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  1. EXCEL

    Not Excel but search the Marketplace for Google Docs. I use it to post a Google Spreadsheet into a post.
  2. The greed is absolutely palpable.

    Increasing price for exclusive is to be expected and normal for developers. It's lost business for them. Pay it and move on.
  3. Amazon S3 integration is great!

    I know, that's why I only mentioned IPS' side, ha. It's okay. Take a deep breath, get another cup of coffee and retackle it. I followed the IPS guide line by line back on 4.0 and I somehow managed to muddle through it Good luck!
  4. Amazon S3 integration is great!

    No, they're completely separate services. You use one service for storage, another for CDN. The stuff you have to do on IPS' side is pretty easy and they did a good job of implementing this. This feature is one of the standout improvements in InvCom 4 for me.
  5. Amazon S3 integration is great!

    Amazon S3 = storage. It stores your files. Amazon Cloudfront = content distribution network (cdn). It delivers your files. I use BelugaCDN as my CDN. It pushes the files to various endpoints, which are physically closer to your end users so your website is delivered faster.
  6. I don't know if Fosters can control showing medals and trophies in VideoBox because it's a third party application. You would prob need to contact Fosters for private development to extend it to VideoBox.
  7. Support Tickets - Let me reopen tickets

    Give them ticket # not the URL
  8. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    On my live installation (not hosted with IPS), I see it in forums / gallery / downloads. If it's missing in the postbit for Forums, maybe check to see if another plugin is messing with template?
  9. UIX for Pages

    Hi, simple suggestions on improving the UIX for Pages: Swapping the position of Immediately and Publish Date / Time I write articles in advance for my community and publish them over the week. When I tab through the record's Publish settings, the time and date do not become available until I uncheck "Immediately." As such, "Immediately" should be listed before Time & Date so I can tab through the options in sequence. Records in ACP I recently moved a dozen articles when a user recommended I create a new category. Allow batch select -- I had to move the articles one by one. Upon save, stay in position in table -- I have 13 pages of records, and Save kept taking me to the first page. It was very annoying!
  10. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Whoa - every IPS client needs to check this out. Cool example of IP.Pages! Bean bag chairs look comfortable
  11. Nominating this post for Multilingual Guide of the Month.
  12. To what type of database are you referring? MySQL databases that require phpAdmin - No. You do not have back-end function to the server unless you're on an enterprise level or special arrangement. IP.Pages database - Yes. These are built and controlled wholly within the Admin Control Panel.
  13. order of managed products

    You mean for the Marketplace purchases on the IPS site, correct?
  14. Gallery - Sort/Upload Order

    That is correct. There is no "sort direction," only "sort by" and IPS forces the direction based upon what it thinks is the most common use.