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  1. Yeah, sadly this work around only works on self-hosted licenses, as @Rhett mentioned. Until there's a fix for this ^^;
  2. @TheJackal84 is there any word on this? Users can still see clubs they shouldn't be able to see on the main page.
  3. Hihi again @doc. Looks like another issue's cropped back up. Since we offload images (Profile Pictures) to amazon s3, we're seeing that same default image again (on the user menu):
  4. Hi @Kevin Carwile! The Custom Data for Albums is broken, doesn't display in public or admin mode. It's set as: But doesn't display when editing an album: Unless I'm doing something wrong?
  5. Just got up and running at FurryLife Online, a community for artists and art aficionados of the furry community. (don't worry, guests are locked to sfw).
  6. Hello @doc! The credit card field on checkout is unreadable: I think this is to do with ElementsApp, but am uncertain.
  7. 🤤 Hopefully his turns into something.
  8. Hello, It would be good if the Status Updates notifications were differentiated into their own groups. For instance - Someone I am following posts a status update. - Someone comments on one of my status updates - A reply is made to a status update I have commented on.
  9. Question as well, can something be added that shows up on the toggle to tell the user whether they're anonymous or not? Right now it's a bit confusing to have just the one notification popup that tells them they're browsing, but clicking the icon to come out of browsing anonymously doesn't have a message or notification. Maybe a color change on the icon itself to green or something when a member is browsing anonymously?
  10. Maybe don't close the uploader if someone clicks outside the box? Announcements work like this on mobile (you can tap/click outside an announcement popup and it doesn't close). Don't know why this is a thing?
  11. @Spanner another small issue, very minor. Moving an item from a Buying category to a Selling category does not change the "Buyer Information" to "Seller Information" in the block on the advertisement itself. This bit:
  12. It's not on the default theme. We use the standard palettes given with the theme. This is the Account Setting page, on mobile devices.
  13. 1. The groups should have the highest available limit. Seems to be doing lowest available limit. 2. Admin/mod. 3. Sounds good thanks. 4. Yep, profile owners can currently review themselves.
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