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  1. I logged in as Demo/Demo on your demo board. The "Reported Content" link in the header is shown to non-moderators. "Your Profile" dropdown only drops from clicking the text, not the image, while Notifications and Messages use the image, not the text. The "Profile UI" area is also either disabled for the demo account, or non-functional. Altogether a very pretty theme though.
  2. Hi Taman! We are having an odd issue here: That template error is from a Pages feed from our Developer Blog database, which anyone including guests can see. This is from the guests POV. Members are also reporting this issue. However, it appears perfectly fine when viewed from the Admin side: It displays and swipes as expected. Any help here appreciated, thanks! Edit: Fixed, but had to do a complete reinstall.
  3. Can this feature be disabled? If we don't want color-coded user name links?
  4. Agreed, and for basically the same reasons. It would be nice before 5.0, but I'm not sure that'll happen. Thus it's here.
  5. Is it a possible conflict with the Clear Notifications plugin?
  6. Duo Mobile as 2fa is actually quite nice. It just sends a yes/no push out to your mobile app (like Google does when logging in if you have an android phone). Wish more 2fa did this (looking at you, Google authenticator).
  7. Good to know, thanks! Would it be possible to implement other forms of password encryption? Would this even be necessary?
  8. Continuing thoughts on this, architecture a little bit. With the ever increasing threat of compromise (dont tell me that it won't/can't/isn't likely), perhaps it's time for a different method of password management? The md5/sha1 types are outdated, and I'm fairly certain that's what Invision still uses? Would be better to use Argon2id and XChaCha20-Poly1305, or something similar, if this hasn't already been dealt with.
  9. Forgive me but I disagree. If a discussion of features wanted isn't also started now, then there isn't really a point in also discussing the architecture. Besides that, I believe one of the IPS staffers has already stated that they have no plans at the current time to move away from php dependency. Though you are correct that things do change. Whether its wise or not remains to be seen. Regardless, this is an overarching discussion, so I don't see why both architecture and features cannot be discussed side by side. As far as the suggestions already made, could some of these be planned into 4.x? Sure. Will they be? It's doubtful. Anyways, that's enough of that being said, moving along. More descriptive error messages for Gallery. If "minimum number of tags" is set, and members attempt to upload images without tags, all they get is a generic "there were issues, please check indicated uploads". Also for Gallery: have a Browse option that doesn't involve albums. A "fluid" version, if you will, for browsing the Gallery. I understand that if albums aren't used, this can be accomplished, however users like to sort and organize their images, and Albums allows them to do so. Clubs: allow different club membership levels/subscriptions. Allow the club manager to open new areas depending on the member's subscription level. Think Patreon style. Also allow the club manager to add pages which they can organize (from the Pages app).
  10. Oooh, do I get brownie points for that? 2a. I suppose that's more the request being asked for. Some users would like to be able to modify certain front page blocks pertaining to content feeds (like the New Posts, new images block) to only see certain areas, or to users they follow. I'd be ok with it being an admin set layout where users can modify the content. 2b. This would be useful. Gives users the ability to make their profile unique. This might be a better suggestion overall. Another admin thing occurred to me as well: email templates. These are difficult to modify currently for those with little experience. Would be nice to have easy to edit color settings.
  11. I know, I know. 4.4 isn't even here yet, and here's a topic for 5.0. How dare I! The shock and horror! In all seriousness though, I think it's a perfect time to start talking about what kinds of improvements can or should be made for Invision Community 5. Some of these may not be possible, some might be, some might not even be thought of yet (oi, post those too). So let's start: Something many members have asked about, and something I would absolutely love to see, is a member-customizable home page. What I mean with this is the ability of a member to customize what content and blocks they see when they log in. Some members want to rearrange how content is displayed on the home page, and currently that isn't possible. As an admin, I can do this for everyone, but not all members agree with certain choices in this regard. Allowing a member to customize their user experience going forward would be a huge gain. Another thing to consider in regards to users is Profiles. Currently, clicking on a user link takes you to the Activity feed for that member. An option to select which tab is the "active" tab when a user link is clicked on could be useful for those communities who wish to prioritize, for instance, the About Me section over activity. On the moderation side of things, the report interface is somewhat lacking. For those of us with the "gallery" application, when an image is reported, that image is not forwarded to the Report center. All that the report center gives is a link to the image and/or the album that was reported. This should at least update so the image reported it available directly and immediately in the report. This will save a lot of time for image heavy communities. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, as I'm at work, but I'm liable to post more later.
  12. Oh good! I can use Lindy as my rubber duck!
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