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  1. I’ve been testing it with the last 3 IPS versions and it’s working for me 🤨
  2. I have released a new version addressing this issue:)
  3. A new version was released Correct, but you could just create the same one and they would be applied automatically then:) Only the manually awarded medals wouldn't be applied.
  4. Could you please clarify what's not working? I've just tested it and it works fine for me.
  5. Via a PM explaining what exactly you need ( All this solutions are custom coded because some parameters and settings have to be implemented hardcoded inside the code because there's no way to do this via a form)
  6. So you're saying that a member got a trophy which shouldn't be awarded to him and now you want to remove it? And the check says also that he can get it? Why do you think then hat he shouldn't get it?
  7. The order issue is known and something what I hadn't in mind while the initial release so it's really something what's high on the list but not really easy to accomplish at the moment. Well, TBH, it's possible and I'm providing this as custom feature , next to stuff like "give a trophy when a member visited all sites inside a topic or forum which is handy for stuff like "member saw all our FAQ articles" member saw all our rules... but there's just now way to accomplish this via a nice and easy to use UI/UX 😞 Same replies as to 403 guy... It'S really really high on my list, but requires a complete rewrite of the app or at least of the output part.. Probably something for the update which is going to be required for the IPS 4.5 update
  8. Sure, inside the actions tab you can select to either create a topic, post( etc.. there are many more actions available with some further applications from us, this system uses the IPS extensions system,🙂 )
  9. Yes, as admin you can create as many applications/forms and define as many questions as you want. The form is then being shown in the frontend to members with the proper permission I like that a lot. TBH I wanted to overhaul the ModCP design for the next major release, it just got too confusing with all the data, settings and now comments too.
  10. Did you enable the “show in ModCP setting for the application?
  11. Sorry I don’t understand what you mean Could I get ACP access to take a look?
  12. Could I get ACP login credentials to take a look at this?
  13. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin allows you to automatically lock all records created in a specific database. You can define the database inside the plugin settings.


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