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  1. contact me asap i hit you up on SKYPE 

  2. It used to be different, most developers are either A. creating/updating 3.4.x files to 4.1.x or fixing ones already broken from other recent IPS releases.
  3. Most text/element colors are already configurable through the theme options panel(s). Off-Cavans I can probably make that a theme option as well. Font-Awesome is a road map already Can you show me an example of the left-align menu you're mentioning about? This might be better set as a custom tweak rather than a roadmap item. The more settings I throw in, the more room for errors.
  4. So, I was sitting here and a quick little idea came to my mind. Maybe when members post ideas/features that IPS likes and ends up implementing, you could have some sort of "Hall of Fame" to give credit to those with ideas. It wouldn't have to be anything very big, but I think it would give a little bit of friendly competition and promote members to offer feedback/ideas to have their name displayed somewhere, somehow. After all, there's an old saying that the richest gold mine is the grave yard, because there contains all of the ideas and skills from those around us which never seen the light of day.
  5. This. From my perspective, it looked highly modified from one of your base themes to the point to call it "he created it", but that's not entirely fair when it came from you first :). But even taking it a step further, yours came from IPS. It's beating around the bush and shouldn't cause up a ruckus unless something is really wrong. Anyways, good theme from a great base
  6. Thanks. And yes, I get that it was one of Ehren's themes, just don't know how much modifications it went through. I believe there is a fine line of putting so much work into a theme to call it "yours". But that's dependent on the person.
  7. Been working on my gaming communities front page. Here's what I got so far, but most of the content is dummy content until I finalize everything from the IP.Pages block feeds. Should demonstrate the power of IP.Pages and what you're able to achieve with mostly HTML/CSS modifications to the base feeds presented. Sorry for the poor embeded images... thought they'd show up larger Slider area: News Section which includes ajax "more" loading along with category support: Live streams: Category support, which highlights a specific streamer along with that persons's streams. underneath that is a slider to display a list of online/offline streams. Everything pretty much has a neat informative hover on top of it.... and is fully responsive Video section, to show the same things.... basically Community Events section Part 1: This basically highlights a video/stream or a broadcast of the event. Also have results based on tournaments. this can be filtered based on categories as well. Events part 2: Basically just has a list of the events, which you can click "load more" to add more to the list. Forum activity: Basically highlights hot, recent or popular threads... Social networks" Pretty self explantory, but I like how I targeted the browser scroll bars to display better to match the theme RSS FEEDS: Can point to popular sources, in this case, what our community focuses on. Lastly, the footer which just adds to the final affect of the site which uses the particle.js library for use at the very subtle effect in the background. Lastly, everything is responsive completely... took a bit of time to pull that one off. Next, gotta tie everything into the blocks and there you go. Full spanking feature rich site built with IP.Pages. Do you have an example to the same theme with very minimal modifications? I mean, I'm not saying you're wrong. I just don't recall seeing one of Ehren's themes look anything like that outside of the obvious menu animations, default avatar and such.
  8. Right, but it's been nearly completely redone with different sets of graphics. That's all I'm saying. I don't think he should exactly claim it that 'he did it all'. But I think it's justifiable that he can claim a large portion of the work.
  9. Except it doesn't look anything like one of Ehrens themes, even though it was one of his base themes, and just graphically edited. In that point, every single one of our custom themes look at IPS's since we've all used it as a base theme, including Ehren
  10. Do any of your stream addons support Beam.pro integration for IPB?

  11. Hey there, My name is Dylan and have been a Web developer for roughly 9 years and counting. I'm in the United States Air Force working as a Radiology PACS Administrator, and one thing that the Air Force has embedded in me is attention to detail. Every theme or application that I construct is from the ground up, 100% unique to YOUR needs. Today, I mostly focus on Theme Design, and front-end development, but I'm also very useful when it comes to Server/Security as that's one of my professional proficiency being in the USAF. I work with many different CMS's, including IPS, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, XenForo and even vBulletin. I also work with E-COMMERENCE solutions such as Magento and Woocommerence. My work typically speaks for itself, and you'll also notice that all of my themes/applications are 5 star rated with great reviews showing how responsive and how much I care about what I produce. You will always receive honest and high quality work coupled with great support. Thanks for considering me for your next project! -- Dylan
  12. I have an update that I am pending to push out which includes all the navigation/slider issues already mentioned. I am just waiting to release one big update which also addresses any of the off-canvas issues. @R-023 can you show me examples of the issue you're having with the menu so I can add them to the update? The canvas menu has become a mess, I agree. I need to take the time to rewrite that part along with the navigation as it's went through so many changes I've even got myself lost (which rarely happens lol)
  13. And when is any 2FA coming? It's been talked about a lot, but haven't seen anything yet
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