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  1. Thanks mate for confirmation. I appreciate it. @devu4 Can you please take a look? It's like we can't use the addon
  2. Will it ever get approved? I am not sure if the app is updated already and not code OR it's pending from IPS side? Can we please get some clarification?
  3. @Matt @bfarber @Lindy - Sorry to tag you guys - but can you please approve the addon? Addon coder has summited based on his post in this topic but it's not getting approved! It's almost a month now! - Thank you
  4. Yes why not add support for single person in post? You are already supporting groups, why not single post 🙂 Something like this?
  5. Can you also add the feature so that we get @ symbol next to quote - before or after - this way rather then quoting full post, we can directly tag, user ID through mention. Thanks
  6. You are not the only one. I personally feel, IPS did it to force people on renewals. I really was super pissed on updating site. Like, I had to spend freaking 1-2 hr to link all my addons and plugins with the useless search from admin CP. I wish they had direct link option. Two developers, decided to change their addon name and I ended up searching for minutes for right new names.
  7. @Martin A. U are oldie on IPS and long time developer. Some tighter integration would be really helpful with paid application i.e. based on IP - auto put user flag and show them in the profile i.e. city location.
  8. @TAMAN - Can you please update it for 4.5.x ? thanks
  9. When I try to upgrade, it says, i got latest update but I know for sure, I don't.
  10. Let's try once I am done with the upgrade. That is not an option. 😞 I got tons of section on forum which reply on prefixes. 10 years data would be pain to loose and reconfigure. I wish IPS would show - xx addons - not supported or no update available before the update starts. Would make life easier, rather then improving admin CP addon installation.
  11. grr.. fear comes true. Do i need to reload the back up? I did hit the upgrade, thinking, I would do clean install on IPS 4.5. Reloading from back up is pain in da butt. Any chance, if any issues, you can make it work for import after 4.5 install? I am pretty sure, many users u will get like me. 😞
  12. I have same question. Should I upgrade the site first and then install your addon? Will it migrate all the prefixes and such? Thanks.
  13. Just use your own mail server like Postfix. I do same when Amazon SES gives trouble. Switching takes only 2 minutes.
  14. oh man forgot that! Stupid me 😞
  15. It would be nice to show renewal option where renewal is required rather then this message:
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