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  1. What’s the full stack of the error ? To how many people did you try to send notifications ?
  2. You can expect to see 4.4 compatible versions of our applications and plugins next week.
  3. Thanks for the report. I have fixed this for the next version. It's not really a critical issue, so we're waiting for IPS 4.4 0 beta to see what else needs to be changed.
  4. Nobody is burned out.. I've said in https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/434911-trophies-and-medals-supporttopic/?do=findComment&comment=2767521 that we're working on version 2.0 and that more information will be posted Q1 2019
  5. Could you please clarify this? The way how you describe it, it sounds like a bug, but I can't reproduce it. So when member X submitted the submission, he got a notification about his own submission?
  6. The refund was processed a while ago, you're not being shown as client of this application. A new version was released
  7. You could also just use till IPS implements their own version 🙂
  8. I've fixed the broken profiles for the next release, but I really can't reproduce the issue with the not sorted ACP browser tabs. Could I probably take a look at your ACP?
  9. Medals will be "killed" and moved to trophies in 2, so yea, you'll be able to place it in any category
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