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  1. Would it be possible to add option that after xx post send welcome message? OR only certain groups receive welcome message? We have initial group of less then 10 post who don't get PM or status message. So auto welcome doesn't work in the initial grp because PM and status is disabled.
  2. AlexJ

    Community Map

    Hi @Martin A. Anything you can do make the numbers show in Black so that it's visible?
  3. Please revert the new change i.e. forcing users to post reviews for rating. For ex: We have rating on maps. https://fearless-assassins.com/files/ It's annoying for everyone to post reviews to rate their map. Eventually users are forced to post junk reviews, just for rating. I have no idea why IPS makes some changes and forces it upon their customers. Please revert the change so we can continue to rate without review. For those who need it, just simple add a toggle option in ACP. PS Now to just rate, I will have to deal with bogus reviews which doesn't make sense. Thanks.
  4. It would be nice to have multi-select option in ban settings.
  5. No. Rating also works for Blogs and if I enable Reviews, rating works fine. 😞
  6. In reference to above note, I have ticket open with IPS. Can you please help with same? Thank you.
  7. Till 4.5 i was able to upgrade, no issues. Something changed from 4.5 to 4.6.
  8. Have same issue and I didn't got any set up. Thanks
  9. In 4.5.x we where able to rate it. Only with 4.6, this rating system was disabled.
  10. That's for review and not rating bud. I don't want users to review the file but just rate it i.e. stars 1 to 5 depending on their like and dislike.
  11. How can you enable rating without downloading the files? So that users can rate between 1 to 5 stars?
  12. I see plugin got updated but i don't see it available in admin CP marketplace.
  13. AlexJ

    Radical Tags

    Can i remove old advanced tags and prefixes? Been using radical tags since year or two.. or whenever it was launched.
  14. AlexJ

    Group Mention

    Can't wait! Thanks bud!
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