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  1. This feature should be really in-build! It would make Leader-board more useful! Thanks for closing bridge.
  2. We had similar issue - but live test worked fine - Live test works fine -
  3. can 8 teams participate? The reason i am asking is slowly if more teams want to join, how they can join? For FPS gaming - players come and go from active to inactive status. So some times become inactive over the period of time. Hence dynamically changing teams so ladder keep on going and eventually xx teams can join and xx team can challenge YY team without any hassle. At the end of the day - based on score based logic - highest winning team, keeps their rank.
  4. No.. cos right now based on what I see - you can only have set number of teams ie.. 4, 8, 16 and 32.. What if I only get 6 teams to play with? Pretty sure they can compete against each another. I would like to run tournament based on teams which we get rather then setting target and failing in the range and then removing while tournament.
  5. @TheJackal84 - Following up on previous request. Is it possible for you to add that? I would just like simple thing - 3 or 6 players set team and each one can keep challenging and keep scoring. So that way active teams can always continue with tournaments.
  6. @Matt - I think my last update reminder. Based on your avoidance, I think their is no way out and I guess it would require more time? Is it possible to add option in next release at least? I think many will benefit! Thank you
  7. Definitely need the feature enhancement. +1
  8. @Bluto @day_ - how to fix this button? Any corresponding option for it?
  9. How did you fix the editor issue? My editor is all white and fonts are white as well..
  10. @Matt - You are busy guy, so I need to follow up like weekly windows update reminder hehe
  11. Can we do it for downloads? OR You mean wait till IPS adds similar option for Download?
  12. 2019! This is much required. Even Apple or any good website will have more filter option so that users can filter out search fast! Example - My website has this custom options for 1 category Maps - but sadly - it's of no use at all for end user because they CANNOT search using it. It's like i have data through which users can search for what they want easily.. but none of that will work because after 3 years this functionality is not implemented! Please do something about this.
  13. I believe he removed the discount 🙂 I am still waiting for a way so that 1 team can challenge another available team and no limits on team. So continuous challenges keep running.l
  14. Did you posted plugin or instructions somewhere? Sorry just following up @Matt PS Deadly awaiting to use it. 🍻
  15. My use case is to have one user account per phone. This way I can avoid users from creating multiple accounts so that they can't spam / troll with multiple accounts. But i think your suggestion will work too i.e. they need to enable 2FA before posting and hence indirectly achieve above use case.
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