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  1. Thanks , that’s a valid bug which I’ll fix this weekend 😕
  2. 1) yes 2) I think that you CAN replace existing trophies ( or maybe only medals, I’m not quite sure at the moment, military duty, I’m visiting the community with my smartphone, if it’s only for medals I’ll make sure that it’s implemented for trophies too in the next release ) 3) no, that’s not possible yet, but it’s implemented for the next release. 4) that’s out of my Control but with the new upcoming criteria and expression features in the next major release you’ll be able to do literally anything with this app
  3. Yes, the default IPS group promotion is only called when members object is saved ( for example login, updating post count and such stuff..) so it wouldn't promote him until the members object is loaded and saved. I've improved this for the next release and included a group promotion feature as part of the trophy awarding.
  4. Is this the default group promotion feature from IPS? Have the members logged in after they got the trophy?
  5. No sorry. no timeframe yet, but I have to admit that I was planing to wait for IPS 4.5 for the next major version.
  6. Sorry, that's only for content items and not comments.
  7. There's no such feature, but I like the idea. I've added it to my internal todo list. A CSV export is already included for the next release. If you need it right now, you could export the data via phpMyAdmin. The responses can be seen either in the ModCP or the ACP.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This application creates a new page which shows all topics which have no replies (with permission check)


  9. you can select one or more items There are no plans to support another points application, sorry ( We have already support for our own not public released points app) This and several of your other points will be possible in the next major release
  10. I'm sorry for not replying to any of the PMs or support topics recently, but I'm part of the reserve battalion in my country and on duty due to corona virus and offline for at least 2 weeks.

    1. Joel R

      Joel R

      scared war GIF

  11. Yes, it blocks of course the second link too ( and any other hooks extending the profile )
  12. Guys, if you're using giphy, please disable the external url check if you want to avoid that any content with giphy images needs to be moderated (or that the author gets banned if the setting is enabled). A new version addressing this issue by allowing you to define a white list of allowed domains and also excluding giphy links automatically, will be released tomorrow, it's already finished, but needs some further testing.
  13. A new version was released Changehistory
  14. It's working for me, are you using the recent version? There was an issue with medals which was fixed in
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