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  2. you can look here as well . 6.4.2 https://forum.invisionize.pl/files/file/837-axen-font-awesome-6-in-ips/
  3. Why use a name who is blacklisted 😇 ok , need investigate this then
  4. Am trying to translate the lang key activity_member_reacted Text &nbsp;<img src="<fileStore.core_Reaction>/%s" width='20' height='20' data-ipsTooltip title="%s" alt=''>&nbsp; %s reacted to %s: %s Have try with chrome, safari, and when its save take me to index translation page every time, I also tried translate the lang key direct in file and import it without success so something is going on here . seems this <fileStore.core_Reaction>/%s get blocked in browser but is strange because I can't even import it after edit the core file either. Any help would be sweet 🙂
  5. I had exact same issue in my board and it end up I had to reinstall board 1 month ago . Happened when I maked a new database and for some reason a forum post was enable by default and when I make first post in pages it also makes one in forum , if I remember correctly I also deleted forum post and also opened database to deactivate forum post this issues start happened . real weird
  6. As many others I have been customer very very long time , Adriano's have top notch apps and plugins I have been using for years and the support is more then outstanding . Adriano take care of his customers and make sure all his apps and plugins are compatible all the time as soon a issue shows up . highly recommended provider, you will not be disappointed. Hat off for a provider who care's and knows Invision Community inside out. Thanks @Adriano Faria for what you do for us 🤠
  7. ah okey . got it now . because am in north sweden temporary working 😄 when click see more event by location all 8 events is shown , but the order is mixed not event day order but in my settings i have set Order feed by set to event date but maybe not work that way on this page *event by location*
  8. No filter enable and unchecked *use my location* https://kristerswe.se/index.php?/events/ look youself
  9. Hello! I have set in event settings to show unlimited events , I have 8 events but only 6 is shown . don't find any settings for it or have miss something here ? but if I click show events by locations all 8 events shown ? is this hardcoded in template ?? PS. None is live event . all is event and *osa* Thanks for answer Chris
  10. Second option is to split the lang files to each application , core, forum etc to different files
  11. Check this . i maked this as a suggest and Adriano made one https://www.sosinvision.com.br/index.php?/file/296-achievements-overview/
  12. I must agree here . on safari and ios i never get the option to allow notifications . not even this site
  13. Yeah , soon medic arrive here on me with a heart starter ..Clear BOOM! 🤣
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