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  1. Version 3.0.0


    Sinistra Designs is happy to announce the update of its Article Images addon. This addon has had some massive improvements that allows you to use a single column, 2 columns first featured, and 3 columns with first featured. We are working on some new features for this in the next few weeks such as Image size, borders and much more. So please come back and see what we add next!
  2. Sorry for being away for a while been busy with other projects. but I am back! 

    1. Eudemon



    2. Sinistra
  3. Never thought designing a responsive layout would be this easy. I will start making all my mods responsive for those that want it. I am enjoying my HTML5 class I am learning new things!!! 

    1. Eudemon


      Damn, I want to pick up responsive design skill too

  4. Can this be done for categories in the Pages system?
  5. No I think you misunderstood what I was getting at. I understand that they take a fee for PayPal so you get your full payout. Yes Promotions here would be a great thing seeing as we have no way to sale stuff on promotion withough having to drop the price mauall.y but you have to understand from my point of view. my renewals come from marketplace cales. and when no one is buying my plugins or themes igt gets really frustrating.
  6. I have a few themes and plugins up on the IPS marketplace. I have also taken it to my production site because of the IPS fee for posting in the marketplace. This way I can sell tem for half the price I do here. my latest theme here is 30 I have it on my site for 15. I can understand IPS is trying to make mony off the devs but I need the money to pay for my reneals and get the lasst app commerce Once I have comerce I will I will convert my entire wordpress site to IPS.
  7. I h Yes but I figure commenting it out violates some type of policy of IPS.
  8. What I mean by this I have had that giant red "Upgrade" box at the top of my board for the past few months. I am currently unable to renew my licence right now. and I had to do something to get it to stop showing. There should be some security fixes for unlicensed members so we can get rid of the upgrade box. or add a close button.
  9. Update to the file: I have added 2 new Social Media icons to this skin Pinterest and DeviantART. I am also working on color coding the icons as well for those that want to have the social icons stand out. This new version will be available on July 1st, 2016. If you have any other suggestions you can either post them here or PM me Don't Forget I will hold regular sales and promotions on my production website you can check it out at Sinistra Designs You can also see a demo of this theme at Anime Online
  10. Sinistra Designs I am happy to announce my new IPS theme. (Sin) Anime Online. This theme is like no other. It's a nice blue theme that has a few cool features that you will not find on any other IPS Theme. (Sin) Social Links Add everything from your Facebook page or profile to your YouTube Channel. Select which ones you want to add. All major social media networks are added. I will add more if requested. Facebook Twitter Google+ Instagram LinkedIn Twitch Tumblr Youtube (Sin) Tagline This skin comes with what I like to c
  11. Theme Updated 2.1.0 I have recently updated this theme with some nwe features and some fixes. What's New! I have added the ability to add a custom background image to the admin CP login screen. I have designed the admin CP theme to match the blue vesrion I will make the same ajustments to the other 2 theme.s What's Next Incorporate (Sin) Article Images into the pages theme. Add (Sin) Footer to the bottom of the skin and add some new featurs to that plugin.
  12. This skin is for anime lovers. I have 2 versions in one file the original blue and a green theme I will be adding more to this skin so keep it here. If you have questions feel free to ask Support will also be given here as well.
  13. I develop most of my plugins to work with the pages app. and in order for my plugins to work I have to require the user to alter the template files in the pages app to get my plugins to work. I have looked through the entire IN_DEV mode and have found nothing relating to the templates you can edit via admin CP I think this would be great for those designing stuff for the pages app so there is no need to template edit for the end user.
  14. Those looking for custom work from me. I am going to be away fore a few months going back to school so as soon as I get back I will start accepting custom work requests.. I would like to thank those that have downloaded my modifications and I will be making more advanced ones in the future. If you need to get ahold of me for any of my mods you can contact me on skype. I do have a request though if you do add me please put you are from the IPS Community if not you will be rejected and blocked 

  15. So looking through the all the fields you can create for your database is alot and I am not complaining about them one bit. but there are some missing. I would like to see a say I can use the star rating system in the fields. Lets take my Anime Review of Sword Art Online. as you can see I have a rating system based on audio video and voice actor quality. but I am having to use 1/5 system. It would be nice to see the option to use the star raging system for new fields we create in our database. As for a URL suggestion I have not seen a way to add custom text. Lets take my site for examp
  16. Thanks @Lindy I have been thinking more about this suggestion. and though up another idea. the URL reset should be apart of the renewal process. So when you go to renew your products you also get the option to reset license URL I renewed my license back in November and still waiting for the reset to allow me to do something without a charge. and I know I changed it a month after I renewed the previous time lol
  17. Now what I mean by this is when you create a block say for me it would be Related Articles. you can have the option to filter by tags or even a field value. So lets say I want to add a "Related News" block at the bottom of my record page. I can set it up to look for content that has the same tags. so say "Site News" it would look for all the site news but seeing as you have it set for 5 records to be pulled it will only show the five you want via the latest updated or the newest ones. Now say you have a review section and you want to find a review on related products games or anime yo
  18. I know we had this for Twitter on 3.4 but what if we had it for all the social media services. I have an image that I want to use in my IPS profiel but it is way to big. but if its like the avatar it will be imporred in from Facebook
  19. I have had something up about my activity feed for 4 days I understand the backlog. but it seems like my site is degrading first activity feed then locked tasks and now profile pages aren't working I updated my ticket with theses but nothing yet.
  20. OK I love the new menu manager. This is a great way to add stuff to your menu. but what if we had more options. Lets ay we have a "Pages" section where we can select a page to add to our menus and sub menus. What if we had this option for all apps. so say Gallery and Downloads we could add categories that we want mour members to have fast access to. or promote.
  21. (Sin) Article Images has been updated to work with 4.1 you can find it here



  22. Haven't seen you online recently 

    1. Eudemon


      I visit IPB once a while, haven't had time to work on my own site, kinda looking for people to help me manage it

    2. Sinistra


      Yeah I am the only one working on my site as well lol 

  23. The WYSIWYG editor widget is a block you get with the pages app. I think this should be a standard widget in the "System" dropdown for the front end widget editing. I am going ot upgrade my pages app but I want to let people know via the WYSIWYG editor and not an annocment.
  24. Those looking for upgrades of my addons for 4.1 I will be workiong on them this week I have been in the provess omoving so I am spending this weekend to get settled in. 

  25. Now what I mean by this is I have had to reset my license to a directory in my own domain name so say I have IP.Board Installed in my "forums" directory. (Which I did at one point.( I had to contact support to have them change it which is understandable. But How are we supose to know the last time we reset it to another domain There is no way to know this information the only way to find out is to try and reset and find out about the reset fee. I can understand the fact that people want to reset their IP.Board license every once in a while and I get the fee. But I think having some idea of
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