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  1. You'll have to modify the template and remove / adjust whatever you want. Unfortunately I can't help with such questions.
  2. Time to reply to the 34 unread PMs 😞 

    busy jim carrey GIF

  3. That's an oversight. I'll make sure to include it in the next release
  4. Works for me.. Are you still seeing this issue? Do you see any errors in the system log?
  5. Did the last release resolve this for you?
  6. Sorry, there was limited support in topics and PMs due to deadly man flu🤧 No, that's not possible with this application.
  7. Please make sure that you've set the moderator permission.
  8. Could I probably get ACP access to investigate this further?
  9. Could you please make sure that the recipient has enabled notifications for medals? I'm asking because it's working for me:)
  10. Hi, there's no need to switch the license, just keep it installed 🙂
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