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  1. There are some minor Our Picks enhancements in the Marketplace.
  2. If you're seeing a number, that means the user was deleted. Did you recently delete or merge a user?
  3. This is probably the most interesting feedback of the week. @ipbhero is not wrong - the future will increasingly include registration by telephone numbers, as esoteric as it sounds today. I've personally registered by telephone twice in the past year. The reason is that these registrations are specifically for mobile apps, or websites designed for mobile. Time spent on mobile, the penetration of mobile, and the number of users with mobile overwhelmingly surpass other device types, especially in developed countries. Do I think IPS will implement registration by telephone in the near future? No. But do I think the future is increasingly mobile and that IPS will react accordingly at the time? Yes. Keep up the good suggestions @ipbhero. You're probably a couple of years early. For everyone else, mobility will continue to play a huge role - if not the biggest - in how we interact with our community.
  4. This is not directly what you requested, but just to make you aware of existing functions. 😃 In the top right-hand corner of every postbit is a Share icon. You can use this to copy-and-paste the post anywhere else in the suite.
  5. Please submit a ticket with your OS and browsing device details if you see a reduced number of emoji on the InvisionCommunity.com forums from the editor. You should see all emojis.
  6. You can search the Marketplace for auto follow content.
  7. Hi @BFleming welcome to Invision Community! You can refer to the list of Providers, which provides a directory of third party modders who are familiar with the software. Keep in mind that the list is neither endorsed nor moderated by IPS Inc, although most people on the list have a good reputation in the community. With that said, if you can share your general business idea, the community might pinpoint you to an existing app. This can save you thousands of dollars of custom development cost to use an existing app that's available "off the shelf." Since the suite is mature, the talented developers in the Marketplace have published several major apps like newsletters, video / media directories, learning management systems, company directories, classifieds / peer selling, links directories, and lots of small tweaks and customization. On a final note, be aware of the risks of relying on custom third party applications for core community operations. You should only invest in customization for core functions when you have the budget to self-fund development over the lifetime of your community -- that's the only way to ensure support.
  8. I have the same problem. Prior versions used to show duplicate accounts. Now I pull up the user in the ACP and manually review the IP addresses.
  9. Hmm, I'll check again tonight after work.
  10. Hi, there's no automatic switch. It requires an update of the core software. If you're cloud, send in a ticket. If you're self hosted, run the support tool OR download the package from the Client Area and upload.
  11. Hi @Adriano Faria Can you check setting "Show only Clubs that the user are member". Plugin shows all clubs, even private club where I didn't join.
  12. All I mean by a content block is a block with content. It can be the Similar Content block, Our Picks block, Popular Content block, etc. Basically, anything with new content that can help users discover more content.
  13. Hi @VladTheGreat I haven't had a chance to read through your other posts, but I wanted to say "hi" as the Community Advocate. I'm not a developer or a coder, but I do passionately believe in the strength of the peer community in building each other up and helping each other when we can. I will always be a tireless advocate of the member community, and to ensure IPS places the concerns of clients first and foremost. It sounds like part of your frustration is not knowing where to go for critical issues, so to help you out: Ticket support is a valuable part of your license and you should send in a ticket for issues related to suite. It's recommended you run the Support Tool through the ACP, which can automatically disable the theme, disable all third-party apps and plugins, and clear the cache. That will automatically clear a lot of the issues for you. If you do have a critical issue, don't hesitate to start your ticket with "This is an Emergency." I've done that myself in rare circumstances, and it helps the support staff triage important tickets. On the other hand, I've also voluntarily marked tickets as low priority, to let them know this is a low impact bug or issue that can be addressed as time permits. Customization can be an important part of making the community uniquely your own, but you should also weigh the customization against the risk. As you've seen first-hand, the rapid development lifecycle of IPS are an extra challenge to consider. If you run third-party themes and mods, checking for compatibility can be part of your upgrade checklist BEFORE you upgrade rather than after. For any third-party issues, you must go to the support topic of the third-party. Finally, there are several things you can do within the suite to stay as close to 'vanilla' as possible. For example, you can actually create a theme with the Easy Editor, which colorizes the theme. Welcome to Invision Community. It's okay to be noob. Just try not to be a dick, and we'll try to help you out. @Joel R
  14. Another enterprise client with a large traffic base gave me the same suggestion a couple of weeks ago. I'll need to include this in a future 4x4 growth hack. It's also great for SEO!
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