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  1. Ah okay. So basically, you removed the marketplace store front and embedded it into the suite to install, but left the functionality for manual installs if people so choose of their own resources or from people who offer resources on their own personal sites instead of the marketplace (hardly anyone does that these days, except for themes like Ehrens)
  2. @Stuart Silvester I’m behind by sometime, so I’m sure it was answered elsewhere, but will there still be an option for manual installs? Or will everything be housed in the ‘cloud’ basically?
  3. Checked that as well. No errors at all. What it does is just reload the page to the clicked link.
  4. Sadly, it's adult content and I cannot link it here. Let me show you the code of it though, I know it's not grabbing the new window. But here let me give a snippet of what's happening. For desktop: <li id="elNavSecondary_33" data-role="navBarItem" data-navapp="core" data-navext="CustomItem" data-originalwidth="129" class=""> <a href="https://someadultadvertisementlink.com" target="_blank" data-navitem-id="33"> Local Dating </a> </li> For mobile: it's missing the target="_blank" <li><a href="https://somea
  5. Hey guys, I have an older site where we've added a menu item, set it to "open in new window", works fine on desktop browser, but on mobile, it doesn't open a new window/tab. It's like this on the default theme too, so it's something with the IPS theme. I can go in and fix it manually, but I want to check if there's some option I don't remember on 4.2 or if this is normal... Thanks!
  6. What about actually adjusting the fields and or record views with little coding? For example, I want to create a quick custom form for 'incidents'. Below is the default view in the record with fields displayed. So for me to make this look like a proper form, I have to go and edit the entire record template to get it to properly look like a form. My suggestion still stands since day one where I was pretty savvy with IP.Content is that IPS should probably offer some out of the box templates. Right now, for 90% of users, it's too much work and requires too much coding knowledge to
  7. Looks good. Nice work for a free theme! Better than anything Design Shopz puts out and his are all mostly 'paid' themes and can mostly be achieved with the inline theme editor buttons. 😂
  8. I like the idea. In our case, we have 2 big groups with a lot of granular control. One group is essentially posting advertisements, the other group is essentially following said people posting the ads. We can convert the follow feature into a paid/vip only feature rather than making it site wide which is only useful to one specific group anyways.
  9. All of this can be done with the custom fields. The ones listed are just examples out of the box. Discord profile can simply be a custom field with the icon and the information.
  10. If I had my pick, which we can discuss offline as well. I like discourse as a well rounded option out of the box. What features were taken away from desktop viewers that you can’t get added back in? Node is something that’s out of the box, powerful in design, but basic in feature set. It’s economy is developer friendly and works well in other applications that have a great approach to mobile first while keeping the footprint small. Here are a couple of my 0.02c IPS is a great ‘forum’ but that’s about all. Anything else added on top are cherries. I have no complaints about the forum aspect
  11. Yes, this This is why I actually like Node and a reason I do like nodebb in many cases to clients. It definitely doesn't have all the features that IPS has, but it's much easier to build said features that are missing in node, and much easier to find developers if you need to. It's 'mostly' designed as a mobile designed with keeping more support for mobile devices than what IPS has as the software was designed for more or less phones and scaled up. It's also much much faster out of the box. Though, again - like anything else we pick... has its pro's and con's.
  12. You can go ahead and call me out as if I don't know what a mobile first approach is. Here: https://www.uxpin.com/studio/blog/a-hands-on-guide-to-mobile-first-design/ Read it. Over and over again. This approach doesn't matter if it's a mobile theme or a responsive site - it is simply DESIGNING your site, approaching how to display the content etc while scaling up. Not the other way around. This is irrelevant to HOW you get to it. IPS is using the graceful degredation method in UI/UX design. I can't take you anymore, I've only ever blocked one person from here. Now you make #2 - you la
  13. Yes. Exactly. Now you take those 2 highlighted bullets and lets focus on the 2nd one. This one: How would you approach the responsive design? IPS is responsive, any widely adopted somewhat modern post 2011-2012 sites following 'responsive' design do this. The question is. Do you design your UI/UX for the lowest common denominator for your feature set, or do you scale down removing features as you go? Or do you find a balance? In 2014ish or whenever IPS 4 was released and released a responsive framework, it focused on Desktop class browsing and then the smaller your screen g
  14. That's because you edit or I don't care to go back and finding it. You mentioned something "about my past here" along the lines of "Given your past here" something like that. Look, I'm done - no point in debating with you. You're not worth my time. 🙂
  15. Chris, feel free to PM me and I'll discuss with you competitive ideas. As it really depends on what your community is geared for and what you're trying to do. In many cases depending on the niche, I will recommend IPS depending on needs. Like I said, it's not that I don't like IPS - but when someone comes to me asking for something more mobile specific for their users and want to extend the functionality. It's hard to do so in many cases.
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