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  1. Dismissable annoucements

    You could use following app to replace announcements, it includes everything what you requested;)
  2. Xenforo to IPB

    Welcome to Invision Yes, uploading and managing applications and plugins is much easier in the ACP and it's great for clients of third-party Marketplace developers like us!
  3. Exactly, but it's not on a database permission, right now it's ONLY a category level permission, but we're probably going to enhance this.
  4. It will be submitted to the marketplace later today.
  5. This was completed
  6. Language selection

    That's a nice idea.
  7. Language selection

    You could use
  8. Clubs - custom content (tabs)

    We're seeking for 2 testers which are interested in helping us to test our club pages app before we release it
  9. Theme Metrics

    That's a nice idea, I'll add this feature to the next release
  10. I've done something similar in and we're evaluating methods for header and footer blocks too
  11. Different Sidebar For Each Forum

    Waiting for approval but shouldn't take long since we were using this for a while and @Michael Yates also didn't run into any issues while his testing
  12. Different Sidebar For Each Forum

    Let me know if you have the pages application and if you're interested into testing a custom application for this:)
  13. Our Picks as homepage

    App is available in the marketplace