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  1. When I go to reset my password I get the following error "oops something went wrong, Try again later"
  2. Slight issue? If you can't log in you can't report an issue because you can't reset your password. That seems like a MAJOR issue that needs to be fixed I have brought this up with @Matt elsewhere but I don't know if the message was convened
  3. OK, I got the old board converted. Now I can't get my test install to reinstall because it says a test install is already active. When there isn't a database
  4. No Im trying to run a UTF conversion on a 3.x Database so I can get my members and posts onto my new install. I am using my test board to convert the database. I rmember earlier in the 4.0 version there was a IP.board converter for 3.x was trying to find that so I could convert the board without having to go through this mess
  5. The server can run IP.Board because my live site is running IPS so it can run IPS. I am alterting the tables one at a time to see if I can get that to work. its my test board I am using to convert the old database
  6. When I run the upgrade I get this Page. This is on my live board so it's not going to show the error. This is the converter I'm talking about When I run this on the OLD database it throws an error
  7. I have tried this multiple times. when I get to convert the database to UTF-8 it throws an error.
  8. I am looking for the old converts that would convert an IP. Board 3.x.x. to 4.0 because I can't get the UTF-8 conversation to work.
  9. Sinistra Designs is a web design company that dose skin designs for invision power board. we can do conversations and forum upgrades.
  10. How dose one become a provider. I think I use to be in the list at one point then went quiet for a few years because I lost interest in devs for awhile. I'm trying to get back 8nto it
  11. I am looking for r a way to put content that is related to the article in the sidebar. so say its a review of a TV show things like screenshots. the review's overall rating on attributes of the series but only show in the article.
  12. Any way to set up custom markers with the member's avatar
  13. Hello agaion IPS crew. I am just wondering what your thoughts on a Related topics for the next releae of IPB. Related topics are a good way for members to see if there are any topices relationg or any topices that might peak their intrests into posting to. This feature would be part of the Topic View. I have also thought of Socual groups. this owuld be a way for members to create their own groups to talk about certin topics that would be something spsific.
  14. Also happened to me I tried about 3 times before I got my active status back
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