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  1. Member and Staff Tools

    To everybody with a broken/wrong counter, we have good, no not good, AMAZING news! This was identified as a bug in IPS4 which should be fixed in 4.2.7
  2. Limited Email Content

    This app isn't part of Black Friday sells, it's the same prices as 4 months ago, but feel free to purchase it:D BTW=> Lines just doesn't work as limit because you never know how many lines the content has because it's depending on the screensize
  3. Limited Email Content

    Characters, not lines.
  4. Limited Email Content

    Please see https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/434935-limited-email-content/?do=findComment&comment=2717205 That was a bug/oversight, but fixed Contact, Warning, Tickets, are not stripped/truncated. We have also the backend code to exclude any other email which you need (we'll do this for free) just contact us We want to make this configurable by the admin, but hadn't time for a complete rewrite, which is needed to enhance this further.
  5. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    This was changed. Please see release post and change history:D Sorry for confusion here, we should have probably communicated this better.
  6. Post Areas - Supporttopic

    Thanks, will review this. Because only applications can add own tabs to a members profile
  7. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    The instructions to add support to the pages app have been upgraded! Please update the code if you're using this snippet!
  8. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Replace existing trophies or medals
  9. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Could you please open the bookmark\Application.php and ensure that a function isSimpleMode is present there? It sounds like you haven't uploaded all new files.
  10. Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Fosters Crew is pleased to present the newest version of Bookmarks v1.3.0, available immediately in the IPS Marketplace for download. The newest version of Notices is a major release with several new features. Permissions We have moved the permissions from the Application Module to ACP > Member > Groups, to be consistent with IPS permission sets. There are two permissions for Admins to define for each membergroup: Can create bookmarks? Can create private bookmarks? Simple Mode Modal Menus Thank you to the suggestion by @Cyrem. We implemented modal menus in the following workflow: Category Create Category Edit Category Delete We agree with @Cyrem that modal menus makes it easier to input and change things, instead of full page refreshes! Pictures, Pictures, Pictures We love pictures as much as we love bookmarks, so we wanted to make sure that the application showcased off your pictures when bookmarking items such as Gallery Images, Gallery Albums, and Download Files. This will pull the image, album cover, or file screenshot, respectively, and display in the bookmark for easier reference.
  11. Hot Hot Hot



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    2. Fosters


      Yes & No. Initial version won’t be able to set any custom fields but it’s coming with a future release, where you‘ll be able to map all custom DB fields. 

      if you can’t / don’t want to wait we can create a custom version for you ;)


    3. joshuaj


      I can def wait for this one. I've been waiting since version 2! Great to see it getting some attention and love.

    4. Fosters


      Already included:)


  12. Sorry for the confusion. We upgraded the file description without replacing the previous release, so the 1.0.0 version got re-released several times. Anyway, we have some nice enhancements in the pipeline, which were tested in the last several months and which will be included to this app "soon". We have also some LOVELY enhancements in the pipeline for premium clients, which use 3rd party AI & ML services for spam detection ( Difference between AI & ML )
  13. Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Small but important announcement: We're going to support Points from @Anatik in our next major trophies and medals release. So if you're interested into a Points System, I would suggest to take a look at