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  1. Sorry my IPS license expired🙈 Purchases should be possible again
  2. were the members online once they got the trophy? you can customize this with some custom css code. I'll try to create some instructions for this this weekend. Thanks, AFAIK it should still work, but I'll review this for the next release. Please review your settings, make sure that more then 2 items are shown in posts.
  3. Version 1.1.0


    This application allows you to import RSS feeds into Club Forums and it also allows you to define tags ( NO PREFIXES, ONLY TAGS!) ATTENTION, THIS IS ONLY AN admin feature, ONLY ADMINS will be able to create the club feeds in the ACP!
  4. It is🥰 We have following workflow in one of our forms: On Form submission we're using the IPS Webhooks System to push the data to Zapier, which stores the data to a Google Sheet and then notifies the staff team in their discord channel.
  5. I have released a new version yesterday, which was finally approved. Sorry for this.
  6. A new version addressing this issue was submitted to the MP. Thanks, I've spent few hours tonight and have finally located the issue:)
  7. It's really hard without any access to the system. Are you familiar with editing php files? Would you be able to edit the files on your own if I give you instructions to add some debugging code?
  8. Sorry for this. A new version was released earlier today addressing the issue
  9. It's working fine for me in my testing. Could I get ACP access to take a look at this? No, this was removed because of some issues with the last implementation, but it's on the top priority list for the upcoming release.
  10. Do you mean without the pic? This would require a template change. Have you resolved this issue? If not, please contact IPS, that's an issue with the new marketplace setup. No this shouldn't be necessary and I couldn't reproduce this while my quick testing. Could I probably get ACP access to take a look at this? Do you see any errors in your system log? You can change the navbar_open_positions language string.
  11. I've just finished the inactive members app, I'll update this one this week.
  12. The version for 4.5 was finally finished and is being tested right now.
  13. Were you able to resolve this? Something is broken with the application install process, which would be an IPS issue and in this case I would suggest to submit a ticket.
  14. Time to clean this up



    1. kims79


      Glad to see you again with us!
      Even if I am a typically French person (and therefore a good grumpy), I can only appreciate your applications!

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