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  1. System > Applications. Reorder the list of all installed applications.
  2. Gallery file types

    Well, the GIFs that are posted are not simple gifs, but full color action clips of several seconds. I've asked a user to upload a sample album of his GIFs, so I'll evaluate file sizes with real data. Most users are able to easily distinguish between GIFs and other image types because it's such a unique file type. You allow us to control file extensions in normal attachments around the suite, I guess I'm asking you to extend the same courtesy to gallery (which, by its inherent nature, is entirely media). On a fundamental level, I agree with you that I want to make it as easy as possible. I'm all for open content and open posting, so I'll definitely assess once I see data on sample albums.
  3. You need to contact each and every developer to request Clubs compatibility. This is not something for IPS to control, although they can suggest best practices in the Contributor Chat to integrate with clubs. Even for IPS functionality, they haven't fully integrated clubs. They don't have clubs criteria in Bulk Mail, Group Promotion, etc.
  4. Newsletters

    Hey @HeadStand 1. Can you filter Newsletters to only be sent out to members of a certain club? 2. Can you show club-only content such as club topics, club albums, club events, etc?
  5. Gallery file types

    Because all GIFs are quite large, whereas a comparable JPG of the same dimensions can be x30 times smaller. That's a huge difference. I'm just not interested in (or paying for) storage for GIFs or BMP. When you have one GIF here or there, it's not such a big deal. But when you have a gallery of 220,000 photos and you start thinking about the potential storage size if it's x30 times larger, then you can see how a small problem adds up to a big problem.
  6. Gallery hard-coded to accept all image-based formats, even if I don't want certain file types like GIF. One normal GIF file of a 3-second motion can be multiple megabytes, so I'd like better control over file types in gallery.
  7. Email Address Confirmation

    Ah that's why. I was testing it on accounts that had Administrator as secondary membergroup. I tested on a regular member and I'm able to see the block.
  8. Email Address Confirmation

    1. Minor suggestion - encourage you to move the app settings to Members tab (instead of Community tab) 2. Show on frontend - I wasn't able to get it to trigger on either my Administrator account or regular member account. I added the widget to all of my indexes. Any way to trigger it?
  9. Clickable notifications

    Same feedback since initial release of 4.0 If it's a notification of one item, then it's clickable. If it's a notification of multiple items, then not clickable.
  10. Sales Tax (Commerce Module)

    Correct. You would link to WooCommerce for your entire store / transaction / payment process.
  11. Sales Tax (Commerce Module)

    Just wait until 4.3. It offers built-in integration with WordPress for logins, which means you can connect with WooCommerce.
  12. Commerce Question - Is it worth it?

    You can also offer paid clubs.
  13. Have you seen Mail Bouncer by @stoo2000? It adds a front-end notice to change your email address.
  14. Universal features

    Oh you mean "Saved Actions"? Yeah I don't know why IPS wouldn't build out the features for other applications.