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  1. Me and sons family page about our motorsport *drifting* Totally new . https://attackteam.se Hopefully some other drifting nerds find our homepage and join in Sweden 😂 Anyway is always fun setting up a new IPSuite site . Cheers Chris
  2. Thanks for the free app , Just want to make one suggestion 🙂 Today you have chatbox integration , I suggest to make it compatible with Chatbox+ as well Thank you!
  3. Most Wanted - Ability translate Plugins&Themes Many times we need reinstall or a new costumers want to buy translated xml files for plugins or themes same as apps from marketplace . Had really like to see this coming in future versions of ipsuite .... I think many not English boards would love this options really . PS* I know we can translate in admin 🙂 but want to be able to save xml files for plugins&themes same as apps Regards Chris
  4. Hello! And happy start of 2020 🙂 Any planes make *Moods* as 3rd part app Thanks Chris
  5. typo in: sas_app_group_to_promote_desc Cant translate: r__statuses_manage 😀
  6. Lang & Typo Issues Raffles Happy New Year !!!
  7. Is this a theme for the whole ipsuite? files, blog, pages etc?
  8. The styles looks great . Have one little suggest: To split the badges for different colors . pinned/featured Thanks Taman
  9. Chat not working properly on mac computers using safari , have also this messages on demosite
  10. Looks promising mate 🙂 any planes add forum posts show up in chat? new post, answered post etc new blogpost, status, etc you see what i mean . Great job @TheJackal84
  11. Great add-on for us translators . Would like to make a suggest to this great plugin ( Also so you can download each apps or plugin lang file ) Thank you for this free plugin
  12. Suggestion to add *trader feedback* as 3rd party app Thanks!
  13. yeah me to . but i run support tool . find 2 errors but fixed it when pushed *fix automatic* hope it will help u as well
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