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  1. how can I purchase this skin

    They'll need to login with their client account or add you as an authorized user to their account.
  2. Bitcoin Support for Commerce

    I think Bitcoin is close to $18000 today. It's crazy. I remember buying a Bitcoin when it was $600 and thought it was way too expensive ...
  3. Lock content of recommended messages

    They were supposed to implement Tagging in these forms to show status.
  4. Just buyed, it is demo or paid?

    Welcome to IPS!
  5. Leave Cloud Then What

    I think that's the best plan. A lot of clients try to go immediately to self-hosted when it's actually cheaper (in total for the software, managed hosting, server, domain, CDN, etc) and easier to start in the cloud, learn all of the apps, get yourself comfortable, and then migrate. You would need to restyle your theme and layout but the data could all be migrated.
  6. Clear Notifications

    Can you make it so that when you click Clear Notifications, it doesn't redirect you to homepage?
  7. Nice article and highlights many of the new improvements in 4.2. Don't forget about the Streamlined Social Sign-in, which adds a social sign-in button at the forum reply. This helps convert guests into members at the point of engagement. Another often overlooked but built-in tool is the "Popular Now" widget, which can be placed anywhere including the top of the page, bottom of the page, or sidebar. This widget highlight the hottest topics that are being discussed at the moment and helps first-time visitors jump into the action.
  8. Pages & Clubs working together.

    Clubs containing IP.Pages database or pages -- potentially coming in 4.3. Pages containing nodes like forum categories, gallery categories, blogs or clubs -- we won't see in IPS 4.
  9. Feed2DB - Support Topic

    This might be doable for the app. I know some articles include tags as a meta data, so Fosters would just need to map those to the IPS 4 tags.
  10. If you can help that would be great

    I would encourage you to reach out to @MADMAN32395 since he's the one who probably developed it. With that said, you're looking for a small customization to the postbit, which will be a theme feature or a CSS.
  11. If you can help that would be great

    You may want to check with @Aiwa and his Steam integration
  12. Show Club Calendars on main calendar

    IPS needs to think about empowering admins to integrate club content into the community content.
  13. (BIM41) Quick Search

    IPS sometimes releases silent patches that don't appear unless you run the Support tool in ACP. Pretend like you're updating and the upgrade process will tell you if there's a patch.
  14. Looking For Thoughts.

    Looks like you have a positive, self-empowering community. Congrats on making the internet a better place You seem to be using a combination of WP and IPS. I would encourage you to really think about integrating everything into one platform, for ease of management. Your community is all about the journey of people, right? I encourage you to check out the Advanced memeberlists by @Faqole or @Fosters, Who We Are by @InvisionHQ, or other plugins that showcase your members.
  15. Pages SuperGrid support

    Pretty sure this is in Plugin settings. "Do you want to use big image?" I remember because I turned it off