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  1. Fosters

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

    You're able to set the image. We should probably update the product pictures:D
  2. Fosters

    Feed2DB - Support Topic

    What do you mean with auto feature?
  3. Fosters

    Delete Old Content - Supporttopic

    Thanks, I indeed found this some days ago and fixed it without releasing a new version. Just want to run a long time test on a test forum to ensure that really everything works now.. It would be too bad to have just another buggy release here:( It's already embarrassing
  4. Fosters

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Sorry, my fault, we have indeed no permission check in this version. Let me see with the others why we implemented it this way.
  5. Fosters

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    This shouldn’t be possible, this app has a permission check. what happened when you clicked on the link to the post ? Did you get a no permission error ?
  6. Fosters

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Couldn’t they just bookmark the first post?
  7. Fosters

    Application Forms - Supporttopic

    You have to place it to the menu via the menu manager https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/global-settings/setting-up-your-menu-r27/ That's a great idea
  8. Fosters

    GDPR Compliance - Supporttopic

    A new maintenance release is available.
  9. Fosters

    Topic Summary - Supporttopic

    Thanks, we're going to change the whole design for the next release to make it more mobile friendly.
  10. Fosters

    Forum Sidebar

    That's strange and doesn't make sense. This Application is literally returning the same blocks for forum and topic view. Do you have any other applications changing this behavior? What happens when you disable this app? Are all blocks gone?
  11. Fosters

    GDPR Compliance - Supporttopic

    Sorry for this quick and dirty, untested weekend release:( Back to the drawing board:)
  12. Fosters

    Referrals - Support topic

    A new version was released. Changelog: ACP Profile output was improved There's now a new tab showing all referred members Theras a block on the member view showing the Referrer
  13. Fosters

    GDPR Compliance - Supporttopic

    No, there are no settings yet, this application uses the default IP address prune setting from IPS . Thanks. A new version was uploaded to the Marketplace addressing this 2 issues:)
  14. Fosters

    GDPR Compliance - Supporttopic

    A new version was released:)
  15. Fosters

    404 Management - Supporttopic

    A new version was released 🙂