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  1. You want a setting for each content type? Why? This would overcomplicated things so much:( I see people already asking why they can bookmark content item X but not Y. Thanks for the other things. It's on the map. I've hired @ehren. to improve the UI & UX, but he's quite busy so it's going to take a while. It works with every theme/design, you'll just need to adjust the template ( see instructions at the end of the post https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8582-bookmarks-black-friday-deal-10-off/ )
  2. Do you mean the link to their automatically created topic if there's one?
  3. Could I probably get ACP access to take a look at this. Pagination is working fine for me. I have also identified the other issue, which is caused by embeds from deleted topics, which I've fixed now. I'm just waiting for the ACP access to take a look at the pagination issue to see if it's really a bug which needs to be fixed or if it's something else on your community.
  4. It’s taking longer then expected but it’s coming 😞 everybody with an active license can contact me and will get a free license for any of our other apps as compensation.
  5. Yes, https://fosters.space/index.php?/apps/page/1-faq/ ( WIP )
  6. Of course:) Real life is ed up but I'm still here and few people noticed it already, because i've released 4.5 releases for some other apps in the meanwhile, it was just pointless to reply at this stage to this topic, I have to deliver a stable version and not just some worthless posts promising that it's going to be fixed!
  7. I've been working the last few weeks on all fixes, just had to ensure that all reported issues were resolved. I expect that the new release should be ready this weekend. I'm really sorry for any inconveniences caused by the beta version( that's why it's called beta)
  8. Referrals were added to IPS 4.5 core! There's no need for this application anymore.
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