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  1. Hi @Marc Stridgen - I see your point but let me share few things from other side. 1. User requesting for help, doesn't often indicate their installed version. So may be an option to indicate their installed version would be great. 2. Conversations in reference to infrastructure set up / optimization, monitoring, monetizing, DDoS, spam, etc. is mostly general across all versions. Today, even though I am using IPS forums, some/many times, I have to look at Xenforo forum because they have wide variety of infra conversations available. I would prefer to use IPS forum for having a conversation with fellow IPS forum admins. I normally contribute what I am using and at same time interested what other's are doing as well. 3. Also current IPS customers can ask for help on other non-IPS forum. Based on that my suggestion would be - general conversation category for admins to talk on and if they need IPS team support, IPS specific category. - Thanks
  2. Hi @Jim M - I don't have PayPal specific rules. Does MaxMind rules also apply to apply?
  3. Currently only active customers can comment. Before majority of IPS customers, used to ask question through IPS ticket system. Now it's through forum first. Can you enable commenting on existing topic/post, so even though I am not 'active' license holder but I still hold 6 licenses and hence allowed to comment. This way, I can help others because certain times in last few weeks, I thought, I can help but wasn't able to. It's understandable I can't create a topic but disallowing other users to help your existing customers, seems counter productive. Just a minor feedback. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Credit card transactions through PayPal goes in manual approval status. Is their anyway, it can be auto approve? I can't find the setting for it and in past PayPal has IPN set up or something? Any help appreciated. - Thanks.
  5. AlexJ

    IC5: Commerce

    Not really. I work daily on BI tools from Microsoft, Google, Tibco, etc. and I can tell you from visualization perspective, it's bad idea. No one can click on donut slice of more then 10. Here is live example: https://fearless-assassins.com/donate/ @Matt Happy to hear, it's added. Have you considered users using donation app can be moved successfully from app to commerce? I really have long standing request i.e. in commerce it accepts credit card as a payment while donation app doesn't. So now, i am forced to use 2 applications because commerce can't create donation goals and show who donated when. In today's world, I and many like me would prefer to provide transparency to end users i.e. when, how much and for what goals, users are donating. 2 major issues in donation app is only PayPal support and no subscriptions. I would prefer to have all in one app i.e. commerce or donation.
  6. AlexJ

    IC5: Commerce

    It would be nice if Commerce can get some traction in donation tracking perspective. We have limited subscription option but bills are due every month/year. So having donation goals and who donated against that goal, provides more transparency.
  7. I hope they improve this crazy mess of donations/subscription which works across the spectrum and not just some forums/customers.
  8. I use in one of my less used sites for testing purposes. I haven't done before/after monitoring. Off topic: I was setting up zero trust and that's when I noticed it. It would be interesting to know if you are using CF Email service with AWS.. trying to set up auto move, to validating for bounced emails. If you have experience in that, will PM you.
  9. I am still having an issue when posting profile comments on our site. Do you guys have any solution planned? This bug is open since months now.
  10. UI update has Ehren written all over it. Using your themes for past 10 years 🙂 Well done.
  11. Is it possible to disable in wild card search in admin CP? It seems, through moderator logs, topic titles can be exposed to the members, who don't have access to categories.
  12. Marketplace was really good option to find everything in one spot. Now i need to register on 20 different sites and half I don't even remember. It's like Apple telling to it's customer, here take iPhone. You want apps? Go on developers site and install from their. Jeez, what a nightmare. Take care of your health. Rest everything will go on. PS I am one of the customers who is unhappy because support/ticket system is gone and have to deal with broken donation system in store.
  13. I think we are saying the same thing for AI and that's what i mean by training AI models i.e. to provide better/accurate results. Same thing happening in banks as well, where AI results are used to check anomaly. I think it's industry wide adaptation ongoing at present. Also, Microsoft is pushing hard with their co-pilot program or bing chat. So Google is improving as well since their major revenue of 50-60% is from adds. Competition is always good for consumers.
  14. Google is taking seriously because of all the rush to get good data for AI models/search display and competition is getting spicy with Bing.
  15. I normally check using https://www.ipqualityscore.com/ - it is accurate overall, especially this M27 or datacenter related IP's. We normally mention on site, users should remove Proxy if they face the issue.
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