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  1. It would be nice to have support for custom profile fields in Bulk Mail so that admins can send emails to specific users rather then many! This way emails are minimal and only targeted audience gets email.
  2. Clubbing of notification - i.e. if multiple members like same post - notification clubbing would be nice! But half read and half unread notification is driving nuts to many users on our forums. Thank you
  3. @Adriano Faria - Is it possible to add support for custom profile fields? Example - we have custom profile files and I would like to target bulk PM to specific criteria rather then just based on post count or groups. This way it helps to reduce the spam.
  4. No No - what I mean was - rather then banning from forum - it would be nice to have user A post auto entering in moderation ques when user A post in category X of forum. I hope that helps explaining what I am trying to say.
  5. I was thinking initially it's a bug. We have crazy spam on our Discord after we updated the forum. :(
  6. Any estimated ETA? ex - @ staff would help instead of drop down.
  7. Possible to expand so that you can restrict members post in specific forum ? Ex - I can post in all forums but if get restricted in forum ABC - my post in forum ABC, needs moderator approval. For other forum or category, no restriction.
  8. Thank you for quick replies. @TheJackal84 - is their anyway we can try the demo? I mean through ACP and front end? I registered on your site yesterday to try it out but I didn't got any option to manage it or see it's full feature except front end. Would like to try it out before i go ahead for purchase. If it's 20 bucks, i wouldn't ask for try out but it comes with higher cost so i want to make sure, I can try out first and then purchase. Saves time for both parties. Thank you, once again!
  9. Thank you for quick reply. Do you mean the comments highlighted in SS? Also how does timeline looks? Ex I can see teams and such .. in below screenshot but is their any chart which shows which team will be competing against which team? Also is their any option to challenge the teams? Example - 1. Team A challenges Team C. Challenge is approved on proposed date - it shows up in Challenge ladder. Each time you win, you keep going up using ELO and when higher rank team looses, they loose the points? A page where top 10 teams are shown?
  10. Pre-sale question - How we do mark the team has won out of 2 teams? If their anyway we can upload sreenshot or files after the match? So basically scores are left and then declare winner?
  11. Edit - Ignore. Sorry for that one.
  12. Thank you for not deleting the PM. Sometimes PM conversation keeps rolling. Suggestion - When you can create topic is it possible to add auto text in front of topic - Ex - PM To Topic - "Message Title" ? This way we know which topics where converted from PM to topic? It would help auto adding those text in topic title .. as of now we do manual edits. :) Thanks as always!
  13. https://fearless-assassins.com/awards/ I have restricted awards so only few groups can give awards. But it seems like all can and it shows in drop down - i have PM'd you permission pic.
  14. @InvisionHQ - Also it seems when theme if full width - awards are miss aligned. How can i make New Award and Awarded right aligned?
  15. @InvisionHQ - Following up on old reported issue. Any way to resolve it?
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