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  1. I have a ticket and here is the response I got. Can you please look into it? Because if I run manually it throws the php error. It's been locked since last T-W-Thursday. If that's long it's going to take, my users would be unhappy since right now even search doesn't work. Ticket - #985293
  2. How can I increase memory usage? I didn't find any documentation for it. My current usage - More or less, I keep seeing this in dashboard - I am not sure why? The following tasks appear to be locking frequently: queue. Please run them manually. If you require assistance with any errors shown please contact technical support.
  3. Where did you changed that? I have enough processor and RAM sitting empty and upgrading my test forum has been peta. I have less then 2GB of DB size and it's taking hours. First run took me 24-48 hrs. That's damm slow.
  4. Group Name Indicator

    I think it works on IPS 4.2. Did you tried and got any error?
  5. I see. Thank you.
  6. Can users create their own team and system would pick up 2 teams for match and publish the time on calendar or something like that? It goes on every day till final round?
  7. Yup. It was enabled and I disabled and now I was able to get the tags/pre-fix as I wanted. Downside is I got to change all manually and that's freaking disaster!
  8. I think this setting screwed all up - How can i have it disabled upon upgrade? Is their anyway I can do it?
  9. Yes. Because it looks very awkward right now. On IPS 3.x I had correct. It even moved correctly in IPS 4.x - Is their some way to fix the issue? Because manually updating all prefixes it's going to be pain in da butt. I don't get why new topics are created with correct case and old topics are screwed up. I can give you access to admin CP of my test forum so you can take a look. Help is appreciated.
  10. @Ryan H. - Still looking for help when you get chance for my above post cos it looks horrible in current state - https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/416840-advanced-tags-prefixes-ips-4x/?do=findComment&comment=2695136
  11. No go my friend. I did run recache tag tools and it didn't fix the smaller case. In fact when i create new topic, even colors are different. New test topic is perfect. That's how I wanted for old ones as well. How to fix it?
  12. Contact Us

    Thank you. Then I will uninstall old one, purchase this one and get this one going.
  13. Contact Us

    I used to have Contact Us app from you in IPS 3.4.x and I think then RAW took over. Do i need to uninstall old version to install this one? OR I can just click update like other add-ons? Thanks
  14. Thanks. Purchased and updated! Q - Is their any reason why we show prefix 2 times? See here - https://www.screencast.com/t/3qgUyV7u Would like to show it just once. All my prefixes are in smaller case. In IPS 3.4.x they where all in caps. PS Upgrade was smooth! - Thank you
  15. Without tag management section, how can I add new tags/prefixes? I have used your app on 3.4.x. Does the new one provides the upgrade route? If yes, then how to? Thanks