desktop to the mobile experience.
  12. Some thoughts in no particular order: 1. Yes, Facebook will be here for a very long time. They've done an exceptionally good job of making the service as sticky as possible for users, with games, marketplace selling, and soon their Libra coin. 2. Facebook and Discord is not free. There's a false sense of free with those services, where it's literally costing you your user data and privacy. 3. Whether or not Facebook and Discord are easier to start a new community on, they're exceptionally bad for large communities with a lot of activity. There's no long form communication or organization on those platforms, which makes to hard to save and retain the best content. The one overwhelming takeaway from this article is that anytime you rely on another platform, you're at it's mercy. The only way to protect yourself is to run an independent community. You lose a lot of the platform's benefits, but you control your own destiny.
  13. These might be better matches for what you want: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8992-og-image-for-forum-topics/ https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/7436-bim-topic-thumbnail/
  14. As an option, there are topic covers and forum covers available in the Marketplace.
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