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  1. CLUBS: Sorting of Tabs

    Create an empty tab with a block that allows HTML or PHP and take his money. Adriano is right. Waiting for IPS to implement all the features you want (or think should be standard in the software) is a hopeless game. This is why Marketplace developers exist, to fill gaps.
  2. Keep in mind that the community and pricing model behind phpBB and IPS are very different. PhpBB is a free forum software, so most of their mods are developed for free and shared to selflessly benefit everyone. IPS, on the other hand, is a premium forum software, so most of the Marketplace will charge fees and renewals that mimic the overall pricing of IPS. I had a major sticker shock coming from SMF to IPS because I was used to free themes, free mods, and a great community. Users voluntarily supported and encouraged each other in a peer to peer community. IPS is a very different kind of client community. If you want premium themes expect to open your wallet.
  3. What specific features do you want? Why do you want them addressed at the admin level? What example do you have? Answering these questions will help IPS better understand your concerns.
  4. Disallow Attachments on Gallery Descriptions

    Hey @Edward Shephard can you verify this plugin works on 4.2?
  5. New: Clubs

    Always support ticket. IPS only opened the bug tracker during beta.
  6. Promote Posts to Articles

    This is now available as a default feature in IPS 4.2.
  7. Good step forward with 4.2

    Nominating this to be featured in Our Picks.
  8. Actually, if you're using iAwards then you've already built your criteria using Automation Rules by @Kevin Carwile, correct? If you have those criteria built, then Trophies and Medals will support the same rules. You may need to adjust the medal from iAwards app to Trophies app but the underlying ECA conditions should still be valid.
  9. Check with @Flitterkill or @All Astronauts on Spacious ACP
  10. (DF42) Sticky Notes (support topic)

    This is such a cute app.
  11. I promise everyone, in six months there will be yet another topic that comes up.  This is a perennial topic where some IPS user thinks he alone can solve the Marketplace woes.  I'm not against the OP for articulating his concerns, but there is a lot more to the Marketplace than 'protecting the buyer.'  Well no faeces, you're stepping into the Marketplace, you should be aware there are risks.    

    Also, this is my projection: the new "licensing terms" is well intentioned but isn't going to do anything:

    • Devs can probably edit / modify their terms at will.  
    • Devs can probably ignore their terms.  
    • Devs can probably laugh at their terms and not a whole lot will happen.
    • The worst that can happen is that the app gets removed.  Client gets fussy and yells at IPS, thinking IPS should do something on their behalf.  IPS reminds user it's a transaction between buyer and seller, and the most they can do is refund.  
    • Cycle continues.  
  12. Post Number

    Thanks for the update and continued maintenance.
  13. Notification button on mobile

    If by front-and-center, you really mean hidden-and-tucked-away. Having the notification count is very different than being able to access the notifications, which in practice is the first thing I do whether on mobile or on PC.
  14. Hold on. The Marketplace is a much more complex discussion than the lopsided concerns of the OP, and I think this discussion deserves a deeper analysis. To all my fellow IPS clients, here are some important points to keep in mind: Buying from the Marketplace is inherently risky. That should be a known caveat emptor before making any purchases, and it's naive to think you can mitigate all risk factors or control your long term costs to the same degree as buying from a company like IPS. Most Marketplace developers are doing this on the side with real-life jobs, and the fact that they can even offer some enhancements is already a major accomplishment. Most Marketplace developers can't tell you their pricing model until something disruptive happens from IPS, such as a major version where IPS changes all the templates. That's when the devs have to decide if they change their pricing. If you don't like the pricing or the changes in pricing, then you don't have to buy it or renew it. It's as simple as that. The marketplace is truly a marketplace, as a simple exchange between buyers and sellers. It's a very 'low trust' marketplace with a lot of risk, and you should know that with eyes wide open before wading in. And if you're willing to bank your community on a third-party resource, then you need to make sure you have money in said bank to privately support the resource if and when the original developer disappears. Adding a license or renewal field may sound great in theory, but I doubt it'll do any good in practice. I'm all for transparency and establishing clear terms, but there's nothing to stop a developer from changing those terms at any point or preventing him from, you know, living his real life and not supporting his app. Even if you pretend those terms are legally binding, how many of you are going to actually go and file an injunction against an anonymous developer? Let's be a little more realistic. Yes, there are a lot of pricing anomalies, a lot of risk, and some bad apples in the IPS Marketplace. I've bought plenty of things from third-party developers who should be blacklisted. But you know what? As a buyer, you already possess a method of recourse: to write a scathing review on the product and his total lack of support. So instead of complaining to IPS and asking them to impose licensing terms on all Marketplace sellers, you should do YOUR job first and provide reviews that are useful to other users. That is the first step in building a 'high trust' Marketplace. If you haven't done that on each and every product you've purchased, you don't deserve to be asking others to step up when you haven't done your job first. Write reviews. That's the only way anyone and everyone can benefit from your experience. Although there are a lot of ridiculous pricing anomalies and support problems in the Marketplace, there are quite a few consistently good Marketplace developers. This means that the Marketplace can inherently function, and function well. The solution shouldn't be to regulate or impose Marketplace-wide rules. It should be to broaden the Marketplace, make it more attractive and competitive, and let the Marketplace self-regulate and compete with more developers. Instead of trying to dictate license and renewal terms like the OP suggested, IPS should instead be reaching out to the third-party dev community for ways to make it easier to code, to maintain that code, to support that code, and make it fun to code. That will expand the pool of developers, who will naturally compete for the business and we all win. Lastly and most importantly, before any IPS client wants to complain about not getting their money's worth out of a $10 renewal fee, I encourage all of my fellow IPS clients to take a step back and recognize the Marketplace community is fragile enough as it is. It may not be publicly seen, but there have been several alarming exits in the Marketplace by developers. And when they leave, we all lose. So the more you complain, the more you impose rules, the more you regulate, the more they'll leave for greener pastures -- and all the rules and regulations in the world can't protect you from an empty Marketplace.