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  1. Hi @Elbmek, I think I understand the confusion - you want to move a single post. Keep in mind that most posts are not isolated to themselves. There are subsequent posts that flow with the discussion, so in most cases (and I'm speaking broadly here), when you move a post, you normally want to move that post and all subsequent posts. That' why IPS calls it 'split,' because it divides the topic at that point. I believe you want to move only that one post, yes?
  2. ACP > System > Posting. This allows you to limit file extensions, although it's not per group.
  3. You would need to exclude club content everywhere. Go to ACP > Community > Club > Settings.
  4. No, content message is separate from Topic Summary and will appear under topic title.
  5. Nobody's going to read this you noob. You need to put this in red caps in your Marketplace description.
  6. IPS is actively exploring options for video. There's no news to share (yet!). I'm personally a big fan of video and imagery as a growing form of communication for the future. We invented text because it simply wasn't possible to replicate in-the-moment images that captured the entirety of the experience in the times of cavemen. We needed to use sticks to draw representative pictographs. We're now coming full circle. With cloud storage, cameras, smartphones, and instant photography available to the masses, our communication of the future will be richer, more full bodied, and all-enc
  7. That's the best kind of ipsum. Looking forward to your showcase!
  8. I should clarify that my note shouldn't be construed as a recommendation of any theme author over another, but it can provide a useful data point. There are several talented theme developers in the IPS Marketplace who put out great themes, and theming is such a personal choice that you really should explore the entire portfolio of themes before making a decision.
  9. The theme author @Ehren behind IPSFocus is the same theme consultant behind 4.5's new theme. He's generally excellent in his theme support.
  10. Personally I agree. I find that occasionally stirring the pot helps stoke user engagement! I would recommend that you go with my first suggestion, which is what I implement on my community. You still offer thumbs down or negative reactions, but that those negative sentiment reactions don't impact user reputation. I had two members start a reaction war last year. (Most activity ever from those users 🤣!). When I explained that they were welcome to continue disliking each other's content but it would have zero impact to each users reputation, it petered out pretty quickly.
  11. Only information about the multi-communities app is currently available. To stay up to date on further news, be sure to check out the Invision Blog where future news will be posted. The team is excited to continue development on the mobile app and iron out all of the bugs.
  12. @breatheheavy Two possible solutions: 1. One immediate fix is to change the reputation score per each reaction to only positive or neutral. For example, if you have a Downvote or Dislike reaction, mark the reputation as Neutral. This way it won't count against the actual reputation score of each member, even if users go downvoting. 2. A longer-term solution, and perhaps more beneficial to the overall health of the community, is to only offer positive sentiment reactions to begin with. The biggest platforms in the world, from Reddit or Facebook to MeWe to Amino App
  13. @MIXOH File is compatible with 4.5. Running it live on my board.
  14. Subscriptions, by design, will always renew. You must define a timeframe. So the lifetime Subscription will need to remain as a Product. Because of this, I personally think you should keep everything as products. Otherwise, the UIX will be confusing to need to go to Products for the lifetime subscription and then Subscriptions for the monthly subscription. I do think subscriptions offer a lot of benefits. It's easier to check-out and it auto-renews with the correct billing agreements, so there's a greater recurrence of funds. My suggestion is that, if you do decide to migrate
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