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  1. 1. SMTP - amazon ses - makes it all slow. - Website performance killer. (Thanks to addon for API but again 20$ extra and now depended on it for maintenance) 2. Email notification: If user doesn't want email notification they should be able to do one click - disable all email notifications. As of now, they need to visit each topic and 'unfollow' each topic manually. That's just ridiculous. No matter how you dice it. If their is better way, please, please tell me and I will share same with our website users. 3. Notifications: I would like my users decide what they want to get notifie
  2. Can we make it optional? Ex: Our Contact Us topics are created in a category where only moderators have access. Mod's already can see IP so for us it doesn't cause any issues. With IP attached, we can find the account associated with it and help user easily.
  3. Capture the user IP i.e. who is sending Contact Us and when Contact Us creates a topic/post, add the IP information to it. So it shows User IP: User IP when using Contact Us.
  4. Hi Adriano, Can you possibly support IP in the topic? I.e. When Contact Us creates the topic if IP information of the user can be tagged it would help us to resolve lots of user issue in gaming communities. Thank you.
  5. This tags are converted from another prefix addon so I don't get basic editor option. I would like to have basic editor option on those! I tried search with case sensitive and without. Tags themselves have "COD4" in them. I tried cod, COD, COD4, cod4, etc. no success.
  6. Thanks! I have bunch of COD4 Prefixes and when I search it doesn't show up:
  7. How do i add white font color to this one? <span class="ipsBadge" style="background:#33CC00;">{tag}</span>
  8. Thank you for answering my question. Appreciate it, as always, thanks!
  9. Just educate other folks so we also see that view? Here is another though: To completely unsubscribe from emails, you need to unfollow each topic. That makes stop all email notification for a user, useless.
  10. I was flip flopping between postfix and amazon SES but after using SES, screw postfix!
  11. Can i add the note for someone else and once done mark as done?
  12. Hello, I added on our site and I don't get the lights in default theme. Anything wrong, i am doing?
  13. Similar boat - some members don't want to receive any notification and site keeps sending them daily digest and such. It would be nice to have one option i.e. for member A disable all email notifications. Problem solved.
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