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  1. @Adriano Faria - Are you maintaining this app time being or till Jackal comes back? OR This would be for yours till you retire from IPS addon Dev? Thanks
  2. May be share the steps on how you 'achieved' it. So if others who would like to use, they can do it as well. A tutorial would be helpful and I am sure @opentype will appreciate that as well.
  3. I am getting non stop complaints for emails. Can we just not wait for 4.6 release and put the fix as a hot fix? Seriously, on the verge of getting my account suspended because user's can unsubscribe to their digest emails. Is it possible to apply the fix on my website? Haven't asked something like this in 10 years but i understand user's frustration. They just don't want email and so be it. Because of this bug they get spammed auto.
  4. I don't have huge forum so I am holding off for confirmation. I have seen addon developers saying, they will add xx functionality but it never makes through. Just got burned in past multiple times, so sometimes its better to wait till u see functionality added.
  5. @opentype - Please pardon my rookie question. I would like to use superblock but my skills are D- in Pages app. Do you have some video which I can follow? I would like to update my homepage but i am having hard time. I created page and when I try to drag and drop, I don't see blocks. Under blocks option, I don't see superblocks.
  6. @Jon Erickson - If you can promise, above will be added in XX days or X week - define yours their as per your schedule and to support it, I will go ahead and buy the application right now. Thanks!
  7. @Adriano Faria 1. Would it be possible to add sync option so that new replies in message would get auto added in that topic as well? 2. Also possible to add auto prefix while creating topic? Currently we do it manually. #1 is something we can't handle on our side so some option would be nice.
  8. AlexJ

    Group Mention

    @kRSB Giving above suggestion a bump please. Can you please add it? Thanks!
  9. AlexJ


    Suggestion: Pie chart is old school. I suggest using donut chart.
  10. 1. If mail is bounced put user to validation group till they update and put correct address. 2. If they complain for email (complain report) - deactivate the user ID.
  11. How are you mail bouncer? Thanks!
  12. Salary range? Asking for a friend. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I was told it doesn't do that. I tried to ask in same ticket but new ticket system is odd and not easy to reply. It keeps on saying, Continue writing.... while I just want clarification in that ticket. Can you please help? Thank you, as always!
  14. AlexJ

    Updates to our community

    I miss the Server Optimization Category. I hope you can add some nice prefixes to easily find topics related to it.
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