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  1. @Matt Your help is appreciated whenever you get some time to help us. 🙂
  2. This! My iOS 13 requires dark theme for IPS as well :D
  3. Both suggestions i.e. plugin and theme edit - are out of my reach! Can I please borrow 10 mins of your time and possibly you can share how to do it? OR May be create little plugin for us :) Thank you!
  4. That 'Submit a feature request' translation can i use it on category basis? Ex - Category A - has it translated to 'Feature Request' and Category B as 'Ask Question' Thank you
  5. 1. Tutorial or Articles - Everyone needs help. Creating tutorials on your website brings users but doesn't add much interaction. Then the new enhancement from IPS kicks in. I am just going to quote you @Joel R - 2. Log-in - Make it fast and more user friendly. Add all available logins ex. Twitter, FB, Discord, etc etc. Time is important and everyone hates filling Govt. forms. :P 3. Target advertising or follow ups - Can't wait IPS to add Bulk emails/PM's which supports Custom Field. Don't spam users with generic emails. Everyone hates it and it would be soon marked as spam by user! Ex - If player is not playing RPG games - don't send RPG games email. Use custom field which they have selected i.e. FPS to send him FPS games update. I can't wait for new enhancements on it! @Matt Use custom fields to show their profile completion progress, Registration should be email/password and validation. 4. Themes - Provide light and dark theme at least. Even now mobile OS provides - light and dark theme so that user can use what they like. I just wish Themes would be available to select through drop down menu rather then all the way in bottom!
  6. It would be nice for more advertising options. I was trying to find it and can't find how to shows adds on download links.
  7. That guide was helpful I believe :) May be just not present.. tagging @Rhett
  8. Somehow i have the errors. @InvisionHQ had said that he will release new version 'soon'.
  9. I somehow see lot's of error like this - any idea why?
  10. @Adriano Faria - It seems like IPS 4.4.4 upgrade, I am seeing "Â" This characters in email.. send through contact us. It doesn't happen in stock email or anywhere else. Can you please help to figure out what's causing that? Ex -
  11. I was thinking the same. In FPS gaming world, problem is availability. At present, we use Discord for live challenges and it gives points on each win. Any X team can challenge any Y team. With that as soon as team X accepts the challenge, they can play and on each win score point increases. Higher ranks get less +ve points when they win over smaller ranking team and smaller ranking team looses less -ve points. It would be nice if team X can challenge team A, B and C all together with different date and time. Each challenge gets auto expire after XX days. This way admins can tweak directly based on feedback from players.
  12. Following up on my previous request if possible ;) I don't want to expose certain secondary groups but it seems on the right side it exposes all groups. It would be nice to have an option at least to hide certain groups.
  13. For me somehow here, it's fast, super fast.
  14. Lindy, any approximate time line on that one? Will wee see that feature in 2019?
  15. Hello - Enable nickname synchronization? - Does it Synchronize nicknames from discord server to forum or vice versa? Which one takes precedence? Can you please help?
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