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  1. Are your permissions set correct? 1. Check the Mod permissions 2. Check the application form permissions. Please also make sure that the form has "List on the application forms ModCP page" enabled!
  2. No, the bookmark link should be replaced with a "remove_bookmark" link
  3. Any chance to send me a PM with the url to your board to take a look? I really can’t reproduce it on my dev board 😞
  4. I like this idea 🙂 A new version was released. Changehistory It's centered for me with the default theme.
  5. Kind of. They're only used on the Trophies Overview Page on the frontend.
  6. Did you set the mod permissions for the admins which are allowed to view the submissions? I have also improved the error messages, "2applicationform" isn't really helpful to anybody here^^
  7. Are you using the last IPS version? This was an bug in IPS which was fixed in 4.4.2
  8. How many trophies do you have? I have removed the error logging for the next release. It's causing more confusion, then helping to investigate issues. Couldn't you create several categories for medals and just place them there? Since all your trading cards are medals, it should work:) Yea, we canceled the plans to merge trophies and medals, it was just too much work and a scary upgrade step which I didn't want to risk:(
  9. @Fosters Do you have a demo i can look at for Project Manager?

    1. Fosters


      Sorry, no demo

  10. Could you please explain this further? We have already categories, so I’m really sorry and I guess it’s because of the language barrier, but I don’t understand what you’re really asking for. Sorry 😐
  11. Could I please get ACP access to take a look at this?
  12. Do you see any logged errors in the system log?
  13. 1&2 we’ve coded a custom version of this app with both features , but it won’t work out of the box with this app
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