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  1. Axel Wers

    Free SSL

    Is Let’s Encrypt fully compatible with IP.Board 3.4.x?
  2. Axel Wers

    OpenCart to eCommerce

    Hello, just question: Is there plugin or module which converts eshop system from OpenCart to eCommerce? THX.
  3. Axel Wers

    iArcade 1.3

    If score is too high, it's saved in this format, for example: 9.68798e+06 Score is saved in row type FLOAT. How can I fix this?
  4. I need to create small local website about search and comparing hotels. What do you think, is Content suitable for this? Such a ready-made solution would be liked more than coding a new website from scratch. Thanks. (I don't have any experience with Suite 4, so I don't know new possible options)
  5. Axel Wers

    IP.Blog attacking my mailbox

    ​ Then it needs some improvements in notification system
  6. Why I get notifications about entries which I don't follow, damnit? I had to turn off notifications system, but few seconds ago I got another two emails!
  7. Axel Wers

    IP Suite and MariaDB

    OK then, I'll test it on test board.
  8. Axel Wers

    IP Suite and MariaDB

    That's good. Although I asked for this via ticket few months ago and I got this ansver: So then if you can guarantee full support, then I will be pleased.
  9. It's recommended. You are free to use password what you want. For example 111 or 123.
  10. Axel Wers

    IP Suite and MariaDB

    I would recommend give full support for MariaDB in IP Suite 4. I tested MariaDB and I noticed a great increase of performance.
  11. 1. Your login password should be strong, like f8D-q1M@oA9! 2. Rename your admin directory (how to, you find in ACP) 3. Protect your renamed admin directory by .htaccess file (how to, you find in ACP) 4. To improve security you can edit .htaccess file in this way: order deny,allow allow from xx.xx deny from all Instead of xx.xx you write your IP range. That means only user with those IP's can get .htaccess login form. If it's out, user get 403 server error message. 5. In IP Suite could be possibility to use admin special password. I agree.
  12. Axel Wers

    iArcade 1.3

    Probably some PHP error. Check your server error log.
  13. Axel Wers

    My 4.0 Community Wishlist

    I want session history for each member I want feature for terminate session and logout from board for each member
  14. I know. English is very simple in this way. Singular "record", plural "records" In slovak it's worser singular - 1 record = 1 článok (I can translate "record" in few ways, but I use "článok") plural - 2 records = 2 články plural - 3 records = 3 články plural - 4 records = 4 články plural - 5 records = 5 článkov In this case I cannot use _RLP_ in all cases because in front-end I can get 5 články instead of 5 článkov. It looks little retarded.