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  1. AlexJ

    [IPS4] Tutorials

    @Adriano Faria I am really having hard time upgrading my forums because of Tutorial addon. I really want to upgrade my forums but I can't because Tutorial addon doesn't update successfully. I even provided test forum Admin CP to you in PM so that you can check what's wrong. I would really appreciate your help so that i can upgrade my website to latest IPS version. I even decided to remove awards addon which also has upgrade issue. I can't remove tutorial addon because of lot's of tutorials in it. I would really appreciate any help from you to fix my upgrade issue. I am on latest version of tutorials addon on IPS 3.4.x. All other addons upgraded fine except Tutorial and Awards one. Any help to resolve the issue ASAP, is appreciated. Thanks
  2. I just tested that on my test board. I can dump the DB and start again from scratch if you can give me some pointers. IPS staff tells me issue with your addon and you put me back to IPS loop. I have no idea what to do here mate. Just looking for the fix so upgrade goes smooth.
  3. Ryan H, When I upgraded the IPBoard 3.4.x to latest version, IPS staff told me that because of tags addon "Convert all tags to lower case" become Enabled during upgrade and it messes up all my tags. On 3.4.x my selection for Force tags to lowercase is disabled. Any idea on how to resolve the issue? Thank you. An
  4. I have a ticket and here is the response I got. Can you please look into it? Because if I run manually it throws the php error. It's been locked since last T-W-Thursday. If that's long it's going to take, my users would be unhappy since right now even search doesn't work. Ticket - #985293
  5. How can I increase memory usage? I didn't find any documentation for it. My current usage - More or less, I keep seeing this in dashboard - I am not sure why? The following tasks appear to be locking frequently: queue. Please run them manually. If you require assistance with any errors shown please contact technical support.
  6. Where did you changed that? I have enough processor and RAM sitting empty and upgrading my test forum has been peta. I have less then 2GB of DB size and it's taking hours. First run took me 24-48 hrs. That's damm slow.
  7. AlexJ

    Group Name Indicator

    I think it works on IPS 4.2. Did you tried and got any error?
  8. Can users create their own team and system would pick up 2 teams for match and publish the time on calendar or something like that? It goes on every day till final round?
  9. Yup. It was enabled and I disabled and now I was able to get the tags/pre-fix as I wanted. Downside is I got to change all manually and that's freaking disaster!
  10. I think this setting screwed all up - How can i have it disabled upon upgrade? Is their anyway I can do it?
  11. Yes. Because it looks very awkward right now. On IPS 3.x I had correct. It even moved correctly in IPS 4.x - Is their some way to fix the issue? Because manually updating all prefixes it's going to be pain in da butt. I don't get why new topics are created with correct case and old topics are screwed up. I can give you access to admin CP of my test forum so you can take a look. Help is appreciated.
  12. @Ryan H. - Still looking for help when you get chance for my above post cos it looks horrible in current state - https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/416840-advanced-tags-prefixes-ips-4x/?do=findComment&comment=2695136
  13. No go my friend. I did run recache tag tools and it didn't fix the smaller case. In fact when i create new topic, even colors are different. New test topic is perfect. That's how I wanted for old ones as well. How to fix it?
  14. AlexJ

    Contact Us

    Thank you. Then I will uninstall old one, purchase this one and get this one going.