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  1. @Spanner another small issue, very minor. Moving an item from a Buying category to a Selling category does not change the "Buyer Information" to "Seller Information" in the block on the advertisement itself. This bit:
  2. It's not on the default theme. We use the standard palettes given with the theme. This is the Account Setting page, on mobile devices.
  3. 1. The groups should have the highest available limit. Seems to be doing lowest available limit. 2. Admin/mod. 3. Sounds good thanks. 4. Yep, profile owners can currently review themselves.
  4. Hi @TheJackal84! We have an issue. Clubs in a category inaccessible to some users still appear on the "All Clubs" main page. They are able to see/read/view/join these as well, despite them being unable to access that category. Is this the intended behavior? Regards, Alex
  5. Thank you, it's reported to them! We have found another issue on Mobile however: Settings area links are all white while dropped down.
  6. Hi @TAMAN! This appears to be a problem with the default theme, but I'm hoping you can fix it in yours. On the Gallery Uploads, for users at certain resolutions, when expanding all of the available options (Tags, Credit, Copyright), the "Save Details" button drops bellow the "submit all images" button. It doesn't appear that scroll works for this, and it remains below this bar. For example: This is how it appears to the user. They have to use CTRL + Mouse to zoom out to be able to see the Save Details button: Not entirely sure what's causing this, but hoping you can help. Regards, Alex
  7. Hi @doc! I think the Unread markers for content may have gotten switched. Unread content markers are a dull gray, while read content markers are white (for topics I have posted in, at least).
  8. Oh wow. Ok didn't realize that. Thank you. Last question hopefully! When disabling "require price", it disables completely the ability to set a price in a category for the "buy now" option. Is there a way to still allow users to fill in that field but not require it?
  9. We arent seeing this at all:
  10. Ok. Yes, but how does one bump it? I don't see a "bump" button or anything similar, even though a package allows bumps.
  11. Sorry for not getting back sooner. It was a browser issue (firefox 38 being used, eek?). Also, I would like to ask: is there a way to get the uncollapsed menu to have click to dropdown rather than being an on hover element?
  12. @Spanner is there a way to reset the Number of Uses per user yet? For instance "can use once per 30 days"? Edit: Also, how does a member use the Bump feature? I don't see anything displayed on the advertisement if they're allowed to Bump, and neither do they.
  13. Looks like that got it, thanks!
  14. I absolutely wouldn't comply with this. I do not have the means, or the time, to verify each and every member, have to deal with fake IDs, etc etc. No, thank you. The onus of verifying identity should not lay with site owners.
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