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  1. Joel R

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    Is that why Nexus was the name of the ecommerce up until 3.x? It always confused me, since Nexus usually denotes connection or the intersection of multiple points. Also I totally applaud and support trendy and non-sensical buzzwords for all of your apps! Converge! Synthesize! Advocator! Omnichannel! Empower! You don't even need to use the app; Just reading their names makes you feel ... Like you're at the Nexus of Dynamicism and Invisioning! And for only $149 initial payment and $29 renewal more, you don't want to miss out on NinjaGuruTractionator!
  2. Joel R

    Any "classic" screen shots of IPB?

    What's IP.Dynamic?
  3. The automatic awarding of trophies is actually fine, it just looks scary in the ACP because it runs background process per trophy.
  4. How would you measure 'relevant' or identify the items to show or hide in the activity stream?
  5. Joel R

    IPdownloads Daily Limits

    I'd like to support this suggestion. My entire subscription system is based on additional download access and I've had to send in support tickets to IPS just to understand when and how my users can download. And that's from me, an admin who knows how to access download logs and profile data from the ACP! My users have no clue when or how they can continue downloading.
  6. Joel R

    4.4: Animated GIFs

    It means @onlyME made some good money while it lasted. Tons of prior Marketplace mods are now part of the core ... Content ratings by @newbie LAC, Group Collaboration by @Kevin Carwile, Names 2 Avatar by @CodingJungle.
  7. Joel R

    65th Birthday Sale

    Happy cake day and good luck with the sale!
  8. Joel R

    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    You need to use 4.7 fontawesome icons
  9. First suggestion for Elastic Search: ignore coordinating conjunctions such as for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so (aka FANBOYS). I searched my IPS for the phrase 'ben and ken' (without quotation marks) which I knew to be an exact match for a topic title, and it returned a bunch of results containing AND.
  10. Joel R

    Dear Developers

    Really?? I'm gonna blow your mind. Go to ACP > Members > Administrators. Then add a user (you prob need to create a dummy account in advance). And in the users settings, just disable the modules or apps you don't want him to access. For example, my root admin account has access to everything. But I have a test admin account which doesn't have access to commerce.
  11. Joel R

    Dear Developers

    Why don't you create an admin account that doesn't have ACP Commerce access (or whatever access you don't want to share).
  12. Why don't you have the little + Client thingy?? 

  13. Joel R

    This site - unlogical navigation?

    But they do use their own apps. They're just combining two IPS sites.
  14. Joel R

    Video Tip: Preventing Spam

    While you're swooning to Matt's voice, you can also check out Spam Prevention Suite by @Fosters. I use it to block certain spam languages for the pesky spam that gets through the IPS stuff.