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  1. Fosters

    Extended Forum Menu - Supporttopic

    Only Forum Menu We're absolutely not sending any data from clients boards to us, I've just double and tripple checked the code and couldn't find anything. Is there a way to see the full URL which is being called? I guess that's our old version check to fosters.tech/projects/project/23-menu/?do=recentVersion which is a default IPS feature, allowing IPS and 3rd party applications, plugins and themes to compare the last available version data with the currently installed one. If you're worried about this, you could just remove it
  2. I think I've found a way to move them to the default IPS report center, so the yesterdays release is delayed for 2,3 days
  3. Fosters

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Hi, I'm still investigating and trying to improve this, the whole "simple mode / private bookmarks" stuff got quite out of control and was implemented too fast without planing it further, so we need to find a better, more stable solution for this, instead of just releasing a new quick and dirty release
  4. Thanks, I see the issue with the button, a new version will be released later today. Unfortunately member reports can't be placed into the IPS Report center because they're not content item and it would be really really very tricky and hacky to try to make them appear as content item just to be able to place them into the default center.
  5. A new version is available:) New Features: Added support for Korean and Indian Content Moderation
  6. Yes only blocks creates with the pages app, but it supports all blocks , even 3rd party ones 🙂
  7. Fosters

    Limited Email Content

    That’s a great idea . I guess it shouldn’t be too hard to strip out the quotes before this app counts the content but I can’t promise it yet and we’re really really busy with other stuff so we’ll not be able to test this idea before October . But it’s really really an amazing idea and I’ve put it high priority on my list.. Remove quotes, emojis, attachments and count only the remaining chars
  8. Fosters

    Delete Old Content - Supporttopic

    No it’s absolutely not abandoned , but I asked to get new purchases disabled after fixers bad experience. In the meanwhile 7 other clients purchases it indirect and nobody else experienced any problems. Really not sure what happened there. the risk is really: one wrong setting ( e.g. no forums selected at all, one wrong timeframe , and you’ll literally get all content deleted accidentally... we could probably replace the approach with soft deleting the topics and sending an daily email to the admin notifying him about the topics which are going to be depleted... not sure yet.. the risk that a client will lose some content is just too high so I don’t want to allow new purchases until we find a better solution
  9. Fosters

    Application Forms - Supporttopic

    Well, we have polls, but no auto promotion based on the result, but I like this idea, I've noted it into our internal suggestion tracker
  10. Fosters

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    thanks for the report, I'll try to address the critical issues this weekend.
  11. I'll see if we can change this
  12. Why couldn't you just set up 3 rules: 1. rule after 30 days: Hey, we miss you 2. rule after 60 days: Hey, not sure if you missed the first email which we sent you 30 days ago,.. get back to us.. If you don't get back in the next 30 days we'll delete your account. 3. rule after 90 days: account deletion. And to avoid any issues, I would probably create rule 1 today, rule 2 in 29 days and rule 3 ( deletion ) in 90 days.
  13. No. If the rule is 30 days, they'll get an email if they weren't online for 30 or more days but not again after another 30 days timeframe. Just to clarify how this application works: Each rule initializes a background task which iterates over all members which haven't logged in for X days (based on the rule), then it checks if the email was sent already, if not, it sends the email and logs that the email was sent, so they'll never get the same email more then once.
  14. Yea, that's the problem;) Somebody who was inactive for 3 year, was also inactive for 30 days, so all rules would apply here and all emails would be sent out and I can't think of any solution how this could be changed. I guess I could add some further logic here, where one would have to setup rules dependencies.. Something like: Rule 1: 7 days Rule2: 30 days Rule4: 3 years. Then you could configure rule 1 to ONLY be triggered if rule2 or rule 4 doesn't apply to this member. Rule 2 should only be triggered if Rule 1 was run and rule 4 NOT. Any better idea?:)
  15. What rule/criteria are you using at the moment to send the email?