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  1. Hello, I want only to say, clubs are great feature which enhanced my community to a new dimension! Thanks, you make a good work! I believe that the clubs will be included in future releases.
  2. Poll testing - please vote I need to test something. If I find out what I need, I send feedback.
  3. I made this and member got an email "Thanks for registration"! 😮
  4. Hmmm, in IP.Board 3.4.x we had feature for this. I could unapprove email change. I can change email address, and then for example Ban account and Unban. After this notification Awaiting Approval will vanish from member's ACP profile. But it's little uncomfortable. Or this. This could be an another solution.
  5. I don't want approve, not resend validation email, nor ban. I want unapprove this email change. How? And second thing: when member changed email address, new notification go to new email. But they should go to the new email after confirmation. Member changed email to blahblah@blahblah.tld and now I get Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender notifications. So i need unapprove this email change and reset settings to the his/her original email address.
  6. I need mass move albums. There is no way how can do it.
  7. In ACP I can create only categories for Gallery but I cannot find any section where I could see album list and manage it. I need something like for blogs, where I can see list of blogs, but Gallery does not have any.
  8. I ACP I have very annoying issue, every settings, especially in member groups I have to save twice. For example Flood control for Moderators is enabled I toggle it to No and hit Save. I re-open settings and Flood control is enabled again. I disable it again, save and now it's saved. Has anyone met anything like this? It's very annoying when I change dozens settings and after saving I have everything without changes.
  9. I got it, in Settings → Files I had to update paths.
  10. Upgrade from 3.4.9 to 4.4.10 is really horrible. I had board at forum.domain.tld But I wanted board in root, so I copied 4.4.10 files to root and ran upgrade script. When it finished it's upgraded, but all images and maybe css too are loaded from forum.domain.tld/uploads when I manually move /uploads/ to root of new installation, after refreshing all pages (admin including) are without any images and css. Where everywhere are saved settings from old board? I need get rid of all forum.domain.tld settings.
  11. In client area is obsolete link to forums. It redirects to company main page.
  12. Thanks Andy, sorry I didn't notice this is support for IPB 4.1.x so probably in my 3.4 version I don't have that option (maybe yes, but since I work in other business since 2013 I have only minimum time for board so my experiences with IP.Board fell down). Could you move this topic to 3.4. support forums? Thanks.
  13. This could be good, is there way how set up it only for registered members? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I need to disable or remove admin contact on an error page. What is the best solution? Thanks.
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