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  1. File Name: Romanian Language File Submitter: vesperala File Submitted: 11 Aug 2009 File Category: Language Packs chiar dacă nu complet, e tradus destul de mult din interfaţa utilizatorilor, ceea ce folosesc ei
  2. File Name: Header File Submitter: vesperala File Submitted: 14 Jun 2008 File Category: IP.Blog Headers A nice white-blue header :) I hope you like it too. vesperala Click here to download this file
  3. Jason, please don't send my tickets to Tier II...:))

  4. :)) please remove the other "redundant" part and leave forum led by alone :lol:
  5. users can stop emails sent by admins...good. but how can they stop some members if the want to ignore them? I think they should have this option.
  6. as admin, I cannot unapprove a comment if was approved great :)
  7. vesperala

    you are an admin. so you know what the rating means. what you do not understand?

  8. on my own profile, as user, if I approve a comment I cannot un-approve it after that anymore? I must delete it if I do not want it public anymore? why?
  9. vesperala

    someone who bring stars is a starbringer

  10. what lovely children you have! Just lovely!

  11. 2? how about the GENDER field? What you say about LOCATION? should I make a list to you to convince you is not 2 STRING? since 2.3.4 I keep telling you that I wish to translate this or the other one or that one... and the usual answer always was: YOU CANNOT. is not a serious matter, is not important, other things are more important. 1 year and a half this was the only answer I ever heard. date and time is customizable/can be translated? this is a good news if someone teach us how, where and if can be used different format for different languages. I love you too.. :ermm:
  12. later edit... is not important what I have to say. for me is funny
  13. would you JOKE with a customer telling him his entire business is going to disappear and you are thinking to get him off? is exactly what he does and I cannot afford to consider that a joke. this kind of JOKE can bring me to hospital, seeing that all my work since last 2 years will disappear. and you call that JOKE? well, I pay money and time for this joke.
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